1. Eteon x

    Thread Huawei p10 VTR L29 Hardbrick

    Hello Seniors I updated my Huawei p10 VTR L29 to latest version EMUI 9.1 I unlocked the bootloader before updating it and use TWRP to flash VTR AL00 on it but showing failed to mount ODM/cust/system/product..... I switched to use Chimera tool when flashing using the Chimera during the user...
  2. Eteon x

    Thread Huawei p10 Board Firmware VTR L29

    Hey Guys I bricked my phone. Huawei p10 and can be revived with idt but I can't find the p10 VTR L29 Board Firmware. Please help Guys
  3. Saadatu's son

    Thread P10 VTR L29 Hardbricked

    Can someone help with VTR_L29 EMUI 9.1 Board Firmware
  4. Saadatu's son

    Thread Huawei p10 Hard brick

    I was so obsessed with the Harmony OS. So I was trying to convert my phone to Chinese version I.e From VTR_L29 to VTR_AL00 I downloaded the stock firmware of VTR_AL00 trying to install it with CHIMERA on the process of installing it my phone hardbricked and won't even charge when I connect to...
  5. S

    Thread Question Huawei p10 Unbricked

    B I Hello my Huawei p10 VTR L29 was bricked. A hard bricked the reason is I was trying to convert it to Chinese version from (VTR L29 to VTR ALOO) I was installing the VTR ALOO Using CHIMERA then my phone seized and never turn on again. I connected it with pc my PC still recognizes it in Fastboot
  6. john4614

    Thread Looking for Huawei P10 VTR-L09 EMUI 9.x ROM

    I am looking for a EMUI 9 ROM to downgrade my 2 Huawei P10 VTR-L09 devices. Both devices have a FRP lock and there is basically no bypass possible with the latest firmware version. The firmware version I have right now on both phones is EMUI I know the Serial and IMEI for...
  7. ByZocker

    Thread Stock eRecovery for VTR-L09?

    I was dumb and i didnt back anything up, I installed twrp on the erecovery... Does anyone have the stock erecovery for VTR-L09 and would be nice enough to share it?
  8. M

    Thread P10 boot loop and "Getting package info failed"

    Dearest forum, I'm a little desperate: My P10 randomly crashed yesterday evening without any obvious reason and got stuck in a boot loop for a few rounds. After 10 mins or so, it got its **** together and worked normally throughout today. Unfortunately, in the evening the same problem happened...
  9. PescaDaTreta

    Thread Several Huawei phones Crackling mic audio Seeking advice/Help! Some Samsung too Huawei, streamlabs app or YouTube fault ((update) some Samsung´s too)

    ((update) ive not found one until now but aparently some samsung phones have this issue too not only huawei. getting gray hair over this :( Aparently as staded from streamlabs support there are some sansung phones with the same problem to quote "It's hard to narrow down where the issue is, but...
  10. S

    Thread P10 Lite unlock/rooting and then update to Android 9/10.

    Hey all. I have been looking around the net for a while now trying to find good instructions on how to go about rooting my P10 Lite and then being able to install Android 9 or 10 version on it. However, my searches have not come up with any good tutorials. Most of them I have found all center...
  11. H

    Thread No pocket mode

    Hello! My P10 is driving me crazy with increasing incoming call sound when in pocket. There should be setting to turn it off in Dialer /3 dots/settings/Pocket mode but not on my phone ( EMUI version Anyone?? thx
  12. olat_dragneel

    Thread P10 New Battery

    Hi guys! I recently got a new battery for my P10, since the old one was... well old and drained fast. The new battery lasts longer, but once it reaches around 50% it goes to 1% and turns off. I tried re-calibrating by draining it, charging to 100% while turned off and then using it. Does...
  13. R

    Thread Worth updating to Pie?

