1. Swift70

    Thread OTG connected mouse registers as keyboard

    Although the title is self explanatory, I've been trying to connect a wireless mouse to my phone with an OTG adapter but my phone thinks it's a keyboard. I've tried it with another mouse and it works fine. I want to know if I can fix this to use it as an actual mouse. My device: POCO X3 GT...
  2. S

    Thread Mi Mix 3 hardware issues

    Good evening to everyone Mi Mix 3 owner A few days ago, I changed the phone's battery. After that, phone isn't charging with every charger, plus wireless charging isn't working. But when the phone is switched off, everything regarding charging (wireless charging, use of any charger) works...
  3. J_M_V_S

    Thread OTG+Charge

    Hello. I'm currently repurposing my old OP3T with broken screen as an OctoPrint server. In order to be fully functional I would need the USB-C port to be able both to connect to a device via OTG (the 3D printer in this case) AND charge the phone at the same time. I've purchased a USB-C hub...
  4. P

    Thread When connecting OTG it keeps showing "USB connector connected \ disconnected"

    Hey there, I am a photographer which has a Samsung S10e, and I've been trying to watch photos on my phone from my Camera's SD card using a Transcend SD Card reader and Samsung's USB to TYPE C connector. It was working fine beforehand, but now it just keeps showing a notification with "USB...
  5. A

    Thread OTG support not available for POCO F1 in Awaken OS custom rom ??

    I had been using global stable MIUI ROM until 12.0.3. I planned to switch to Awaken os 2.4 aurora. Smoothness of ROM and experience is still very good Just curious to know is this an bug or some issue in the rom. I am not able to connect OTG. I thought I had bad OTG then I went to shop and...
  6. RaynerHandrian

    Thread Screen recording a capture card

    Can Android Box record the screen, internal sound and microphone at the same time? Previously I managed to record screen, internal sound and microphone also connecting a capture card from PC to Smartphone via OTG and USB webcam app (apparently HDMI Input from capture card is translated to UVC...
  7. samsungneotab

    Thread OTG host plus Charging at sametime Oneplus5T

    Has anyone able to achieve OTG host mode plus charging on same time for oneplus5t devices? What I mean is to connect external USB devices like pendrive or mouse and the phone is charging at same time. I am able achieve this on my Samsung Tab T515 and A50s devices using Kingston Nucleum...
  8. H

    Thread Question Poco F3 + otg + Dcan cable

    Hello, my Pocophone F3 doesnt recognize OTG with flashing DCAN cable, i connect it and nothing happens, when i conect usb with otg it works, any can help me with this problem? With poco f1 and mi 9 se there is no problem, everythink works.
  9. Steve53

    Thread Question USB Camera?

    Trying to use a generic USB endoscope camera with my new Pixel 6 & the MScopesPro app - connects fine but no image. Camera (with this same app) works fine on both a Galaxy S9 and an Amazon Fire tablet. Anyone else having an issue with a USB camera, or if you've got a working one, what app(s)...
  10. TheMystic

    Thread How to stop Android from creating empty folders on OTG disk?

    Every time I connect my SSD/ Flash Drive to my OnePlus 8T, I see anywhere between 12 to 15 folders added to the connected device. These are mostly empty and get created in every partition on the connected device. I will list them here: 1. Alarms 2. Android 3. Audiobooks 4. DCIM 5. Documents 6...
  11. S

    Thread OnePlus 8t OTG not working after rooting

    The otg function works fine without rooting but after rooting it doesn't work. My otg settings is also active still not working. Can anybody please help
  12. P

    Thread Is it possible to charge my Note 4 whilst also accessing USB via an OTG cable?

