1. L

    Thread Oneplus 5T OOS 10.0.1 Magisk 22.1 Rooting

    Hello everyone, so my Oneplus 5T broke a week ago and I bought another one for 80 bucks on Ebay. I tried to root the Phone with TWRP 3.5.2_9.0, OOS 10.0.1 and Magisk 22.1. I disabled force encryption on my previous 5T without a problem, but now when I install Magisk with the ROM, no matter if...
  2. D

    Thread How to deGoogle OnePlus Nord OxygenOS?

    So I would like to degoogle OnePlus Nord as much as possible. However, I don't want to install a custom Rom like lineage OS. I want to keep OxygenOS and just strip it from Google as much as possible. I have seen that there exists something called MicroG where I would be able to install apps from...
  3. Thatbitch69

    Thread [ROM][11.0][X00TD] Oxygen Os 11 port from OnePlus 8 STABLE [OOS]

    What is this ? It's Oxygen Os 11 port for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 from OnePlus8. This is the android 11 version of Oxygen os rom available. This port brings all the software feature of oxygen os except for those required hardware such as nfc, etc. WARNING: I‘m not responsible for any...
  4. ProtoDeVNan0

    Thread [ROM][PORT][11.0.0][6/6T] OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 4 [01.04.21]

    OnePlus 7 Open Beta for OnePlus 6 & 6T! (time to update pic..) So guys, I sold my OnePlus6 over a year ago but OnePlus just announced that H2OS A11 will be coming out in August! That's why I decided to try and port it earlier for these two phones. With help from testers & TeamViewer...
  5. Hem981

    Thread OnePlus 7 - OxygenOS 11 stable - Issues

    Hello, Recently i upgraded my OnePlus 7 to OxygenOS 11 via OTA, and here is a list of a few annoying bugs(features?) that you'll need to know before upgrading: (Note: I performed hard reset after upgrading, so any bugs here will be persistent and not because of some fixable issues, unless you...
  6. E

    Thread OnePlus 6 - Enable HID Bluetooth without root and without tripping SafetyNet?

    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - I'm kinda new here. I was hoping to get JoyCon Droid working on my OnePlus 6 when I learned that unfortunately the required HID Bluetooth functionality is disabled in OxygenOS for whatever reason. I've done some research and people have been able to...
  7. Sabau Dragos

    Thread [ROM][10.0][Port]OxygenOS for Mi MIX 3 5G (andromeda)

    ⛵OxygenOS 10.3.0 Ported by Sabau Dragos 📱 Device: Mi MIX 3 5G 🗓 Build Date: 31/01/21 #️⃣ Build version: v.1.1 #️⃣ OxygenOS version: 10.3.0 🤖 Android Version: 10.0 Q 🖥 Developed by: t.me/galaxyofandromeda What's Working? RIL WiFi Bluetooth Radio Camera Vibration LED (offline charging LED) CTS...
  8. G

    Thread [Q&A] Bootloader unlocked but greyed out and lost Root access

    No longer with root privileges available. It seems I have lost root during an update (not entirely sure) but I still get the bootloader unlocked 'warning' when phone is booting. Inside developer options the OEM unlocking option is greyed out and on the 'on' position with the description just...
  9. L

    Thread Official last OxygenOS - OREO - OnePlus3T

    Hi everybody, Alex from France here ! I'm trying to find the following rom : Last OxygenOS based on OREO Official ROM for oneplus 3T I can't find the version to download and a website to download it , can you help me ? Thanks
  10. D

    Thread [OOS] [11] Open_Beta_1_HD01AA [Global/India] [Stock/Patched boot.img] [Stock/ADB Recovery] [Full ZIP] [OOS 10.0.13/10.3.7]

    Sorry for the late reply, I couldn't sign in while XDA was changing format. For HD01BA you want this thread. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/oos-10-0-13-hd01ba-eu-stock-patched-boot-img-stock-adb-recovery-full-zip.4194981/
  11. D

    Thread [OOS] [11] Open_Beta_2_HD01BA [EU] [Stock/Patched boot.img] [Stock/ADB Recovery] [Full ZIP] [OOS 10.0.13]

    @digidude512 Every Update needs a new Thread... interesting. Stop this sh!t.
  12. S

    Thread Will The OnePlus 9 Pro Be A Major Upgrade Over The 8 Pro (Apart From SD 875) ?

