1. E

    Thread Green screen with red and blue squares, only able to access fastboot

    Hello guys, I've recently got my hands on a not-working P20 Lite, which was stuck on boot with the well-known "your device has failed verification and may not work properly" error message. Since I got stuck on a HUAWEI logo when trying to enter the recovery, ended up in a bootloop trying to...
  2. XperiaAwesome2000

    Thread Huawei P20 won't boot and only enters Fastboot and Rescue Mode

    Hi! A friend of mine gave me his Huawei P20 which suddenly stopped working (this is my first time working on a huawei) So the issue with the phone is that it won't boot at all, it just flashes the huawei logo every so often. When plugged into a PC I can only enter FASTBOOT&RESCUE MODE which...
  3. P

    Thread New V9.0.0.211 - Firmware Finder loads of new versions with strange names

    Hi All, I've had a google and can't find anything about this so wondering if anyone knows what is up with firmware finder? Loads of new firmwares appeared today all at once. The attached screenshot is from the CLT-L09C782 version but seems to be happening to other versions too. My guess is...
  4. B

    Thread P20 Pie no bokeh effect?

    Hi!I updated today to emui 9 and I noticed that there is no option in camera for bokeh effect!Could you confirm that this option is available or is missing?
  5. V

    Thread Does it come with Ar lenses (similarly to the honor 10)?

    I'm undecided between the 2 phones, one thing that caught my eyes is the AR lenses honor 10 feature which, although a bit childish, adds little 2D emojys to your face. My wife's p20pro doesn't have such mode. I was wondering if the p20's camera came with it though. Thanks
  6. V

    Thread honor10 camera vs p20?

    I'm wondering, further to recent honor updates, what do you think about the honor 10 camera. On paper it seems to be better than the p20 ( 24vs20 front and 16vs12 back). If price was no objection, which one does have a better camera as per today? thanks
  7. AlexCleric

    Thread EML-L09 Treble Rom

    Hi! Is there any Android 9.0 Treble Rom that boots on Huawei P20 (EML-L09), ANDROID 8.1 vendor? :confused:
  8. C

    Thread Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock back up?

    Apparently huawei are issuing unlock codes again with xda. SOURCE: https://www.google.ie/amp/s/www.theandroidsoul.com/psa-you-can-unlock-bootloader-of-your-huawei-and-honor-devices-again-for-a-limited-time/amp/ Can anyone confirm?
  9. K

    Thread Working Magisk Modules?

    Are you using any magisk modules? I have a tried some and none of them work. They install properly but don't work. Anyone using any Magisk modules? Trying to get a list of modules that work on P20 Lite.
  10. C

    Thread P20 Sudden massive improvement in battery life

    My wife has had the P20 from the week it was released in the UK. The battery life has been really poor, she is what I would consider a light user on a 4GB contract which she rarely troubles and with a tablet for use at home. She has taken to carrying a portable charger with her to make sure...
  11. T

    Thread P20 EML-L09 C782 update

    this just appeared on firmware finder but my phone will not update to it :( UK Sim Free P20 (not the pro or lite) has anyone been successful updating to it?
  12. D

    Thread Alarm issue with do not disturb set to custom (just a setting after all)

    I was gonna ask for help here but I actually found the fix and it might work for other Huawei phones too. I'm still sharing because it might help others. First I thought because I had used phone Clone to import everything from my previous phone and it had messed with the settings and I would...
  13. K

    Thread [APP] Notch Battery Bar - Live Wallpaper

    Use your notch as a battery bar in this live wallpaper. Trial - Play store link Paid - customizable - Play store link
  14. L

    Thread Huawei P20 Lite Telegram Group

    Since I saw nobody talking about it... Any central Huawei or P20 group link will be appreciated here as well. For your information, before buying this phone, I developed for Note3 Exynos. MOD EDIT: CONTENT REMOVED Per the forum rules, promoting social media is not allowed on XDA. THREAD...
  15. S

    Thread P20 touchscreen latency / lag / delay

    Seems like there's a noticeable latency with the display when it comes to register touch input. I read about the P20 Pro also having this problem. I often use apps like "Beat Maker GO", which just can't be used anymore because of the delay that comes with the display. Before that I was using a...
  16. G

    Thread Stereo speakers

    Hi all, i wonder if the P20 has different top speaker from P20 Pro or it's just a software locked feature that we don't have stereo speakers. I remember that in Nexus 5X the community unlocked top speaker so you could mod Nexus 5X to be in stereo. Maybe our P20 also could gain this feature...
  17. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][P20] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the Huawei P20 's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock Factory Image...
  18. D

    Thread Does it play Netflix and Amazon Prime in HD?

    I've read on a couple forums that huawei phones don't support Netflix HD and Amazon Video in HD. Is this true? I might have to go with the S9 plus if it is
  19. V

    Thread Dual sim or not?

    Hi, I preordered a sim-only p20 from carphonewarehouse in the UK. Everywhere it says it's a dual sim phone as standard, but have heard contradicting things on posts online. If you received yours in the UK, is it dualsim or not? many thanks