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  1. V

    Thread Phone bound to overheat after 2 years?

    Hi everyone, Been using the K20 Pro (Mi 9T) for well over two years now. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or anyone facing these temps. Screenshot taken while trans-coding a 1080p video and ambient temperature is 31°C. I am a light user and use Evolution X Rom with no performance mods. If...
  2. onurbx

    Thread Question Anyone got ridiculously overheating issues? Redmi Note 10

    I barely touched my phone since I bought it. Almost no apps are installed, but even then when I was downloading WhatsApp from PlayStore my phone got overheated. It is beyond annoying. Even with regular use my temps rises up to a point that holding my phone and putting it back to my pockets makes...
  3. G

    Thread S7 edge not working anymore..., please help !!!

    Hi guys; Well few days ago my s7 edge (SM-G935W8 32Gb) start overheating and crashing and screen freezing and it automatically restart then it work for 5-10 minutes and then same thing again and again (overheat-crash-freeze-restart, overheat-crash-freeze-restart, ........) but now it just turned...
  4. B

    Thread Fix Exynos 990 battery drain and Overheating Issues -[ It works ]

    I have the exynos 990 version of the S20 FE and as we all know, the 990 is a little bit of a hot mess. However it has quite a lot to give if limited correctly.I'm running One UI 3.1 on android 11. I rooted my FE with magisk and installed Franco kernel manager. The steps below will give you good...
  5. Jaymzx

    Thread Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon/Kenzo) random black screen and overheating

    Hello there, I don't expect many answers from this very old phone, but it's still the phone I use after many years. Starting like, 6 months ago or so, from time to time I find the phone warm to the touch and the screen remains black, nothing happens but the phone is still on. The only...
  6. L

    Thread Android 10/11 Fast Battery Drain & Overheating

    I've had my Pixel 3XL taking 5 hrs to charge the battery with the screen off, using the supplied charger. CPU usage constantly at 80%+. Temps 43C+ during normal use (not playing games or videos, not encoding whatever) This has been happening for a couple of months, and today I found out why. I...
  7. D

    Thread ROG 2 shuts down when charging

    Has anyone had an issue when charging their phone? Mine turns off when I charge a few minutes. Started when I upgrade to Android 10. It still persists when I tried downgrading to Android 9. UPDATE: Seems like others are having the same issue. Phone overheats when using the 18w or 30w charger...
  8. S

    Thread "DEVICE OVERHEATING" Message and Apps Closing - even though phone not hot. how 2 fix?

    "DEVICE OVERHEATING" Message and Apps Closing - even though phone not hot. how 2 fix? So non rooted phone note 4 working well till today when i got ""DEVICE OVERHEATING" Message and phone force Apps to Close. I have tried several different batteries. And to double check i left phone with some...
  9. K

    Thread [QUESTION/NEED HELP] maxed out cpu usage (little core) stays at 1593 mhz

    I need help because my phone is maxed out at 1593 mhz which is the max clock speed for the cpu small cluster. The big cluster is working fine. This is NOT a result of KingKernel, it happens on any kernel I run. The cpu usage goes up to 95 or sometimes 100%. I think the task is play services...
  10. T

    Thread Strange LG G4 Issues

    Hello everyone, I havent been on XDA in a while, but now im reaching out to the community. I am having weird issues Like overheating, "false screen starts", very dim screen, unresponsiveness while charging, camera buzzing, and bad camera quality. For starters, The overheating is due to the...
  11. S

    Thread Battery drain on shield tablet 2015

    I was experiencing a huge battery drain and some overheat with normal use with all the update,and also with the last.So i decided to do restore to factory data.Now,it seems that the problem persist.I don't now what to do...
  12. arima0k

    Thread [SM-N915T] PC can't detect, battery drain, overheating

    Hello, first, the computer does not detect the phone at all, it only loads and doesn't even appear in the device manager (i have tried, another PC, cable, port, etc); but it detects, mouse, keyboard, and USB device via USB OTG. Second, while i have the screen turned off, the battery life is good...
  13. Am115h

