1. M

    Thread [OP7][OOS11] root not working with Magisk patched boot.img

    Hey, Yesterday i received the official global version of Ogygen OS 11 (OnePlus7Oxygen_14.E.35_OTA_0350_all_2103221233) for my Oneplus 7 which made me happy and i installed it on my current TWRP and root Ogygen OS 10. Afterwards my root and TWRP was gone. I read many threads now about that TWRP...
  2. K3V1991

    Thread [OOS][HD1913][EU] OxygenOS Updates | March 2021

    NFO: Europe Version: Version Name: OnePlus7TProOxygen_14_2103162333 Version: 11.HD01BA Android Version: 11 Build: HD1913_14_210316 Kernel: 4.14.190-perf+ API: 30 Security Patch: February 1, 2021 Changelog: System: • Update to OxygenOS 11 version. • Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more...
  3. t-ryder

    Thread [OOS][EU][stock/magisk patched boot.img][stock recovery][full ROM] Oxygen OS 10.0.14

    For the EU version of the One Plus 7T pro aka hotdog - Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD01BA Full ROM update ZIP | stock boot image | Magisk v21.4 manager 8.0.7 patched boot image | stock recovery Android File Host folder Full ROM ZIP for manual upgrade | images for fastboot flashing using latest...
  4. B

    Thread How to flash OxygenOS in new Oneplus 7T Pro?

    I just received my OnePlus 7T Pro which I bought from a Chinese site. Asked for a Global ROM and it came with a flashed Oxygen 10.3. I heard people saying it's best to flash again a rom downloaded by yourself in these cases just to be safe. Did some search and read about a lot of ways to do...
  5. S

    Thread Not able to flash anything. i tried to flash oos 7 plus then it ends with error 255 and my phone (poco f1) reboot in fastboot mode, after that am tryi

    i tried to flash oos 7 plus then it ends with error 255 and my phone (poco f1) reboot in fastboot mode, after that i tried to to flash recovery , system , vendor , userdata but non of its work , even i flash my device with mi flash tool with stock fastboot rom . thats also dosnt work. i tried...
  6. K

    Thread [ROM][PORT] MIUI 12.0.3 - Team O₂ [10][Q][Oxygen][Beta]

    MIUI 12.0.3 - Team O₂ | Android 10 [Q] | BETA Build Brought to you by Team O₂ * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some research if you have any concerns about...
  7. K

    Thread Help me remove these notifications on top of settings!

    I need these notifications like 'Mobile data is off' and 'Phone is set to vibrate" to be removed. They are really annonying me every time I open settings. I have always kept my phone in vibrate mode and this notification is stuck there forever. If possible I want it to notify me when my phone is...
  8. M

    Thread One plus clock on custom roms

    Hi guys, I saw on one plus forum that oneplus 3 supports power off alarm on stock oxygen with its oos clock app. Is it true? If yes, is it possible to install it even on custom roms? Thanks
  9. Axxess

    Thread Bootloop rooted Oneplus5 with Oxygen stock rom.

    Hey forum, long time no see... I have came back facing a problem with my OnePlus 5 running stock rom with ROOT. I had to turn it off to replace the screen-protector but turning it back on was no dice. A bootloop is happening where I see the screen to enter my PIN/password for 1 second after...
  10. K

    Thread [ROM] MIUI 12 - REPACK v4 [PIE][9.0][Oxygen][STABLE]

    MIUI 12 Repack v4 for MI MAX 2 [OXYGEN] Brought to you by Schr.0dinger ( kmkailasnath ) & SLAYERTEJAS ( beingtejas ) /* * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some...
  11. tych_tych

    Thread [Substratum Theme] Materialize OxygenOS with Out of Oxygen

    Out of Oxygen Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tychoregter.outofoxygen Out of Oxygen is a substratum theme which tries to achieve a more Pixel-like experience for OxygenOS by changing icons and other visual things. I also added a couple of extra features like...
  12. anabhi

    Thread [ROM][Port] Oxygen OS RemiX/OOS [Updated V3][Custom ROM]

    [OOS Remix is completely rebase rom from color os and oxygen os for ensure stability and performance] Watch video for review and install- https://youtu.be/CMu79-RVC5w https://youtu.be/CMu79-RVC5w Fixed bugs- ✪Prerooted ✪Camera Fixed ✪Full camera 2 api ✪Mtp fixed ✪Freezed locksceern on first...
  13. L

