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  1. RedSector200

    Thread [REQUEST] Magisk to set orientation - Android Head Unit

    On Android head units, the orientation typically defaults to landscape. And has disabled auto-rotation, the screen will always remain in a landscape mode. This effectively means you can't use any software on Google Play Store or other places to change this default because auto-rotation is...
  2. teddyddet

    Thread On the Ownice K7, How to set the touch button to a SCREENSHOT shortcut?

    Usually, we slide down and click the screenshot icon to take a screenshot. But that's not so convenient sometimes, and not instant. What's more, when I connected Android Auto with my phone, taking screenshots in this way will be ALL BLACK. So I found a more convenient way! Now I will share a...
  3. mariodantas

    Thread [TOOL] - Topway TS10 firmware workbench

    Hi fellows I'm a kind of newbie in the Android world, but I created a set of shell scripts to work with Topway TS10 Firmware: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TS10-Firmware-Workbench Scripts intended to mount the...
  4. mariodantas

    Thread OWNICE K7 (C970) (TS10) uis7862

    Hi fellows, maybe I'm in the wrong section of the forum to post a question: I have a OWNICE K7 TS10 HeadUnit and I see that the unit is taking too much time to get GPS signals, I tried with another unit (and the same antenna) and it works very well, but not with the OWNIKE K7 Does anyone have...
  5. F

    Thread Best HU to get at the moment

    Ok so I just sold my car with my Joying HU in it (was a deal breaker), so now I'm on the hunt for a replacement. I had the old 2GB Joying Intel Sofia. It was good, a little sluggish at times and I had a constant problem with the Bluetooth disconnecting from my phone. A real pain in the ass...
  6. K

    Thread Help!!! My Ownice C500 OL – 7002F is Boot Loop How to Fix it

    Help!!! My Ownice C500 OL – 7002F is Boot Loop How to Fix it https://photos.app.goo.gl/HNHLn0118xm9PmzI3 By it from https://www.gearbest.com/car-dvd-player/pp_606353.html One day When Start a Car it Boot Loop. Am E-mail to Ownice but Thay not Answer. Thank you.
  7. Sentinel196

    Thread Ownice C500 Quadcore and Octacore Review Videos

    Hi guys, Here is a review I recently did of the Quad Core C500: DHUNsbsQGxE And a comparison with the Octacore C500: tCdMERhlKNI
  8. NutsyUK

    Thread 2 Questions, Want to design my own launcher, and trying to find a decent HU

    Hi guys, been a while since i posted on these forums so bare with me... But lately as I'm soon going to be restoring a Z3 ive been looking into the headunits going around. And truth be told i prefer the Chinese ones to the international branded ones like pioneer. But i have a few questions so I...