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  1. el0xren

    Thread {ROM}{OneUI-3.1}{A40}「 ALT-F4 」v0.0.1 {Updated: 2021-12-18}

    #include <std/disclaimer.h> /* * I am not responsible if flashing this rom bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war * and ends the world as we know it. * You have been warned. */ Important Notice! You're not allowed to take anything without my permission. Always backup your phone before...
  2. P

    Thread Root Galaxy Note 10 Lite

    I am sorry as I know that this is a repeating question, but has anyone figured out how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite? There is no Custom recovery that I can find. Unlocked the bootloader and tried doing the magisk patch by odin. That got stuck on the cache part. Had to reflash the...
  3. G

    Thread Question Cannot find Edge Lighting on Galaxy M32 4G

    Hi everyone, I have a brand new Galaxy M32 4G with Android11 and OneUI 3.1. Edge Lighting is missing from the Setting menus. I have just updated the system to the August security patch. Edge panels are there but Edge Lighting is missing. Is this normal? I am now using aodNotify which I...
  4. amgdz

    Thread Any news on oneUI3.1 samsung s8 ?

    Hello, I want to know if there is an oneUI 3.1 custom rom for the samsung galaxy s8 ? or if it is possible to install noble rom oneUI 3.1 for s9 on the s8 ?
  5. M

    Thread How do I get rid of volume limit on android

    How do I get rid of volume limit on galaxy note 10 lite? I tried turning off volume limit and also by turning it on while keeping volume limit to max volume. But none helped. In both cases, I was not able to increase volume past 50%. And this is utterly irritating. Today I downloaded a youtube...
  6. ShaDisNX255

    Thread Development [ROM][OneUI 3.1] RayOS v2.0 for Galaxy A52 [SM-A525G/F]

    RayOS v2.0 for Samsung Galaxy A52 Pretty straight forward, I took OneUI 3.1 firmware, debloated it and added a few features. But I mean very FEW features. Samsung didn't really disable a lot of things on the A52, I'm actually impressed. I didn't really put a lot of effort into this, I don't...
  7. 9

    Thread N976B OneUI 3.1, confused about root/Magisk install

    So, I did use the search button but I can't find/don't understand what I need to do. My N976B is on OneUI 3.1 Android 11. If I complete the TWRP install via ODIN by following the instructions properly on the TWRP thread (including "avb disabled vbmeta .tar" and "multidisabler-samsung-2"), and...
  8. L

    Thread Google dialer/GCAM sideload (no root) for S20 (Snapdragon)/OneUI3.1 on Fi?

    I'm Running A Snapdragon-powered S20 on Google Fi. I'm still using OneUI 2.5 because I could easily sideload Google Dialer (with visual voicemail) and GCam (only for the front camera main lens). I use these apps all the time instead of stock samsung. Is there any equivalent set of versions of...
  9. M

    Thread Samsung SM-G975U update to andriod 11

    Hello guys, please my Samsung s10+ SM-G975U hasn't received android 11 yet and I am thinking of manually updating it. But the device is an unlocked version. If I install the firmware for SM-G975U USC will it be locked back? The firmware for XXA is for SM-G975U1. Please which do you advise I...
  10. Salkrikaltor

    Thread OneUI 3.1 customization (maybe with Hex/GoodLock/Magisk/Xposed?)

    I have updated S20+ to OneUI 3.1 but some changes after v2.5 are making me upset, although they are just minor quirks. These bother me the most: Quick toggles in header - In Hex, I could change their count before, on OneUI 3.1 I cant, only the full sice tiles. I know I could use apps like...
  11. ShaDisNX255

    Thread [ROM][OneUI 3.1] NcX 3.1.2 [A715F][EOL]

    NcX 3.1 A71 ROM This ROM is now EOL Pretty straight forward, I took OneUI 3.1 firmware, debloated it and added a few features which can be found here: Link to MODs and also a few mods that can be found here: Link to Github mods (special thanks to @SkylinesHD for letting me use his XMLs with the...
  12. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to the latest Software via Odin - also for flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates, flashing custom ROMs or unbricking your device: Video guide: Steps: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is...