1. D

    Thread Stopping UT from killing apps

    I finally found a way to not have my apps killed all the time! I am using a device with 2 GB of ram (Nexus 7 2013) and I experienced frequently that apps are killed. Quite often it gets so bad that it's impossible to have both dekko and the browser open at the same time. It always felt like it...
  2. A

    Thread The best way to decode bitmaps

    Hello guys, I've developed an app to read business cards so this means I'm using the phone's built-in camera to take pictures store and edit them. I've encountered many problems with OutOfMemory on my test device (Nexus 5), wich i managed to solve by passing some BitmapOptions when i decode it...
  3. M

    Thread [Q] [Help] Poor Multi-Tasking experience

    Hello everyone. My issue is rather simple. I used to have a Galaxy S3 that had a really poor multi-tasking experience with its very limited 1Gb of RAM. So I bought the Note 3 that was bound to provide me with enough RAM for a better multitasking experience. So far it was OK and way better...
  4. S

    Thread [Q] lowmemorykiller init.shooteru.rc

    MULTITASKING ISSUE SOLVED! for me anyway :D Yes this is about the terrible HTC multitasking problem. 1st off here are some points * I love my Evo3D, I've repaired it several times, from several faults, there just isn't another phone I like, so I'm not interested in upgrading to something...
  5. tinyXperia

    Thread [Q] Does my phone have a hardware failure, getting lots of reboots.

    Hi, I don't know if anyone is still using one of these pieces of ****, but I can't afford anything new (if you are still using it as your main device too, I pity you :highfive:). I'm using FXP latest CM10 ROM, and it has worked okay for me for the last year. The problem is that since a couple...
  6. J

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Keep My Opera - Protect Opera from being killed (or any other browser)

    Quick overview: Keep My Opera is an app that protects the Opera browser from being killed without reason. compatible with Android version 2.1+ (tested on 4.x) benefits from root access (but can be used without) just an app, does not depend on custom rom or kernel versions risk free (makes...
  7. M

    Thread [Q] [OT] Razr maxx (not hd) and locking apps in memory

    Hello, Sorry but I have not seen a section about original Razr Maxx. After my nightmare with an HTC Desire Z I have just bought a Razr maxx (the HD version is not sold in Italy, shame on you Motorola and google) with 4.0.4. I use a lot of android apps for work and I needed a fast smartphone...
  8. N

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to permanently set lower oom values for processes?

    I'm using Autokiller to keep my phone a bit snappier since I have a low amount of memory. However, at times it kills processes that should stay open (namely: the phone and messages apps, which I have to open several times in a row because it closes them right after I open them). I have found...
  9. zimphishmonger

    Thread [Q] VM and OOM Tweaks in Init.d

    Hello all, Ive noticed a LOT of custom Sensation builds including these init.d tweaks, and although Ive tested them, I cant find a major difference in usage. Actually, IMO they actually complicate memory usage a bit. THat being said, they are included in a LOT of ROMS so I figured Id askm if...
  10. A

    Thread [Q] Can we designate specific app to stay alive?

    Various apps can display the current running apps/services and their OOM_value (i think that's what it's called). As you know, a lower value means its more likely to stay alive. Android system or dialer gets -15 or so. Foreground app get -1. Background get 5-10, etc These numbers suppose to...
  11. P

    Thread [Q] keep setCPU ALIVE ??

    Running the infused v1 rom... and it constantly kills setCPU... when i reload it, the values in the "advanced" tab are always back to -1 and they SHOULD be 80000 70 30 0 5 Thats on the Conservative governor... how can i keep setCPU from being killed?