1. underscoredash

    Thread Is there any RSS feed to receive the info about Nokia OTA updates?

    Can you guys share if there are any such RSS feed or JSON api?
  2. A

    Thread Venue 7840 couldn't connect the internet when first registered after flash OTA

    Hi All, I had updated my 7840 to 5.1 for serval months. Recently, I re-flashed system by using same OTA file. After first reboot, I chose language and regional, then connected to my home WIFI, but I was informed "couldn't connect to the internet" when 7840 try to register, and I couldn't skip...
  3. T

    Thread Question Not receiving updates for months

    Hi, I am hoping on getting some help. I have been struggling to get any updates past the PROS2106071OS00MP2 build. I had that build almost since I purchased the phone. I've been wanting to update it for so long cause of the NFC update and overall, remove some bugs in the OS. But I have been...
  4. elfarto

    Thread Question Just received AVCK Update on my S908U1 Unlocked

    Just installed the OTA update to April 1 S908U1UEU1AVCK , the phone feels a little snappier, is there something i should check on ?
  5. weird_icecream

    Thread My Oneplus 6 is having network issues, ever since the OTA update aired

    Ever since I updated to people are having trouble calling me, they always say why is your phone unreachable, hence I downgrading. Anyone here, who can guide me on which version I should go with, where things will be a bit smooth, version 11.0? 10.3.12? 10.3.6? I have used my friend's...
  6. J

    Thread Source code for I337UCSGOK3

    Hello, I am trying to obtain the source code for the Linux kernel running on my phone. I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 running the latest OTA update from AT&T: https://www.att.com/device-support/article/wireless/KM1143907/Samsung/GalaxyS4I337 Release date: January 19, 2017 Android version: 5.1...
  7. C

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro - Sim cards no longer detected after latest OTA update

    Hello all, Everything was working on my rooted oneplus 7 pro, until I applied the latest OTA update. Once that was installed and the phone rebooted, my once working mobile network was no longer working. The phone says no sim card detected and every few seconds the default phone app displays the...
  8. S

    Thread Question boot.img

    Hi everyone, How can I get the boot.img (either patched with magisk or clean) for the (11TPro vili - EEA)? I've performed an OTA update, patched with magisk 24.1 with the option to "install to inactive slot (after OTA)" and now I can't boot into the device. This is the process...
  9. B

    Thread Is it possible to modify the System partition without touching the bootloader or flashing the TWRP Image

    I've seen the Recovery System class in Android SDK or API (however it is called) and I thought about modifying its System Partition without touching the Bootloader to unlock or flashing the TWRP Image. I did not test it out yet on my device (my device is Huawei Honor 9X), but I think that it is...
  10. K

    Thread Not getting OTA updates from my carrier (Mint), I suspect because of a possible misconfiguration. Any ideas on how to fix?

    Hey guys! I have an LG G8 Thinq (LM-G820UM), stock OS, no root. I use Mint Mobile in the US. I configured the APN settings according to Mint's website and I can call, send SMS/MMS, and get internet access just fine. But, I can't seem to use WiFi calling (though it's enabled on my Mint account)...
  11. ahaanwar2

    Thread Question Cannot update OnePlus 9 pro (T-Mobile) above firmware

    Hi dears, please help me to update my oneplus device. I am having OnePlus 9 pro device with details below Model: LE2127 Software version: Network Unlocked I bought the device from someone who came from USA, and I am currently living outside the US. When I looked at the net I...
  12. Macusercom

    Thread General Rooting, ODIN, Firmware, CSC Information And Myths Debunked / Noob's Guide To Samsung Devices

    Since a lot of people will have their Galaxy S22 Ultra soon and I myself am thinking about either getting an S21 Ultra or S22 Ultra, I wanted to summarise a lot of information I found out during researching as Samsung devices are quite different from OnePlus or Google devices in that they don't...
  13. eqbirvin

    Thread Android 11 OTA Link & zip File, .img Files (Unlocked)

    Hey friends! These are only for the unlocked Surface Duo. I am sorry At&t users. Here is the OTA link for Android 11: https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota-api/package/a9bfdee15f2137f020fffded98b4bdee5d8bec8e.zip Link to the OTA.zip itself...
  14. Adaoh

