p20 pro

  1. A

    Thread HCU Unlocking credits available

    I accidentally purchased credits for dc-unlocker/HCU instead of the three day option (which I have since purchased and used to unlock my bootloader using a hardware TP) so if these are of any use to someone else let me know.
  2. Balbilli

    Thread What stock ROM for huawei p20 pro

    I am looking for the correct version of emui10 for my huawei p20 pro to download. I want to upgrade from sd card.
  3. Mr. V.

    Thread [CLOSED] [SOLVED] Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L09 FRP problem

    Hello! I'm used rooted phone without google (first setup skipped gmail account and delete all google apk). Used more than 2 month... Fastboot before say FRP unlocked, now say: FRP LOCKED Restored completly TWRP backup, still FRP LOCKED. Upload first (before installed apk-s) EMMC backup FRP.IMG...
  4. C

    Thread P20 Pro video playing lags

    Hi, After recording a video and wanting to watch it, it takes over 5 secs for a video to play. It's like the play button becomes unresponsive. I have been using my phone for over a year, had nearly 6000 pics and videos which I deleted, then factory reset the phone. The videos played faster after...
  5. S

    Thread WiFi connection problems after update

    Hay guys, I am really at a loss, so I hope you can help me here. WiFi on my phone works totally fine until I install the EMUI Update (and later). From that point on, I can't use my WiFi at all. The Phone is still showing me a list of all the available Networks, but If I want to...
  6. M

    Thread P20 PRO camera producing blurry pictures please help

    Hello I bought this phone for its camera at first it was ok , but recently the images from the camera are coming blurry where the sun reflects off white or reflective surfaces I guess . Which makes the screen look horrible when taking pictures also they save with the blurring . I've resest the...
  7. N

    Thread P20 Pro stuck in boot loop, refuses to charge

    Hello, Today I noticed my phone had died earlier than usual, so I went to plug it in and charge it. The green bolt and circle appear to let me know a charge is commencing. That was followed by the unexpected disappearance of that screen and the Huawei logo and "Powered by Android" text...
  8. S

    Thread P20 Pro CLT-09 Black Screen after bootloader unlock and flash

    Hi guys, so I recently discovered you can use test point mode on my phone through DC Phoenix to then use HCU to unlock your bootloader and root and flash custom roms etc. So after unlocking the bootloader which gave a success message. My phone proceeded to reboot into erecovery as there was...
  9. I

    Thread Is P20 Pro (or Huawei phones in general) only compatible with Huawei Type-c headsets?

    I have a P20 Pro [CLT-AL00 build]. I tried using my brother's AKG type-c headset with it, which he got bundled with Samsung Galaxy S20. The AKG headset works fine with my P20 Pro. Music, videos, streaming, voice recording everything works fine. Except calling. It just...
  10. S

    Thread Youtube audio output (speaker and headphone) is much quieter than other apps

    Hi all, Been using a P20 Pro for nearly 2 weeks and the only issue I have is the volume in YouTube app - its too low when set to max. When using the loudspeaker and headphones (usb-c to 3.5mm adapter) on both the volume output is not particularly loud. Other apps such as tiktok or even the...
  11. L

    Thread Mate 20 pro camera app port

    Hello anyone knows how to import to P20 pro in Emui9.1 the mate 20 pro camera app, for the use of the HDR option that improve the dynamic range etc..
  12. L

    Thread P20 Pro bricked, stuck on Fastboot

    Question: after an update through OTG, the battery was low so the installation failed, after that the bootloader was damaged, i put some hours the phone to charge, but looks like the phone didnt charge at all, i turn off the device and let it charge but after a while the phone started in...
  13. L

    Thread Issue p20 pro & Hisuite,

    Its because windows 10 1903 release has USB issues, I tried on win 10 1809 and works good as always
  14. L

    Thread P20 Pro Camera app version

    Hello everyone, I created this thread to help anyone that wants to update the camera app version through apk, Thanks to an user from this forum I found it, camera version 305 to 312, if you have a newer version of this camera's app you can contribute with this thread sharing the new release...
  15. S

    Thread Most Stable ROM For P20 Pro CLT-29 ?

    i`m asking if there exist any stable rom for p20 pro :confused:
  16. S

    Thread No video stabilization in pie?

    Just got updated to pie last night. This morning while I was testing camera settings, I noticed that video stabilization is missing in the default camera app settings. in Oreo, I can stabilize videos (except 4k and 16:9), but now, it's simply missing. And test shots confirmed that there is no...
  17. kilroystyx

    Thread Latest FW for C432 region CLT-L29

    New firmware for C432 region is available for installation. Any feedback? Changelog: http://update.hicloud.com:8180/TDS/data/files/p3/s15/G3409/g1699/v214847/f1/full/changelog.xml B195 have same Changelog as B163!!! Edit: FF+modded Hisuite:
  18. Y

    Thread How to use simple mode - very good for the elderly

    I bought a Huawei P20 Pro for my mother. She likes this phone very much, but the icons and fonts on the desktop are a bit small, which makes her use a bit difficult. Later, I found that the P20 Pro has a simple mode. After opening the simple mode, the icons and fonts are much larger, which is...
  19. L

