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  1. rivercz

    Thread Question MSM OnePlus 9 LE2113_11.C.47

    Hi, i need to ask a question, i have OP9 and i restored it with msm to OOS but i cant update to OOS 12 c.47 with locked bootloader. Does anyone here have MSM for oos 12 or a workaround?
  2. E

    Thread General [Bounty] Viper4android fix

    So I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way, but I think in an effort to get experienced devs to take a look into our viper4android driver loop issue a bounty is in order. I have tried every method I could find to get viper4android to work on our OnePlus 10 pro with no success. Below I'll...
  3. jcsww

    Thread KB2007 On KB2005 Android 12

    I have spent the better part of the evening trying to figure out what is wrong with the full update package for Android 12 for NA/Global. This is the one way out of the many I tried, that reliably worked for the KB2007 T-Mobile USA device to get it to running Android 12 without issues on the...
  4. X

    Thread Question OOS 12.0.0 Stable Update Cellular Network Fix

    Hi, As you may know most of us is having this issue after the OOS 12.0.0 Stable Update, Cellular Network lost, No Signal, Outgoing call, and SMS. The below method worked at least for me, let me know if worked with anyone of you please. Please follow these steps : 1- Turn off your phone. 2-...