    Thread How To Guide Updating the firmware (If it does not appear in the settings)

    Updating from an update file I have been seeing a lot of posts about people not receiving the OTA on their phone, and got tired of linking my instructions, so I decided to make a separate post Download the version that you need from the Asus Zenfone 8 Support page (Note that if you are not on...
  15. Alex2008Ex

    Thread Question Help no updates ROG Phone 5 WW

    Hey I have a ROG Phone 5 WW and I wanted to flash a GSI and after a while I wanted to go back to stock so I flashed a raw WW firmware and since I don't receive OTA updates (it was working before). Does anyone have the solution?
  16. M

    Thread Question Pixel 6 December update OTA available

    https://developers.google.com/android/ota Here a list of country/version since we have several firmware versions running around now
  17. Alex2008Ex

    Thread Question Tencent Games version (WW firmware) disadvantages

    Hey, A couple if months ago I got my new ROG Phone 5 and I just discovered that it was thé chinese version and it was already converted to WW firmware and I know that it can't receive auto OTA updates so I was wondering if the original WW ROG Phone 5 (not Tencent Games version) Can receive auto...
  18. E

    Thread Question [HELP] Won't recieve any updates since I bought my Poco F3 on June 2021 !

    Hi, I noticed that none of security updates or system updates come to my phone since I bought it in June 2021. It's a Poco F3, in stock Rom. No recovery, no root. Nothing. I've only debloat it with a tool find in this sub. Maybe it's the reason ? Right I'm on V12.5.3.0.RKHEUXM (EU) with...
  19. Ozemir Elion

    Thread [OFFICIAL][OTA][11][CITRUS] MIUI Global Stable (EU)

    Today I received the MIUI Global V12.5.2.0.RJFEUXM update on my Poco M3 via OTA and decided to share the file with all of you. The file was downloaded to the main storage (accesible internal memory), inside the "/Internal Memory/Downloads/downloaded_rom/" folder. I uploaded here...
  20. A

    Thread How To Retain Magisk v23.0 While OTA Update of Lineage 18.1?

    Hello everyone, Is there a specific procedure for an OTA update of LineageOS 18.1 but retain the Magisk v23.0 installation on OnePlus 8T? I see Magisk has an option to: "Install to Inactive Slot (After OTA)". Is that what's needed in order to retain Magisk after an OTA update? I used the...
  21. Kazinadim87

    Thread [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] [RMX1971] ArrowOS For Realme 5 Pro [Vanilla]

  22. KokosTech

    Thread How To Guide [OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 & 2](EXYNOS) Update.zip for S21 / Plus / Ultra - Download OTA Link

    So, now that we have OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 rolling out to countries (ofc only 7), it has come so far in Germany & Korea (as far as I know). So the rest of the world wants an update.zip link, so don't be selfish and please, if you have one, capture the .bin file and share it in this thread. How to...
  23. gabo2s

    Thread Not getting OTA updates :c

    Hello, I am writing this because for the past year I have been manually downloading firmware and installing it into my s10 (G973U) I have never gotten an OTA update, and I'm guessing it's because I don't reside in the US nor do I have a US Sim card. My question here is if there is ANY way to fix...
  24. R

    Thread [TANK][NO-ROOT] I can't OTA update anymore even if I reset

    Hi, I've a Fire TV Stick Tank (old I know) with OS (but I know there is a update with new UI) Update check says that there is a new update but, if I try to install it, it just "fake install", I have a screen with "almost installed update" and nothing happend, it stays on the same...
  25. xeviff

    Thread Update rooted device (v 2017) to new version

    Hi everyone. Few months ago I was here folloging some tutorials to root my device so I can install a Magisk module that requieres root (an rclone implementation, but this is not relevant right now). Now I have seen many times this message on my Shield: And I tryied to install it with the...
  26. A

    Thread is it safe to flash OTA update on rooted device.

