1. C

    Thread Charge overclock

    As is known, in android devices, there is no charging process up to the physical capacity of the battery in the battery charging process. The Android system charges 70-80% of our battery, depending on the physical capacity. I'm looking for an application or Magisk module that can change these...
  2. E

    Thread Stock performance and Overclocking/Undervolting support?

    I've recently laid my eyes on this phone due to its very convenient price and set of features I, however, am a bit bummed out by the chipset which is a Snapdragon 730g instead of the latest Snapdragon 765g found on devices of similar prices (which however lack other features hence my dilemma)...
  3. Superuser6969

    Thread Question Samsung a20e refresh rate overclock

    Hello I am a new user to root I have an a20e which is rooted with magisk using twrp I was wondering If there was any way you could overclock the screen to something like 75hz If anyone could help at all please do Thanks
  4. H

    Thread How to OC this Phone's GPU?-LG G8x

    Either Xiaomi9 or Oneplus7 can be OC GPU,how about this phone? It seems like it needs flash the OC Kernels...but I can't find it! By the way,OC CPU Kernel is also OK! Can somebody help me? - -!
  5. dakkshesh07

    Thread [KERNEL][11/10] Parallax Kernel [Overclocked][BEST TOUCH/KERNEL FOR POCO/GAMING]

    Welcome To Our Thread For Parallax Kernel For poco f1 #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... Still valid??. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if...
  6. nach0x

    Thread [KERNEL] C20 Kernel for Motorola Z3 Play (beckham) [OC]

    C20 Kernel Hi all! Here is my custom kernel for the beckham, it is based in the LineageOS SDM660 Kernel, with the fixes from Jleeblanch The aim of this project is to have a kernel with overclock capabilities in order to get the Snapdragon 636 more closer to the Snapdragon 660. The rest of the...
  7. Nick_101d

    Thread Long term effects of Overclocked display?

    I see that people are having mixed opinions when it comes to Overclocking the display on k20 pro. So can we have some feedback by people who used it for Decent - Long term, just enough so we can have a clear idea of whether it is safe to daily drive Overclocked display mod or not.
  8. mslezak

    Thread Red Magic 5G MOD Kernel GPUOC 900/940mhz +battery 1.4 STABLE!

  9. MatoXD

    Thread Overclocking the screen

    Hi everybody :) I was wondering, since Xiaomi uses Samsung displays and one of them is overclocked to 84hz I think, is it possible to overclock Galaxy S10+ screen? It would be perfect feature to turn on when you are putting your phone into VR headset for better experience. Anyone know...
  10. N

    Thread [ROOT][OP5T] Remove OnePlus 5T Cluster 2 2361Mhz Frequency Cap

    Overclocking OnePlus 5T A5010 This is an overclock solution for the clock speed limiter on the OnePlus 5T's second cluster of CPUs. Requires root access, and advised to make a TWRP recovery backup before attempting this. ElementalX Kernel Manager Download X-plore File manager Download (Or...
  11. Ayrton990

    Thread [KERNEL][4.14.198][MIUI/AOSP] ?Quantic Kernel ? [MIUI WORKS][23/09/20]

    Welcome to Quantic-Kernel, builded specially for Xiaomi Mi 9 codename: Cepheus /* I'm not responsable for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsable if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to make me responsable...
  12. Pierre2324

    Thread [Kernel][Overclocked] No Gravity [Android-11,10,9...][2020-02-27][ProtonClang]

    NoGravityKernel No Gravity Kernel 2.0 + 4.0 App Trailer Hey, NoGravity Kernel dev coming from the good old OnePlus 2 here! I'm a graduating student in computer science and I actually work as a programmer. I made a pretty solid kernel for that old Oneplus device and even added Energy Aware...
  13. b0uncyfr0

    Thread Xaomi/Redmi phones overclocked past 60 Hz

    Ive seen quite a few people using this mod on their xiaomi MI 9 phones (And even the Redmi phones) to go past 60 hz. Its even working on the lower MI 9 SE.. https://forum.xda-developers.com/Mi-9/themes/mod-overclock-screen-to-84hz-t3942063 Yes, development for the S9 has been pretty low, seems...
  14. mslezak

