1. Lycidias

    Thread General [NOVEMBER] Stock/Magisk Patched Boot Images

    Hello 😊 I would like to start a thread with all the stock and magisk patched Boot Images for the Pixel 6 Pro and it's updates. I'll try to keep this up to date and always use the latest Magisk Stable for patching new images. Download Google Drive: Stable: 13.0.0 (TP1A.221105.002, Nov 2022)...
  2. MaxFTW

    Thread [KB2003] Stock & Magisk patched boot.img (latest KB2003_11.C.33)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the thread I was hoping to see every time OnePlus would release a new update... Eventually I decided to do it myself! In the link below you can download stock & Magisk patched boot.img files of given OOS versions for KB2003 (European version). I'll basically do my...
  3. DKXC

    Thread Patched Magisk v23 for Galaxy A21s (A11/OneUI 3)

    Patched Magisk v23 for A21s (A11/OneUI 3) Since I've seen and tried installing Magisk via the default instructions from the legend topjohnwu himself, I noticed it does not work at all. The phone just doesn't even boot into Android at all, and after researching I have seen that this is a very...
  4. t-ryder

    Thread [OOS][EU][stock/magisk patched boot.img][stock recovery][full ROM] Oxygen OS 10.0.14

    For the EU version of the One Plus 7T pro aka hotdog - Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD01BA Full ROM update ZIP | stock boot image | Magisk v21.4 manager 8.0.7 patched boot image | stock recovery Android File Host folder Full ROM ZIP for manual upgrade | images for fastboot flashing using latest...
  5. U

    Thread How to flash magisk_patched.tar to Samsung Galaxy S10+ using Heimdall?

    I know the guide to flash that tar file assumes that people use Windows and Odin, but for those of use that use Heimdall in Linux, is there a guide on how to flash magisk_patched.tar to the phone? I know I can use VMware or VirtualBox, but I really don't like to use Windows anymore so I would...
  6. T

    Thread Help installing unbranded Firmware on LTE variant Galaxy S5e unlocked AT&T (SM-T727A)

    Help installing unbranded Firmware on LTE variant Galaxy S5e unlocked AT&T (SM-T727A) Hi! Am trying to install an unbranded Firmware on my LTE AT&T variant tablet; I am very rusty with Odin, and some details. Can anyone tell me if I am doing this right? 1- First, I installed Smart Switch for...
  7. HolyChickenGuy

    Thread [Updated/All Versions & Models!] Root OnePlus 7T Pro

    How to root any version of the OnePlus 7T Pro! 1. Make sure your bootloader is unlocked! 2. Once you're unlocked enter the following ADB commands to extract your current boot image (Your phone needs to be on) 3. Download & install Magisk Manager on your phone 4. Put the boot_a.img file on...
  8. acervenky

    Thread [MAGISK]Root OnePlus 7 Pro With Patched Boot Image 9.5.3 | 9.5.4

    Prerequisites : Running Stock OOS Unlocked Bootloader Fastboot Download : [ALL VARIANTS] OOS Patched Boot Images (Credits : Bradl79 for maintaining the folder) 9.5.4 Boot Images : OOS 9.5.4 Patched [EU Version/1913] OOS 9.5.4 Patched [Global | Indian Version /1917 | 1911] Want To Maintain...
  9. B

    Thread Pre-patched Magisk boot img for OOS 9.0.2

    Here is the pre patched boot.img for OxygenOS 9.0.2. Save someone a couple of minutes of downloading and patching etc. Hope it helps save a couple minutes of time for someone.
  10. R

    Thread Patched Odin 3.13.1

    For those looking for a modified, modded, or patched odin that is a newer build than all the fake and renamed prince comsy 3.12.3 versions floating around. I patch recent Odin versions to offer similar functionality to the princecomsy; in that it ignores both the sha256 fails and the model...
  11. pvineeth97


    Guys! We already patched aboot for two of your models. If you want to get aboot patched for other models of LG Spirit send me the original aboot with the phone information. I saw walterfuster and jorlando using unsafe methods to patch aboot. Please don't do that or flash those! Models until...
  12. I

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Dialer [v13.0.170513131 BUBBLE EDITION][MM+][NO ROOT]

    Google Phone Current Stable Version: 11.0.164102751 Current Beta Version: 13.0.170513131 Bubble Edition Latest Update: 04/10/2017 I have taken the Google Phone APK from APK Mirror and modified it to work on any Marshmallow or newer Android Device. Credit goes to Kolda_CZ for originally...
  13. DeathStroke

    Thread Patched Stock Kernel (32.2.A.5.11) - E6683/E6653

    Hello Guys, If you are having trouble patching latest kernel on 32.2.A.5.11 firmware or if you need something already cooked then you can download it right from here. Patched Stock Kernel 32.2.A.5.11 for E6683 Patched Stock Kernel 32.2.A.5.11 for E6653 Thanks to Mario.D for the E6653 Kernel...
  14. broodplank1337

    Thread [Kernel][Linaro]broodKernel Google Edtition v1.0 for Android 4.3! (04-08-2013)

    broodKernel Google Edition v1.0 for Android 4.3 broodKernel v1.0 for Android 4.3 Google Edition Features so far: - Undervolt (775mV for min freq) - Underclock (166mHz min freq) - Overclock (2106mHz max freq) Download...
  15. open1your1eyes0

    Thread [MOD] Patched Google Wallet (Updated: 5/7/13) ***New Thread***

    Patched Google Wallet for Verizon Galaxy S III Description: As a continuation of tonu42's [MOD] Latest Google Wallet (11/29/12) thread, since unfortunately the OP can no longer update his work for personal reasons I have created a separate thread where I will be updating the mods whenever...
  16. imjustafq

    Thread [PATCHED] [Services.Jar] [Jellybean] CyanogenMOD 10 ALPHA 3 / 4 ONLY ! ! ! * * *

    [/size] for those who are using cm10 alpha 3 / 4 and wanna use supercharger v6 but stuck at 50% supercharger level because the original services.jar file aren't patched.. so.. this is it.. no need to read the long-written texts from the original thread to understand how to patch.. just flash...
  17. apophis9283

    Thread [Q] patched hboot for 3.14.605.10

    Can/Will anyone make a patched hboot for 3.14.605.10. One that I can flash in bootloader and updates the hboot, as far as i know the radios and all are the same
  18. D

    Thread Google Wallet

    Has anybody managed to get it working on a UK S3? I've got installed Paul's (from Modaco) patched apk which removes the country and device check but can't get past the "initialising device" stage. Anyone had more success??
  19. zhalim

    Thread [Q] wpa_supplicant for gingerbread

    Hi, anyone has a patched wpa_supplicant for gingerbread that could do adhoc wifi? Tried with stock but can't connect to adhoc wifi.:confused: X10i rooted running WB-XPERIA TW Gingerbread v3.7.0