    Hi guys, I have a debranded P10 c432 on emui 8. Firmware Finder report a VTR-LGRP2-OVS 9.0.1 Full OTA it's a strange name, very different from the one based on emui 8 that are somehting like "VTR-L09C432". So: Can I install that fw and go to emui 9? Is it worth updating? the system is slow...
  14. espaciosalter20

    Thread [GUIDE] [EMUI 9] Magisk Root Huawei P10 VTR-L09 for Android PIE

    Requirements / Downloads Huawei VTR-L09 with unlocked bootloader (I not tested in other version) Minimal ADB & Fastboot Patched Recovery_Ramdisk VTR-L09 Rooting your device 1. Unzip Minimal ADB & Fastboot to any folder of your PC 2. Download the patched file for your device and copy it to...
  15. Y

    Thread [UNBRICK] P10 VTR-L09/VTR-L29 unbrick XLOADER2 failed downgrades with free tools.

    Hello guys, I was one the unfortunate guys who tried to downgrade from an updated XLOADER version FW to an older and failed to do so, resulting a hard brick. I managed to get my phone up and running again with free tools without DC-Phoenix, I include everything detailed in my post, even a...
  16. M

    Thread Vky-l29 with (c432)... Canada?

    I have been trying to figure out how to change to Canadian region. It was suggested to me that because I have the European rom on the phone, I cannot get wifi calling and volte calling. I cannot seem to find such a rom for the p10 plus dual sim. Any suggestions?... Thanks in advance.
  17. R

    Thread Did someone try flashing the Android 9.0 images?

    Hello everyone! I heard about the pie beta in Germany, but sadly i don't live in Germany, so i can't join the beta program. But i found the 9.0 images on the huawei firmware database site (https://pro-teammt.ru/firmware-database/?firmware_model=VTR-L09&firmware_page=0), and i'm planning to flash...
  18. R

    Thread The point of the modding community nowdays

    Hi guys, I'd like to talk about huawei state of the scene nowdays. Maybe can be usefull to others. I have a P10 branded with Italy carrier stuck ant C113 B364 so I started to think to mod this phone. Mainly because of the GPU Turbo that on sheet seems awsome but for what I've read is not so...
  19. J

    Thread How I rooted my Huawei P10 late 2018 (cost €4)

    Here's just a quick guide of how I just successfully rooted my P10 (from android nougat) Use this file (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1c1iQBvvP7zTUiKz5PZmlJUH5DKBxxC3L) It has everything you need inside in one package. (I havent anything to do with the development of any of the tools, this...
  20. D

    Thread Huawei P10 HDMI cable cast

    Haven't posted for years, so don't shoot me down. #huawei #p10 Is there a ROM that would support screen casting via HDMI to USB-C cable? Have a P10 which has MirrorShare over network (useless to me). Need a hardwire solution. Understand that the standard P10 didn't support HDMI casting. So...
  21. U

    Thread P10 and Android Pie Gestures

    hi guys! well I made this threads to know how you think huawei is gonna solve this "issue" in phones with front buttons like the huawei P10. do you think huawei is gonna integrate the new gestures in the home button? or maybe huawei is not planning integrating this gesture based navigation...
  22. S

    Thread NFC service not working

    I'm on firmware VTR-L29 NFC sharing worked for me before. Last time I tried sending files through ES explorer to a Samsung device, it hung up. After that I'm not able to share anything using NFC Huawei Beam, even pics from galleries. I instantly get the error "Beam is busy..."...
  23. H

    Thread [Kangvip] EMUI 8.0 P10 and P10 plus

    Hi friends Today i want to introduce my Rom This Rom is based on Honor V10 Rom and Kangvip project. Features: Pre rooted by Supersu Huawei Launcher Rotation Easily share none system apps by dragging Gloves mode enabled Support all Gapps except play store AND some of K settings features: Call...
  24. A

    Thread P10 Android Oreo Bugs

    The purpose of this thread is to discover and solve bugs with Android Oreo in P10 So, currently I'm on B185 and System Update keeps insisting I should update to Oreo. As I am a bit skeptical and pleased with my current version I am asking you if I should wait or update? What bugs have you...
  25. U

    Thread Oreo for P10 on Martch 12.