    Thread Root Magisk 19.2 Xiaomi.eu 9.5.16 EX Kernel Manager 415k AnTuTu Google Pay Working

    Sorry for the terse directions you can find them already on XDA... Note this is many hours of work and I believe EVERYTHING is working!!! Unlock BL through Xiaomi app (15 day wait) http://en.miui.com/unlock/ If you need a guide to show you how to flash everything this post is helpful, just...
  15. L

    Thread [Kernel] Hammerheadmon Nethunter kernel with overclock

    Hi everyone, I am Luca from France. Today, it's my birthday, I am already 16 and I got a Nexus 5 32GB. I tried installing Hammerheadmon kernel (Download at: https://build.nethunter.com/nightly/2019.03-13-0514/kernel-nethunter-hammerheadmon-nougat-2019.03-13-0514.zip ). I noticed it was based on...
  16. F

    Thread RIP Game Tuner - Game options in Pie? (Resolution and framing)

    As Game Tuner has been discontinued I can no longer get some games to run at higher resolutions. They made an excuse of an integration into Game Launcher which now only lets you limit the frame rate and "lower" resolution without any specifics. It's hard without direct comparison but I suspect...
  17. K

    Thread [EOL] [KERNEL][EAS][OC/nonOC][UV]KangarooX FINAL [2019-12-31][AOSP/MIUI][SPECTRUM]

    The second round's time has come. I wanna present my kernel here. This kernel focuses on to be a good kernel. My motto is "I don't have motto". Compatible ROMs: Should work with all ROMs Features: Based on kernel.lnx.4.4.r37-rel CAF branch Uptodate with latest linux kernel base Compiled with...
  18. P

    Thread How can I make my XT912 run a bit faster? (LineageOS Android 7.1.2)

    Good afternoon. Just a couple days ago, I installed official LineageOS 14 (Android 7.1.2) to my mother's XT912. However, it goes a bit laggy most of the time. As I'm on a Custom ROM, I want to know if someone found a way to make the phone go a bit more smoothly.
  19. S

    Thread Any custom kernel compatible with Pie?

    As official Gapps was released, more Pie based custom ROMs were released with dfferent built-in kernels. But: do you know about any custom kernels - mainly overclocked ones - for Pie? I know, I have to wait patiently, I'm just curios about the options because I found a great ROM with minimal...
  20. C

    Thread So.. why should someone Overclock his Phone?

    So here’s what I got: It’s not about getting more power out of your processor. It’s something else.. As a PC Overclocker, getting more power out of the Phone’s processor was the first thing I thought was behind Phone Overclocking. But that should be impossible right? I mean.. how the hell are...
  21. U

    Thread How to overclock E4 plus

    do e4+ meditek have some kerner, to overclock it litlle?
  22. P

    Thread [NWS2.170620.003] Modified boot.img, 4 cores enabled + 998MHz overclock

    Just what the title says. I'm not familiar with optimizing governors, so if someone with more experience has a different set of parameters that'd be better, feel free to drop recommendations. This uses the following settings (copied from elsewhere on XDA): Governor: ondemand up_threshold 70...
  23. wild_fire

    Thread Huawei P8 Lite OverClock?

    Hay everyone! :P here, i have some questions... here it goes :laugh: Is there any possibility that we will get OC (overclock) for our p8 lite? If we will get cpu oc will it be possible to overclock GPU? How much is our gpu capable of and whats the current clock? Vulkan API support one day...
  24. B

    Thread Lower Benchmarks

    Hey guys. On my S8+ I got around 173K antutu score (all scores are in antutu form now on) after i finished setting it all up and with the same apps I have now. After this I flashed jessie's kernel which OC's the exynos to 2.45 (if im not mistaken) and got from 181K to 182K scores. Then i...
  25. R

    Thread GPU Control (Will pay donation to creator!)