    Thread S8 overheated after shuting down

    I decided on packing up my s8 and use it later. I charged it up to a 100(shutdown) at 4:30 used it for a bit and then shut it down kept it back in the box. Around 7:00 i took it out to extract the sim card but when i took the phone out it was so hot that I couldnt hold it so i put it next to...
  14. 41LY45

    Thread Moto Z Freezing and (Possible overheating)

    Hey y'all, Quick question to those who own the Moto Z. 1. What's your battery life and Screen on Time? 2. Do you use the battery mod? 3. Do you use a case with it? I'm having overheating issues when using the an Incipio Bumper case + TUMI battery mod : Device randomly freezes (requires a...
  15. killerBRs

    Thread G900M Overheating

    Hi. My Galaxy S5, In normal use like Spotify and Facebook, CPU temp is around 50-63°c Is normal or is a problem? Current weather condition in Brazil is 33 ° C
  16. J

    Thread Help with a (very) problematic XT910

    Hello guys, so, a friend of mine gave me his old RAZR xt910 after some begging, he was going to throw it away. This phone came to me with a dead battery and a shattered screen. First, the phone wasn't turning on, but would turn on and stuck on bootlogo only - with the charger (ac). I managed to...
  17. D

    Thread Mi4c Overheat hardmodding [passive cooling]: Graphite heat dissipation foil

    Hardmod level: easy - medium Well finally i recieved the Graphite heat dissipation foil from Aliexpress, according to seller this foil has a thermal conductivity about 1800W/m.k (wich would be very nice, don't know how much it is in reality). So the hardmod can begin ;D. First of all i will...
  18. bg260

    Thread A Note on the Note 7

    From the first moment I held my Galaxy S4 in my hand (then quickly put it down because my palms started sweating), I figured it was only a matter of time until Samsung built a phone that would actually be capable of self combustion. Let's pour one out for all the Fanboys. :laugh:
  19. _LLJY

    Thread [Tweak] LTHERMAL Thermal Engine and LPLUG custom core_ctl Hotplug

    LPlug(LTHERMAL IS BELOW) PLEASE READ ALL POSTS ESPECIALLY INSTALLATION, BEFORE DOWNLOADING LPLUG Features: Plugs up to 5 cores when not in use, allowing for quick cooldown -Plugs little cores <40% CPU usage -only allows big cores to go online when above 70% load -Extremely cool operation without...
  20. A

    Thread CM13 galaxy S5 (SM-G900X-LDU)

    Hello peeps! I have a question about cyanogenmod 13(android 6.0.1).... even if i do a clean install (also internal memory) when installing cm13 it always gets really hot and i did the "fix" of deleting the NFC folder with apk but that doesn't help... and GSam doesn't show anything weird... so...
  21. KechDroid

    Thread S4 I9500 Overheating And Heavy Battery Drain

    Hello Dear XDA Users, I have been using this phone since it first came out in 2013, I only noticed this problem 2 years ago where the battery drains incredibly fast I have to charge it only 30 min after using it I also noticed that, and just after a 10min use, the area around the camera at the...
  22. F

    Thread CTT Mod for VR/Cardboard (Lollipop Roms)

    So I've been watching movies on my VR headset (Bobovr Z4, highly recommended if you want to try out VR) and have noticed that the G4 overheats like crazy. The ambient temperatures where I live fluctuate between 50 deg F and 90 deg F depending on the time of day and the month. Even at cooler...
  23. mikeinstlouis

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S6 buring a hole in my pocket and battery life is horrible.

    Hi all Hope this is the right place for this question. I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is all up to date with updates etc. Android 5.1.1 I have seen this asked a lot on the web...why is my phone so hot and why is the battery draining so quickly? I have tried Clean Master and the...
  24. Wilsonb

    Thread Gear VR -Let's team up and support ourselves for VR performance

    Im starting this thread for discussions around how to get the most out of using a Note 4 and Samsung Gear VR.. I, like many, decided not to jump on new phone models that Samsung tried to limit their Gear VR to, in order for marketing purposes. They realized removing removable battery and SD card...
  25. O

    Thread Over Heating and losing battery like crazy

    Hey is anyone else having an issue with over heating and losing battery about 1 percent a minute, wanted to see if anyone else had this problem before i tried a factory reset. '
  26. O