    I am using k20 pro and i got the notification saying 'update available' even though my device is rooted. My actual concern here is will my root privilege and overclocking of cpu be discarded if I install it? Current MIUI version : Update version :
  27. kreoll

    Thread Android 11 OTA update

    Hi there, Anyone on AT&T can possibly share latest firmware OTA update file with Android 11 for RAZR 5G (XT2071-2)? As per AT&T site last update (Build version RPS31.Q1-40-34-15-10) was released on July 21, that update finally brings Android 11 to RAZR 5G. Looks there is no other way to get...
  28. C

    Thread Please help me to install OTA on my cuty little MOTO G 5G

    I rooted my phone using TWRP and Magisk. All's well up till now when I received a notification of a latest update on my phone but the catch is I never made a back up of the stock firmware image while rooting and now as per the instructions on the internet, see here this article -...
  29. S

    Thread FW: Mi 11X Pro – Can’t unlock via Fingerprint after V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM OTA update

    Mi 11X Pro – Can’t unlock via Fingerprint after V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM OTA update, Soon we will be pushing new OTA update for Mi11X Pro “V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM” May few customer visited for same please acknowledge as mention information. Customer Query : Why my device is not detecting fingerprint...
  30. S

    Thread Question FW: Mi 11X Pro – Can’t unlock via Fingerprint after V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM OTA update

    Mi 11X Pro – Can’t unlock via Fingerprint after V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM OTA update, Soon we will be pushing new OTA update for Mi11X Pro “V12.5.2.0.RKKINXM” May few customer visited for same please acknowledge as mention information. Customer Query : Why my device is not detecting fingerprint...
  31. Alpha_Radke

    Thread General [Firmware] Latest Stock ROM v1.300

    Type: Full OTA Size: 1.7 GB Official link Note: My phone received this in Egypt to update from 1.150 to 1.300. This is the full stock ROM with latest Android 10 security patches from Google.
  32. MPK99

    Thread Development [Tool] Flash Custom ROMs through Fastboot [mojito / sunny]

    Install any custom rom & miui recovery rom through fastboot Steps: 1. Extract Fastboot OTA Tool. Put the ROM zip in it's root. 2. Run the flash script. 3. Wait till the script asks for device. 4. Boot device to fastboot & connect. After Installation, it'll be headed to recovery: You can format...
  33. M

    Thread Question Swap to EEA from Global and OTA updates

    Hi all, perhapshis question has been asked (so sorry if it's a double) but if I swap to EEA (note: official EU build from Xiaomi, not the EU build based on CN) from Global is it then possible to get official OTA updates or do I need to manually flash subsequent updates? Thanks.
  34. thejohnsmith13th

    Thread Reno2 stuck in Reboot loop

    I got new OTA on my Reno2, update was installed successfully, But Now My phone is stuck in BootLoop and reboot nonstops. I can't get in Recovery mode or in fastboot Nothing works. Is there any solution to this? Any help will be much appreciated.
  35. ARTonu

    Thread How can i keep user previous data intact for system app if android:sharedUserId is changed?

    I have a custom rom where i included an application as system app that has no android:sharedUserId declared in manifest. Recently i added some new features for which i need to use android:sharedUserId. As a result while applying update it results in failure. Because of being system app it can...
  36. C

    Thread My phone stuck flashing TWRP

    I have made an OTA update yesterday to my rooted phone by following the usual steps installing magisk to inactive slot etc.. The only difference from other updates I did before this one was from android 10 to android 11. The phone worked fine, until today I wanted to check if TWRP is working and...
  37. K

    Thread Pixel 5 Android 12 Developer Preview 3 OTA Sideload failed at 94% and now it says "Can't find valid operating system. The device will not start."