    Thread [ROM]-Working MIUI Oreo for Mi Max 2 Oxygen [8.1.0]-[stable][Port from Mi Max 3]

    You should be having proper knowledge of flashing Custom ROM and how to Restore phone if anything goes wrong. Take complete backup before taking any action based on this thread. I am not responsible for any action taken by you. I am just compiling all the information/ files available on...
  14. P

    Thread Substratum bootloop

    Wow, so that was quick, I already have a bootloop. I didn't even make a backup, just went with the routine setup and after building Clean Lock and Swift Black on Substratum my phone shut down. When I power it on it goes into the boot animation and the restarts into twrp (bluspark). I tried...
  15. Kapil Tapsi

    Thread [Official] Dot OS 2.5 [Stable][Oreo|Android 8.1] 3 Oct 2018

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 2.5 Device: Mi Max 2 (Oxygen) Maintainer: KapilTapsi Build Status: Official Kernel Is Optimised for Battery Saving. Use Hardrock Kernel (Non-Treble) For Balanced Use * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your...
  16. prathameshsd

    Thread ★[GUIDE]★ [26 July 2018] Install MIUI 10 Global/China Beta + Google Play Store

    IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. MIUI 10 incremental / delta OTA update zips cannot be flashed in TWRP. You need to flash full Recovery ROM zip after every update is released. 2. If you are coming from official MIUI 9 Stable or MIUI 9 Beta ROM or have an encrypted phone, you will need to format data to...
  17. U

    Thread Have I been tricked? Which phone is this?

    Top circle is a model for Mi 5X Bottom circle is a model for Mi A1 Phone came with fake A1 ROM (tissot), unlocked bootloader It was not receiving any OTA updates, so I tried to manually update it to official Mi A1 fastboot rom Phone got bricked I flashed (Tiffany) 5X official fastboot ROM...
  18. O

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Mi Max 2

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 8.1 (Oreo), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the...
  19. V_v3k

    Thread [27-MAR][UNOFFICIAL]AOKP-Mi Max 2 (Oxygen)

    Hello Everyone! AOKP for Mi Max 2 is ready to be used :D Status: Important update guys, there will be no further updates for a long time due to my upcoming exams... :rolleyes: Please go through the regular drill of text as mentioned below: Me/Contributors/AOKP are so not responsible...
  20. Kapil Tapsi

    Thread [Official] Dual Boot Patcher [Mi Max 2 / Oxygen]

    DUAL BOOT PATCHER DualBootPatcher is an open-source app that allows multiple ROMs to be installed on a single Android device. It does its best to work with existing code and does not require explicit support from ROMs. This will allow any number of ROMs to be installed at the same time. It...
  21. K

    Thread mi max 2 not able to detect sd-card ???

    Micro SD card in Mi max 2 not identifying in my Mi max 2 (rom : LineageOS 14.1 for MI MAX 2) - same case with mui stable or beta. I tried format with EaseUS (FAT) with no success, I may note that same sd-card is working well with mi max device (no issue at all) Any help ??
  22. M

    Thread Battery drain after root the phone 4.5.0V

    Hello. First, want to apolgize about my english. Second, i grant root for my op3t because i got battery drain and people told me to grant root for having this fix. After root, i downloaded greenify, app-ops and betteebatterystats, and still, my phone battery draining too fast. I added some...
  23. P

    Thread OP5 bootloop with every ROM

    Hey fellas, so I rooted my phone and tried to install some Magisk modules, but after rebooting it got stuck in the TWRP bootloop. So I flashed the Nandroid backup and it got stuck in the OOS boot animation. After that I tried reflashing OOS, but it didn't change anything, so I tried Lineage OS...
  24. bobby260

    Thread Anyone else having Microsoft Exchange App issues on their Oneplus?

    I can't login to Outlook android App: "An Error Occurred" right after I put in my e-mail ... I can't login to Skype for business: "you have an incompatible version of Chrome app." ... But trying to update does nothing. Also I have the latest Chrome app ... so not sure what that means. I can't...
  25. redsmith

    Thread [MOD] [BOOTANIMATION] Oxygen OS Stock [Colors] [Rainbow Special Edition] Jun 22

    Hi guys, So after seeing the Colette Oneplus Bootanimation, I decided to try other options. Eventually, I would like to do a new bootanimation for each accent on Oxygen OS. Instructions: 1. Go to /system/media and rename your current bootanimation to bootanimation.zip.bak (just to have a...
  26. fareed_xtreme

