1. I have android5 Phone

    Thread [Help me] I would like to install TWRP on my LG Optimus G!

    I want to install TWRP on my LG Optimus G but without success. The link you are referring to: https://ardtv27.blogspot.com/2015/05/optimusg-lgl21twrp.html (sorry I am Japanese...) So when I run "tmp/loki_tool unlok tmp/recovery.lok tmp/unloktwrp.img" I get "[+] Usage: tmp/loki_flash...
  2. pubandavd

    Thread [Retro ROMs] LG-GT540 ROMs (Google server)

    CyanogenMod 7 [Android 2.3] Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-yvGGj7xNEvN6vi26bpge8ZQthREjn5S/view?usp=sharing CyanogenMod 10.2 [Android 4.3.1] XDA Forum: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-4-3-1-cyanogenmod-10-2.3180054/ Download...
  3. GtrCraft

    Thread Development [KERNEL][ALIOTH] Optimus Drunk Kernel v11.35 [11-02][EOL]

    Optimus Drunk Kernel for POCO F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11x #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... Still valid??. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any...
  4. GtrCraft

    Thread [KERNEL][SURYA] Optimus Drunk Kernel v12.10 [12-07]

    Optimus Drunk Kernel for POCO X3 (NFC) #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... Still valid??. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  5. redbaron2005


    ATTN: I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP!!! PLEASE!!! Here's what I need you to do! Find and Search through your PC's and look for any complete or decently stable ROM's, RECOVERY's, KERNEL's and any possible missing links / files / documents for the LG Optimus V regardless of it's version or kernel and...
  6. F

    Thread LG Optimus LTE2 f160k not booting in download mode

    My issue is that I bought a LG phone Optimus LTE2 f160k and I root it. The blunder i made that I removed some system applications. When I restart phone, it didn't. I tried to enter in recovery mode(power+volume up+home) and made hard reset but nothing happened, and download mode(power+volume...
  7. V

    Thread [SOLUTION][TEMPFIX] Problems with booting Remix OS on a dual graphics card devices

    MOST RECENT REMIX VERSION TESTED WITH THE GUIDE: 3.0.206 If you have a PC (laptop, desktop, tablet, hybrid) with a dual graphics card combo (like Intel + NVIDIA, Intel + AMD, AMD + AMD) and experience problems booting Remix OS then this is a potential solution/workaround for you (until it's...
  8. HelpMeruth

    Thread Ruthless Kernel Discontinued

    Mod Edit: added comment for OP: "My moto g3 sadly died and i cannot longer support this kernel, thanks for the great support, i never knew i would ever come so far. You can find me on the mi5 forums as i have one in the mail to arrive soon. PM me if you ever need any advise on...
  9. D

    Thread Pokemon Go.

    Now we have Kitkat on our L7 Dual cellphones. ;) And i need help from XDA people to answer two questions...... Is it possible to play Pokemon Go on our beloved L7 II phones? :confused: Is there a way to overcome our GPS problems? Please, help us.
  10. G

    Thread I Need Help With This Specific Apk

    Everyone, Peace Be Upon You; I need to make the TaskManagerbin.apk for LG P880 invisible on the launcher; I used apktool to modify the AndroidManifest.xml and deleted the line: <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/> I tried all the ways of compiling with signing and...
  11. KaptenSopprot

    Thread Need help with restoring LG E-975 (explanation inside)

    Hi there, For more than a year ago, I found this LG E-975 at my work after closing (I work at a restaurant/night club) and tried to find the owner..posted on social media, asked guests and waited for anybody to turn up, but no one came in and asked for it..so after around two months I turned it...
  12. D

    Thread [DISCUSSION]Cyanogenmod 12 for LG L3 II(E430), what do we have, and what do we need?

    EDIT: We got it! It boots. But some things like RIL and audio are not working, but we'll get this sorted out soon. Official thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-l3-l5-l7-l9-ii/orig-development/rom-cyanogenmod-12-1-lg-l3-ii-t3297897 Hey guys! It seems like Caio has left the...
  13. R

    Thread [Q&A] [REF] LG Optimus FUEL lgl34c

    I picked up this device from walmart for $29.99 with the intentions of learning some new development stuff.I thought for 30 bucks there's gonna be a lot of these little "duallies" running around why not a cheap candidate? So far as i can tell there is little info found about this device so I'm...
  14. L

    Thread [SOLVED] P880 soft bricked recovery, & no computer to flash... What to do?

