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  1. danielcampos

    Thread General 💥 One UI 5.0 Beta [SnapDragon] Oficial - Android 13 🔥

    Good morning greetings to all I create this thread exclusively for the s21 Ultra Snapdragon version, in a few moments I will upload the .zip file I leave the link of the first FOTA Don't forget to leave your thanks
  2. D

    Thread Flashing treble ROMs (GSI) after Open Beta 13

    Hey guys! After installing open beta 13, how do I go about flashing treble GSIs? I want to flash the dotOS GSI on my oneplus 5. I have tried the following method and it does not work - boots me back into bootloader: 1) Flash blue_spark treble recovery. 2) Format data 3) Wipe system, data...