1. Enyer Falcon

    Thread Update Google Play Services on Huawei P40 & EMUI 11!? It's posible?

    Hello! Greetings to all... I have a Huawei P40 (not lite, not PRO, not PRO +), the normal one. The thing is, about a month ago, I managed to install Google Services and everything or almost everything works great. What is not? YouTube & Android Auto. Both applications require me to update...
  2. badmania98

    Thread [badmania98] Huawei P40 (Lite, Pro, Plus) Guides, News, Discussion & Support

    Hello! Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place. The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread. All solutions/tutorials are related to the...
  3. PescaDaTreta

    Thread Several Huawei phones Crackling mic audio Seeking advice/Help! Some Samsung too Huawei, streamlabs app or YouTube fault ((update) some Samsung´s too)

    ((update) ive not found one until now but aparently some samsung phones have this issue too not only huawei. getting gray hair over this :( Aparently as staded from streamlabs support there are some sansung phones with the same problem to quote "It's hard to narrow down where the issue is, but...
  4. Stefax2001

    Thread How to take RAW photos with Huawei P40 Lite E?

    Hi I have a simple question: Is there any way to take raw photos without camera2 API enabled?
  5. T

    Thread Help in issues trying to stock ROM backup and downgrade P40 Lite

    Hello to all, Please some help/advice, I'm new in this. I have more than a week trying to find a way to install Google Services on a Huawei P40 Lite. version JNY-LX2 (JNY-LGRP2-OVS - C25E5R2P1). I found some methods failed with (Using LZPlay app) then I found that is needed to do...
  6. Paylos95


    Hello guys, Is there any new method how to install Google Services on P40 Pro with EMUI 11 or 10? I currently downgraded to EMUI (C432E8R5P2).
  7. Paylos95

    Thread P40 Pro Google Service

    Is there any new method how to install Google Services on P40 Pro with EMUI 11 or 10?
  8. jericho246

    Thread GCam developer BSG is working on a GCam version that will support some Huawei (Kirin) devices!

    "have had some success for Huawei devices on the Kirin processor" Click here to view screenshots from BSG telegram group. I believe this is huge news, especially if the GCam devs could get it to work on devices like Huawei P40 series!! My P40 Pro is currently being repaired (bricked) so...
  9. TiagoOnTheP40LiteE

    Thread Trying to downgrade my P40Lite E version art LGRP2-OVS european phone getting errors everytime

    Im trying to do it trough the hisute with the proxy and firmware finder but every thing i try gives the error.Your phone seems to be soft re-branded so normal authentication won´t work.Please if any of you can help me i would appreciate it so much. Base software version: art-lgrp2-OVS
  10. faceliler

    Thread [GUIDE] EMUI 11 Complete Debloating Guide & Bloatware List

    This de-bloating guide will help you start using EMUI 11 as clean as possible. Please list packages in the comments section that you know is a bloatware and I didn't include in the spreadsheet. This guide assumes that you're using Windows 10 as your PC OS. BLOATWARE SPREADSHEET To bring back...
  11. S

    Thread [App] Googlefier Easiest Way to Install GMS or GApps

    I read about Googlefier a week ago in an XDA article over here and was overwhelmed to see how easy the process has become to install GMS. Guys who don't have Google Mobile Services yet and want to try their hands on after knowing how easy the process is now, can head to the thread in the below...
  12. tunasahinn

    Thread A New Update for P40-P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus is Coming!

    A new update is on the way for the P40 series, one of Huawei's pupils. The update does not upgrade the device, it stops on Android 10 / EMUI 10.1, but increases its security with routine security patches. Update Size: 283 MB Build Number: Update Content: This update is with Android...
  13. D

    Thread Gaming performance.

    After mucking around with certain games I used to have on my old Galaxy S8 I've discovered something interesting. I get ridiculous lag and frame pacing in just about every game leading to poor results in games such as Cytus 2 (fast paced rhythm game relying on accurate input with no lag) the new...
  14. -PaRRoT-

    Thread [GMS][P40/Pro/Lite] How to install Google Play Store and Google Mobile Services

    I recently purchased a Huawei P40 in a super offer. Most likely without this "offer you can't refuse" I would never have bought a phone without pre-installed Google services. After days of research and guides that never worked I found this video guide created by Stefano Nikolov in his YouTube...