    Thread Battery overheats while charging

    my g925f (xtrestolite rom 2.3) overheats while charging with adaptive fast charging and stops charge with warning. I tried all custom kernels; unibase, vindicater, simpl..etc no problem with slow chargers (output: 1A) pls help me!
  27. T

    Thread The dreaded overheating issue due to camera usage. Is there a solution?

    just did a test on my relatively new X2. recording HD video (read: NOT 4K), the device lasted 7:56 before the message appeared and the camera shut off. the phone itself was on FIRE. has a solution, other than to not use it for that long/in hot climates, arisen? thank you!
  28. elite001mm

    Thread [Q] Help! CDMA radio not seeming to work after phone got hot

    Phone: Verizon m8 Problem: CDMA/EVDO does not seem to work at all So I flashed s.rom yesterday and had all sorts of problems reguarding data so I tried flashing another Rom but it was late at night and I fell asleep while it was booting/optimizing apps. I woke up in the morning to find the...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] Is the S6 overheating with games normal?

    I have had my Verizon S6 for a little over two weeks now. In general I like it, but I've noticed it seems to overheat easily. A repeatable scenario is while playing Olaf's Adventures (Don't judge me!) for about 10 minutes I'll get the "Cooling Down" warning. I won't have anything else running...
  30. b3ltazar

    Thread 90+c

    Anyone else tabs 8.4 making it to 90c normal use it can hit 87-89 stress test hit 91 before i stopped it and twrp backup it was hitting 92. I wouldnt think this is normal but might be any feed backup appreciated....
  31. t1than

    Thread [Q] Camera will now turn off temporarily to cool down on Lolipop. Is it a bug?

    Hi.. I've just Update my firmware to Lolipop 10.6.A.0.454 and I have some problem with stock camera app. I've just only record video for 30 secs and it showed pop up "Camera will now turn off temporarily to cool down" and the camera app is closed. When I tried to open camera again it showed...
  32. C

    Thread [Q] Nexus 4 is over heating while charging.

    When I charge my nexus 4(on), it gets over heated. So because of overheating it does not charge. But when I turned it off and charge it again it remains at normal temperature. Is there any problem with it? my nexus 4 is 1 year 3 months old. Give solution to avoid overheating. I cant turn it off...
  33. Cthdarren

    Thread [Q] Phone extremely hot during idle, wifi can't turn on

    Yesterday, I left my phone in my bag with my mobile data on, and when I took it out it was EXTREMELY hot, so I took it out, cooled it down and charged it, however, while charging it, it was overheating alot, and the battery took 8 hours to charge to 70%. Now I can't even turn my phone on because...
  34. spark2331995

    Thread Battery Heat!

    I have exchanged my htc one x with galaxy s3 only to find that this device also heats up the same as one x the only difference i found in both device was a slight 1/2 hr sot gain while playing HD games the battery temp goes upto >45 c (i have tried almost all possible kernel and rom combos) i...
  35. lazl0brav0

    Thread [Q] Arc S heating up pretty bad.

    I recently bought an 2ndhand Arc S that is heating up pretty bad on the top front and top back part of the phone, the middle part and lower part of the phone is not heating .Even it is newly on after 2 minutes it heats up(also in idle). Also when i shutdown the phone, it's still heating and...
  36. tamaratee

    Thread [Q] OnePlus Overheated & Won't Power On

    Good Morning All, I searched previous threads and couldn't find one that addressed this issue. My hubby has a OnePlus that is NOT rooted. Yesterday at dinner his phone powered off and started getting really hot. He tried several times to power it back on and each time he did the unit only got...
  37. T

    Thread [Q] Gets very warm with regular use

    I have had my phone since launch and ive noticed it gets really warm after 15 min of basic web surfing and use. Its almost enough to make my hand sweat. It doesnt burn but it definitely radiates. Ive looked all over and im guessing I'm the one of few if any. Im bone stock with the latest...
  38. OmarKnows