    Does anyone know if there is any kernel that allows GPU Control for the s8? Or any developer that can enable gpu control? Will pay $$$ to whoever can enable gpu control =)
  26. RJinxed

    Thread [KERNEL][GT-S5282] [CM11] [SlimKat] Modified Kernel

    This kernel fixes the TOUCHSCREEN FREEZING bug when playing large games by removing the CGROUPS. Which also gives us back the RAM it ate (458mb total, now) Same features with LahKeda's overclocked kernel. 1200mhz Overclock Kernel Sampage Merging zRAM Governors No bugs. Source Credits...
  27. P

    Thread Need help to root HP Touchpad 16Go no-4G

    Hello, I'm novice in all this, but, I have installed CyanogenMod 12 for Android 5.1.1. I wanted to overclock the CPU, by using Antutu CPU Master, but it needs Root. I searched how to root my Hp Touchpad 16go on google, but, all the things I have found didn't work : Kingroot, Binary... So, I want...
  28. V

    Thread [KERNEL] Overclocked Kernel for Galaxy Grand Prime [SM-S920L|SM-G530M/MU/H/P/T/T1/W]

    These boot images should work on any LOS-based or CAF-source based ROMs (in theory). ** Disclaimer I am not responsible if flashing this ROM bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war and ends the world as we know it. You have been warned. Kernel Information Device Names...
  29. E

    Thread Overclocking Oukitel K10000

    Hello. I recently bought a cell phone model Oukitel K10000 and I'm really enjoying it. But, I gained an iPega 9023 control and, for games, it (the smartphone) does not perform very satisfactorily. My question is: how can I apply root and overclock cpu? Preferably, you do not need to change...
  30. corsicanu

    Thread [kernel][A Series 2015][TW-MM] hadesKernel v2.6 [01.08.2017]

    Disclaimer #include * * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this kernel * before...
  31. thedeadfish59

    Thread [DEV][EXPERIMENTAL][KERNEL][OC]Samurai Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i

    Samurai Kernel for CM11- for Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i Features: --Kernel version updated to --Built with Linaro --Patched via several patches to make improvement on I/O operations --Comes with latest TWRP 3.x (thanks to mohammad.afaneh for this) and Green themed (By me :D ) --New...
  32. G

    Thread Some kernel for overclock over CM12.1 from NovaFusion?

    Some kernel for overclock over CM12.1 from NovaFusion? Here the rom: http://novafusion.pl/downloads/
  33. V

    Thread Mi4i - Only Four cores are running most of the time, resulting in lagging performance

    Hello, Mi 4i lags/slows down most of the time, when i check CPU-Z during that time, i can see that only the lower clocked 2/4 cpu cores run constantly at 800 Mhz. It is very difficult to use when it is so slow. Other 4/6 cores remain inactive. Is there any solution for this weird behavior while...
  34. J

    Thread Overclocking Xiaomi mi5

    I'm thinking of buying the 32gb model but I would like the 2.15GHz of the 64gb model.. Taking into account that both processors are exactly the same model as there are no 820 variants, do you think we will be able to overclock the device in a future with custom kernels?
  35. Wilsonb

    Thread Gear VR -Let's team up and support ourselves for VR performance

    Im starting this thread for discussions around how to get the most out of using a Note 4 and Samsung Gear VR.. I, like many, decided not to jump on new phone models that Samsung tried to limit their Gear VR to, in order for marketing purposes. They realized removing removable battery and SD card...
  36. skcitzo

    Thread Plan on adding a micro fan to back

    Im in the procces of implimenting a small 15 x 15 x 4 mm fan to the back panel of my m8 i was wondering if anyone knew the max voltage that the battery pushes out coming off the battery connetion point will b posting pics soon planning to mill the back plate this weekend if fan shows up Update...
  37. Adithya R

    Thread How to OVERCLOCK P715 (l7 ii dual)?

