1. kkss2000

    Thread Lock bootloader after flashing LineageOS

    So I followed the instructions and successfully have a working installation of Android12 on my OnePlus5 (it is so fast for such an old phone btw)! I would now like to lock the bootloader again so that SafetyNet allows using of GooglePay etc. As I could not find a clear indication about this in...
  2. I

    Thread Splitscreen/Multi-task

    Is there a way to make Pokemon GO use less ram? Or turn the graphics down? I've seen posts that pogo has a lot of memory leaks. But here's the real question: on my android 10, when I use splitscreen, it start to lag bc both are active at once. On android 8.1, the other one was suspended. I once...
  3. S

    Thread Op5 touchscreen stops responding to touch

    OnePlus 5 Android 10 Oxygen OS 10.0.1 The touch works fine but sometimes it completely stops working. Physical buttons continue to work. After restart it usually works fine. What are the latest solutions to this in order of least work to most work? I have already tried wipe cache clean thing...
  4. xLexip

    Thread [EOL] [STABLE] [12.0] Official Pixel Experience 12 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING + CHEESEBURGER]

    Go to Pixel Experience 11 instead. Android 12 for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T Monthly Updated Download Installation & Updates Release Notes & Changelog Screenshots Known Issues Frequent Questions & Problems News Channel & Support Chat BUILD STATUS: STABLE, OFFICIAL ROM...
  5. Joyceerides

    Thread Multiboot support for devices with Android 10/11 ROM

    I've recently started playing around with my phone's ROM. But mostly, ROMs are hit or miss and I dont really like the part where I have to restore the ROM back again. MultiROM used to support this, but I recently read somewhere that both multirom and dualboot patcher are deprecated with new...
  6. C

    Thread Unlocked/unrooted device not certified

    Hello! Anybody knows how to solve my issue? From one day to another my device become 'uncertified'. I didn't even touched root/bootloader unlock. It just showed a message: I cannot pay contactless with Google Pay anymore as my device not certified anymore. It's a stock OP5 with OxygenOS...
  7. csolanol

    Thread [ROM][11][Cheeseburger] Android Ice Cold Project 16.1 [Official Weeklies]

    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!! Until Android Lollipop, the ROM has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately...
  8. xLexip

    Thread [ROM] [11.0] Pixel Experience for the OnePlus 5 & 5T [UNOFFICIAL]

  9. G

    Thread [Q&A] Bootloader unlocked but greyed out and lost Root access

    No longer with root privileges available. It seems I have lost root during an update (not entirely sure) but I still get the bootloader unlocked 'warning' when phone is booting. Inside developer options the OEM unlocking option is greyed out and on the 'on' position with the description just...
  10. xLexip

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] [STABLE] [11.0] Pixel Experience 11 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING & CHEESEBURGER] [OFFICIAL]

    Shhht... Did you know there is already Pixel Experience 12 available for your device? Check it out here! 𝗣𝗶𝘅𝗲𝗹 𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 11 an AOSP based ROM, with Google Apps included and all the Pixel Goodies. Our mission is to offer the maximum possible performance, stability and security, along...
  11. X

    Thread Viperfx isn't working properly.

    I have Viper4Android installed in the phone, and it works sometimes, but for reasons I don't know, the app sometimes just don't work at all, or turns off, and it's really hard to turn it on back again. Anyone knows how to make it so it never turns off? The app itself doesn't have too many...
  12. R

    Thread Need For Speed No Limit Speaker audio issue

    Went back to playing Need for speed no limit and surprised that the audio was crackling and lagging like ****, gameplay was very smooth no issues , just the audio note that it only happens with speaker, and also the stutter happens in short bursts , it's like ok for sometime then it happens ...
  13. A

    Thread OnePlus 5 Treble - Android P Setup

    Hi Everyone , Not sure if this is too much to ask, but can someone guide me in the direction or send a post with all links from scratch to boot android 9 with Treble support on my oneplus 5 not the 5T. Thanks, Anshul
  14. ashman8123

    Thread Need to Port HAVOC ROM to oneplus5

    Hello experts, Anyone could explain how to port HAVOC ROM from redmi note 4 to our device oneplus5. ROM original thread. Thanks to Dell Schulz for...
  15. NHS2008

    Thread Oneplus 5 Vs Honor 8 Pro (Camera)....I am disappointed with OnePlus 5...