    Thread Upgrade to Android Pie through eRecovery and the Wifi - Firmware Finder PC

    Another method, working You need it: 1. Firmware Finder: https://pro-teammt.ru/projects/hwff/v2/GetLatestVersion.action 2. Change the dns that assigns the dhcp to your router or in your computer, go below to follow how to create a wifi hotspot with the windows 10 guide 3. eRecovery method. So...
  20. C

    Thread Huawei P20 pro dual sim CLT-L29: wifi calling works in the UK (Vodafone, EE, Three)

    Not a question, but an FYI. I bought the dual sim version (CLT-L29) of the Huawei P20 Pro in the UK, from clove.co.uk FYI (hoping it’s useful to other people): I have tested it with the 3 major networks in the UK, and wi-calling works with all 3, even if the phone is an unlocked dual-sim...
  21. C

    Thread Any icon or indication that a call is being made with wi-fi calling?

    As per the subject: is there any icon or any way to let you know that a call is being made with wi-fi calling? Samsung phones have an icon (the one to the left of the wifi icon below) but I couldn't find anything similar on my P20 pro. Yet I am sure wifi calling works because I can make calls in...
  22. L

    Thread Offical OTA problem update - repeat same notification - patch

    Hi guys, since some weeks I've got a problem with OTA official update. To make a long story short: by doing the small update (9mb) of patches attached, when the device restarts, the same notification will continue to return the same update. The installation is recognized as correctly when is...
  23. D

    Thread Huawei BETA

    I have some questions about Huawei Beta app which couldn't answered by Huawei support team :). I downloaded and installed beta application to my phone. My phone language and carrier are Turkish. There is no Turkey option in regions section of AppGallery for huawei id. I selected Germany. After...
  24. K

    Thread How to unroot Huawei P20 Pro - Boot-loader unlocked

    Dears how I can unroot my Huawei P20 Pro? I am on latest firmware CLT-L29 my bootloader in unlocked.
  25. T

    Thread Where can I buy the official charger in the UK?

    Hi, I am looking for a spare charger to take on holiday. Ideally I don't want to buy from amazon marketplace or ebay as I am worried about buying fake items. Does anyone know where I can buy the official UK charger from? Cheers
  26. D

    Thread Using professional camera apps like filmic pro or Cinema 4K

    Hello, I'm on the latest OTA update and I can't use these apps. Filmic pro does not allow me to use 24fps (always goes to 30fps). When I choose the Force FPS option it does 24fps (but this is experimental). My videos shot in 4K are worse in quality than 1080p in native camera app. I talked...
  27. C

    Thread P20 Pro CLT-L29 dual sim: compatible with wifi calling in the UK (EE or Vodafone)?

    I am considering buying the dual-sim CLT-L29 version of the Huawei P20 Pro, and I'd like to understand if it is compatible with wifi calling in the UK, specifically with EE and Vodafone. I understand from the networks' websites that their wifi calling should be compatible with single sims P20...
  28. hlubepet

    Thread [GUIDE] boost headphones volume

    REQUIREMENTS 1.unlocked bootloader 2.root FLASH MAGISK 16.4 ZIP VIA TWRP HOW TO: 1. INSTALL ANY ROOT EXPLORER (I've used ES FILE EXPLORER) 2. OPEN EXPLORER 3. ENABLE ROOT EXPLORING in left menu 4. NAVIGATE TO: /odm/etc/audio/hi6403/mixer_volumes_CHARLOTTE_ce.xml (My case this file, "ce" on the...
  29. D

    Thread Bricked P20 Pro

    Hi, I really hope somebody can help. I've bricked my P20 Pro and looking for a solution... Quick rundown of how I got here and relevant info: Original model CLT-L09 (C782) Rebranded with FunkyHuawei to CLT-L29 Was running firmware CLT-L29 (C782) Updated to CLT-L29...
  30. I

    Thread P20 Pro Chromecast - Does it work for people?

    Hi, I've been trying to chromecast for the last few days. I came from a Nexus 6p which worked 100% with chromecast. If i use the web browser and try to cast from a video channel, it never connects to my chromecast or TV (with chromecast built in). I've tried the mirroring option but it never...
  31. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][P20 PRO] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the Huawei P20 Pro's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock Factory Image...
  32. D

    Thread Does it play Netflix and Amazon Prime in HD?

    I've read on a couple forums that huawei phones don't support Netflix HD and Amazon Video in HD. Is this true? I might have to go with the S9 plus if it is
  33. M

    Thread Better to take photos in 40 or 10mpx?

    Sorry if someone already explained but I've not found an answer. I would like to understand when is better to take pictures with 40mpx sensor and when is better with 10 mpx option. Sorry but this huawei is new for me and I would like to understand how to make the best photos Thank you for help
  34. Frakatchoo

    Thread Horrible touchscreen latency / lag / delay

    Hi ! I recently bought the P20 Pro and noticed a big issue concerning touchscreen lag / delay / latency. same problem as on honor 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4in_4d4Cico https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YueU5BxyPDg Playing FPS or PUBG that requires precision becomes completely...