    Particularly in terms of front & back camera(s) performances ? Also: - What improvements would you like to see in OxygenOS ?
  13. T

    Thread Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA + Magisk + EdXposed Failing SafetyNet

    So I had everything working perfectly, and then I updated to Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA. I was greeted with a bootloop after doing the update, so I removed all of my Magisk modules and it booted up. Next, I reinstalled all my modules. After reinstalling Riru EdXposed, I could no longer pass the...
  14. linuxct

    Thread [8.0+] OnePlus Cyberpunk 2077 Edition Live Wallpapers, ported to any Android device!

    OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition/OxygenOS 11 Live Wallpapers ported to any Android device! Hello everyone! I've just updated one of my most well received ports, the OnePlus 8T/OxygenOS 11 Live Wallpaper, in order to include the brand new Cyberpunk 2077 edition Live Wallpapers, as well as many...
  15. Some_Random_Username

    Thread [GUIDE] How to root OnePlus Nord

    Devices that started to be received today have Oxygen OS 10.5 out of the box. No flashable zip for that software release is publicly available, meaning its stock boot.img cannot be extracted. You then need to update to a newer build first. You can do so from my OxygenOS builds repo thread...
  16. A

    Thread [ROM][PORT][OOS][STABLE][10.0]OxygenOS Q Port for LeEco Le Max 2

    Brand = OnePlus Ported OS Name = OxygenOS Model = OnePlus 5 Android Version = 10 Build Date = 19-07-2020 Security Patch = April 5, 2020 File Name = LeMax2_OxygenOS_Port_19-07-2020.zip Ported by = Abhishek-Sanjay Download:- || HERE || Changelogs 1- Initial Release 2- Changed kernel and vendor...
  17. laikexpert

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Insufficient Kernel optimization within OxygenOS (Battery drain)

    Insufficient Kernel optimization within OxygenOS (Battery drain) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to insufficient optimization of the Kernel within OxygenOS, battery discharges much faster. OnePlus need to improve the optimization related to...
  18. Aswin08

    Thread [7,7T,8 Series][OOS][RealmeOS][No Root] Enable Dolby Atmos DAX3 [Themed - v3]

    Get full control of inbuilt DOLBY ATMOS for Speakers and Earphone in OxygenOS running Oneplus 7,7T Series, 8 Series with DAX3 From Razer Phone. Theme V3 - Dolby Atmos Non-root COMPATIBILITY - Stock OnePlus OxygenOS (7/T/PRO/8/T), Realme (XT,..), Moto Phones ( Varies with devices) Android...
  19. laikexpert

    Thread [Updated] OxygenOS release cycle

    OxygenOS release cycle: Closed Beta (2 updates per month) This is where all OxygenOS code begins. Sometimes, these builds are referred to as “alpha builds”. Here, our software team tests new (and sometimes experimental) code and features. The big goal here is to get initial feedback on new...
  20. P

    Thread OxygenOS (10) without GApps ?

    Hi, I tried custom ROMs to get rid of Google service (and use MicroG) but I miss OxygenOS and every ROMs have bugs (or drain battery super fast). Is there a OxygenOS version without GApps ? I've heard of "GSI" images, I don't know how to deal with that, thx for helping.
  21. E

    Thread Rooted 6T / Update to 10.3.2 with TWRP completed successful / 6T stays at 10.3.1

    Hi there It's very strange. My phone is rooted and normally the update to a new version of OxygenOS works without problems. This time (update to 10.3.2) it's different. I use the following process: Install full OTA version with TWRP Install TWRP Reboot Install Magisk After rebooting my 6T...
  22. O

    Thread [10][Ported] Oxygen OS Q for Mi A3

    include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  23. A

    Thread [Q] unable to migrate from latest stable oxygen os to beta 5

    hi all. when i migrate from latest oxygen os stable to beta 5 i get error the version of your system is higher then the package to prevent boot up failure upgrade is not allowed. what should i do. how do i install the beta and is there any way without wiping data?
  24. VagueCandle6477

    Thread Flash Hydrogen Os over Oxygen Os (Oneplus 7T)

    How do I flash Hydrogen os on a Oxygen os running phone, the local upgrade gives me a failed update message. I know that I have to extract the payload.bin but when I try to flash the system.img or product.img to the device on Fastbood it gives me "operation not permitted" it doesn't work in...
  25. itsnomy