    Hi, So I recently pickedup Oneplus 5. I had Honor 8 Pro already. I was planning to sell the Honor 8 Pro and Make Oneplus 5 my daily driver. I was looking forward to "Dual Cameras. Clearer Photos" But the moment I started snapping some pics, I was left dismayed by the sub-par, borderline poor...
  16. B

    Thread Shareit Not Working One Plus 5

    The share it app in my one plus 5 is not working.. It connects to other shareit network (other phone) But can not send or receive file... When i reinstall the app everytime, it sends half of the file and gets stuck.. then on reopening the app previous problem occurs.. Can someone please hand me...
  17. shubham8

    Thread Top 5 back covers and cases for OnePlus 5 !!

    Thread closed.
  18. Zacisblack

    Thread New community for OnePlus owners

    I have created a new community that caters to all of those who own a OnePlus device. If you have the OnePlus One, 2, 3/3T, 5/5T come over and join! Mod edit: Link removed
  19. I

    Thread Substratum themes without root!

    Can we have Substratum Theme Engine & its themes on OnePlus 5 without rooting, I really love substratum themes and I don't feel like rooting my new OP5 right now!
  20. AndroidGX

    Thread [KERNEL] [N] [LineageOS] SimpleGX v1.03 (22th sept) ~ DISCONTINUED

    WARNING : This kernel is for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) You will NOT void your warranty after flashing this kernel. Be sure to make all necessary backups first before processing to installation. I'am not responsible of any damage caused to your device or data lost after flashing this kernel. Of...
  21. andip71

    Thread [EOL] [KERNEL] [OnePlus5] [Lineage15/Lineage14] Boeffla-Kernel (01-03-2019)

    Hi all, some of you know me from the other OnePlus or Samsung devices areas, where I provide my kernels already for more than three years to OnePlus 3T, 3, 2, One and X, Galaxy S5, S3 and Note 10.1 users for all sort of platforms (Samsung, Cyanogenmod, Omnirom etc.) Please note: I am not...
  22. M

    Thread [UK] Found a really good Automatic Adsorption Tempered glass

    I have just bought this tempered glass and I think this is so much better than the official one and it is a bit cheaper and has full adhesive around the screen. Amazon Link: Click Here to buy
  23. aenertia

    Thread [Case Review] GKK Oneplus 5 Dual Armor 360 Full Protection Case Hard Hybrid

    Hi there; as I ordered a couple of Aliexpress cases for the Oneplus5 due to having nothing in local stores here in NZ. It was a bit of a crapshoot but this is the first of them to arrive. This is the case here...
  24. AndroidGX

    Thread [KERNEL] [N] [OxygenOS] SimpleGX v1.18 (2nd Nov)

    WARNING : This kernel is for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) You will NOT void your warranty after flashing this kernel. Be sure to make all necessary backups first before processing to installation. I'am not responsible of any damage caused to your device or data lost after flashing this kernel. Of...
  25. neisor

    Thread [TOOLKIT][OnePlus 3, 3T and 5]Root, Recovery, Drivers, Bootloader, DM_VERITY

    Proudly presenting to you neisor's TOOLKIT for the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5. ALL-IN-ONE TOOLKIT 32-bit & 64-bit versions available! /* * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please *...
  26. B

    Thread [TOOL]SplashInjector[OP5]

    SplashInjector splash injector is a tool created by me based on the work done by makers_mark . it is a basic command line interface but it gets the job done. it supports all oneplus devices so far except the oneplus x :crying: i can add support once someone gets me the logo.bin file from that...
  27. H

    Thread The strange encryption misfire between TWRP & LOS-based OS's (questions/thoughts?)

