1. allansrc

    Thread [Question] Fix wifi unable to turn on {radio (gsm/cdma)}

    Hi, I've a Oppo R9 Plus, it got problems, and then I installed an update official (stock rom multilanguage) to try fix it, but it broken my SIM signal{radio} and then I couldn't turn it on anymore. After that I find a stock (dual language version) rom + tool (MSMx8-- for qualcomm) and flashed...
  2. S

    Thread Oppo R9 Splus - Enters Comma from time to time

    Device Name: Oppo R9 Plus Model Number: X9079 Color OS Version: V3.0.0i Adriod Version: 5.1.1 Processor Qualcomm MSM8976 Octa Core RAM 4.0GB Problem: The phone is switching off on its own sometimes and doesn't comes back on for 20 - 30 mins. My oppo switches off (probably enters in a comma...
  3. allansrc

    Thread [QUESTION] Translating ROM by replacing files from a Multilanguage ROM

    [intro -context] >> you can skip it. it's not the question. [Question] >> Now, I have the Flash files from the OPPO R9 plus (X9079) and R9 plus (r9plusm A). So I want to translate the "plusmA" version. ('take' translations on the other ROM). So, If I decompile System file and replace...
  4. S

    Thread Oppo R9 Plus update help?

    Hi I want to ask a question if I can install this update (R9 Plus here http://www.oppo.com/sg/downloads/ ) on my R9 Plus. I already have updated my R9 Plus from Android 5.1 to Android 6.0 from the ROM here http://www.oppo.com/sg/supports/announcement/test Is the ROM download in first post for...
  5. Z

    Thread [X9079] Oppo R9 Plus No TWRP ?! But Rooted ?

    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone here managed to get twrp working for over devices, last I hear that the fastboot is disabled over here? would anyone like the challenge to get **** working over here since oppo abandon this device :( Manged To Found this...
  6. S

    Thread How to convert app to system app (r9 plus x9079)

    I have tried converting an app to system app using: System app converter Link2SD /system/app/mover None of them works. The app disappears (already checked play store that it's not installed, and it is also gone from the app drawer) after reboot Please help.
  7. S

    Thread how to remove gltools (r9 plus brick) help needed

    I installed GLtools and after completing, the screen stuck and it is always on (never sleeps or dims display). None of the buttons work. I waited till it used up all battery and then charged to 5% to turn on again. When I turn on, I see my launcher still the same (and the phone launcher...
  8. S

    Thread R9 Plus users need help

    1. how do I know if my R9 Plus is R9 Plusm A or R9 Plustm A? I searched for it in the phone settings and the package box and all but I can't find it. Only model number I can see is X9079 I bought it from Singapore (physical store, not online) if that helps 2. I saw a download link for Nougat...
  9. N

    Thread Headset volume button not working [Oppo x9009/R9/F1 Plus and probably all other]

    Oppo R9 detects headset volume down button as volume up I have checked the .kl files in /system/usr/keylayout/ and they are alright. Specifically, generic.kl has: key 114 VOLUME_DOWN key 115 VOLUME_UP which is the standard in Android... I modified keys 114 and 115 on generic.kl, but it did...
  10. royhanks3

    Thread Oppo R9 Plus Modem Missing

    Hello all, I have an Oppo R9 Plus that suddenly lost my modem partition which means I cannot connect to wifi nor will my cellular signal work. I have reflashed the stock oppo rom and to no avail, I still don't have any cell or wifi signal. I was advised that I need someone with a R9 Plus to...
  11. R

    Thread OPPO R9 Plus (X9709) Flash/Unbrick/Twerp recovery

    Hi All I have found the firmware that can be flashed using Qualcomm Flash Image loader. The firmware contain these files and they are the original as i have flashed them and they work, except the light and tilt sensors. everything else works as original. Image here : NEW User cant post...
  12. H

    Thread oppo r9 plusM A is china set

    so, how to flash taiwan set rom or International version rom?
  13. T

    Thread how root OPPO R9 Plus

    how root OPPO R9 Plus. help me ~~~
  14. E

    Thread How to root and/or replace the OS on an Oppo R9 Plus

    I don't have a lot of experience working with Android devices. A new coworker of mine has an Oppo R9 Plus that was purchasing in China. It currently only has access to a Chinese-language app store (even though the phone is in English mode). If possible, I am looking to help her root the phone...