    Thread >>[OxygenOS] Flashable GSI for [RMX1911] [Realme5]<<

    Disclaimer Neither Me or a Developer or any Porter is Responsible to the Brick of your device.. if something goes wrong... We are showing the Test results to the Concerned device which is tested using the given GSI... Keep your eyes open.. & Widen your brain.. & train your skills ... This...
  26. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [GUIDE] Rollback/downgrade from OOS Android 10/Q to stable 9/Pie

    Hey there 1+ friends from around the globe! The fairly recent upgrade to OOS Android Q/10 has gone smooth for some but horrible for others. OnePlus acknowledges this and has released a rollback zip to install via the known 'upgrade' method. I've put this up for users that have depleted other...
  27. DeadmanxXD

    Thread [Theme] [Substratum] Pixel Black for OxygenOS 10 Q

    [Free] Pixel Black Substratum Theme for OxygenOS 10 Q Theme Features Stock Pixel Icons for QS Tiles & Status Bar Pixel Like Settings Dashboard Adaptive Icons support Pixel Theme Accents Black Backgrounds for dark mode gapps and many more to come Download
  28. Sh0X31

    Thread OxygenOS 10.0.1 for OP6 is out

    Hi guys, Good news, last night OnePlus release the Android 10 update. -> source -> source Incremental Update OOS 10.0.1 Full Update OOS 10.0.1
  29. 4j17h

    Thread [ROM][sGSI] OxygenOS v9.5.7 OP7 build for Realme 3 Pro

    Device side changes: 1. Fingerprint scanner is fixed, Huge thanks to karthick111 2. About screen is modded for our device 3. Updated Power Profile & Battery mAH is now correctly reported 4. Fixed VOOC detection 5. Enabled Doze (only when new notications arrive) 6. Enabled DT2W by default, all...
  30. the00guy

    Thread [Q] Will Resizing Partitions Break Safetynet?

    Good morning, I was wondering if I start resizing my 6T's partitions with TWRP, will it break safetynet? I know that generally modifying the filesystem or the files on the /system partition will break it, but wanted to know if resizing the partition as a whole would as well. I'm currently on the...
  31. jigs4wkiller

    Thread [sGSI][ROM][PIE] Oxygen OS v9.5.6 for dipper *V5*

    Install instructions: 1. Wipe system, data, cache and dalvik 2. Mount system and vendor than flash the Rom 3. Boot system (maybe bootloops once) 4. Complete setup 5. Reboot to recovery and mount system and vendor 6. Flash OOS_dipper-reboot-fix (wipes your internal storage when you aren't logged...
  32. svandasek

    Thread Oxygen OS Pie community build

    Hey ppl, just installed it on my 3t, but when I try to install magisk, it says successful in TWRP, but when I boot up into system, it says not rooted. BUT the system partition is full and I can read it, but not write... There is some weird issue. Can anyone follow my problem?:rolleyes::silly...
  33. erfanoabdi

    Thread [Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  34. Funk Wizard

    Thread [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    Hey everyone, Here are the latest open beta builds for the OnePlus 6 and 6T. Changelog System: • Now unlock the LockBox without any problems in File Manager • No more crashes in the Launcher with apps in full-screen display • Got rid of blank screens while clearing up the...
  35. tfae

    Thread [Magisk][Module] OxygenOS Sound Pack v5 [06.05.2019]

    ABANDONED PROJECT Add OxygenOS ringtones, notifications and alarms sounds to your ROM! Downloads From Magisk Manager > Downloads or HERE Credits @topjohnwu for developing Magisk. XDA:DevDB Information OxygenOS Sound Pack, Tool/Utility for the XDA Community Apps Contributors tfae...
  36. Uqbar

    Thread [3T] OOS Camera vs LOS Camera vs OpenCamera

    I'd like to get the best from my beloved 3T camera. I currently use both LOS (v16.1) camera and OpenCamera (1.43.3). The former is for "normal" pictures, the latter is for HDR and/or lossless (raw DNSG). But I have no idea on how the original OOS camera would perform and compare with the other...
  37. L

    Thread Oxygen OS?

