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  1. J

    Thread How to disable/remove all of OneUI on rooted T510 2019 Samsung Tablet

    Hello, I'm using this tablet for which i need to set a total Kiosk Mode. I can't seem to disable the navigation bar at the bottom and the top bar for notifications and such. I could with other devices by inputting these two commands: pm disable service call activity 42 s16...
  2. VBabbar

    Thread Questions related to Flashing original Samsung Stock rom (S9+ on S8+ device.) (Knox)

    What happens on flashing original Samsung Stock rom S9+ on S8+ device. Will it work? Both the devices are pretty similar im hardware except faster processor speed. It 95% same hardware. Can i continue to use Knox features like Samsung Pass with stock firmware. I want to do this coz it will help...
  3. KineSight

    Thread [QUESTION][HELP] SDCard Issues Android 10

    [UPDATE] I found the problem, I was running a Pre-Release GravityBox[Q] thats what caused the SDCard to go haywire. After I flashed Android 10 stock ROM(Coming from Android 9) last night, my SDCard sometimes shows corrupted in Storage , after I reboot it works fine , but another reboot and its...
  4. Haridhayal

    Thread [GUIDE] ONE UI 2 Launcher on PIE | NO ROOT |

    Instructions Download the apks given below. Install App Cloner given below. Open app Cloner and go to APK section. Add the launcher apk given. After it finishes loading up change the name from ONE UI Home to ONE UI 2. Click on the floating button and press install. After Installing the modified...
  5. firefds

    Thread [XPOSED][Q] Firefds Kit - Customize Samsung OneUI 2.x [14/03/21]

    Version for Marshmallow is available here: Version for Nougat is available here: Version for Oreo is...
  6. B

    Thread Cannot use NFC payments after One UI 2.0 beta

    After upgrading to the beta, I cannot use Google Pay at all. It says something like software not verified. Is there any possible workaround to this?
  7. O

    Thread [POOL] Samsung is ready to release OneUI 2.0 on S10?

    Seems that Samsung is very close to release the final stable build of Android 10, but what do you think about the latest build "ZSKF"? Is it really a good version that can be considered close to the final?