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  1. V

    Thread How to root Philips PUS7906

    Hello there, I was wondering if its possible to root this television I have Android 10 on it and would like to stay on it (I hope root also disable anoying update notifications) since I have my Galaxy S10+ on Android 10 as well and this tv came sluggish from the store, so if I update it it will...
  2. 1

    Thread Philips Tv issue with playstore

    Hi All, sorry this is a long first post, for a new user... Fairly sure I was a member in the past but lost my logins.. History !!.. our 4 year old Philips 50PUT6400/12 Tv has been pretty good since we bought it. recently had issues with HMDI not working, even tho' the Tv sees things plugged...
  3. fivepixels

    Thread Rooting a Funai Philips Android TV

    I've got a 65-inch 4K Funai/Philips Android TV. Is this TV rootable or flashable? The OS is so laggy on this device it makes it almost unbearable to use. Opening specific screens takes seconds because of all the quirky animations. I'd much rather prefer flashing a different version of Android TV...
  4. N

    Thread flash android tv 8 sur philips 32pfs6402

    bonjour, est-ce qu'il existe une possibilité de flasher android tv 8.0 ou ultérieur pour la TV Philips 32PFS6402/12 ? car Philips ne la met plus à jour depuis android TV 7.1.1 et donc toutes les dernières applications tournant au minimum sur android 8 ne peuvent fonctionner sur 7.1.1 . Cordialement
  5. D

    Thread Question Screen cast, P40 pro on android TV

    Hi I have a P40 pro running on normal HMS. I tried to screen cast it on my Philips TV running on android with inbuild chromecast. My phone could not find my TV. I have checked all the settings and it is as it should be. It works normal with my old P20 pro (of course on a GMS). So I couldnot use...
  6. ovso

    Thread [GUIDE] How to root 2015 Philips Android TV

    PROCEED WITH CARE OVERVIEW TABLE - UPDATED FOR APRIL 2016 * Comment applicable for TV's with QV15.1E chassis: Below guide does not apply for firmwares QV151E_R0.5.38.41, QV151E_R0.5.38.52 because root can be obtained directly under user 0 using KingRoot on them. Here you are download links...