1. PrzeStaw

    Thread Question Xperia 10 III in open devices & custom roms

    Hi, Does anyone know if sony plans to publish xperia 10 II in open devises program? How do you thint future rom support will be? My old xperia Z3 still has community support (with LineageOS 18.1)
  2. HelloG3_MotoNoMore

    Thread Galaxy Z Fold2 Teardown Proceedure. I'm Preparing To Swap Main Boards!

    Since there's no WiFi Calling or Visual VM on the F916U1, and no available AT&T firmware to flash, I ordered an "upgrade" Fold2 in Mystic Black from AT&T... In order to keep my Silver-hinged Black Fold2, I'll need to swap main boards between the two. THIS VIDEO Found HERE shows that in order...
  3. D

    Thread Smartwatch/bands based in Opensource/openhardware

    Is there any watch/band focused on compatibility and based in open standards or at least with a documenteded protocol? I am seeing that all watches supported by Gadgetbridge app for android, required reverse engineering/hacking efforts. Is there any watch open for interconnectivity? In my...
  4. E

    Thread How to implement OpenID Connect in Android Studio

    Basically, I want the user to login their steam account, but steam requires OpenID authentication. Ive googled OpenID and found almost 0 documentation other than explaining what its purpose is. Can anyone link me to a good tutorial or provide details on how this should be done? Im very lost.
  5. Baldriksen

    Thread In search of phone with preinstalled LineageOS or prerooted

    Hi everyone ! I'm looking for buying a new phone (I'm really tired of mine). I was wondering if there was a brand, a reseller or idk who that was selling phones with preinstalled open android OS like Lineage. I already noticed Fairphone, but they say that their delivery date is set to September...
  6. B

    Thread Hyperlinks Not Working

    No clicked hyperlink is working through any avenue in apps, text, email, etc... The message says "Unfortunately, _________ has stopped" with an option to click "report" or "ok" I've tried restarting the phone and changing the default browser. Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue.
  7. D

    Thread Can't unscrew bottom T2 (?) screws on OnePlus 3

    Hi Having followed various guides on how to tear down my OnePlus 3, I bought the following kit of screwdrivers from Amazon However, when I try to fit the T2 bit into the screws on the bottom of my OnePlus 3 they don't fit. I've tried other types of bits to see if they fit, but they obviously...
  8. B

    Thread google play music won't open

    hi i am using a oneplus 3 rooted on oxyegnOS 3.2.4 i have tryied clearing the cache, i disabled it, i uninstaled it with titanium backup and reinstalled it from the play store and still since the last update, i cannot open the app (it shows the screen with the logo but then, nothing) does anyone...
  9. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Seven - Workout App | Open Source

    I want to introduce my app: Sieben It's a small android application to perform the seven minutes workout. It is completely free (open source), with no ads and no permissions are needed. Features: pause and resume an exercise jump to previous or next exercise TTS support English, German and...
  10. randomhkkid

    Thread An open letter to OnePlus

    I've posted an open letter to the OnePlus team over on their forums. It's mostly focussed on the camera and what I'd like to see moving forward. Would appreciate it if you took a read and posted any thoughts. Mod edit: Link removed
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Need ROM/RECOVERY/ROOT for Tesco tablet OPEN DOTT W032i-c3 (OP3N DOTT)

    Hi, here in central europe (Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary etc..) is new wave of tablets by TESCO. Cheap and not bad hardware device. Model name is OPEN DOTT W032i-c3 (OP3N DOTT). I don't know any chinese clones. Here on xda is nothing about this model. I want to flash recovery and cyano or...
  12. Tecior

    Thread Implementing a save/open file dialog

    Hi everyone, I'm developing a notepad app in Eclipse, and I'm having some trouble figuring out how to implement file browser dialogs when I press a button on MainActivity. I want to have an Open button that lets the user search the device storage for a .txt file to open, and a save button that...
  13. razorsbk

    Thread A1000 opens menus/settings/apps random all by itself

    So i have this Lenovo A1000 tablet for about 6 months. A few days ago started acting weird, opens launcher, menu, settings, options, apps randomly. I did a factory reset / format and still the same. It cant be stopped. Even after turn OFF and then ON acts the same. There is no virus, because i...
  14. I

    Thread [Q] How to know if it has been opened?

    Hey all, I would like to know if there's a way to know if a Nexus 5 has been opened, as I would like to open it without losing warranty :D Thanks in advanced.
  15. Jaredsburrows

    Thread Google Glass Native GDK + Misc Samples

    Hello Guys! I have been very busy lately and have been working on an Open Source repository on Github called OpenQuartz: Blog: OpenQuartz - Open Source Google Glass...
  16. D

    Thread [APP][4.1+]Simple Explorer 2.3.1 [Open Source][Discontinued]

    Hi all, I want to share an App i worked on at the last weeks. Its Open Source and you can grab the source on Github! It is a simple, fast and small file explorer with all the functions you need! Since Android 4.4 (Kitkat) there are external SDCard issues! Help to translate! Full Changelog...
  17. Jonny

    Thread [DEV][ROM][PROJECT] OpenSense Collaboration ROM | JB | Sense 4+ | 11/04/13

    This a project to port Android 4.1.1 with Sense 4+ to HTC Sensation and to fix the bugs. This is open to anyone. If you would like to contribute to this open project shoot me a PM or post in this thread so I can add you to the project on github and the contributors list. Software Information...
  18. espionage724

    Thread [Q] How to open the Nexus 10?