    Thread [GUIDE] Official OP3T Stock Reset to OOS 4.0.3 [STOCK|RESET|UNBRICK]

    OFFICIAL ONEPLUS 3T STOCK RESET SOURCE : OnePlus L2 Support Team VERSION : OxygenOS 4.0.3 REQUIRES 64 BIT WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM DOWNLOADS The Downloaded Package Contains: 1. OnePlus3T Stock Reset Oxygen 4.0.3 [Folder Name: OnePlus3T_28_A.041_170208] 2. Qualcomm Drivers (x64 Only)...
  27. B

    Thread anyone knows when the beta of oxygen os is coming back?

    almost two month ago Oneplus said they would stop the betas for a month. however it has almost been two month. does anyone got any news?
  28. niwia

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][FLASHABLE][60fps][45fps] Google Play edition OnePlus (CONCEPT)

    Preview of the animation: youtube SPECIFICATIONS Resolution: 1920x270 [will apprear as 1920x1080, 1080p] Framerate: 60fps and 45fps duration: ~16seconds SPOILER There may be some sluttering in the begining of the animation (Hardly noticeable) which im looking forward to fix in the future...
  29. niwia

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][FLASHABLE][60fps][45fps] Google Play edition OnePlus (CONCEPT)

    Preview of the animation: youtube SPECIFICATIONS Resolution: 1920x270 [will apprear as 1920x1080, 1080p] Framerate: 60fps and 45fps duration: ~16seconds SPOILER There may be some sluttering in the begining of the animation (Hardly noticeable) which im looking forward to fix in the future...
  30. Nebulino

    Thread [ONEPLUS 3] [HOW-TO] Change the DPI on OxygenOS

    On OxygenOS we can't change the DPI via build.prop or via APP on the PlayStore flawlessly. A way is to use ADB SHELL or TERMINAL EMULATOR. Just type: -> adb shell wm density DPI && adb reboot if you use ADB -> wm density DPI (after that reboot the device) if you use terminal emulator...
  31. D

    Thread [MOD] [UPDATE] OxygenOS cleaner [V2.5] [OOS4] [ZIP]

    Hi, i want just to share my little script. This ZIP delete some unused stuff from the system, like Google Play Music and all the "test" apps. You can run it directly after a fresh system installation and also if run your full setup and just want to clean a bit up. PS. when there is an update...
  32. G

    Thread Oxygen os 3.0 full review on oneplus two [2] #rgs

  33. romasalah

    Thread Signal and speaker not working CM13 & Oxygen 2.1.1

    Hello guys I just bought my OPT then this happened. I'm very frustrated with this problem I have.. I will just write the timeline of events. Monday: CM13 1. Phone dropped in soaped water but I lifted it immediately .:( 2. Closed and Heated it a little bit. 3. Put it in rice for 1.5 days...
  34. zoroarctic

    Thread [6.0.1] [ROM] [Latest OOS 3.0.2 Based] CyanOxy OS v3.0 [05/06]

    CyanOxy OS for Oneplus 2 PLEASE READ ALL THE THREE POSTS BEFORE YOU FLASH THIS CyanOxy OS is a unique combination of Cyanogenmod and Cyanogen OS apps with an Oxygen OS base which enhances speed, utility and aesthetics. Optimized for stability and fluidity, it provides a smoother and...
  35. demongokul

    Thread Skydragon or Oxyslim?

    I am currently rooted and on hydrogen OS. I am not comfortable with the notifications thing or with the RAM management thing (If I close an app via recent app it closes the process completely, thus i don't get any notifications from the app). So thought of flashing a more global user friendly...
  36. benkxda

    Thread [GUIDE] Improve Oxygen OS 3.0.x [31 Jul 2016]

    Oxygen OS is a great ROM in my opinion. But I missed some things, which are quite common in AOSP ROMs. Therefore I searched solutions for getting a better user experience, which I wanted to share with you now. UPDATE: Another great idea to improve Oxygen OS is a ROM based on Oxygen OS with...
  37. D

    Thread Flashing OxygenOS Bootloader, reserve4.img?

