pattern lock bypass

  1. M

    Thread Bypass pattern lock

    I have forgot the pattern of my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) but I wanna get some data off of it. The charging port is broken and I'm powering it from a 4.5V power supply from the battery pins. It isn't rooted or bootloader unlocked but I can access the bootloader. I don't have a samsung find my...
  2. W

    Thread Samsung S6 Hack Pattern Lock / Force Google Autho

    Samsung S6 / Model: SM-G920F / Android 9... maybe (I can't check) Long story short. 3 years ago dropped phone, screen died. Had no money to fix at the time and then I 'forgot' about it as I wasn't ready to grieve my mom. Recently had screen fixed. I have obviously forgotten the lock screen...
  3. Z

    Thread Redmi Note 8 locked, need help with unlocking/backup

    Hello! I need help regarding a Redmi Note 8 that no longer accepts the correct pattern and is locked. I'm looking for a solution that would allow me to either unlock my phone without data loss, or make a backup of the phone's internal storage on an sd card/pc before hard resetting. The device...
  4. adithyan25

    Thread Remove /Bypass Lockscreen With Recovery

    Recently when i restored my data using TWRP i faced a problem at lock screen. I was not able to unlock my phone with the pin i set Earlier..So after so many attempts i was able to find a solution for that problem.(works with pattern,pin etc) Requirements ----------------- 1. A phone That...
  5. H

    Thread [Q][Tipo ST21i] Pattern locked phone, how to bypass or factory reset?

    Can I factory reset the phone which is locked with the pattern? I can't access developer mode to turn on usb debugging. :p It seems that without enabling 'Unknown sources and usb debugging' this flashtool won't connect.
  6. Hovatek

    Thread [Video] How To Bypass Pattern Lock On An A Tecno phone

    There hasnt been must support for Tecno phones here so I came up with this video tutorial . Dont forget to thank if found helpful MJ4McJ2NU90
  7. Nidhal AKA the king

    Thread Bypass pattern on JB 4.3 [SOLVED]

    SOLVED! hello everyone, I forgot my Xperia Z pattern lock. the phone is running on JB 4.3 which doesn't support the method on the earlier version... I tried this one but it didn't work, because that secret menu didn't show up, I even watched some youtube vids.. same thing! 1) Click Emergency...
  8. S

    Thread [Q] Help: Bison Mtouch tablet firmware update/Hard reset

    Bison Mtouch tablet 7". Model No: BS-901 Pattern has been locked and unable to unlock the tablet as it has only wifi connection so unable to unlock by entering Gmail ID and Password (WIFI is not connected). Also, I have tried to hard reset by pressing the Volume + / Volume - key during boot...
  9. CountParadox

    Thread [Q] S4 Backup EVERYTHING Without screen...

    Hey guys, well I managed to do it. Smashed my first screen. On a new phone too... I would have expected to smash it after a year or so but NOOOO I went and messed it up after a month or so... Anyway, I want to pull a full backup off of my phone. NANDROID Backup is it ? It still works fine, and...
  10. B

    Thread [Q] a quick bypass of pattern lock

    Recently my BFF thinks that her boyfriend is starting to lose feeling for her and start finding other girls. She wants to break up but her boyfriend won't let her go unless she provides evidence that he is losing feeling/cheating on her. She asked me to help but I'm at a loss except for one...
  11. Sanukk

    Thread [Q] Auto WiFi patern unlock?

    Hi All, I used Unlock With WiFi for quite some time so I wouldn't need to remove the lock screen when I'm at home, but I use the patern lock and this no longer works. The Dev tells me it is due to a restriction on the newer versions of Android (I'm currently on 4.1.1). Now I'm not calling the...
  12. hanaheeno

    Thread [HOW-TO] Get Unlocked | Reset Lockscreen to Slide [ROOT]

    Have you ever stuck with your kids or any intruder who tried a lot of times to unlock your pattern or entered wrong PIN codes until you got the horrible message "Too many pattern attempts" and you do not have internet connection to unlock by signing in! Here's how to reset your lock...
  13. O

    Thread [Q] Fired employee pattern locked his phone, need the data

    We fired an employee yesterday, and when he returned his phone we discovered that it is pattern-locked. I need to get around the lock to see if he has any important company data stored on his phone... Is there any way to do this on the Shift?