1. rsngfrce

    Thread Spell check invisible, white text on white background in some browsers

    Galaxy S10e running Android 10 stock. In some browsers, the spell check pop-up window is white on a white background. This happens in both Opera and Chrome. Firefox appears not to give a spell check pop-up window. Samsung internet displays the pop-up window correctly with black text. This...
  2. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] ADM Pro app + Opera browser = "Client error (access is denied)"

    Some background.. New Phone (Moto One Vision) - Unrooted ADM Pro (paid) Opera Browser 53.0.2569.141117 On old phone (Huewai p10lite) whenever I download videos from websites (some are 'mature' sites & yes I AM over 18), I use to be able to long press on the 'Mp4' link & select 'Copy Link...
  3. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] Opera News - Trending News and Videos (Ad-Free)

    Opera News is a completely personalised News App that lets you follow trending Topics, share and view the latest Videos and keep current with Local and Global News NFO: Version: 6.6.2254.140979 Architecture: armeabi Package: com.opera.app.news Min: Android 4.1 DPI: nodpi Download: AFH
  4. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] Opera Mini - Fast Web Browser (Ad-Free)

    Opera Mini is a lightweight and safe Browser that lets you surf the Internet faster, even with poor WiFi Connection, without wasting your Data Plan. It blocks annoying Ads and lets you easily download Videos from Social Media, all while providing you personalized News NFO: Version...
  5. Noe83

    Thread Opera mini app permissions

    Hello, a weird thing just happened to me. While I was surfing on aliexpress website using opera mini, it crashed because I denied permission for camera use. I'm not sure why a browser needs to use camera so I blocked the permission from phone settings, opera runs without a problem, until I surf...
  6. TopperCNC

    Thread Opera browser and the "can't power up after shutdown" problem...

    Hi everyone! I'm about to lose my head right now about a problem which I've finally been able to isolate, and I'm very much puzzled at my findings... Here's a bit of backstory: LG G3 D852 flashed to D852G Running CM12.1 (May 4th nightly) Most recent GApps So! Whenever I install the Opera...
  7. C

    Thread [Q] Using standalone question(s) - Opera, battery life

    I'm seriously thinking about picking up the T-Mobile version to use standalone. Does the Opera web browser work in standalone? When used standalone with just a few email messages, text messages, and calls, do you think the battery will last for a typical workday? Thanks
  8. bogeyman

    Thread [Q] translating a chinese opera...

    I was trying to translate a chinese opera browser. So I decompiled the apk with apktool. To test if it works, I edited app_name_title in /res/values/strings.xml. Then recompiled and signed it. After installing, it worked because it's app name was changed according to the translation but when i...
  9. S

    Thread Opera Mini "Font data collection" problem

    I need some help. Whenever i change a font and launch opera mini it says "Font Data Collection" "This might take a few minutes". But it takes forever. In nutshell i can't access opera mini after changing font. This would happen to opera mini back when i used Symbian, but then it would take just...
  10. E

    Thread Problem installing latest version of Opera Mini in SGY

    Many of you maybe finding the problem of not installing Latest version of Opera Mini on Galaxy Y. so, here is the link of old version of Opera Mini v7.5.1 in the attachment.
  11. J

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Keep My Opera - Protect Opera from being killed (or any other browser)

    Quick overview: Keep My Opera is an app that protects the Opera browser from being killed without reason. compatible with Android version 2.1+ (tested on 4.x) benefits from root access (but can be used without) just an app, does not depend on custom rom or kernel versions risk free (makes...
  12. S

    Thread Bug with xda-forum private messages

    Hey xda-devs, there is a bug or something with private messages on the xda-developers forum, when I click "submit message", it doesn't happen anything and all messages I sent are not in my "Sent Box". I can't even know if my messages were delivered correctly. Even afterwards, when people are...
  13. Sachintha chaminda

    Thread [app] Opera-Mini-4.2

    Opera mini 4.2 for android with fast broswing and low data usage. Download - http://lnx.lu/1hYn Dont forget to press thank button !
  14. T

    Thread opera Iong press open in new tab

    I really like the opera browser on android but the long press to open in a new tab was often fiddly to use. you'd have to try multiple times and 90% be offered "select" when what you want is "open in new tab" SOLUTION now to get only 5% bad clicks do this. turn off your devices haptic...
  15. xdevilium

    Thread Kolors Web Browser [XAP][SOURCE]

    Project Description I started this project to make a better browser for Windows Phone 7. So far it has a Back, Forward and Refresh buttons, 8 Tabs, Facebook and the Option to choose between Chrome, Opera and IE's User Agent. So webpages think you're running Google Chrome on Android 4.0.4 and...
  16. prokennexusa

    Thread [HOW TO] Install Flash Player 4.0+ Support Noob (Simple) Version

    This tutorial has been developed for the user wanting native Flash Support when browsing the web. We have tested the Flash Player through a number of sites and have seen flawless performance. The method used here also allows any application to use the built in Flash Player, like BBC Player...
  17. prokennexusa

    Thread [Q] Web Browser Poll - Which on is your favorite?

