1. Nex31313

    Thread One UI Port?

    Is there a OneUI for the Redmi Note 8T (Willow), anything would be good! I checked 4pda, but I don't understand Russian, so I used google translate but couldn't find a rom. The closest one was Samsung Experience, but the headphone jack doesn't work.
  2. TringQuack

    Thread [One UI] One UI porting/Issues

    Ok so I got a issue, I got a samsung phone, it has a optical fingerprint sensor and I am porting one ui firmware from another phone which would be S22, as you know this phone has a ultrasonic fingerprint, I managed to boot the OS already but the fingerprint would not register, I tried replacing...
  3. Camlin3

    Thread [GUIDE] SMT SYSTEM SHELL ACCESS ON SAMSUNG ONEUI 5.1 [March & April Update ]

    Background: It all started back in 2019 by @flanker017 who revealed a major bug in Samsung In-House TTS engine Apk which allows a third-party app to call malicious intent to load library as system shared library which can invoke a shell with user system .against which Samsung patched and...
  4. D

    Thread system_server_wtf errors - S20 FE 5G Rebooting Every Few Minutes

    Hello, I was trying to make a bank app work on my phone, which suddenly stopped working after an update. I had Shamiko+HideMyApplist modules installed on Magisk+LSposed. I'm not sure if i disabled the wrong app or something, but now my S20 FE 5G is rebooting every few minutes. I was on OneUI...
  5. A

    Thread General Split screen issue

    Split screen from full screen issue Hi, if anyone's using split screen 2 finger gesture or One Hand Operation + gestures for split screen, did you notice that since OneUi 5.0 it mostly opens split screen apps in the top screen when going from a full screen. For example when I'm watching...
  6. G

    Thread Question How to Recognize people in Gallery

    Hello everyone, i've got a brand new s22 ultra with Exynos last month and yesterday i've received the one ui 5.1 update. I can't extract people just by long pressing on them in any picture on the gallery, even with a selfie with full white background on me. I can't also make the gallery...
  7. pilsudski

    Thread porting One UI

    Hi, I have a question if there is a way to port One UI 1.0 or newer for this phone. I'm not scared in hardbricking this phone because i can easily unbrick it, i just want to know if this is possible and if it is, could someone help me in it?
  8. O

    Thread Fast battery drain and heating issue with android 11

    i noticed that my phone battery draining faster and quickly heat up with just some light use after updated to android 11 my phone is rooted with this i also tried some various...
  9. Hiper482

    Thread [Rooted] Samsung a52s 5g

    Hello recently i installed magisk on to my device and all of the sudden camera stopped working and I tried everything literally everything but nothing worked so i uninstalled camera and somehow k figured out how to fix it but now I can't get it back and I'm here to ask you guys for help how can...
  10. ShaDisNX255

    Thread Development [SM-M526B][ROM][OneUI5] NcX ROM for Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

    NcX S21FE Port for Samsung Galaxy M52 5G I usually work on A52s but decided to make a version for M52 since it's pretty much the same thing lol. This is a OneUI ROM that adds extra functionality, read the features carefully so you can give yourself an idea of what features you're getting. Also...
  11. mvcmod

    Thread [CLOSED] OneUI icon pack for Rootless launcher

    If you think Rootless Launcher can only install Google Icons, you are wrong! Download this OneUi icon set to experience it offline
  12. mvcmod

    Thread [CLOSED] OneUI icon pack for Rootless Launcher

    Demo : Demo 001 Nếu bạn nghĩ Rootless Launcher chỉ cài đặt được Google Icons thì bạn đã nhầm!Hãy tải bộ icon OneUi này về để trải nghiệm nhé Mod translation: If you think Rootless Launcher can only install Google Icons, you are wrong! Download this OneUi icon set to experience it offline...
  13. K

    Thread Question How to flash US variant rom on Samsung s21 ultra (SM-G9980) TGY(Hong Kong) Variant ?

