1. L

    Thread Question can't get get unlock_code or fastboot oem unlock on LE2127 T-MOBILE

    Hello everyone, I have a LE2127 in C.20 software and I have been seeing some things that I don't particularly like the camera, first I see that it only uses the second lens, the others are never used, I already did the typical test of switching between the options and Go covering to see which...
  2. iam_delan0

    Thread Development [ROM][OFFICIAL] Pixel Extended ROM Android 13.0 [lemonadep] [26.10.22]

    PixelExtended ROM for OnePlus 9Pro [lemonadep] What is this? PixelExtended ROM (or PEX for short), is an Open Source Custom ROM based on PixelExperience, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation) Our mission is to offer the maximum...
  3. sandy7874

    Thread General sensors off

    hi! I m using OP9Pro and after the update of C.46, I m unable to locate the Quick Settings tile named "Sensors Off". can anyone guide me on how to disable all the sensors? It was a useful tile to put all the sensors off in one go.
  4. KumarSr185

    Thread Question Netflix Shows Widevine L3 after C.40.

    I recently updated my OnePlus 9 Pro to Android 12. After which it is showing Widevine L3 in Netflix app and is unable to stream in HD. Except Netflix all the other OTT apps are streaming in HD. Even in Google's DRM Info App it is L1. I have contacted Netflix and they said to contact device...
  5. aforocars

    Thread Question One plus 9 pro custom roms

    Hi everyone, A few days ago that I have this device (european 12/256 version) and I'm already thinking about putting a custom rom , it seems that OOS is no longer what it was .... Reading some of the comments I have a few questions: Is it true that in all custom roms there is strange...
  6. R

    Thread Question Can Somebody port the camera app of Vivo X60 to other mobiles?

    Vivo X60's images are stunning btw while compared to competition, the portrait mode in the X60 is nuts. Can somebody do that?