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  1. TOBY19k

    Thread Seal Os Boot Animation Installer

    Seal Os Boot Animation Installer A zip flash file that installs Seal Os boot animation on the s7. Fully based on Dynamic Installer. Compatible with roms that have the boot animation in the system/product/media or system/media folder. License This program is free software: you can redistribute...
  2. J

    Thread Firefly Station P2 hands-on: an open-source mini PC with great versatility

    ARM-based open-source computers, which often come in the form of SBCs (Single Board Computers), are designed for tech geeks rather than average consumers. However, the Firefly Station P2, which employs the form factor of a mini PC, doesn’t seem all that out of reach. With a Rockchip RK3568...
  3. F

    Thread [MAGISK][MODULE][FONT]Open Fonts[3.1.1]

    Open Fonts A magisk module created to replace system fonts. Installation: Method 1: Download the module from the github release page. Install from Magisk. Enjoy it! Method 2: Download and install from Fox's Magisk Module Manager. Enjoy it! Features: Support latest unicode version (Unicode...
  4. Siddhant Silwal

    Thread Are there any ad-free 'All in one' social media app?

    I just revived an old phone and found out that youtube has stopped its support. In the past I heard of an app inside which is a collection of web versions of all social media apps, Due to the fact that it had web versions it used less storage and endless device support which would be perfect for...
  5. ManojNairOnline

    Thread Why I switched from Windows to Ubuntu

    In the organization where I worked previously, I was managing the operations for a couple of Practices. One of them was Microsoft Practice. This gave me access to licensed software from Microsoft. From the OS to MS Office, we were entirely on Microsoft products. After working there for over a...
  6. N

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Smart AutoClicker

    Hi XDA! I'm a software engineer with a 9 years experience in Android development. I have mostly worked with AOSP integration into devices and developped system services mainly in JAVA. During the Covid-19, i have decided to learn Kotlin and dig a bit into the end user application world, so I...
  7. Andy3153

    Thread Just noticed my favourite ROM was dead for more than a year. What to choose?

    I just noticed the ROM I have installed on my phone (Bootleggers) most likely died (their website isn't up anymore, there's no new threads about it, their GitHub/Sourceforge didn't have any recent activity at all etc.). I chose this ROM because of some neat features it had. And, that's the...
  8. Voljopaso

    Thread looking for a open source besed custom rom for honor 6x

    Hello one of my friends has honor 6x with android 7 he want to unlock bootloader and install a open source besed custom rom with android 9+ for bootloader unlocking,can he use dc-unlocker or exist a free method? and please give a guide for find and install custom rom on her phone thanks
  9. Alpha_Radke

    Thread Any chance to support a locked Android One giant?

    As described here we have full open source Nokia 5.4 ready to play but with a bad start due to HMD's next-gen bootloader lol
  10. Alpha_Radke

    Thread Open source kernel

    So this is my very first attempt in any kind of android development. I have here my phone's official kernel source. I was wondering if I can build this to boot or if it's ready for building. Also this phone is bootloader locked and there's no official or unofficial way to unlock it. So what...
  11. monis-t

    Thread Hello XDA!! :)

    Hello XDA! I hope everyone's having a good time. This is Monis. I am a content curator, curious cat and a technology enthusiast (i.e I like to leverage tech to read between the lines and solve problems). I've been coming here for a while now trying to learn how to use an android to its best...
  12. C

    Thread [DEV] Appwrite (Open Source Firebase Alternative) on Raspberry Pi

    We're thrilled to announce that Appwrite 0.8, our latest release, brings 64-bit ARM support for the Raspberry Pi! This brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of becoming a complete open-source alternative to Firebase. Other features from this release include JWT auth, anonymous login...
  13. BlassGO

    Thread [ZIP - Dual Installer] Dynamic Installer Stable 4.7-b3 [ Android 10+ or earlier ]

    SUPPORT: TELEGRAM CHANNEL - TELEGRAM GROUP - SUPPORT ME ABOUT THIS: With this you can make Automatic Installers (.ZIP flash files) for All Android devices without limitations (Supports an installation from Recovery or can be used to create a Magisk module) By default the installer mounts the...
  14. S

    Thread [ROM] LINEAGEOS [Android 11] [OFFICIAL] [Nightly]

    I'm not sure why no one has posted this on here yet. I see the unstable google drive linked Android 11 Lineage but not the official download links and instructions... i run this rom on my daily driver. here is the link: the instructions are what you...
  15. K

    Thread Pitch Black Recovery Project based on TWRP (SM-A750FN/..)

    Hello I wanna tray to compile width community a recovery because all posted TWRP'S for SM-A750FN/DS are unbotablle. From page 4 was booted but not properly and stayed in bootloop. (for some reason my Fastboot mode on device don't initialize on phone, means I flash just over download mode) I was...
  16. D

    Thread Installation of google play services for a specific user profile

    I wonder if I can create two (or more) user profiles on my android device, one of which I will use only open source stuff and everything else on the other. As far as I know, it is possible to create several user profiles in Android that are isolated from each other. I would probably install...
  17. W

    Thread Fossapps - A free and open source GApps alternative

    Hello! Welcome to the Fossapps Thread! Fossapps is a free and open source alternative to GApps. Fossapps is a magisk module that installs free and open source apps from trusted developers easily onto your phone. Just like the apps included on Fossapps, it is fully free and open source...
  18. B

    Thread How open is the Planet Gemini PDA?