    I have a USB OTG cable that I can use to connect USB devices like flash drives, keyboard etc. and that works fine, but for some reason my phone won't charge whilst the OTG cable is plugged in. Am I missing some really obvious way of getting this to work? Is it software based? I'm rooted and...
  13. O

    Thread Unable to use OTG on android 4.4.2 head unit after firmware upgrade

    I wanted to use a carplay device with my car . for this purpose I installed a firmware upgrade in order to unable to installation of applications. After the upgrade, access to files on USB was lost . Upgrade was taken from here : That means that before an upgrade, I was able to listen to the...
  14. abbashp10

    Thread Question Issue with USB drive (otg not connected to xiaomi)

    Hi friends, I have a problem , I can not connect the memory and hard drive and USB to the phone. So far, I have tried different ways, but none of them work permanently, and by chance, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. . So far I have searched in various forums, some said to put...
  15. ov3rctrl

    Thread weird otg problem

    hello all. i have a problem with my redmi note 7. usb debugging is enabled. my adapter(s) is fine, i tried on my dads and sisters phone. i can charge my phone, can connect to pc, even root but my usb dac and flash disk not working, no blinking, nothing happened when i connect. i cleaned up port...
  16. J

    Thread Connecting External hardrive.

    Hey guys!. So i recently bought s6 lite and i was hoping to connect by hardrive through OTG but it only says charging connected device through usb, seems that the tab is not recognizing the hdd or vice versa so i tried connecting the hdd to my phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ) and it works, i domt...
  17. S

    Thread Broken screen, with constant phantom touches preventing everything

    My phone's screen was broken, so the touch sensor (capacitive) sensing constant phantom touches, which prevents to do anything with it, even with mouse connected on OTG. I can't connect on ADB, as once i've allowed my PC to always connect to it, yet asks for a confirmation at every connect...
  18. Granit_ahmetii

    Thread Note 20 Ultra OTG problem

    Hi, I bought an HP x5000m usb with type-C included, but I have a problem, my note 20 ultra does not read it when I try to connect and nothing doesn't show on screen. I tried the usb on other phones and it works. Also my port is OK. When I connect this usb and restart the phone it shows the...
  19. JotaFilip

    Thread Teclast M40_EEA weird OTG

    Well, I was trying to use OTG on this tablet, keyboard and mouse works great connecting via USB with a Type-C adapter. But when connecting a Logitech controller it receives power (I can turn mode on/off and the light goes on/off) but the tablet doesn't recognize, for example when I go to the...
  20. E

    Thread OBD2 cable adapter on Huawei P20 problem

    Hello everyone, I am having a problem to connect obd2 cable adapter to Carly app on Huawei P20 using an OTG adapter via USB. It won't recognize cable adapter. With Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and Huawei P10 Pro everything is working fine with the same cable. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or it is...
  21. I3lack4ce

    Thread Any POCOPHONE F1 ROM that support wired Ethernet OTG? Is there any difference to POCO F1??

    Can someone give me any suggestion of cusrom that worked with Ethernet OTG. I need it Badly as my bluetooth and wifi chipset were down because the phone fell into water. Please someone help me, Been flashing rom By rom. Downgrade MIUI until 10.2.3 and still not working. Or USB(ethernet) just...
  22. A

    Thread OTG issue on Poco

    Hi at all, who of you, guy has use otg cable for connect drive or pendrive on our phone? I plug a pendrive using different otg cable that I have, but nothing happen. I use OTG tester app and it say that OTG is enable, but nothingi happen. So I've to understand if my phone is defective or there...
  23. C

    Thread [Otg + charge]

    Hi all, our poco deserve to have a solution to simultaneously charge while USB-C port is also used for otg purpose like connecting an USB DAC. All hubs I tried so far do not do that job, so has any one got a solution please, thanks, Cheers.
  24. shieraz

    Thread Enable OTG Missing in Realme UI

    Hi, There is no option to enable OTG operation in settings. Only 'disable OTG after 10 mins of inactivity' toggle is given. I tried using two OTG adapters (one from Remax and another) but they are not detected. 'USB OTG Checker' app log is attached. Please suggest what to look for next...
  25. S

    Thread OTG always on

    I don't understand the reason, but the OTG function is always enabled even if the OTG-storage system is disabled. I need to disable OTG because I have a device connected by usb and I don't want power to reach it. The comands "setprop persist.sys.oem.otg_support true/false" don't work. I need...
  26. I

    Thread Use NTFS Hard Drives On 4K Firestick (No ROOT Needed!)

