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  1. P

    Thread OTA Update Fails with Exclamation Point; Can BL be unlocked?

    Up until recently I forgot I had this phone and resurrected it to use it as a home phone/webcam. When I powered it on it received an OTA but it reboots and almost immediately I have a dead Android with a red exclamation point; which I think means recovery is borked? Is this recoverable? Can...
  2. hazik.ahmad

    Thread Sim Unlock With Custom ROM (P769)

    So I installed a custom rom on my phone after unlocking BL and all that a while ago. I recently got the unlock code from my service provider and was trying to sim unlock the L9. I get an error saying I have an invalid code (which it isn't). A quick google told me that custom roms sometimes...
  3. UltraRoboto

    Thread [ROM][P769/760/765/768] UltraROM [6B][Locked/Unlocked BL]

    UltraROM By: UltraRoboto Made by a young Android Developer of 17 years. Built from stock for a close experience to the Pure Android experience. One of the sole surviving Custom ROM's for the Lg Optimus L9. What's In this? Additions: XDA app...
  4. maxolini

    Thread LG L9 P769 Metro Debloat

    Sorry , i misspelled on my last post and type P760 instead of P679 so i reposted it , hope a moderator erase the old one what are the list of safe apps to remove with titanium backup to debloat the p769 as i got a newer model that cant be unlocked on the BL i will remain stock firmware but i...
  5. AlbinoCookie

    Thread [GUIDE]How to fix crashing & ADB not connecting

    I've seen and had problems with my P769 a while back where I had crashes and couldn't connect through ADB. From what I could tell, there was a lack of posts having the solution. So I thought I would contribute by quickly PUTTING TOGETHER not CREATING the fix. All credit goes to Kuma for helping...
  6. dsore1218

    Thread [Q] LG P769 Security Error (Using Win8.1

    I have searched (I have 12 tabs open as I type) these forums. I see a few similar cases but I am not finding a solution. I have use CMHENDRA's guides but I am having no luck. (It is my daughters phone so I will give you what information I know) BTW, I contribute in the Note II galleries, I have...
  7. N

    Thread [Q] Replacing SystemUI.apk

    Would it be possible to get the systemUI.apk file from BobZHope's CM11 ROM and use it on my P769? I want to have a statusbar like Cyanogen's. (With the clock and everything)
  8. roamingrican

    Thread [GUIDE} Unlock p769/ms769 Bootloader for NOOBS Revisited.

    First of all this is not my original work but I finally figured out the parts that myself and many other 769ers have been hanging up on. The real credit goes to Carloswii5 for the original guide here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2277639 He's done some amazing work so if...
  9. B

    Thread [ROM][P769][2/1/2014] CM-11.0 for P769 (unofficial)

    LG Optimus L9 (cm11.0(Android 4.4.2)) (MS769, MetroPCS) KitKat(Android 4.4.2) Builder: BobZhome Current Version: CM11.0-(2-1-2014)-BobZhome-P769 Description: Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 4.4.2(KitKat) is. Furthermore, you should...
  10. rakeshdas

    Thread [Help] Unlock BL on P769

    Are there any new developments on the P769 bootloader unlock problem? I have tried all the steps, flash V20B, wait 30 mins and adb oem unlock, nothing works. FU LG.
  11. rakeshdas

    Thread [Trobleshooting] Fixing the touchscreen on P769

    I tried to unlock the BL on my new P769BK but ultimately failed. I am on stock now, but my touchscreen has a wonky touch problem, but thankfully isn't mirrored. In order to fix this, I have tried Lelus' method using ADB, but that requires root, and I don't have root at the moment, any ideas on...
  12. C

    Thread [Q] Installing twrp(p769)

    hi all> i have cyanogenmod10.2 on my p769 i need to install recovery i have cwm and twrp .img's for 769 PROBLEMS: my pc doesnt recognize my pc nandroid manager wont recognize the superuser as on the fits SOLUTIONS? so i was thinking why don't i use the terminal emulator to install one of these...
  13. M

    Thread [Q] Going to try to unlock bootloader...again P769

    OK, I'm planning to attempt to unlock the bootloader on my P769 again. I want to verify if the open Europe V20B or C.kdz are the only unlockable .kdz, or if there is a P769BK flashable .kdz available that anyone has used. If so, a link would be awwesome. I think I might have flashed V20B...
  14. K

    Thread [Q] Prevent P769 v20H install reminder

    For the past several days, I have been getting the reminder to install P76920H. My phone is rooted and I currently have a cwm installation of 20F. Is there any way to stop the OTA reminders to install the update> Keith
  15. NGD1

    Thread [Q] METROPCS P769 Bootloader

    can anyone direct me to a method to unlocking the metropcs bootloader for the L9 i cant seem to find one!
  16. T

    Thread [Q] Am I still bound to my phone model for custom roms?