    Hardware/software wise, open schematics, binary blob free?
  19. N

    Thread Open Source: to publish or not to publish my android app?

    Dear friends, some time ago I developed an android app based on a cloud service on my hosting where I store private information about the user (like email, drugs, name, weight...). The app has few active users so far, I'm not updating it anymore because I lost my interest in my baby (yes...
  20. L

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Antimine - open source minesweeper

    Antimine - Minesweeper A open source puzzle game where you search for all hidden mines. Description Antimine is a minesweeper-like puzzle game. The objective is to flag the spaces with mines to make the field a safer place without exploding any of them. You win the game when you've...
  21. Byronbgs

    Thread Open source DIY rotary cellphone !!!! Curious to say the least. Then you have to build it yourself ... :cool: I wondering who on these forms are old enough to have used a rotary phone? :D
  22. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][READER] Tachiyomi - Manga Reader

    Tachiyomi is a free and open Source Manga Reader for Android NFO: Version: 0.8.4 Architecture: universal Package: eu.kanade.tachiyomi Min: Android 4.1 DPI: nodpiDownload: AFH
  23. azaidi

    Thread [Open Source][7.0+] Shade Launcher Q - The best of both worlds

    Shade has been updated to Android Q! New Screenshots - Having grown tired of only decompiling and porting Google’s Pixel Launcher code, I decided to turn my own vision for a launcher into reality. It's...
  24. B

    Thread Any Launcher, No Root (Launcher Hijack V4)

    Launcher Hijack V4 Allows a custom launcher on Amazon Kindle Fire's and Fire TV's An early, insert seasonally appropriate celebration here, present from me. Adds support for Fire TV devices and the new Fire Tablets. Enjoy. Please find instructions for use here...
  25. Tomatot-

    Thread [GUIDE] MicroG on OnePlus 6 (open source and ligthway alternative to Google services)

    Updated and tested for Android 10 (with Omnirom) Why MicroG? Here is a great explanation from the official wiki itself: There are different and good reasons to move away from Google services and get microG services: 1) More privacy...
  26. E

    Thread Render real-time blur effects in Android with BlurKit

    Two years ago we released BlurKit to create fast blur effects in Android. It was simple to use and filled a need for many Android developers. Since then, development of BlurKit has slowed as our attention moved to other projects such as CameraKit. Today we are bringing back support for BlurKit...
  27. M66B

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][5.0+] FairEmail - Fully featured, open source, privacy oriented email app

    FairEmail Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android See here for a description: See here for screenshots: Downloads: Frequently asked...
  28. H

    Thread [APP][5.0+][FOSS] Lean Launcher, the customisable Pixel Launcher

    Download Lean Launcher from the Google Play Store If you prefer the debug version, no worries, you can download it from Github, here. Look for "LeanLauncher-1.0.0-5-play-debug.apk"! Credit Huge thanks for the excellent work of Amir, without his work, I don't think Lean Launcher would have...
  29. rhinestorm

    Thread Mate 9 Open Source Released

    I was searching google for kirin 960 open source and I ended up in Here is Huawei open source search link...
  30. pergoteborg

    Thread Bounty Threads - to be or not to be

    It seems to me there are a raising number of bounty threads appearing in different forums. A bounty thread is when one or many persons state a problem and offer a reward to the one finding a solution. The goal is of course to motivate other to work an the case In the short run may this seems...
  31. L

    Thread "Leaving Apple and Google : my “eelo odyssey” "

    I thought you might be interested in that privacy-oriented and non-profit project ("eelo") that is going to rely on LineageOS :)
  32. askermk2000

    Thread H850 20K Source

    Hey Since the latest sources from LG has been absent for a while, I thought I'd let people know it's now available here. Couple weeks ago I sent a request to the LG Open Source Code Distribution site and asked for updated sources. Few days later I got a mail with good news. Don't know if it...
  33. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [Archived][App][5.0+] Frost for Facebook [Open Source]

    This thread is no longer maintained. Please go to GitHub for future issues and discussions ------------------------------------------------ Welcome to Frost for Facebook! Notice on Play Store removal Main web page Downloads through Github...
  34. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App 5.+] VSB - Virtual Swipe Button

    I switched last weekto the AOSP Oreo build for our beloved OnePlus One. So there I'm missing the possibility to customize hardware button remapping. Since I also don't like to waste place on my screen with the navigationbar, I polished up an app I developed once for my old Samsung Note 1. VSB...
  35. V

    Thread [PETITION] Open source Phoenix OS kernel - let us help improve hardware support!