    Just Kodi and ES is all you need and you can play all your large files on your NTFS Hard drive on the 4K Firestick. Credit https://youtu.be/qoQkGQiylBM
  27. D

    Thread Generic software for USB endoscope on the Note 9?

    Four years ago, I bought a generic USB endoscope camera that worked fine with my Galaxy S5. I recently upgraded to a Note 9 International version (Exynos, rooted) and can't get the endoscope to work. The first problem is that I have forgotten what software I used for the endoscope. It did not...
  28. E

    Thread Cable OTG Y splitter for fire stick 2nd gen.

    HI all. I dont know if this go here... hope it does. I wanna ask if somebody can give me a diagram to make this...
  29. D

    Thread Honor 10 - Wired Xbox 360 Controller using OTG

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can help with this? I have a stock, non-rooted Honor 10. I just bought an OTG converter so that I can use my wired Xbox 360 controller to play emulation and other games like X DiVE. Strangely, it won't work... Plugging a mouse into the OTG converter, the...
  30. P

    Thread Palm PVG100 OTG earphones

    Hi I want to know if you can have your earphones work on the palm pvg100 via OTG. thanks
  31. J

    Thread How to disable OTG

    Hello, I have a tab A 2019 (T510) with android 9 & I need to disable the OTG permanently. - What is the file(s) responsible for this hardware? - Is there any software (like service disabler ) able to disable it? thank you.
  32. D

    Thread Screen broken

    Hello, so I have Redmi Note 6 Pro with screen broken and digitizer broken. I thought about 3 ways to restore the data: - Is there a way to connect USB OTG and HDMI at the same time, in order to operate the phone? - Install a boot loader blindly? and try to somehow extract the partitions -...
  33. MGREX

    Thread Does this phone support OTG memory?

    Flash drives and SD-usb adapters, if I connect one will it recognize it?
  34. Goldenmeadow

    Thread Help getting OTG to work on Fire TV Stick 4k, please!

    Hi! I have brand new Fire TV stick 4k and trying OTG cable to work... I tried two OTG cables with two different IR receivers (Microsoft and generic) and USB to LAN adapter - nothing being recognized by stick... Any suggestions what should I try? I have latest firmware. Thanks!
  35. L

    Thread P20 Pro bricked, stuck on Fastboot

    Question: after an update through OTG, the battery was low so the installation failed, after that the bootloader was damaged, i put some hours the phone to charge, but looks like the phone didnt charge at all, i turn off the device and let it charge but after a while the phone started in...
  36. C

    Thread Root causes for OTG memory issues?

    I am using a 64GB Sandisk Memory Stick via USB and OTG adapter on a Oneplus 6. For backups, pictures, data, etc., and Titanium Backup. Works fine, unless every few weeks, even days, the phone reports that the external memory is corrupt and offers to "fix it", whereas the fix is really just...
  37. Qui Peccavit

    Thread Make the Computer recognize the Phone

    __________________________________________________________________________ Phone not being recognized in Windows Explorer ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Before embarking on the journey of flashing one's phone, it is usually a...
  38. zittorb

    Thread OTG

    hi all... just got the nokia 8.1 with the european wall charger.... i have a female usb to male mini usb cable/adaptor for OTG.. i have been using that in my moto x pure .. and it still works... when i try the same cable/adaptor with the nokia 8.1 with a micro usb to usb c anker...
  39. G

    Thread Charge + USB OTG

    Hi, so far I have not found an answer or a ROM: Is it possible to use USB OTG and charge the Note with any ROM available? I have a few adapters that would let me connect a charger and an USB device. But when i try it with the latest official ROM i can only use OTG or charge the device. If...
  40. C

    Thread USB OTG possible with powered cable?