    I recently acquired an LG P880. It's a neat little phone that can even be flashed with KitKat. I was looking to flash a Cyanogen nightly over it,which reportedly ran amazingly. I tried to do this from the old TWRP that it came with. It was version 2.20 I believe. I kept running into an...
  15. P

    Thread [Q] Get rid of sim lock

    Can anyone please help me to get rid of sim unlock? I have two Xperias locked by Optimus (Portugal). I'm aware of the paid services but the asked price is more than the phone's value... :crying: If anyone could help I appreciate a lot. Thanks
  16. sam_0829

    Thread [PORT][DEV] G3 Stock ROM to Optimus G

    Hey guys , BETA Version LIVE Official Thread HERE I got G3's stock ROM Booting on Optimus G, Most of the things are not working ATM , but that can be fixed , Working : - Boots (Meh :P) - Radio (2g/3g) (LTE not tested as i don't have yet in my country) - Camera (Lg G2 camera app) - WiFi -...
  17. Jpe230

    Thread Help me unbricking my OB

    EDIT: I was upset so i threw my phone to the wall went to flash again and i recover my phone! Hi. I was flashing the ICS rom but the rom was corrupted and my device was bricked... I followed every tut for unbricking in XDA but nothing works. I stuck at this point in SmartFlash I tried a...
  18. K

    Thread [Q] LG L90 D415 : adb: error: device not found

    I cannot get ADB to work with the instructions provided here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22894521/lg-l90-doesnt-install-debug-usb-drivers what am I missing?
  19. E

    Thread LG Optimus VU 2 ( F200S / F200K / F200 L) - discussion, root, recovery, ROMs,

    Since there is no forum page for this "ugly" phone I opened a topic All links are updated. If not working LET ME KNOW i will be kind to refresh it :) How to flash ROM KDZ Method First off I`d like to THANK @quangnhut123 for making a new way & easy way to flash the KDZ Method!! For Any Reason It...
  20. FitseMan

    Thread [Q] Cant Restore My SU-760 to V10G ROM

    Funny thing is i just succedded in doing so couple of weeks ago but now i went through the ressurection guid millions of times to find out where it went south but i just couldnt, here's what happened, 1. i created a thread to complain about the phone and was advised to use the GPCR rom and i did...
  21. R

    Thread [Q] LG Optimus S Soft Bricked

    Hi, awhile back (before I knew much about flashing custom roms) I accidentally deleted the stock recovery off of my LG Optimus S. Recently, I tried flashing Clockworkmod recovery but it would only let me boot it once. Every time I tried booting into it after that, it would just reboot into my...
  22. XxZombiePikachu

    Thread [Q&A][Discussion]OptimusG3 Rom

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Click link here>> Optimus G3 Rom <<Click link here Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help It is always best to thank anOP, in lieu of simply posting "Thank you". Please keep discussion...
  23. Ilxaot

    Thread [REF] LG Optimus L90 Ultimate Thread

    Introduction Hey everyone! I've created this thread to be used as a reference point to all discussions regarding the LG L90. Collected information regarding our device will be available for everyone, and I'll continually update this post with details and such that we're informed of. Now, I'm...
  24. T.E.C.H.N.O

    Thread [Q] [Request][Link][Port LG Optimus G 4.4 Stock ROM] can Simone port this?

    I know there's an early beta release of the 4.1.2 stock Rom of LG Optimus G for the nexus 4. But because the Nexus 4 shipped with 4.2 it doesnt work because a lack oft drivers and etc. for the nexus 4 which are written for 4.2+ and not for 4.1 They often mentioned it would be more easy to port...
  25. OptimusRs

    Thread [ROM][All Variants] OptimusFlex Rom V1.1

    * Ported From G Flex Official D955 Europe 20a Firmware * Base On New LG D802 20f Firmware * Aroma Installer * Stock KK kernel * Rooted With SuperSu * BusyBox * 3 Way Reboot Options * Odexed * Zipaligned * Split View * Hide NavBar * Brightness And Volume...
  26. K

    Thread [Q] Dualbooting CyanogenMod with Optimus OS on LG Gpad 8.3?