    I tried to install Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on my Pixel 5 via OTA Sideload but it failed at 94% with the message 'adb: failed to read command: No error' on cmd and 'Install from ADB completed with status 0' on phone. After this when I try to boot, I get the following message: 'Can't...
  38. trueduke80

    Thread No more OTA since January update

    Hi all, My bootloader is unlocked and phone rooted since November. I was able to do the OTA updates up to January with the stock boot.img technique but since February I couldn't find the update. The update system tells me there is no update. I have obviously restarted several times, the root is...
  39. J

    Thread Sim unlocked but OTA updates not

    Hello everyone. I just bought what I thought it was an unlocked S20 Ultra over the internet and, nevertheless my sim card form my country works well (Im from México) the OTA updates dont work. The last security update it has is from March 2020 and I have checked the system update option but...
  40. ghostrix

    Thread SpiceOS 3.X [MIATOLL][OFFICIAL][LOS][WIP]

    SpiceOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11 (R), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. SpiceOS is based on the LineageOS Project with extra contributions from many people within the Mallu Android...
  41. TomeG2kc

    Thread [SOLVED - kind off] Failed update OOS 10 to 11 with Magisk and without TWRP and hang into stock recovery

    Hi everyone can help, and anyone can't 👍. Please, help with anything I haven't been so long here but I'm sure you can help me. Before: OnePlus 8, I had installed latest (before 11) OOS 10 with Magisk 22.0 and without TWRP. I was procrastinated with installation OOS 11 update but at least I...
  42. C

    Thread Question North America Stock boot.img LE15AA needed for OTA, any chance anyone has it?

    I know there's thread with 11.2 stock boot.img out there, but I don't think that would work on AA. My 9 Pro now stuck on Build, I think I accidently Fastboot Flashed a EU stock boot.img. (Only Fastboot boot for me in the future :ROFLMAO: ) Not able to OTA update since then...
  43. Alintja

    Thread 10.3.9 OTA reapplying Magisk fails

    So I'm running stock, twrp, magisk and all OTAs so far have been a breeze by following Let the OTA download and install Flash twrp via magisk Install Magisk to inactive slot reboot But with todays OTA, magisk fails to patch the inactive slot image with 'Unsupported/Unknown image format' Direct...
  44. Steve0007

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] [Magisk] [Unlock / ROOT / Keep Root] OOS 12-C.48

    Different variants of Magisk that are available for use : Magisk Variant Stable / Beta / Canary Release Official Android / OOS OOS 11 and above Maintainer topjohnwu Project Link GitHub Zygisk No DenyList No MagiskHide Yes Modules Repo...
  45. K3V1991

    Thread [OOS][EU][HD1913] Oxygen OS Updates + Extras | February 2022

    NFO: Europe Version: Version Name: OnePlus7TProOxygen_14_2202120232 Version: (Oxygen OS Android Version: 11 API: 30 Build: HD1913_14_220212 Kernel: 4.14.190-perf+, Sat Feb 12 Security Patch: February 1, 2022 Changelog: System: • Updated Android Security Patch to...
  46. miju12

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0.0_r32]Candy11 for Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus [z2_plus]

    This is Candy 11 for the OnePlus 6T. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fast, fun, fully customisable ROM, with regular updates and security patches. We do this as a hobby, and we happily share with with the custom ROM...
  47. J

    Thread AT&T Capture OTA Update URL for Android 11

    We all know that users who own AT6T devices are not able to receive OTA updates if they are not part of the AT&T network or are outside the US. Can someone who uses AT&T capture OTA update url link for Android 11, so that we who are unable to receive OTA updates can manually upgrade our devices...
  48. Ghosty031

    Thread Disable Updates?

    Sorry for potentially asking a dumb question, but im at my wits end here. Is there any way to completely disable OTA updates, with the stock ROM on the Pixel 4a? Asking because i have turned automatic updates off in settings and it STILL checks and STILL force updates the phone after a week or...
  49. Master One

    Thread [GUIDE] HDR Fix with OTA Update Survival

    Tested with: ArrowOS Version: arrow-11.0 ArrowOS Build Type: OFFICIAL ArrowOS Build Variant: VANILLA Device Name: POCO X3 NFC (surya) This modification makes use of the addon.d survival mechanism found in almost all (if not all) custom ROMs, which is leading back to...
  50. D

    Thread Can't open settings after OTA update

    I downloaded and installed the new OTA update that showed up this morning. Since then I haven't been able to open the settings panel. When I click on settings it closes immediately the I get a notification saying that "settings keeps closing". Any help?