    I read this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=59018285&postcount=2 So, USB is supported in the kernel basically? Any chance to make it work? And is it perhaps possible to get USB OTG via powered OTG Y-adapter cable?
  41. exitmood

    Thread [Q] OTG and charging at the same time

    Hi friends before I unlocked my n950f bootloader I could use otg and charging cable at the same time, but after flashed custom rom and kernel I couldn't. Is there any solutions for this? any custom kernel that can support otg and charging at the same time Thank you in advance
  42. P

    Thread USB host permissions for Arduino access

    I am trying to access an Arduino from my Xiaomi Pocophone F1. The phone is running LineageOS 16 and is rooted. I am trying to use this code project as a start: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduin-Adroid-USB-Serial-Communication/ It uses the slightly old "Physicaloid" library I got from...
  43. U

    Thread Android tab which supports OTG and charging at the same time

    I'm looking for devices (Android tablets) which supports OTG (to connect slave-devices, e.g., a mouse) and charging at the same time There was a thread about Nexus 7 https://forum.xda-developers.com/tab-s2/help/usb-otg-charge-t3588019 It needed a custom kernel to get OTG+Charging working But...
  44. Belgarionbg

    Thread USB OTG Support - yes, it has it!

    Yes, there is working OTG on the phone. I can confirm that it works ok when the flash-drive is formatted in FAT32. If it is in NTFS the phone doesn`t even detect that you have inserted something. I am using this adapter: Mcdodo OTG MicroUSB la USB 2.0. I have also tried regular no brand cheap...
  45. B

    Thread OTG Support - Minimum Battery Level?

    Is there a minimum battery level for OTG support to work? I have OTG support on my Mediatek Blackview BV6000 which works very well. However, sometimes when I connect say a hard drive to my phone (via OTG) the hard drive doesn't start and the phone doesn't see it. This seems to happen when...
  46. Philip

    Thread OTG flash drive not working on Note 9?

    I recently purchased a Sandisk 128Gb “duo” OTG memory stick – the sort with both a USB-A and a USB-C connector – to transfer files between my Note 9 and my PC. It works fine on my PC and on my Galaxy S8+ (it is recognised as soon as I plug it in) but my Note 9 fails to see it. I’ve tried...
  47. sakisus

    Thread Issue with ANT+ services and Oreo

    Hi there, I have an LGV30 (AT&T), stock ROM Except the signal issues I am pretty happy with it. I was wondering if anyone can help me on this one and thank you all in advance. My issue (since the Oreo update) is when I connect my Garmin USB ANT Stick via OTG cable the phone starts behaving...
  48. U

    Thread OTG *NOT* working in TWRP and also inside OS [Oneplus 5]

    My OTG was working fine on my device before. But from some time I am not able to mount OTG (I did change ROM's in between). OTG is not detected in TWRP (I'm using this TWRP ) nor it is detected inside the OS. Has anyone faced this before? Can anyone help me with it. PS. I have included the...
  49. U

    Thread OTG *NOT* working in TWRP and also inside OS [Oneplus 5]

    My OTG was working fine on my device before. But from some time I am not able to mount OTG. OTG is not detected in TWRP nor it is detected inside the OS. Has anyone faced this before? Can anyone help me with it. PS. I have include the android.hardware.usb.host.xml file. My device didn't have...
  50. U

    Thread OTG *NOT* working in TWRP and also inside OS [Oneplus 5]

    My OTG was working fine on my device before. But from some time I am not able to mount OTG. OTG is not detected in TWRP nor it is detected inside the OS. Has anyone faced this before? Can anyone help me with it. PS. I have include the android.hardware.usb.host.xml file. My device didn't have...