    I am using s21 ultra. Model SM-G9980 running on one UI4 TGY Hong Kong variant. I want to flash stock US variant on my device
  14. Yricko

    Thread [THEME] One UI Theme for Nougat and' Oreo

    OneUI icons for non-OneUI systems. Works only for Android 7 and 8. Works for most system apps. Known Mistakes: - Notifications are white in Dark Theme - Voice Recorder not affected in Dark Theme - Old Play Store icon. If you spot another mistake please tell me so that I can update the post...
  15. bigPAL

    Thread Is there ANY way to hide the right and left gesture navigation bars leaving the middle without changing gesture navigation type?

    Hello. I would really like to find a way to hide these bars on the left and right without changing anything in their functionality. I don't like gesture navigations that use one single gesture navigation bar in the middle so I decided to find a way to use this type and try to hide the left and...
  16. C

    Thread Question Galaxy Themes on Tab A7 Lite progress

    I have been working on getting themes to work on this tablet, and I have gotten past getting the app, but not actual themes. No themes show in the app (themes wallpapers icons) i have tried changing it to a lower DPI, same thing, however if you go into Wallpaper in settings you get the...
  17. C

    Thread Question unable to unlock the bootloader (A52 5G, SM-A526B)

    So I'm trying to unlock my bootloader to root my phone with Magisk (which also patches VBmeta, which is important for me to do). Originally the OEM unlock option was not appearing in my phone's settings, but I fixed that with the date hack (set the phone's clock to 2022-05-01 instead of...
  18. ticha22608

    Thread phone stuck in bootloop

    good evening, i have a problem with my phone. i have an exynos7870 j7 2016 with a modded galaxy s20 ultra oneui 2 android 10 rom with root (magisk). it's kinda buggy sometimes but i've had it for a year and a half. not too often, my OS would randomly go from being powered on to showing the...
  19. kevios12

    Thread [ROM][PORT][A40][AROMA]OneUI3.1 Note 10 Lite Port v4.5

    /* * I am not responsible if flashing this rom bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war * and ends the world as we know it. * You have been warned. */ Make always a Backup of your Phone. • Based on N770F (AFG FW) N770FXXS8EUL4 • December Security Patch 2021 • OneUI 3.1 - Android 11 (R)...
  20. J

    Thread Question on updating android version of a port rom

    I have a Samsung J600G, the latest official rom form Samsung is android 10, and most importantly, all official roms are 32bit. As I cannot accept the stupid fact that my phone, launched in 2018, capable of running 64bit, is running a 32bit system, I tried installing some custom roms. I've tried...
  21. P

    Thread Question Facebook Messenger Bubbles & Conversations APIs

    Hi, I have some question: Are native Android Conversations and Bubbles APIs working for you with Facebook Messenger? And no, I don't want FB chat heads. Whole point is to use native android API which is unified for every chat application.
  22. JanBoyGamer23

    Thread [NON-ROOT] JBNCK One UI Experience - Debloated, Private and clean One UI experience

    JBNCK One UI Experience Get the JBNCK One UI Experience on your Samsung Phone without root. Works best on Galaxy A-Series phones running Android 11 or 12 Features - Debloated and clean (pleasant for the eyes, fun to use and allows for 2-day battery life)* - Privacy (RethinkDNS [DNS + Firewall]...
  23. M

    Thread What would happen if i used dd to overwrite bl with samsung?

    I have galaxy j7 prime 2 (SM-G611F) which run with Android 9 with S3 bootloader and I was trying to downgrade to Android 7.1 with U1 bootloader which fail even If bootloader is unlocked because of samsung restrictions, so I was thinking about rooting the device with magisk (or use a custom...
  24. uQlel

    Thread Custom ROM for the Galaxy A70.

    Hi, I love my galaxy A70 with one ui 3.1, but i prefer pixel experience or some other aosp roms. Has someone hard bricked his phone by installing a custom rom? This is my main phone, and once I've tried to install lineage os from some 3rd party site, and i have successfully flashed twrp but when...
  25. djlucask

    Thread BEST stock rom?

