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  1. D

    Thread "Storage limitations" affecting the Mi 9 Lite? And how is it VS Poco F1?

    Howdy people-who-already-have the Mi 9 Lite. I don't want to bore you with the details, so I'll try to keep it short. I bought a Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite for my wife and, in the meantime, managed to bork my OnePlus One. Now, I, too, I'm in the market for a new phone. From the little I played with her...
  2. G

    Thread Open Gapps causing bootloop.

    all the recent Open gapps packages causing bootloop, phone returns back to twrp all the time, please give some input if you too encountered with similar situation. *I use aroma and installing only core apps doesn't do any harm.
  3. P

    Thread [SOLVED] Google Play Services Missing on Fresh LineageOS+Open GApps

    I picked up an Mi 4 a bit over a year ago to test Windows Mobile as the organization was evaluating the ecosystem then. There wasn't enough interest in it so the phone sat in a drawer for several months. Wanting to breathe new life into the device, I made the switch back to Android this morning...
  4. VR25

    Thread [DEPRECATED] [Module][2018.9.23] MagicGApps -- Install OpenGApps Systemlessly

    THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. # MagicGApps ## Copyright (C) 2017-2018, VR25 @ xda-developers ### License: GPL v3+ --- #### DISCLAIMER This software is provided as is, in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Always read/reread this reference prior to...
  5. W

    Thread Project Fi - Outgoing Call Failure

    Anyone on Project Fi have trouble with outgoing calls not going through sometimes? I get a recording that says the call cannot be completed. Disabling, clearing app data, then enabling, and going through activation in the Project Fi app usually resolves it, but the issue crops back up...
  6. kenshiwara

    Thread How To Fix The "Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped" Error On CM12.1

    How To Fix The "Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped" Error On CM12.1 Hello Everyone! When i open anything related to Google services or even without opening anything, i get the error message of: Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped The Device Details Model Number: HTC...
  7. M

    Thread [GAPPS][DAILY] Open GApps for Android; All Android Versions & Devices

    Questions? Use Q&A! Please read the FAQ before reporting any bugs or errors! If you post in the main thread not having read the FAQ or error message itself, not included a debug log when reporting a malfuction or reporting a Force Closure without a logcat, your post will be ignored by the...