1. zargug

    Thread Voice reducing by itself.

    Hello, i've had redmi note 9 pro for almost a year, boguht it month after it released. Im not sure if its global or EU version tho it says miui 12.0.2 global i guess its global then. Recently my phone started acting strange. My volume started to decrease by itself even if i dont have my...
  2. 0

    Thread Boot custom ROM - Android

    Hello, How can i boot up custom ROM Android (LineageOS) ? Do i need to have change something inside boot.img / or something command? Note: Phone (Umidigi Power) Android 9 Unlocked bootloader, fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img What i want is: 1. I want a...
  3. J

    Thread What was the first phone you ever used?

    Hi guys! What was the first ever phone or device you ever used? Was it an Android, iOS or something else? Did it make you change your perception of the OS as more trustworthy? Are you still sticking to using that OS? What are your ideas?
  4. S

    Thread Orbit wonder

    I have the orbic wonder and i was looking for custom roms. Can any one please help.
  5. R

    Thread Dialer Codes Not Working

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988U) from Verizon Wireless. I am not from the US, I got the phone from a guy who bought in the US. I am currently in Romania using Vodafone SIM card (Idk if this is relevant but thought I should give as much info as possible). The thing...
  6. A

    Thread Screen does not turn on when phone rings

    When I get a phone call the screen does not turn on and I have to press the phone button to answer it. I tried installing the Google Dialer, then switched back to stock so not sure if that messed it up. Also, idk why but all my apps are asking for permissions again. I'm pretty sure the screen...
  7. Retch_100

    Thread Recommendation to a phone with small screen?

    Hello, there are so many android phones out there, and i just wanted to ask whether you have any recommendations to a model which fits my needs and can be bought used for cheap, should be no problem if it's a few years old. things it needs: small size (like iPhone 6 or 12 mini) nfc for Google...
  8. C

    Thread Day 2 of the Huawei UK Black Friday deals! its a killer deal

    Huaweis Black Friday deals: Best Deal Picks: Laptop: Huawei Matebook D15 2020 - Ryzen 5 8GB + 512GB +Huawei Bluetooth Mouse +Huawei Freebuds 3i +Huawei Sound X Bluetooth speaker £699 Phone: P30 Pro New Edition 256GB - still runs Google £699...
  9. A

    Thread Hey guys could you help me pick be best phone out for sprint with root development?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm having a hard time finding a phone that is sprint compatible that allows the bootloader to be unlocked and obtain root. I read the new s10 5g from sprint can have bootloader unlocked. I've been out of the rooting game since the s6 I believe and I want...
  10. C

    Thread [News] Honor 9A - An entry level phone with everything you need

    HONOR has long been the go-to mobile brand for those who want a unique phone packed with flagship features, without paying more. The HONOR 9A is its latest masterpiece. Modern and stylish, it's the phone for those who want more, without paying more. Where a lot of entry level phones struggle to...
  11. P

    Thread [Geek Lab] What is NFC? Where can I find it on HONOR 9A?

    NFC has become a standard feature in mid-range and high-end smartphones, but it may sound more like a cool novelty than something you'd actually use. However, the more you learn about NFC, the more you'll be drawn to using it in daily life. That realization has inspired me to write a bit on...
  12. alebcay

    Thread Phone loses mobile data after a few hours

    So this is something I've noticed happening on my Moto G5S Plus for a few months now. I was using Pixel Experience 10 without any issues up until mid-March, when I started seeing this issue. I would have perfectly good LTE and other mobile data when starting the phone, and usually I keep it on...
  13. B

    Thread I Just bricked my Asus phone QDLoader 9008

    Hello I have asus rog phone Z01QD By mistake i used asus phone 2 fastboot rom Now its only QDLoader 9008 :( any way to fix this ?
  14. J

    Thread HTC U11 in 2020?

    I have used the U11 as my daily driver since 2017, and have become quite attached to it. Its battery life and overall perfomance has been great and never let me down. I play a few upto date games, love taking pictures and listening to music. it has had a few major drops, but luckily apart from...
  15. A

    Thread How to hide sensitive info from notifications on Realme 5?

    I can't, for the life of me, find an option to do something that's supposed to be simple and even my old LG G4 can do pretty easily. I want to hide all sensitive informations from the notifications on the lock screen. How can I achieve that? Any help is ppreciated P.S.: LineageOS cant come...
  16. U

    Thread How to launch Google Assistant on phone from Galaxy Watch

    Hi all, I've been searching for a way to trigger Google Assistant on the phone from the watch (kind of like a remote Google Assistant button) and I thought I'd share my progress and gather insights for alternatives/better ways of doing it. This might be super obvious to some of you but for me...
  17. Y

    Thread New Gcam for Realme 3?