    I have a P769 with unlocked bootloader, currently running AntonX CM 10.2 ROM. Am I still bound to ROM's only for P769? Is it possible to run say MIUI v5 for a P760? I understand that there would be some hardware differences (no NFC, etc) so I may have a large battery drain due to this, but is...
  17. pisherthefisher

    Thread [Q] BRICKED after unlocking bootloader

    So i finally unlocked my bootloader on my p769. After i unlocked it i went to recovery and restored my backup to a 20F T-mobile P769 rom (yes i know this was stupid, I should have installed recovery via fastboot while I had it open). My touch screen is borked and I have no recovery set up...
  18. pisherthefisher

    Thread What's the easiest way of rooting the P769?

    Im new here and have been searching around but I'm still not sure how to root. Can somebody tell me the easiest way to root my phone? I am on 20F jellybean if that matters. Sent from my LG-P769 using xda app-developers app
  19. Kid_Ding

    Thread [ROM][PA 3.68] Combo PACman Port CM10.1 [P769][11.8.2013]

    Hello all! Welcome to my port of PACman ROM featuring a combo of adamz667 and mateo1111 builds, with CM10.1 by AntonX as the base. Please thank the original developers in their thread by donating to them. I am not a dev. I did this for the p769 community to have more options. I'll try to...
  20. M

    Thread [Q] P769 keeps randomly rebooting

    My T-Mobile P769 keeps rebooting all the time. Like every 20 minutes or so. It is very annoying and I can't seem to pinpoint it to a certain action as it happens when the phone is sleeping as well. Any logs I can check or things I can do to figure out why this is happening? thanks
  21. paolobacci

    Thread [Q] Can I use another sim card in the P769(TMobile)?

    Hi, I have a LG P769 from TMobile, how can I use this phone without a tmobile sim card but from another company like my brazilian sim card? Can I flash other rom instead of p769? Will it work? I was reading this topic http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=40691384&postcount=7 here...
  22. C

    Thread [Q] Cell Radio Cuts Out Completely

    Hello! I have a T-mobile Optimus L9 P769BK. I was on software revision G and I rooted it. Regardless, the problem started before I rooted it. My cell signal cuts out completely, the only way I can get it to come back is by rebooting the phone. Does anyone know where (and if) the android OS...
  23. er.davinder

    Thread Good News! For LG Optimus L9 p760, Its Bootloader has been unlocked via JB update.

    After 3 months. ie. on 13-3-2013 As spokesperson from LG promised, LG has finally released Jelly bean update for Optimus L9 with unlocked bootloader. Hip hip hurray... :D:victory: here is the original post: I recently contacted LG regarding unlocking of bootloader of LG Optimus L9 They told...
  24. alienngp

    Thread LG Optimus L9 open source

    So Far Found the Open Source for the Lg Optimus L9 models P760 and P769 seems full of information and seeing as though it could be of great use to the Lg L9 Community i thought i would share 1. on the website use the selection and select mobile phones 2. type in the model of the phone 3...
  25. mingkee

    Thread temporary LG L9 (P760 and P769) rooting/Q&A/accessories thread

    This is the second edit. Thanks to zanakorus33 for providing the tip for modification of the file. Since .bat is not allowed to attach, I put it up as text file. The following method is applied to both international version (P760) and T-Mobile US version (P769). Prerequisite: You must install...
  26. mingkee

    Thread [Q] How to root T-Mobile LG P769?

    I have tried many different methods to root new LG P769 from T-Mobile (I want to migrate data from Galaxy Nexus), but it doesn't work, and there is no related forum here. Tried P760 root methods but I found they're false on internet, so I have to ask here, or even I may try to develop it myself...