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oos 10

  1. 99mike199

    Thread OOS 11 Stability

    Hey all 👋, I have OnePlus 6 for some time now. After upgrade on OOS 11 I encounter plenty of issues, lags, freezes etc. I'm little bit surprised regarding this because phone was really good before. I know the aging part, but this is consequence of something else in my opinion. My questions are...
  2. Mohitash

    Thread [MAGISK MOD] ButterMinimal v4.5.1 for Any Android 10/11 | Minimal Version of ButtersExtended

    ButterMinimal ButterMinimal is a Minimal Version of ButtersExtended/Limits/Fly that is made for the OnePlus 7 Pro Series Can be found here ======= -ButterMinimal comes with- -Prop Tweaks - Includes Smooth UI, Smooth Scroll, Some battery tweaks. -Mount Tweaks - Good for Performance balance...
  3. GentlyTurning

    Thread OnePlus 7 OOS11 Update Not Recognized by AT&T

    Hello, I am using a OnePlus 7 model GM1901 (Indian model). I am using it in the USA with AT&T. As long as it was running OOS10 AT&T would recognize my phone, even though they did not technically support it. Once I upgraded to OOS11 it no longer was recognized. Clearly this is a software issue...
  4. S

    Thread Rollback from OOS11(Android 11) to OOS10 (Android10) Oneplus 7

    Hi, Have recently updated to Android 11 via Stable android update and I am looking for any way to go back to Android 10 via any means necessary. Have already made backups, can not root and unlock bootloader. Any help is appreciated.
  5. RelaxDA

    Thread Best way to downgrade from OOS 11 Beta 1 to Stable OOS 10?

    I want the best way to clean wipe the phone and go back to stable, is flashing the fulldowngrade wipe from withing the local upgrade method the same as using MSM Tool, or is there any other better way? Thanks!
  6. fireeyeeian

    Thread Fast charging seemingly not working after updating to 10.3.5 (from 9)

    update: So I know for 100% sure the brick I was using while on oos 9 was fast charging but idk what happened after I updated because I bought a second brick I think it's the same one I got from Amazon but either way the fast charging is working with the new brick maybe the new oos very 10...
  7. C

    Thread Sim no longer recognized after update and re-root

    Hey Guys, finally updated the software to 10.3.4.GM21AA, and after i updaded (before rebot) i used Magisk to "Install to Inactive Slot (After OTA)" and rebooted. the machine rebooted successfully and i am still rooted - but no sims, on any of the slots are recognized. i tried rebooting with/out...
  8. lm089

    Thread No more recent apps with custom launcher after upgrade to OOS 10.0.1 stable

    For years I've been running first Nova, then SmartLauncher on all my devices. I made it a habit to at least freeze, sometimes delete the default launchers. So I also did on my OP6, and it wasn't any problem until I update from OOS 9.0.9 to 10.0.1 over the last weekend. After the (OTA) update I...
  9. F

    Thread Questions and summary about TWRP and root

    Hello all, Coming from the Nexus 5 and OP6T (both rooted, TWRP and custom kernel), I will receive soon my OP7 Pro (after a replacement) so I am searching again for the most updated tutorial for rooting my phone. So far, most of them applies to Android 9 (OOS 9) and it seems that the process is...
  10. stefal639

    Thread Call Recording on OOS 10

    Hi, someone has find a good solution (as the previous one in oos9 and earlier) to obtain a functional call reconrding in OOS10? I need it for work. Due to the previous module (enable oos call recording) crash in OOS 10, I try anoter module/app (skyvalex) but i can't find a configuration that...