    Oreo Anonced for huawei p10 in march 12, but I want to know is that any way to flash oreo with fastboot comands, I decompile file UPDATE.APP, and there is every you need in .img, so do you think is that any way to just flash with fastboot?
  26. D

    Thread [GUIDE] Magisk v15.4 on Oreo

    Hi guys I was able to root my P10 using magisk and the new treble project on oreo very easily. All credit goes to topjohnwu as he's the creator of Magisk and this method all i'm doing is sharing his work and adding the boot image for the P10 Requirements: Your PC P10 ON OREO B360 (this only...
  27. Eirwn

    Thread Huawei P10 Dual - Can I assign Specific Contacts to be called by specific SIM card?

    Hey all, I recently purchased a p10 Dual. I have 2 SIM cards. a. Personal number b. Business number. I want to assign my Colleagues numbers to be called always and without the phone asking me every time, with SIM CARD b. And all the other Calls to be made by my personal number. I...
  28. LordVetinari

    Thread Huawei P10 eRecovery doesn't pick up Wi-Fi network

    Hi, I tried to use Firmware Finder's "built in proxy" to update my VTR-L29C185B165 to B172. Unfortunately something went wrong (I left my phone on the charger and it updated before I got back) and now it keeps on telling me that "Your device has failed verification and may not work properly"...
  29. krige

    Thread Off-screen navigation button / single navigation key configuration

    I am missing two actions from the conventional virtual navigation bar: Double tap on the recents button to switch between the last two opened apps Notification menu pull down button Is there a way to set the actions associated to the gestures in the off-screen navigation button? It that...
  30. D

    Thread Help - Remove Root, Restore to Original (VTR-L29)

    I have the P10 64gb Dual Sim version, VTR-L29C63B162 I have rooted the phone, unlocked the boot loader and upgrated to VTR-L29C63B162 After searching the forums and the web I can't find a successful or comprehensive way to Revert all the changes, can someone provide thier help please? - Relock...
  31. LwannaCM

    Thread [GUIDE] Huawei P10 Debrand/Rebrand/Update for Nougat&Oreo "Updated_19.5.2018"

    [GUIDE] Huawei P10 Debrand/Rebrand/Update for Nougat&Oreo "Updated_19.5.2018" Huawei P10 debrand/rebrand/update GUIDE This thread will be discontinued, because Huawei refuses to provide unlock codes in the future, because of security reasons. A shame that after the support end of the device it...
  32. J

    Thread Backup everything including settings, albums etc.

    Hi, I'm kinda new to Android (around 6 months) and after updating my P10 several times with HWOTA, because I'm rooted, I would like to know, if there's a better backup solution. HiSuite works well but not perfect. The albums aren't backed up (photos, videos and other albums). The system...
  33. gabolander

    Thread No auto-rotate on Home screen with Huawei P10

    Hi there, I'm a happy owner of a Huawei P10 from a month. I commonly have been using Nova Launcher on my previous devices, because I love it and one features I like that is usually missing in other stock launcher, is to allow autorotation even in home screen. Since with this P10 I like very...
  34. R

    Thread WIFI Calling T-Mobile USA

    Hello I got this wonderful phone, but no WIFI CALLING with T-Mobile in the US ! Things i tried TMobile Card USA : Huawei P10 - NO WIFI Calling (gone frome the menu) Samsung S8- WIFI Calling there and automaticly active T Mobile Card Germany: Huawei p10 . WIFI Calling there and...
  35. N

    Thread Samsung Experience on Huawei P10?