    Hey guys, Recently I got an LG Gpad 8.3 (I'm new to android) an part of the reason i got it is because all the tweaking I can do to it. Part of that is installing the CyanogenMod. I while back I experimented with a friend's HD2 and foud out that you can dualboot. So is this possible on this...
  27. er.davinder

    Thread [q] how to disable internal sd card emulation?

    how do i disable internal sd card emulation on LG optimus L9 p765 ? I've rooted my phone also the bootloader is unlocked . I have seen many roms have this feature in built into them, I don't want to flash any custom Rom for this purpose . it would be nice if someone could guide me how to...
  28. A

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for battery life?

    My GT540 is currently on: Version 2.2.1 Kernel version: 2.6.29 Quarx@agent007-desktop Mod version: OpenSwift/CyanogenMod-6.1.1 for cca 2 years but this version has some problems with the camera. I lack the time to test all the ROMs so I need some advice. Which ROM would you recommend if...
  29. Nevuly

    Thread [ROM][LG-P990,LG-SU660][NewBL][KK][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 [STOPPED]

    STOPPED Thread.
  30. xdaforo

    Thread [Q] Problems with this phone?

    Any important reasons, as known issues, common problems or anything to know in order to avoid purchasing for this device? I've read about battery issues related with being battery li-po type. Anything that I should know about? It looks quite fragile and breakable too, but thats another...
  31. J

    Thread [Q] Reduce CWM recovery.img Size

    I am porting CWM Recovery to the LG Optimus C555. All is going well. Figured out how to flash back to stock etc. Will make video on that later because it was hard. Anyone I am porting CWM recovery to the device. After building make complains the recovery image is too large (5mb) The recovery...
  32. P

    Thread [Q] Porting LG 4.0 ICS rom to S4 4.3

    is there a way to have the LG Ice cream sandwich rom ported to run on the S4?? or at least mimic the style of it? The look and feel of it was amazing.
  33. CrashBX

    Thread [Q] Optimus L7 II P710 Bootloop after changing media_profiles.xml

    Hello, I came here in a need of quick help. I have rooted Optimus L7 II and I tried editing media_profiles.xml After editing it and rebooting it got stuck on a LG boot animation. I can't get a logcat during boot but thankfully I have full rooted ADB access in stock recovery mode, Could any...
  34. daddymemoru

    Thread [Q] [Need Help] putting facebook back as a system app

    Ok so i don't know how to say this but. -I had rooted my phone. -Then i wanted to get Facebook Home -So i deleted the file for facebook(because usually you aren't supposed to be able to delete facebook just un-install the updates.) -And then time passed and i unrooted it, next day it got...
  35. daddymemoru

    Thread Stuck On Factory Boot Up Screen

    I factory reset my LG Optimus L9 and when I try t do my e-mail I put it in and press enter. But then it comes up with the message "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it...
  36. R

    Thread [Q] FoxFi on Telus Canada

    Is FoxFi WiFi hotspot limited to working with US carriers only? Will it work on Telus Canada? Specifically, on Telus LG 670 CDMA/EVDO android phone? (the phone is very similar to LG LS-670 Optimus S and LG VM670 Optimus V). Thanks.
  37. J

    Thread [ROM] GomdoLight Wave 3 for KOREAN Optimus LTE2, Vu2, LTE3, G, G Pro, GK

    GomdoLight JellyBean is DEPRECATED. GomdoLight KitKat can do everything better! http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/cfw-gomdolight-kitkat-custom-firmware-t3035559 For LG-F160 Series, GomdoLight JellyBean is exceptionally maintained. SEE http://viewer.en.gomdolight.lg.gomdoli.us/
  38. J

