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  1. N

    Thread Question Is there any stable Oxygen Os rom for Oneplus ace 2?

    Hi everyone! Is there any stable Oxygen OS 13 (that got no bugs) for oneplus ace 2? I'm so looking for it!
  2. I

    Thread Question Oxygen OS 13 Per App Language Settings

    Android 13 supports per app language settings, but I don't see this option in the latest Oxygen OS 13 update. Any suggestions?
  3. AkayamiShurui

    Thread Question Full OTA file na from oxygen updater

    So Im on global (CPH2415) I just downloaded the downgrade package for global used it so back on Android 12 then I shut off auto updates and waited for the next day I checked oxygen updater and seen a update for (CPH2417) that was over 4GB so I let it download after saving the file and it let me...
  4. T

    Thread [Oneplus 8 Pro EU] DOwngrade from Oxygen 13 to Oxygen 11

    Hi guys, i recived an almost new Oneplus 8 Pro updated to the last versione of Oxygen 13 and i want to go back to the Oxygen 11. I downloaded the firmware from the official thread and i downloaded the .zip for the EU Version(IN2023). How can i install the firmware? Thourght the phone or via adb...
  5. C

    Thread Question Work profile not working after oxygen OS 13(LE2121_11_F.16) update

    I updated to oxygen OS 13 LE2121_11_F.16 last week via local install, downloaded the package from Oxygen Updater. Upon successful update, did a factor reset and tried re-installing the apps in the new setup, but upon adding my work email(Google workspace) I am not redirected to create a work...
  6. W

    Thread General Home and Recent Apps gesture (and button) not working after Oxygen OS 13 update

    I updated my OnePlus 9 Pro(LE2121_11_F.16) to Oxygen OS 13.0. But after the update, my home and recent apps gesture completely stopped working. I've rebooted the phone multiple times. I've also updated all my apps. I've cleared data for the apps - System Launcher, Gesture_motion Services and...