    I want to open my N10 up, but I really don't know how much force to be using to separate the back from the screen (seems like it would require an extreme amount of force). I have a suction cup attached to the screen, and I have the screw off the back. From there, I assume I would start at a...
  19. coolsandie

    Thread [All-in-one] List of all Open-Source Android Apps

    Hi guys, this Thread is dedicated to the aspiring developers who'd be learning Android app development and like to have a look at the source code for already created (Final-Product) Android Apps in Play Store. Probably the List is not complete, and suggestions on other open source apps which is...
  20. Jaredsburrows

    Thread [APP] *BETA* Course Notes - Collaboration of College Notes Welcome to Course Notes! ★★☆Please Comment and make Suggestions for new features before Rating!☆★★ ** This application is for testing and currently in BETA ** Send all suggestions to [email protected] All notes are...
  21. N00BY0815

    Thread [Project] Build LG s sourcecode [GB]

    Hey guys, I wanna start a new "little" project and hope for some help from the one or the other. I just realized, that noone until now really compiled a stock ROM for our device. That means, we can't get a fully customized ROM. I mean Zeus ROM is close to it, but it's pretty restriced, to the...
  22. DJ Krush

    Thread [Q] edit phone registry from computer?

    So, I changed the name of the light theme to a custom name by using the wp7 root tool by heathcliff. After doing that, I can't open any apps on my phone, not even root tool or nokia's own diagnostic tool or games (well, game is considered an app). The app actually opens for like 1 second and...
  23. killakilna

    Thread [Q] Open WebOS on HTC Desire?

    Hey i didn't know whether to post this in Q&A or Android Development so sorry if its in the wrong place I've just read that HP is releasing Open WebOS source code tomorrow and was thinking, now that its open source, if it would be possible to port it to the HTC Desire? I used to own a Palm Pre...
  24. lentm

    Thread GNex shows as charging, but discharging.

    Hi. I know you saw a lot of post like this; however, this one is different. When I connect my phone to charger or pc, the icon at the top shows lightning bolt sign which means its charging. but, when i go to settings -> battery, says discharging, and of course, it doesn't charge. since i...
  25. S


    first of all, I'm sorry if this post break the rule i just want to share what i've done :D this how to open Dopod 818 pro. open all component. in this post i Just post some photo, because i'm too lazy to write and edit again what i have do before on my blog for complete instruction you see...
  26. tsunami2312

    Thread [Q] Hide App From launcher, and still have the option to start it.

    ok, im trying to hide this app, from the app drawer by editing the manifest.xml file, and i did it, to be specific i just remove this line from manifest.xml "<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />" but i want to hide it, and still have the option to open it... i tried to...
  27. S

    Thread [HowTo] Disassemble or replaye the display/touch-unit of the i8150

    Here my first Post/Thread showing you how to disassemble the Galaxy W i8150. Images only available if you are logged in! These are additional images to the Service Manual in this post: http://cleanimport.xda/index.php?threads/1472623/ Step 1: Open back-cover and remove SIM-Card SD-Card and...
  28. T

    Thread [Q] Force Open Keyboard ICS

    Okay, so back in gingerbread it was possible to hold the menu softkey and the keyboard would slide up even if no text box was selected. This was really useful when connected to a remote desktop. I'm on SKYICS UCLD2 and it seems this has been taken out in ICS. I was wondering how/if it could be...
  29. D

    Thread WM8650, opened!

    I opened up my WM8650 because I'm recycling it anyways, and I made sure to take some pictures! Here's a look at the inside. If you're interested in a tutorial or something on how to open it, let me know and I'll see what I can do. WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage or harm caused to...
  30. N

    Thread [Q] Tegra 3 devices and development

    Hello everyone, i would like to ask if (you guys think) its worth to buy a tegra 3 device or wait until newer devices with (maybe) Texas instruments OMAP cpu comes out? (or QC Snapdragon? dont know if they've open source drivers as well) Official Tegra 2 support sucked pretty hard and i...
  31. L

    Thread [Q] [SEARCHING] Android Phone with open/unlocked bootloader and good dev community

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I'm looking for a replacement for my Motorola Defy because of the locked bootloader and missing official updates. So first of all: Is there a site which lists all the available android phones with open/unlocked bootloaders? (that way I could look for myself) If...
  32. 1


    hi all, could someone help me to install or put free internet in my android device ? Thanks in advance !
  33. Paradoxxx

    Thread [10/02][UPDATED][ROM]HYDRA0SP[Team HYDRA0SP][AndroidOpenSourceProject]