    It's time for Phoenix OS to finally have an open sourced kernel. Only this way we can really have influence on better hardware support - the key aspect of a usable operating system. Please sign read, sign and share the petition - let's show Chaozhuo - Phoenix Team that it's necessary! UPDATE...
  36. azaidi

    Thread [Open Source][5.0+] Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.9.1 - Based on AOSP 8.1 Launcher3

    Vision My launcher is a close to AOSP launcher that only changes the necessary code to allow for small extensions and backporting to older Android versions. If you want a more feature packed launcher use Nova, Action or Lawnchair. I focus on simplicity and rock solid stability. If you do not...
  37. espaciosalter20

    Thread Kernel Source Code for P10 - Victoria

    Hi! i have found this open source related to our device and i want to share with all of you through Mega store. Hope this helps to faster the development for our beloved p10. cheers! LINK PD: Originally found it here
  38. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App 5+] SlimLauncher [Discontinued] [Fork | Open Source]

    Since I don't have the time too support this project. At the moment I will not longer support or update this project. Hi, I want to share my fork of SlimLauncher, the popular launcher from SlimRoms. It is based on the latest 7.1 branch but works on Lollipop+. Since in the actual SlimLauncher...
  39. Geeks Empire

    Thread [Phone|Watch][GAME] Binary Bytes Puzzle [Android5.+][WearOS2.+]

    Binary Bytes Puzzle Game, No Limit...! Enjoy Classic 1024 Puzzle Game on Phone & Watch Merge 2 Tiles of Same Numbers to Add them Up by Swiping ← ↑↓ → The target Number is 1024 but after that, You can continue to Higher Points... NOTE: App will Save Automatically. So feel free to...
  40. J

    Thread Problems booting the open source kernel on the shield 2017

    hi, this was the first time compiling a kernel from android source. I'm actually a java and app dev, so this was actually new to me. I wanted to have full ntfs support and maybe some other features on my shield so i thought i'll give it a try. the first thing i tried was pulling the whole...
  41. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App] [7.+] FOSS Browser [Open Source]

    "FOSS Browser" is a fully free (as in freedom) open source Android software. The intention is to provide a simple and lightweight, but powerful and privacy-friendly browser with a modern user interface. - Your privacy - your data. Wiki | Releases | Changelog | Privacy | License | Code of...
  42. Primokorn

    Thread [INDEX FLOSS] List of Free / Libre and Open Source apps for Android

    List of Free / Libre and Open Source apps for Android INTRODUCTION I use Android phones for 5 years but I'm interested in FLOSS development for only 1 year. Conlusion? FLOSS apps are very important for the community (not only for Android OS) but they are often underestimated or not well...
  43. I

    Thread meh nice.. but source?

    Ok, Honor 8 in every page than we open on xda.. but, do we know if they're going to release the source code? so we can get rid of this emui and install CM without too many bug.. do we have some info?
  44. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App][5.0+] K9-Mail Material Design (open source) [Discontinued]

    Since I don't have the time too support this project. At the moment I will not longer support or update this project. Hi! What's the best open source mail client? - K9 What's the the problem with K9? - The design. Because of that I decided to fork K9 and give it a material design. I used...
  45. B

    Thread [APP][Open Source][4.1+] G-TimeTracker - simple and cloud-friendly time tracker

    Hi all, Global Time Tracker is an application, that allows you to track, how you spent the time of your life. With this software you can track you time using different categories, view statistics, search for records and view history for specific period. You can also use it on several devices...
  46. t-ryder

    Thread [TRANSLATION WANTED] Open source Android app "personalHTTPproxy"

    Hi there. Some days ago I started working on a fun project as assistance to Ingo Zenz, the german dev of "personalHTTPproxy" aka "AdStop for Android". The app is a tiny minimalistic tool that filters ads on any app using the HTTP protocol. I made a crowdin project for the open source app and...
  47. Maxximo88

    Thread Deepin 15 ARM Edition Released (Debian Based)

    Hi guys, I saw Deepin Team released Deepin 15 ARM Edition! (Official blog news) Now, they released a complete image for Nano Pi 2 with the support of Guangzhou FriendlyARM Computer Tech Co., Ltd., but also source code to port Deepin 15 ARM Edition to other boards! Can someone port it to...
  48. alex lartsev

    Thread [GAPPS][WEEKLY]C-GApps[20160607]

    C-GApps Information These are Google Apps for those who want to install Google Packages on a custom rom. Remember Apks and Jars files are prebuilt from Google. All closed source files come from Nexus's factory images. This contains just the core files needed to setup a fully working...
  49. rignaneseleo

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][APP][OpenSource] SlimSocial for Facebook (~150Kb & 0 Useless Permissions)

    Hi Friends! Do you find Facebook app uncomfortable? :cyclops: Is it too heavy, too slow, too energy-consumptive or with too permissions? I thought so, and since I don't use Facebook a lot, I wondered why I have to have their cumbersome app? Obviously, I had tried Facebook Light but it was...
  50. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [CM12/13 theme] [open source] Blue Minimal [Discontinued]

    Since I don't have the time too support this project. At the moment I will not longer support or update this project. Hi, this is my first CM12 theme. I just picked up several resources, which itsself are open source and changed and added a few things (Icons, Bootscreen, Ringtone, ...). For...