    Long story short, my years of rooting, flashing ROMS and etc has come to an end. I want to buy a new smartphone and not worry about custom stuff. What is the best stock OS (OneUI, MIUI, OxygenOS, Google Pixel Android) that resembles the best custom roms? What I'm looking for is: A fast way to...
  26. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Question S22 Plus / + Unofficial Bugs thread

    Before everyone gets their S22+, it would be nice for those who have the S22+ to share bugs here. Pre-ordered an S22+! Question: What bugs have you been facing with your S22+? Do you think they are hardware/software issues?
  27. zaydenQ

    Thread Question [INDIA] Galaxy S22 Ultra news + discussion thread.

    Looks like India might be getting the Snapdragon this year. How many of you are going to upgrade? I've already sold my S21 Ultra in anticipation for the S22 Ultra.
  28. M

    Thread Downgrading G611F to a lower bootloader

    Hello, i was trying to downgrade my phone from OneUI (Android 9) to samsung experience (Android 7) on G611F because latest version makes the device too slow for me and also i like samsung experience more than OneUI but seems that even when bootloader is unlocked it can't be downgraded from S3 to...
  29. BlackMesa123

    Thread [DEPRECATED][DEV][LIBRARY][5.0+] OneUI Design Library 2.3.0

    ⚠️ This library is deprecated and will no longer be updated. Please check the new oneui-core and oneui-design libraries. ⚠️ a library by @Yanndroid and @BlackMesa123 This library was made with one goal: allow everyone to create One UI styled apps. It contains most of Samsung's UI elements...
  30. Hamid Chikh

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Samsung Galaxy One UI - Optimization Guide

    THIS IS A SUGGESTED CONFIGURATION FOR SAMSUNG DEVICES OUT OF SUPPORT/CLOSED I - RECOMMENDED SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset before starting optimisations - Factory Reset after every Major update (One UI/Android) - Remove SIM before first boot - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore anything...
  31. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question Replace a Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro?

    Hey everybody! Quick question: would you replace your Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro? I'm asking it because I'm a S21 owner but I've never been completely in love with the Samsung design (those squircle icons...) nor all the Samsung apps I don't use and can't remove. I'm into Google apps...
  32. L

    Thread Pixel 6 software on other devices?

    Anyone have any idea of how I can get the Pixel 6 Android 12 software (so my phone is like a pixel 6) on a Galaxy s21? ie replacing Samsungs OneUi skin with the on the new pixels? I'm not looking for some copy that's laggy and stuff because it's more than the look which I can fix with a 3rd...
  33. B

    Thread CLOSED

  34. Scynt310

    Thread oneUI 3.1 downgrade possible

    is it possible to downgrade oneUI version 3.1 to 3.0 or lower?
  35. miravision

    Thread [MATERIAL YOU] [ANDROID 12+] Themes and Personalization Screenshots

    Please post your MATERIAL YOU Android 12+ screenshots of themes and personalization specifying your device model and ROM
  36. miravision

    Thread General [GSI ROMs] Please post your experience using GSI ROMs as your daily driver

    Please include GSI ROM details about how you fixed bugs or patches involved to fix issues along with reasons and results of using GSI rom instead of stock OneUI
  37. iplux

    Thread Downgrading from One UI 2.5 to the original 2018 Samsung Experience firmware?

    Hello, I seem to be getting lost. The more i read, the less i understand. My battery life is getting worse and worse. I replaced it last year at Samsung's repair centre without much noticeable difference. I've tried factory resetting it, I've tried everything, its just not as it used to be. I...
  38. KokosTech

    Thread How To Guide [OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 & 2](EXYNOS) for S21 / Plus / Ultra - Download OTA Link

    So, now that we have OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 rolling out to countries (ofc only 7), it has come so far in Germany & Korea (as far as I know). So the rest of the world wants an link, so don't be selfish and please, if you have one, capture the .bin file and share it in this thread. How to...
  39. M

    Thread How do I get rid of volume limit on android

    How do I get rid of volume limit on galaxy note 10 lite? I tried turning off volume limit and also by turning it on while keeping volume limit to max volume. But none helped. In both cases, I was not able to increase volume past 50%. And this is utterly irritating. Today I downloaded a youtube...
  40. K