    Do we have new gcam version that is stable? Or maybe a 7+ version of it just asking. Thanks
  18. T

    Thread PX5 Headunit Phone issues when recording dashcam DVR

    I have been having a serious issue with my head unit ever since I got it. Well, actually, not me, but everyone who I talk to on my phone with it over bluetooth, in particular when my DVR is recording the dashcam. When the built-in DVR is recording the dashcam, it keeps making a loud buzz sound...
  19. G

    Thread [Opinions] Which case I should buy Spigen vs Ringke?

    These are the only two reputable brands I could find. Others I found were just too expensive (imported). And let me just throw it out there, these still feel very expensive to me, but I'm only willing to pay cause they're reputable brands. I'm most looking forward to pics of the products...
  20. F

    Thread Is this phone really worth it?

    In the upcoming month or so I'll be able to afford spending about 450 to 500 euros on a new device. I'm on a tight budget and my current Galaxy A5 2017 doesn't cut it anymore. I thought that coriscanu's Pie port would've kept it alive for more but seeing as development is mostly halted, I don't...
  21. N

    Thread What is the use of OIS?

    I am planning to buy a phone that could double up as a book(text) scanner. So far I have owned phones without OIS(Samsung galaxy Note 3 Neo, Honor 7x) and what I have found is that while taking photos of books(with proper lighting and flash) if I take 10 pages, mostly 1 or 2 pages are slightly...
  22. surfistche

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro English menu

    Hello, I am about to order Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and I was wondering if any of you have bought the Chinese Version (I did read that there won't be a global version). I see orders from all over the world, but no mention about how the phone itself is translated into English. Can someone who...
  23. J

    Thread Anyway to improve (loudness) speaker phone volume ?

    I picked up a USA unlocked note 9 recently. The sound volume is mostly fine for most things (including notifications). However, the speaker phone is very soft. Is there anyway to boost the volume on the speaker phone ? I hear the s10+ is better but i just got this thing so would like to find a...
  24. Y

    Thread RoOt OuR pHoNe PlIs

    pls root our oppo a83.
  25. joeo10

    Thread Selling a Nextbit Robin

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I have a Nextbit Robin for sale if you're interested. Excellent condition, very light use. LineageOS included. More info here:
  26. F

    Thread Caller ID number info

    Hey there! My father just changed an iPhone 4 for a Huawei P20 Lite and he was asking me if there's no way to show, in the caller ID screen, the "name" of the number of whoever is calling. What I mean by "name" is whether the person is calling from home, work, cellphone or other customized...
  27. T

    Thread how to disable 'Contacts'/enable Pixel phone *including pop-up*?

    I've installed the apk for the Google dialer ( and would like to be able to use that on phone calls, including the pop-up that I used to get on my nexus 6p. Right now...
  28. M

    Thread Send phone screen to tablet via hdmi cable?

    I got old android tablet with clean aosp android 4.2 and galaxy note 8 with oreo . I got dex . Tablet is go orion 102 . Old **** which no1 know . Tablet got mini-hdmi cable ( power which can send screen to tv ) and 2 mikro-usb . But I was thinking about connecting dex to tablet and use tablet...
  29. saban56

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Phone 24.0.216196427 BUBBLE EDITION [NO ROOT]

    Google Phone for unsupported devices Current Stable Version: 24.0.216196427 How to install: • Download the APK file from the "Downloads" tab. • Remove any previous version of the Google Phone app. • Install downloaded APK file. • Give all permissions to the app in Android Settings...
  30. linuxct

    Thread [8.0+] ROG Phone Apps Ports - Live Wallpaper + Camera

    ROG Phone Apps Ports - Live Wallpaper + Camera With the help of @MishaalRahman, I've been working on porting a few interesting apps from the (still upcoming) ROG Phone. These include, the Game Mode Live Wallpaper (for which I've also made a companion app, used to toggle the states of the...
  31. D

    Thread ZTE Blade L2 Broken Need HELP

    Hi all, so i didnt install any custom rom or anything, phone has all stock, today i got message "Encryption unsuccessful" i try to reboot phone if recovery and to factory reset but i got error like " Mount /data error, force format /data mount /data error. i also wipe cache but same. then i...
  32. JakeCherry97

    Thread [Petition] Nokia Phone Recovery Tool

    Petition - HMD Global - Nokia Phone Recovery Tool Myself i am experiencing problem with my Nokia 7 Plus, that can be fixed only by re-flashing whole phone from scratch. Phone is randomly rebooting on it's own when it's charging. My problem started since i decided to try Android P Developer...
  33. D

    Thread Phone service not waking during receiving call

    Ok as the title says , when i receive calls , my phone only starts vibrating but the screen is off . and even when i turn it on by touchscreen , there is nothing on the screen !!! and when this happens , "phone" and "contacts" apps wont open . this goes away by restarting the phone but comes...

    Thread My phone keeps rebooting. I can't find a solution.