    The strange encryption misfire between TWRP & LOS-based OS's (questions/thoughts?) Things we know: TWRP and LOS-based systems with encryption either don't install correctly or boot correctly afterward. (2 different things perhaps). Installing Magisk on non-encrypted partition gives boot loop...
  28. oF2pks

    Thread [APP][OOS] Snapdragon Gallery (caf)

    ...Coming directly from OnePlus 'darkware', open source and caf optimized :<project name="platform/packages/apps/SnapdragonGallery" path="packages/apps/SnapdragonGallery" revision="7cedc36eb9b0986bf8e754ae3455884d581b2a5b"...
  29. P

    Thread [MOD] HEVC/H.265 Video Recording V2.1

    I was able to modify OnePlus 5 to enable HEVC/H.265 video recording at 4k, 1080p & 720p resolutions. I have also reduced the bit rate for the video so that it will take less storage space. There are 2 Magisk module attached below one with 40% bit rate reduction and other with original bitrate...
  30. oF2pks

    Thread [APP][OOS][Nougat] Snapdragon Music+FX (caf)

    Coming directly from OnePlus 'darkware', open source and caf optimized :<project name="platform/packages/apps/SnapdragonMusic" path="packages/apps/SnapdragonMusic" revision="9c17bbf87d9ae1ca2f51a0e75c1fbb1310224231"...
  31. shaazzaarr

    Thread Need help unrooting my OnePlus 5.

    Need help unrooting my OnePlus 5. Latest Magisk update has caused lots of problem with my device. I tried to update via app and it didnt work after mannualy flashing the v13.1 zip via TWRP the app still asks me to update :( I decided lets get rid of magisk and used the...
  32. xdvs23

    Thread [ONEPLUS 5] The problem with collaborative projects and what I think about it

    Before I start saying anything and before anyone starts ranting or fighting or whatever I want to make one thing crispy clear: I don't want, under any circumstances, to fight or argue in any way with other developers, contributors, users, whatsoever nor do I want to claim anything as correct. I...
  33. N

    Thread Carrier Toast Notification

    Having this issue from the day i bought the OnePlus 5. its not an isue, its just annoying some times. whenever i get an SMS i get like a carrier notification in black blackground on the bottom center of my screen. i also get the notification in the status bar. i dont want the carrier toast msg...
  34. alukarulz

    Thread Nubia Z17 vs OnePlus 5

    They just released the kernel for Nubia Z17 meaning Devs can now create roms such as (RR, LineageOS, etc). Are you willing to return the OnePlus 5 for the Nubia Z17? They have different models similar to the Oneplus 5. Please check the specs before replying. Nubia Z17: 6GBRAM+64GB ROM OR...
  35. djsubterrain

    Thread Who else would be interested in a fast charge cradle?

    As the subject says, due to the lack of wireless charging I would really like to see a cradle for the OnePlus 5 (as well as the 3/3T). I know there are plenty of USB cradles for phones out there but there are none with dash charge, I'm not sure a standard usb cradle would be able to transfer the...
  36. N

    Thread Verdict on the ORZLY OnePlus 5 Pro-Fit Tempered Glass

    Hello everyone, I wasn't expecting to be writing this so soon if I'm honest. Expected a few more days before I got rang by my wife whilst and work and asked what I'd ordered this time. So the Orzly Pro-Fit Tempered Glass landed in my hands today (as well as their 5 pack film set, but I'll get...
  37. xdvs23

    Thread [MODIFIED][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.1 for OnePlus 5 [OSS Clang Kernel][Enhancements]

    UNOFFICIAL TWRP 3.2.1 (modified) for OnePlus 5 If you don't know how to return back to a working state if something is broken, please think twice before flashing this. Everything seems to be working so far, if not, please report to me! Warning: Make sure you make a backup of all your...
  38. B

    Thread OnePlus 5 Official Google + Group | Facebook Group for XDA User

    We along with active XDA member have created this group dedicated for One Plus 5. This group is created especially for users of XDA so we can have health discussion related to OnePlus 5 ;) 1 : Google Plus Group: {click here to join} 2 : Facebook Group: {click here to join} Discussion...
  39. ZerNico

    Thread OnePlus 5 - Index thread

    I've now teamed up with the info hub team. So this thread got kinda useless Be prepared for something really nice in the future though :)
  40. D

    Thread [Q&A][Oneplus 5]Help thread, newbies post here first

    Oneplus 5 Help Thread Welcome to the Oneplus 5 help thread! You can ask all questions here without the need of background knowledge. This thread is dedicated to solve users problems, so if you don't want to start a new thread for your question, ask it here. Members ready to help will be...