    Thread How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Android 11 - OneUi 3.1)

    Any process step by step about how to root and install MAGISK in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite running Android 11 (OneUi 3.1)?
  41. lucky2712

    Thread [7.1.1] [ROM] [Stable] Next Gen OS (OneUI Experience) (V3.7) For Samsung J2 (J200G)

    Version-3.7 For SM-J200G UI Customization:- Fully OneUI themed Dolby Atmos Edited in OneUI style My Files Edited in OneUI style Home screen Edited in OneUI style Lockscreen Edited inOneUI style Recents Themed in OneUI style OneUI Stock Wallpaper New Rom Bootanimation New Bootanimation sound...
  42. Ayra Hikari

    Thread How To Guide Clone Any APPS into Dual Messenger (OneUI 3.1)

    How to clone any apps into dual messenger, WITHOUT 3rd party apps. Requirements 1. PC that have any OS 2. Your pc installed adb version 31.0.2 or later How To Clone with PC (Simple) 1. Download AyraDualApps on your PC 2. Make sure you've enabled developer settings and enable debug settings 3...
  43. Ayra Hikari

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Apps][Mod][OneUI] Good Lock Unlocked Region for all Samsung Devices

    Samsung Good Lock for all Samsung Devices Good Lock is customization modules for Samsung devices that only works for One UI. It can redesign lock screen, status bar, navigation bar, home screen, notification, keyboard, themes, or utilities like Sound Assistant, One Hand Operation, etc. It was...
  44. olavar

    Thread Any working twrp for SAMSUNG GALAXY A21S? (SM-A217F/DSN)

    Android version: 11 One UI Core version: 3.1 Baseband version: A217FXXU5CUD1 I've been searching for like 4 hours now ☹ I'm trying to root my phone
  45. DKXC

    Thread Patched Magisk v23 for Galaxy A21s (A11/OneUI 3)

    Patched Magisk v23 for A21s (A11/OneUI 3) Since I've seen and tried installing Magisk via the default instructions from the legend topjohnwu himself, I noticed it does not work at all. The phone just doesn't even boot into Android at all, and after researching I have seen that this is a very...
  46. T

    Thread 28/04/2021 Android 11 (OneUI 3.1) seriously slower than Android 10 (OneUI 2.5)

    Just got my device yesterday. I came with Android 11 (OneUI 3.1) pre-installed. The Android experience was slow and laggy. I did also do a update (3.1 -> 3.1), but this did not help. I did notice something similar on my OnePlus 7 after the Android 11 update and it has a Snapdragon 855, not this...
  47. Ivan2005

    Thread DreamX_OS_A50s_OneUI3.1_Port_V1_For_M30s_By Ivan2005

    Hello guys, today Im releasing my first port. Its A50s OneUI 3.1 port. Features : + Based on the latest A50s INS firmware + Debloated + Deknoxed + Security was removed + Added custom video and photo preloaded wallpaper + Full ScreenRecorder with all features + Enabled Flagship animations + All...
  48. M

    Thread Samsung SM-G975U update to andriod 11

    Hello guys, please my Samsung s10+ SM-G975U hasn't received android 11 yet and I am thinking of manually updating it. But the device is an unlocked version. If I install the firmware for SM-G975U USC will it be locked back? The firmware for XXA is for SM-G975U1. Please which do you advise I...
  49. R

    Thread Power menu

    [One UI 3.0] [Power menu] Is there any way to put the Android 11 power menu on One UI 3.0? The only thing I want from Android 11 and Samsung will miss it ...
  50. M

    Thread [Guide & Links] Install OneUI 3.0 / Android 11 Beta on N975U1

    Hi guys, I found out the firmware file to install Android 11 Beta on my N975U1. It was difficult to find the link, but it works perfectly on my phone. Links: Odin v3.14.1 N975U1UES5DTJ6 Firmware Beta 1 Beta 2 In order to update to Android 11 Beta, your phone must must be on N975U1UES5DTJ6...