    Yeah, it's now out. Netchip's work and mine. We finally did it. That was faster than we expected it. Full AOSP. That's the way we did it. About US: Netchip and I are both Android young fans, young teens, and Android Developers. We both worked hard on this, and I really hope that you'll love...
  34. G

    Thread [Q] how do i check if the Bootloader is unloced/locked?

    hi every body. say i want to check if the bootloader is unlocked, how can i do it? i read a little, and it has somthing to do with the fastboot and the comand "fastboot devices". i said "the bootloader" and not "my bootloader" because myin is allready open-did it with some guide. but my friend...
  35. renaud

    Thread [KERNEL] [GPL] [4.3] FuguMod kernel (3.0.101) (open, stable, reliable and secure)

    FuguMod kernel is now available for the Galaxy Nexus. It has been reported to work both on GSM and CDMA versions. But I can only test it on GSM version myself. You can download them at: Source and changelog can be found here...
  36. B

    Thread [Q] Bootloader and kernel open?

    Hello, I have searched around and found a lot of discussion on custom kernels and ROMs so I can assume that everything is open, but I just wanted to make sure before I actually spend the money. Can someone definitively say whether the boot loader and kernel are open and free to modify however...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] how do i get media files associated with vlc?

    I downloaded the pre alpha of vlc, and though it works when i point it at a media directory, I would very much like to be able to "open file as" from within astro or es file explorer, but alas, when i tap on a file, vlc doesn't appear in the list of applications that will open this file type...
  38. omar322

    Thread [Q] Rom to Open Mobile Puerto Rico

    I need one custom rom to Open Mobile in Puerto Rico My Phone Motorola Milestone X MB809
  39. ViousAD

    Thread [Q] HELP. Xoom app integration not working

    I really don't know how this happened, but a couple of days ago, my Xoom stopped asking me which app I want to use to open a file after say... downloading it. Whenever I go to the downloads app / file manager app and try to open a file (eg. jpg / doc / xls) it doesn't ask me which app I want to...
  40. Andyt95

    Thread Samsung rumoured to buy HP's webOS division.

    Came across a short article today: What do you think about this? - Will it be good for webOS? - Will Samsung fill it with bloatware, normalize it and make it just like Android, thus removing the slick interface we love? I...
  41. LinuxAssailant

    Thread [Q] 3rd party "Pure google" Android phone w/ K/B & dedicated numbers?

    Has anyone heard of any MFRs making compatible phones running "Pure Google" Android with a qwerty & dedicated numbers? I don't know why not if there is not. Sounds like it would be a no-brainer for ALL of us to buy one if it was/is made! (I heard about the Nexus 3, but nothing yet...) This...
  42. T

    Thread [Q] Android Accessory Development

    Anyone out here started Open Accessory development yet? I managed to get an ADK hardware kit (arduino mega board, motors, etc) from a Googler but haven't been able to develop with it yet because my phone is only on 2.2. I'm about to get a Honeycomb tablet and start experimenting, just wanted to...
  43. tan G

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Extract Contents Inside Of SMGs

    Hi there, Here how I extract contents including folders and files from smg files. I didn't find any real tutorial about this, I hope it will help you guys to better develop. This following may soft brick your device, anyway you can recovery it by flashing it back with rsd lite. always...
  44. A

    Thread Replace 32GB SSD with a bigger one or HDD?

    I would like to open the device, because I wanna try to replace the SSD with a bigger one or with a HDD, maybe 500GB. Any Idea how to open the case?
  45. N

    Thread [Q] App Drawer stays open

    Previously i was running stock froyo rooted. Ive flashed the stock gingerbread (odexed) from here and all went well. ive noticed now that when i open an app from app drawer, when i click "back" to exit out of the app, the app drawer is still open. Before i flashed the stock gingerbread rom...
  46. issafram

    Thread OpenSense SDK -

    Committed to the developer community, we're launching and opening Sense to devs via OpenSense SDK #uplinq #HTC
  47. hallstevenson

    Thread Official: Open bootloaders on HTC phones !

    Just saw this on HTC's Facebook page: I suspect the carriers can override this though.... If not though, I'll no longer have to restrict my next phone choice to one that I know is root-able !
  48. K

    Thread [Q] SD card works but can not be opened by some apps. How can i fix it

    I apologize if this has been thoroughly discussed here, but I can't seem to find much in my own searches. I don't know what happened but yesterday after i restarted my N1, most of my apps on SD Card couldn't seemed anymore! Apps are on the list, on the desktop and on the apps settings (without...
  49. R

    Thread Honeycomb Rumor

    Before we start, it may appear Motorola and Samsung will be the only ones who will have a Honeycomb product until at least May/June. The reasons being:- 1. Honeycomb supply to manufacturers have been delayed until May/June. I dont know exactly what this means except that the manufacturers I...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] Open .sbu bypass Kies

    Hello Some days ago my Galaxy S got stolen, but I made a full backup a week back. Now my problem is to open the .sbu files, since Kies wont open em, without a android device connected to the computer, it seems. I have tried to search google and samsungs site for information,with no result...