    Hey guys, Been seeing if there's a way to update my bootloader now that OxygenOS is now out. I've been running SlimROM for the longest time and wanted to update the bootloader, but I realized that there's a new image file in the file list. I see that there's a new "reserve4.img". Is it safe to...
  38. black.ic3

    Thread [ROM][MOD] OxygenOS - Rooted | Cleaned | Some apps from CM

    Well, Oxygen is a nice rom, but something is missing :) Here is my vision of almost-perfect OxygenOS - Rooted (thanks to BlissTeam for method) - Cleaned. 420 MB in /system free - Added Gallery, Eleven, AudioFX Enjoy :good: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934551085 *No sources...
  39. M

    Thread OXYGEN OS(Download link ,installation guide & Issues)

    Download OxygenOS http://oxygenos.oneplus.net/oxygenos_1.0.0.zip DO UNZIP your ZIP before flashing!!! installation ZIP is in ZIP file provided Plain Aosp Rom Download Feedback App https://s3.amazonaws.com/oxygenos.oneplus.net/Feedback_v1.0.2.apk Note: You’ll need to enable installations from...
  40. lovesingh25

    Thread Android 5.1 is around the corner

    Google officially released Android 5.1 on 9th March for Nexus devices. I am hoping that it should be released to AOSP within this week. So people what do u think?? What are the chances of One Plus One getting Android 5.1 straight way? Source ...
  41. G

    Thread [Q] Oxygen and UV sensor hack for S5

    I am not a developer and not capable of doing lot of work many people do here. I just read and follow instructions. I have been very happy with my experience. This time around I have an idea that I would like to share/suggest. Again, I am not capable of doing this myself. I am presenting this...
  42. voxano

    Thread [Q] Was running OXYGEN for a while. Now stuck at boot screen after a battery change.

    Galaxy S II GT-i9100 was running on OXYGEN for a while (don't even remember the exact version). Now stuck at boot screen (green "flickering OXYGEN" screen, for those who are familiar with this ROM) after a routine battery change. Can boot into recovery fine, but recent backup was done long time...
  43. 2LoT

    Thread Call for Team to build REVOLUTIONARY APP

    Hi, This is a call for talented Android developers to join a team which will build a revolutionary app that will change the world. The project has a potential of multi-trillion dollars, I am looking for the very best. The project code name of the app is "Nano CO2 Reducer". The app uses the...
  44. bruno.unna

    Thread [Q] MildWild 5.0 + V6 Supercharger: request for advice

    Hello, everyone. I'm a big fan of MildWild's roms, specially of the Oxygen-based 5.0. A superb work of art! However, always looking for ways to get the most from my fast-aging Desire, I've tried the V6 Supercharger scripts. I've got a rather mixed-up feeling from those, though. I think what...
  45. Brute.Force

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][2.3.7] OXYGEN rom for wildfire V2 (07/15/2013)

    As you all know that we had an oxygen rom made by schiznik for wildfire. It is an aosp rom that means pure vanilla android. This rom is 2 years old but still great So I decided to continue it. A Huge Thanks to schiznik for allowing me to continus this V2 onwards has been ported from lg optimus...
  46. P

    Thread [Q] oxygen rom

    any link to download oxygen rom for htc desire , please?
  47. H

    Thread [Q] Does anyone have the old Oxygen builds?

    Just wondering if anyone has the final Oxygen gingerbread build that they could share, 2.3.2 (update-oxygen-2.3.2-NS-signed.zip) I believe. Correct me if I am wrong. Unfortunatley the Oxygen.im website is down, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :good:
  48. K

    Thread [ROM][ICS][ALPHA 1][09/01/2013] Oxygen 3.0.0 ICS [Android 4.0.4]

    Introduction Oxygen is an AOSP source built ROM (ie. not a mod of any sense based ROM), it's minimal, it's superfast and mostly bugfree. As Oxygen is not a mod/port of any HTC/CyanogenMod or any other ROM and may not be to everyones liking, it's minimalistic and basic but I'm open to ideas...
  49. S

    Thread Apps problems

    Hello everyone. Recently I've started to have problems with my Desire. I used to use Oxygen rom since it's early versions and I've never expirienced any bugs rom related. Then I decided to try MIUI rom but I did not liked it so I reverted back to Oxygen 2.3.2. I have installed apps which I use...
  50. popdog123

    Thread [ROM][ICS][v1.1.0 - 6/11/12] Oxygen ROM 3.0.0 (Android 4.0.4)

    Hello again! I present to you Oxygen ROM 3.0.0 (ICS) for LG Optimus One. Oxygen ROM is a highly optimized AOSP rom with only a few added features. I also intend to keep it that way. There will be no added features unless the good people from Oxygen want to add them. The rom is like this for a...