    Out of the known Android Browsers, which one is your favorite and why? 1. Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android 2. Silk Browser for Kindle 3. Dolphin Browser 4. Boat Browser - Attached for Trail Use 5. Opera Mini web Browser 6. Opera Mobile web Browser 7. Skyfire Web Browser 8. Maxthon Android...
  18. B

    Thread Patch Opera Mobile: Bigger Buttons

    Hello, I was using Opera Mobile on my Nexus 10 and had always the problem to touch on the menu, reload or tabs button when browsing because they were so small. I recently found in this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1874641 how to patch and change between phone and...
  19. H

    Thread [HowTo] Opera Tablet Mode

    Opera Mobile is a nice browser and to my knowleage the only one that can turn off animated gifs. On the Streak Mini opera mobile has a clumsy interface: With the big buttons at the top and the bottom, there is less space for the content. Basically you have what you see in attachment one. When...
  20. D3aTH™

    Thread Opera Mobile™(Web Browser)

    » Opera Mobile™ « The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices. A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile (such as Wi-Fi or 3G). Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient...
  21. D3aTH™

    Thread Opera Mobile™(Web Browser)

    » Opera Mobile™ « The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices. A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile (such as Wi-Fi or 3G). Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient...
  22. cleansafi

    Thread [q] [language support] how to get android bangla font supported

    Dear Everyone As a Bangladeshi and Android user, many others like me facing the below problem since the day android comes out. People who wants to browse a website written in complex scripts such as uni-code support can never get the solution (properly). For that reason we are unable to read...
  23. M

    Thread [Q] Opera mobile annoying warning messages.

    Hello everybody. I am using opera mobile 10 beta 3. I did this: Guide to Desktop View in Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 But almost every time have message: The server's certificate chain is incomplete, and the signer(s) are not registered. Accept? The certificate for "...some company name" is signed by...
  24. mhhd

    Thread [Q] Is XDA a memory hog?

    After a spirited browsing session here at XDA -- peaking at about 15 tabs and 50 pages -- I find that my browser will permanently increase its memory footprint by 100-300 MB. Even once I close all the XDA tabs, that memory is not freed up until I restart the browser. I have observed this...
  25. runhopskipjump

    Thread [App] Opera Mobile 12 w/ Extension Suopport! [4/2]]

    “Extensions come to Opera Mobile” So I decided to do a search today to see if there was a way to enable extensions on Opera Mobile. In a stroke of luck, I just happened to find a post made today in the Opera dev site that has a link to a build of Opera Mobile 12 with support for extensions. It...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] The new Opera Mini Next browser on Android

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.mini.next.android This new beta seems to have 1. Much lower memory footprint 2. Is much faster 3. Beautiful transitions! 3. Seems to work like a GPU accelerated app on Gingerbread! which brings me to the question, is there any way a...
  27. C

    Thread Browser Performance in Sunspider (wow, Firefox really sucks)

    Throught I would try out Opera, Firefox and the stock Gingerbread browser. Shocked at how bad Firefox is. It's 5x slower than the other two... Opera came out in top (unsurprisingly, it it always feels the fastest and smoothest), followed by stock, followed by Firefox ALONG way back (5x...
  28. O

    Thread [Q] problems with OPERA MOBILE on 2.3.5 - cant use

    hello. i have a problem using OPERA MOBILE i'm using an I9100 device, with my operator stock, 2.3.5 the problem is that when i try to use OPERA MOBILE, it opens the startup screan and then after a few seconds exit from the app. no FC no MSG.. nothing. i tried to install it when the device...
  29. S

    Thread [Q] Opera Mini on Optimus 7

    Hi at all, i read that a Member of xda got Opera Mini work on Windows Phone 7. But for this you must have an fully unlocked phone. The DeveloperUnlock isn't enough. Does anyone know how to get my LG fully unlocked? Thanks.
  30. Nicosch

    Thread [Q] facebook with Opera mobile browser

    Anybody else having problems with replying to posts on the 'full' facebook website ?... When trying to reply to a post, the enter key doesn't submit the text, but goes to the next line in the form-field. I only seem to be able to post a reply by touching the screen outside of this form-field...
  31. D

    Thread Opera Mobile 11 & Flash 11

    Flash content stopped working with Opera Mobile 11 since the new Flash Player 11 update. Anybody else with this problem, or is it just me?
  32. P

    Thread [Q] Anyone else having problems with Facebook Touch website lately? (Sept 2011)

    The Facebook Touch website (http://touch.facebook.com) used to work near-perfect in Opera Mobile 10 on my WM6.5 device until last week. Now the layout is messed up, most buttons don't work, small sections of html code appear sporadically on the page, and it keeps auto-redirecting back to the...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Opera Mini 5.1

    I don't know if it's just me but Opera Mini 5.1 doesn't seem to render pages properly any more. I am running the Simplicity ROM on my Touch Pro2 and have done for more than 6 months. Some time in the last few months I'm finding characters missing from some of the bold headings on various...
  34. Stahuuuu

    Thread [Q] How to theme Opera Mobile 11 app?