    So I'm thinking of buying the P10 and I'm currently a Samsung user and really like its UI, is there a ROM or a theme bringing the Samsung Expereince to the P10? By the way, because I'm not 100% sure that I am going to buy it, would you recommend this, the Galaxy S7, the LG G6 or the Honor 9? The...
  36. Ryaninja

    Thread Huawei P10 Leica Dual Camera Watermark

    So I've found that all the photos I've taken with my P10 have a watermark in the bottom right that says "Huawei P10 Leica Dual Camera" I've tried swiping from right to left and changing the watermark settings, as well as looking through the camera settings, but I can't seem to find an option...
  37. espaciosalter20

    Thread Kernel Source Code for P10 - Victoria

    Hi! i have found this open source related to our device and i want to share with all of you through Mega store. Hope this helps to faster the development for our beloved p10. cheers! LINK PD: Originally found it here
  38. A

    Thread HELP. Huawei p10 plus stuck

    Hey guys I have a Huawei p10 plus VKY-L09 and i accidentally factory reset it while I had installed TWRP. I have tried many things without any luck. I used the extractor tool and using adb commands i flash recovery/cust/system/boot img's. Nothing worked. It is stuck on bootload. I can flash...
  39. Huawei UK

    Thread HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus: Three Tricks to Compose Captivating Photos

    A good photo needs an interesting subject, but the photo's composition is equally important. This principle can easily be observed when two people take a photo of the same subject at the same location: their photos will often look completely different. This tutorial walks you through some of the...
  40. Huawei UK

    Thread Three Time-Saving Features for Your Huawei Smartphone

    Huawei's feature-packed EMUI 5.1 system comes with a number of handy shortcuts that give you quick access to frequently used features and menu options. This tutorial provides a brief introduction to three useful time-saving features. 1. Searching for Menu Options The global search feature allows...
  41. Huawei UK

    Thread HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus: Three Gestures that will Make Your Phone More Intuitive

    Muting a ringtone, decreasing the ringtone volume, or answering a call may seem like basic phone features. However, if these features are not easily accessible, they can still cause major issues for users, as illustrated in the three examples below: 1. Muting a Phone Before going to a meeting...
  42. Coguar

    Thread P10 Camera Talk Thread

    anyone have success in running google pixels camera on P10 for HDR +, and what other camera apps You use ? I use Cortex camera for quality slow photography (multi processing) like S8 but much more frames (s8 takes 3 photos and combine them) Cortex use 10 - 100 photos for best quality. I also...
  43. N

    Thread P10 PLUS Is installing Kali Nethunter already possible ? Or is someone working on it?

    That's really my question : P10 PLUS Is installing Kali Nethunter already possible ? Or is someone working on it? I think this is a great phone with great specs for using kali nethunter. Do someone know if ther are already people working on this ? Thanks in advance, Best of regards Nick
  44. L

    Thread Mate 9 3D panorama, works with P10

    Check this thread
  45. S

    Thread Where i can buy this phone?

    I need some secure place to buy the P10, i searched in Amazon and it cost $710 without warranty. There's some offer or good price to get it? Thanks in advance and have a nice day. :good:
  46. O

    Thread Official OTA firmwares for VTR-L09 for download

    Hi all, i found all newest firmwares on: http://hwmt.ru/oth/HWFF/info/view.php?find_model=VTR-L09 Be carefull! Because now iam stuck with only working fastboot and recovery. For my model (i only know what i own VTR-L09 device, but nothing more about operator, or brand) none of these FW can not...
  47. davebugyi

    Thread P10 Camera sensor details?

    Does anybody know which sensor does the P10 use? Is it the same Sony IMX286 in the P9 or a newer one? Google did not came up with anything...
  48. J

    Thread Huawei P10 reviews thread

    I'm going to start a thread on Huawei P10 reviews with my own, but there are many more out there so please do post them here. https://jmcomms.com/2017/03/21/huawei-p10-review-evolution-thats-quite-the-revolution/
  49. J

    Thread P10 Wi-Fi Calling / VoLTE problems

    I've now had my second firmware update for the P10, but as yet it still hasn't addressed major problems with VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling on the P10. In my case, this is using the phone on EE in the UK. I've heard that the P10 may be delayed from release on EE as a result of this issue, as there's...
  50. Akinaro

    Thread P9 vs P10 - Comparison

    Huawei is well known from messing with naming and fallowing basic scheme of flaghips, that why we all can say that Mate 9 or even Honor 8p where somehow successors of P9 even if its different series. But now when P10 is available, and some of you got your hands on new P10, as a user of P9 I...