    Thread [Q] note 2 warming up fast

    hey, ive been feeling that my phone is getting warmer throughout the past week and ive just been ignoring it, however i decided to checkout what numbers its reaching....55 degrees c...indoors...browser app running only ,using mobile data ONLY...wtf is this? is it a battery deffect?
  39. O

    Thread [APP][2.2+][V4.3.2] Coolify cools down your rooted devices

    The famous technology website androidcommunity reported Coolify: 《Cool down your Android device with Coolify app》 Don't envy your friends' iPhone, With Coolify, your Android rooted devices are cooler than iPhone and lasting as the first day you have it! Coolify help you to cool your devices...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z overheats

    Hello everyone, I managed to buy a problematic Xperia Z at a really cheap price, and I sent it in for repair. (The LCD backlight fuse on the motherboard went out) Well a few weeks later the technician calls me up and tell me that he managed to fix the backlight problem, but now he tells me...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] Dropped Phone, Bad Battery Life Now?

    Hi, So I've had my M8 since early May, and I've mostly had wonderful battery life, like 35% left at the end of the day after heavy usage for example. Many days I even made it though two days without charging. However, about a week ago, I accidentally dropped the phone face down (with a case and...
  42. Pretorian187

    Thread [Q] Decrease phone/battery temperature without underclocking

    Hi Does anybody know of a way or method how to keep the phone temperature at a certain level? Meaning stopping it from overheating. I want to prevent it from going over 45 degrees Celcius. My phone reaches a temperature over 45 once I play HD games on my projector smartphone (samsung galaxy...
  43. X

    Thread Unable to open this application. Your device is overheating.

    Hello everyone, I recently replaced the button board on my AT&T S4 Active due to the back button not working and the antenna broken (Don't know, but I was not picking up signal before replacing this board, now I am). And after intalling and booting, now my phone's displaying the message "Unable...
  44. R

    Thread [Q] How hot is too hot?

    I live in Norway, and I rarely let my phone get warmer than ~35 degrees, and since I rarely watch clips longer than 5 min on it, and rarely record videos longer than a min or two, this isn't a problem (Norway's cold weather also helps I suspect). This summer, however, I will be in Southeast...
  45. G

    Thread [Q] Slimport + FPSE = Overheat shutdown

    Hi, like the title says, I was playing FPSE on my TV using the Slimport adapter, and the phone got so hot it shutdown, and went into a bootloop till the temperature dropped. I was playing for only 15 minutes when this occurred. Stats: Phone - Nexus 5 OS - Stock Android 4.4.2 (rooted) Kernel -...
  46. M

    Thread This phone is a scam.

    I bought this phone because of the quad core 1.9Ghz processor, but as a matter of fact, this phone is a quad core 19ghz processor only for 5 or so minutes at a time, then it's just a 1.2Ghz quad core processor. I don't know what's the reason for this, but I suspect overheating or Scamsung being...
  47. jacker60

    Thread After KitKat overheat with magnetic charger, someone else?

    Ok So I bought some adapters (see attachments) to charge mi Z1 via the magnetic port, So far I dont have problems, until the KitKat update, in all JB versions I can charge it without any problem, I have one charger in my room and I use another for the school (different cable, different power...
  48. N

    Thread [q] help! I think my phone got fried! :(

    hi everyone! ok so last night I flashed franco kernel on my phone and I went to bed setting an alarm for 8. in the morning I woke up but not at 8, because my alarm didn't go off. why? because my phone was off. it got so unbelievably hot that you literally couldn't hold it for more than 3...
  49. FPSUsername

    Thread Less heat by a simple trick!

    I found out a quick cool down trick recently, but I think it's better to prevent instead of healing. So what I did was simple, won't cost you money (maybe). 1. Remove the back plate 2. Remove sim & battery 3. Remove the 7 screws 4. Split the phone from the left of the headphone jack 5. Clean...
  50. Zkaar

    Thread [Q] Phone awake, temperature rising, battery drain

    I'm having issues with phone being awake since I flashed a KitKat ROM on my I9505. Battery temperature exceeds 40ºC and battery won't last for a day. What I ask is for an app that can track other apps keeping phone awake so I might find what the malicious app is and remove it at once. -When I...