    Thread [ROM] GomdoLight Wave 3 for KOREAN Optimus LTE2, Vu2, LTE3, G, G Pro, GK

    GomdoLight JellyBean is DEPRECATED. GomdoLight KitKat can do everything better! http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/cfw-gomdolight-kitkat-custom-firmware-t3035559 For LG-F160 Series, GomdoLight JellyBean is exceptionally maintained. SEE http://startpda.kr/zbxe?document_srl=3447999&m=0
  39. lahvinenka

    Thread [THEME] ExDialer LG G2 Style Theme v1.0 [PAID]

    Download - Google Play Beautiful and Clean LG G2 Style Theme for ExDialer. The theme looks like stock dialer on newest LG's phones - G2 and G Flex. To use LG G2 Style Theme, you have to install ExDialer first. It can be downloaded from Google Play for FREE. Key Features: - Original font &...
  40. lovegambler

    Thread Development on P500 finished?

    So this Legendary device is dead for development now?
  41. I-IoLLoW

    Thread [Bootanimation] OpTimuS DE

    OpTimuS DE Bootanimation!!! WARNING This is a disclaimer: While this has been tested I am not responsible for ANY damage done to your device. I take no responsibility for bootloops, soft bricks, hard bricks, living brick monsters, your phone proving an omnipotent being fallible(thus negating...
  42. mk3

    Thread [Q] Optimus G Pro with Palm Touchstone wireless charger?

    So I just moved from my Moto Photon 4G to the Optimus G Pro and curious if anyone has experience using Palm's Touchstone charger on the Pro? I've been using it to charge my Photon (via back cover conversion) and tried it out but didn't seem to show on screen it was charging. I confirmed my Pro...
  43. B

    Thread KDZ file extracts corrupt CAB file

    Hello guys, I upgraded my friend's recently purchased LG Optimus G. I rooted the phone successfully with TWRP recovery. I Unlocked the boot loader successfully. I flashed a custom android 4.3 rom. The phone was working absolutely fine. Then, my friend took it home with him, and tried to flash...
  44. er.davinder

    Thread warning ! if you unlock bootloader you will loose OTA updates from LG

    I had unlocked bootloader of my L9 in order to flash custom roms on to it thinking i can always recover it by flashing stock rom. After experimenting a while with cm 10.1 i had flashed back to stock rom without root or custom recovery. To my surprise i can no longer update via OTA . I've...
  45. piyushmehta24

    Thread [l5] bootloader automatic unlocker

    [B]just start the file and connect your phone with usb debugging on. its not a flashable zip file... open it on your pc
  46. er.davinder

    Thread [Q] help!! or disable vibration completely ? Phone vibrates on notifications

    Does anyone know any hack to disable notification vibration throughout the system ?? or disable vibration completely ? In the sound settings there are only three options sound - Notification vibrates , can controls ringtone vibration vibrate - Notification vibrates , No sound silent -...
  47. Red Hack group

    Thread ROOT LG OPTIMUS VU P895 V10f

    Hello everyone! who made the last update for my optimus 10f saw the release I found it was no longer possible to rooter with the conventional method that is to say with super one click! I was completely hopeless as I look around another method but nothing! while browsing a bit on xda I found a...
  48. Guitarfreak26

    Thread [Q] Restoring Korean F240 To Stock

    Hi Guys I flashed the CN mod rom on to my korean f240k a few months ago because i wanted to remove the subscribed network notifcation but now ive decided i want to go back to a stock rom. I have tried to run the restore on the lg support tool but they have updated it and it doesnt seem to...
  49. chrisphoenix7

    Thread [q] please help - possible brick

    Hello everyone, Forgive me if I seem a bit flustered, but I am. I was adding a few fonts with an app from the play store. It would restart after each fine, and there was no issue. On the final one, it restarted, but then got hung up for 10 minutes on the ATT logo. I have restarted it with the...
  50. marayag001

    Thread [Q] How do I use LGPNST to update my E970 to 4.1.2?

    So I got myself an E970 the other day which is on 4.0.4. I want to upgrade it to 4.1.2, and after searching for a while, I found that I have to use something called LGNPST. This software seems so complicated, compared to ODIN for the Galaxy line which I am so used to using. My question is: How...