    I bought One Plus 5 in October last year. A new problem has arisen recently. It randomly starts rebooting. The lock button is perfectly fine but it is continuously set to 'PRESSED' position by I don't know what. The button is perfectly fine. But something keeps triggering the on button. It's...
  35. shadowstep

    Thread Enable Native Call Recording [OOS] [ROOT/NON-ROOT]

    Hi everyone - just got confirmation that OxygenOS's native call recording can be enabled by the methods listed in this thread created by me. Feel free to have a look at linked thread for more information/questions. Have a nice day, y'all! :)

    Thread [Tutorial] How to sideload apps on Windows 10 Mobile

    People often ask so I made a video:
  37. T

    Thread Strange LG G4 Issues

    Hello everyone, I havent been on XDA in a while, but now im reaching out to the community. I am having weird issues Like overheating, "false screen starts", very dim screen, unresponsiveness while charging, camera buzzing, and bad camera quality. For starters, The overheating is due to the...
  38. linuxct

    Thread [TREBLE][Oreo][How-To] Install any Generic System Image (GSI) on the Razer Phone

    Hello everyone, I've been tinkering around with Generic System Images since the Oreo Developer Preview 1 came out for the Razer Phone. I'm glad to say I got it to work, with lots of help from MishaalRahman, P4Block and indirect help of phhusson and TheCrazyLex. What's working as of right...
  39. K

    Thread How can i get more storage?

    Someone knows a way to get more storage? I have my sd card in this phone but i cant move the installed Apps on internal storage to sd. Is it possible to Have the sd card as the main internal storage? Or somehow install apps there? If yes, how?
  40. mfrey0118

    Thread How to connect Galaxy S7 to Shield via bluetooth

    OK so I did a search and couldn't find anything. I have an android phone (Galaxy S7) and I would like to connect it to my Nvidia Shield Pro via bluetooth and play music from my phone's SD card and have it stream to the shield to play on my home theater surround sound. I have paired my phone with...
  41. D

    Thread Using google phone, how to hide Dialler?

    Hey all, I've installed a version of the google phone app via apkmirror and it works. But I want to hide the dialler app! I am using Oreo and tried to freeze dialler with titanium backup, and although it says it is Frozen I still see the icon and it still works. Can I uninstall...
  42. B

    Thread No Contacts

    Hi Everyone. I just purchased a Verizon LG V30 VS996 and I have been installing all of my apps and setting up phone. Last night I removed a bunch of apps using ADB that I thought were not needed (im sure most were not), but I realized this morning I have no contacts in Google Contacts. I...
  43. drago10029

    Thread From HTC 10 help picking next phone

    So I don't want to make about what's wrong my htc 10 or why i don't like it... that said. I owned a nexus 6p which i loved, i traded it for a HTC 10 because of size. fast forward until now, 7 months later. I really miss my nexus 6p, I had a the battery life, AMOLED display and camera...
  44. Martin.077

    Thread [APP][PATCHED] Google Phone v53+BLACK THEME [NO ROOT]

    Google phone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Latest Google Phone app Beta (v.53) can now be installed from the Play Store on any phone...
  45. B

    Thread SW3 Vulnerable to "BlueBorne" security breach?

    Hey guys :) my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge got the security patch, which fixes the vulnerability to "BlueBorne" this week. I still feel unsafe to use my watch, because it did not get any Patch since December 2016... Does anyone know if the SW3 is vulnerable to the "BlueBorne" security breach...
  46. emime12

    Thread [MOD] Google Phone - Bubble Edition (V. 18.0.187698947.LATEST)

    Mod by Martin.077: Changelog: 1. Patch for installation and work on unsupported devices (it is now installed and works on any phones 6.0+). 2. Patch the contacts. 3. Fixed notifications of missed calls. 4. Turned on the floating button. 5. English t9. 6. Version all in one (arm/arm64). 7...
  47. dudekiller

    Thread Android Auto with Android head unit

    hey guys, i just found out android head units exist and it makes me excited. that being said i have a subaru legacy 2015 and all ive wanted was the ease of use to have the address pulled up on my phone and have my head unit automagically have it and give be turn by turn directions on its screen...
  48. J

    Thread Dial / DTMF tones during a call not being played - Samsung say it's not a feature!

    Use Case: 1. Call a conference call number eg: WebEx 2. You are asked to enter the meeting number 3. You press the numbers but no tones are played Had a tech support call with Samsung just now. Firstly they say this isn't a feature on EU Note 8s (WTF!) Then say it should work out of the box...
  49. B

    Thread Does anyone use this as a daily driver phone?

    I'm debating getting the Mediapad M3 to replace my current phone. I used to have the Mediapad X2 and loved the size. Haven't been able to find a huge phone since then. I'm wondering if anyone has used this for texting and calling and all that and what your experience was. I do know that it...