    Will it be possible for devs to port oxygenOS for whyred? Im asking because I've noticed how much rom files have changed over the years and it must be much harder than before.
  38. Z

    Thread Cleared cache, now phone doesn't boot and goes to recovery

    A friend just cleared cache and dalvik cache from TWRP on his OP5 and now when the phone turns on, it shows the spinning OOS boot screen and after about 30 seconds it starts the recovery. We tried flashing the ROM again but it didn't change a thing. We tried flashing it from the stock recovery...
  39. rg_gapa

    Thread Upgrading Firmware + Modem

    Currently my OP3 has LineageOS 15.1 with installed firmware and modem from Oxygen Open Beta 32. Is it really safe to upgrade firmware to the latest open beta (for now it's version 37), as it is suggested at official LOS 15.1 for OP3 thread? Won't be there a problems with, for example, device...
  40. JCDentonMale

    Thread [WIP][LineageOS] OnePlus 5T OxygenOS Camera, Camera service and Gallery for LineageOS

    Hi, This is my first thread as a dev so please accept my appologies if there's an established way to make this and I'm not doing it. :) I managed to create a flashable zip to add the official OnePlus Camera, OnePlus Camera Service and OnePlus Gallery packages to an existing LineageOS 15.1 rom...
  41. metaspook

    Thread [MODULE][v2.0] ★ OxyMod ★ | OxygenOS Modification Tool

    Intro: OxyMod tool does various modifications of OnePlus's OxygenOS. Features: * Permanent Call Recording Patch. * HBM (High Brightness Mode). * Screen Color Modes: 1. Default | 2. sRGB | 3. Custom | 4. DCI-P3 | 5. Adaptive | 6. Soft * OptimApps (Apps/Games Optimization) * More to come...
  42. N

    Thread MicroG On OxygenOS / TheOne3TOS?

    Just wondering if this would work. I know it doesn't support signature spoofing by default, but there's a patcher for that. So, once I patch it, would OxygenOS or OxygenOS based ROMs work with MicroG? Would it conflict with already installed GApps on Oxygen? Is there a way to not have any...
  43. T

    Thread OP5T Dropbox Camera Upload

    Hi All, Does the OnePlus 5T running OxygenOS 5.0.3 work with Dropbox properly. Dropbox the app loads, I can access my cloud files and upload files manually no problem. But the camera upload feature does not work all the time. If I restart my phone it will upload photos for a few seconds and...
  44. I

    Thread The new Parallel Apps in OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T - Where the files get saved?

    Hi, I updated my OS to the latest update (OxygenOS 5.0) and found the new Parallel Apps and used it for WhatsApp and other applications. My question is: Where the files of this new WhatsApp get saved (in which folder)? I checked and for sure they are not with the other original WhatsApp...
  45. M

    Thread Face Unlock in Custom ROMs

    I got my new OnePlus 5T today and I really enjoy the Face Unlock feature. It's in my opinion a nice and fast way to unlock your device. But is it also possible to add this feature to custom ROMs like for example LineageOS? Or is the face unlock part not possible to add in AOSP based custom ROMs...
  46. AndroidGX

    Thread [KERNEL] [OOS] SimpleGX v6.4 (August 13)

    WARNING : This kernel is for Oneplus 5T (dumpling) You will NOT void your warranty after flashing this kernel. Be sure to make all necessary backups first before processing to installation. I'am not responsible of any damage caused to your device or data lost after flashing this kernel. Of...
  47. Creeperr

    Thread [SOLVED] Camera force closes (OOS3)

    Hello, I have accidentally flashed Sultan's Camera zip on OxygenOS 3.1.4 Now, whenever I try to take a picture, the Camera app force closes I can take pictures with Snapchat though, so I'm sure it's just a software issue I've tried flashing this zip ...
  48. B

    Thread can't update to oxygenOS beta 25 or 26

    hi, i've never had probem updating my phone to oxygenOS. however the last 2 updates won't work : twrp says "zip signature verification failed error installing zip file" and even when i download and launch the OTA it does the same. do you have an answer that doesn't envolve factory reseting of...
  49. B

    Thread can't update to oxygenOS beta 25 or 26

    hi, i've never had probem updating my phone to oxygenOS. however the last 2 updates won't work : twrp says "zip signature verification failed error installing zip file" and even when i download and launch the OTA it does the same. do you have an answer that doesn't envolve factory reseting of...
  50. DJBhardwaj

    Thread OxygenOS 3.6.1 Update - October Security Patches, and more improvements

    Hello everyone, While going through the OnePlus community forums, I saw this: Link Seems like there is a minor update for you guys. While I don't personally own the device anymore, I am more than happy to share the news with fellow users here. Following are the changes as mentioned on the OP...