    I just want to know how to theme/change .png's from Opera Mobile app. I decompiled .apk file and there are some files, but I can't find most of GUI elements. In most apk's there are drawable-hdpi folder and there are all graphics files, but here in this folder is only Opera icon. Already I know...
  35. W

    Thread [Q] Weird problem with address bar/text fields

    Hey guys, getting some strange issues with my address bar on my phone. Its only started recently and I can't work out what I've changed or pinpoint when it happened. All I have done is rooted the phone and removed some of the bloat (all of which on the safe list) When I go into a browser or...
  36. C

    Thread [Q] docking station interferes with flash playback in Opera

    I noticed recently that from time to time opera has a little wobble and wont play flash content. But I finally narrowed it down by accident just now. I was watching something on the BBC Iplayer and went to put the tablet down so I docked it. Opera seemed to restart and the the same page was...
  37. briian_

    Thread [Q] Opera Mobile and the new mobile Facebook UI

    Hey guys, this is kind of out of topic but does anyone know how to change some settings on Opera Mobile to allow it to display the new facebook UI? I've tried changed around the user agent, but didn't have any changes and I'm not sure what other appropriate changes I should be making in order to...
  38. V

    Thread Opera 11.1 Crash on HD2 Cyanogenmod

    Has anyone had any success running the latest Opera (11.1) on a HD2 running HyperDroid-CM7 (v2.1.0[a2sd+][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.4][Tytung_R10])? In the meanwhile see this blog post to downgrade Opera: dy.fi/i8r (Sorry, no permission to post links yet)
  39. yareally

    Thread New Opera Mobile Update in the Market (LTE bug fixed)

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.opera.browser&feature=search_result They fixed the LTE bug we were having were it was capped at like 120KB/s. Other things added/fixed: Added support for Google AutoComplete Added support for Google voice search Added ability to search directly from...
  40. C

    Thread [Q] Vimeo embedded, xda search, translation to mobile sites,

    Hello, I bought the tablet 2 days ago. I have some issues using it and couldn't find all the problems discussed here. 1. When I try to play a vimeo embedded file in the stock browser, it won't play. I tried the following pages with their videos: trafictube.ro, search for "transfagarasan" for...
  41. P

    Thread 3G works with Opera but doesn't work with other browsers

    My 3G connection works with most of the applications I have on my HTC Desire and I can access the internet via Opera but I cannot access internet using any other browser. I searched the internet and found a few threads which discussed the same as well. Any idea why this occurs?
  42. C

    Thread Gtablet Web Browser Wars 1

    First round will be with Sunspider Javascript benchmarks v0.9.1. I'll throw in the Droid X running Froyo 2.2. Gtab running Cyanogen (mod) 7 Gingerbread 2.3. Both devices running 1 Ghz, and 512 mb ram. Viewsonic G Tablet 2.3 | Motorola Droid X Froyo 2.2. Browsers and version, milliseconds...
  43. yareally

    Thread Something Useful for Opera Mobile Users

    Opera/Opera Mobile lets you add extra engines (and search types) to the search bar in the browser. I've added quite a few useful ones that other users might find helpful to the file here: http://pastebin.com/LCjLs2Rs Directions on how to use it are in the file. NOTE: You will need opera on...
  44. 5

    Thread [Q] alternatives to ie and opera.

    anyone know of any full featured web browsers for hd2? I've searched google and can't find any that feel right. post here the browsers that you use/have and their features. thanks
  45. I

    Thread The awesomeness that is Opera Mobile

    I have been struggling with the slow default browser for a while now... generally laggy, but particulary dismal on these forums and on Slash dot. I'm sure you all know how it goes. Had to resort to Firefox for many things, but that has its own problems, like not very tablety UI. Well, today I...
  46. justas696661

    Thread [PPC][PDA] Opera Mobile 10.3 [Flash finally working]

    Lite 3.1 in two different versions of IE ActiveX + Opera 0tmxIIVDSFg To enable flash goto Opera settings and enable plugins in advanced All cab files here. Download ___________________ GET INSTANT FREE $10
  47. Z

    Thread [Q] Artemis .54 Opera Problem

    Hello , I have a strange problem with my Opera Browser. The device is HTC HD2. Upon installing Artemis .54 also .53 it gives me Invalid Signature. I've read a lot about that problem and it points to unsigned opera.DLL problem. I tried hard reset and everything else - any solution for this...
  48. ndgayan

    Thread Opera browser for tablets

    A browser designed specifically for larger touch screens could indeed make a difference. Currently, browsers with touch interfaces work pretty much the same on mobile phones as they do on tablets. http://www.techspot.com/news/41807-opera-previews-browser-for-tablets.html Can any one post akp file?
  49. morpheum.

    Thread Opera releases WAC-ready widget runtime for Android

    device-neutral app store in the works at Opera, starting with an alpha release of theWholesale Applications Community (WAC) 1.0 Specification for android. Read more at Opera Labs: labs.opera.com/news/2010/12/22/
  50. amdlite2

    Thread [Q] Facebook in Opera

    Ok, any FB user knows that the page will go on forever, just click "older posts", well when my HD2 was stock (2.13) it would work, now it wont with NRG or any other ROMs, just sits there stuck on a short page. Also if I go to "messages" it takes me to the mobile version, never did that as stock...