    Hi, I searched everywhere but i couldn't find any way to OVERCLOCK the cpu of lg optimus l7 ii p715. Can u please tell how to do it? My phone is installed v20 official kitkat (unofficially rooted) firmware and cwm installed. I know how to use the lg tool,blahblah. Its such a shame if u cant cuz...
  38. S

    Thread Overclock marshmellow AOSP rom

    Hi to everyone... the kernel of asop marshmellow is overclockable? Wich app do you reccomend if is possible? Because i saw that our cpu can be clocked to 1.9Ghz...
  39. jcadduono

    Thread [kernel] [lp] [most-roms] [all-qcom] idleKernel, a leanKernel fork (7.1.0)

    I am closing this thread as I no longer have valid download links available, I can't maintain this project anymore, and I'd like to make sure everyone understands that any links uploaded by other users cannot be confirmed to be unmodified. Proceed at your own risk! This thread is for the...
  40. jcadduono

    Thread [kernel] [lp] [most-roms] [all-qcom] idleKernel, a leanKernel fork (7.1.0)

    I am closing this thread as I no longer have valid download links available, I can't maintain this project anymore, and I'd like to make sure everyone understands that any links uploaded by other users cannot be confirmed to be unmodified. Proceed at your own risk! This thread is for the...
  41. 3mel

    Thread [Q] shopping list for wanted features in rom and kernel

    hi folks, I've been given a wildfire s (cdma I believe) and I love it's size so wanna make it a rock stable cute little backup handset. I've unlocked the boatloader and rooted it and flashed TWRP and slimomatic 4.2.2 on it (mainly for the OC kernel). I also flashed a cronmod script INT2EXT or...
  42. Vivacity

    Thread Htc 820 Undervolt and Overclock?

    Hello, is undervolting and overclocking possible on htc 820u? I did not find any threads about it. Unfortunately setCpu app does not seem to be working and i tried many similar apps. Anyone has an idea about it? I wanted to undervolt my device to minimise battery consumption. Details: htc...
  43. dantexperia

    Thread [Q] Overclock Razr xt925 KitKat

    Hi guys!, my question is "oc kernel for kitkat exist?" I searched and not found nothing about this :confused: Grateful to anyone who can give me some information or tutorial, thanks and excuse my bad english! :D
  44. S

    Thread guys I need help!

    is there any kernel like ElementalX for cyanogenmod latest lp 5.1.1 . kernel shuld b support OC, wake gesture , voltage control n also support ex kernel manger app to control these things. my device is htc m7_u wwe europe
  45. Nikita Pro Android

    Thread [D6xx] GPU patches

    For any LG G2 mini model with installed any ROM and Kernel! So after making GPU overclock I saw sometimes that max GPU frequency (533 MHz or 450 MHz) turn down to 320 MHz so I creating 2 patches to hard fixing frequency Download one of this files and put into /system/etc/init.d (if your kernel...
  46. G

    Thread [Q] Better Framerate

    I had a G3 previously and there was an app I used that would overclock the gpu or something for better framerate overall on the phone but I can find it any ware now. It was a small app that would let you select from a rate of something like 440000 to 660000. If I went to high the screen would go...
  47. asim.sidz

    Thread ROM development, overclocking, rooting, tweaks and bugs

    Hello folks, i had been busy testing my Yureka since the past few days. I came across many observations and decided to compile them into a TUTORIAL so that people can find it easier to manipulate the things related to Yureka Phone according to their needs. I have some nice...
  48. O

    Thread [Q] Custom N915T Kernel? Create?

    Hi I was just curious if there was kernel development for the N915T, I don't see any. Is there some missing source code or the like? I'd like to see some overclocking, looking at the Note 4 for T-Mobile I see a kernel with OC Support for 2.89 GHz, frankly which I would love to see my Edge hit...
  49. F

    Thread [q] [request][custom-kernel][mt-6582m]lenovo a328

    I'm wondering if is anyone who can,knows,wants,is interested in editing and compiling a custom kernel with overclocking feature for Lenovo a328. The stock maximum cpu frequency is set to 1.3 gHz . Here is the source ...
  50. S

    Thread Overclocking Canadian i467M

    ALL CREDITS GOES TO HARRY_FINE http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53889994&postcount=8 I want to post a new thread because it took me a long time before finding a thread about customization of the Canadian Note 8.0 LTE (i467M). By posting a new thread with search tags, hopefully...