1. J

    Thread Question How can I edit or remove the HEAT restrictions

    The heat restrictions are kinda nutty on the Oneplus 10 pro. . There has to be a way to edit or shut off the heat restrictions in Android or with this phone.. does anyone know a way?
  2. Mike-mei

    Thread Synergies between Phones and Wearables Enhance the User Experience

    HMS Core Wear Engine has been designed for developers working on apps and services which run on phones and wearable devices. By integrating Wear Engine, your mobile app or service can send messages and notifications and transfer data to Huawei wearable devices, as well as obtain the status of...
  3. Nikson4200

    Thread Question Phone Case For Xiaomi 11, verry cheap?

    Hello guys, Just found this cheap cases for xiaomi 12,11 and want to know does it fit, Already bought one from andother supplier but they doesnt fit very well. Its about this one - Please any suggestions are wellcome! Thanks!
  4. Z

    Thread EDITED [Q] Why is /u0026 in the names of my apps? How am I being hacked & tracked?!? Total N00b needs help!

    Scrolling through the apps installed on my phone, and it is hit or miss on which of the Android and/or Google apps have \u0026 in the middle of their names. Not all, but it seems the important ones do, that downloaded and installed in the middle of the night hours or days after the initial...
  5. acekingmirror

    Thread HELP...My screen is black, but blinks

    Hello, I dont know what happen to my phone, the screen stoped working, The screen is cracked at the bottom, no problem with that until now. If i try to boot the phone, for a split second, you can see the screen turning on and a horizontal line. Any ideias how to fix it? Replace screen? Thanks
  6. R

    Thread Phone bootloop after flashing twrp

    Don't know if somebody just have this problem before Recently i was trying to install a Twrp for my phone (Infinix Hot 11 X689F), I found one in internet and i download it, but I installed a Twrp of Infinix hot 11S, so, when I flashed the recovery, my phone power off and started the bootloop, i...
  7. L

    Thread Which phones or tablets have 32 gb ram and PHYSICAL front buttons?

    I've looked a long while and cannot find exactly that
  8. T

    Thread Why the monet (material you) theme not applying to phone app

    Ive recently installed spark os gsi on my device with nikgapps basic, i faced some bugs and tried to fix and fixed some by searching, but then i opened phone app and saw theme is not applying to tha app. I tried clearing cache, uninstall update, clear data, reboot, even get device certified...
  9. N

    Thread Mass input adb uninstaller in python(open source)

    Hello guys,i was super fed up with having to manually input one by one packages to be uninstalled by adb,so i decided to code something that does it for me(please keep in mind that i am a beginner in coding don't be too harsh on me but if you have any suggestions to optimize the code and even...
  10. roctiv

    Thread Question Connection with Marshall Motif ANC (headphones)

    Hello there , Does anyone tried to connect this phone with 🎧 Marshall Motif ANC ? I get an error (pairing failure) with Marshall Bluetooth application , the earphones appears with a popup but then I got connection error too. It says to try to manually add Motif ANC from Bluetooth settings but...
  11. jamal2367

    Thread Development [ROM][13.0_r20][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 7.5 [01/02/23][NT Cam]

    Evolution X 7.5 for the Nothing Phone (1) - [Spacewar] /* * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X, * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following * these directions. YOU are choosing to...
  12. S

    Thread Android phones that read NFC cards from the front

    Most phones with NFC tech nowadays have the NFC chip at the back. That makes sense: a phone is a personal device and the placement of the chip aids in its usage - you tap the phone against whatever you need to tap it against with the back side of it while holding the device in your hand. From my...
  13. A

    Thread Question Full Google Dialer app spam filtering in OOS13

    Is there a way to get the full Google phone app spam filtering (pixel exclusive) working in OOS 13? It looks like the Google phone app is the only dialer which comes with oxygen OS 13. The dialer framework v9 Magisk module doesn't appear to fix it on OOS 13 for me, even after clearing phone app...
  14. S

    Thread What do you consider a compact phone?

    What do you consider a compact phone, 4.5 inch or 5.2 or 5.7 or 6.1?
  15. C

    Thread Is it possible... In any way... to have two buttons/windows that overlap on top of each other, both respond to a singular mouse/touch event?

    I am running Android x86 (therefore, rooted by default) on my laptop, with a Desktop Mode launcher installed, this allowing me to running multiple app instances on-screen at the same time in the form of little windows. I managed to install the same game three times and have them each open as if...
  16. iamhumans

    Thread Unable to flash firmware for Samsung S6 (SM-G920T)

    I've been attempting to root my Samsung S6 (T-Mobile variant), but have been unable to flash the firmware. I've read through several guides on rooting Android devices and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. For additional context, this is the guide I've been following: Specs: Phone...
  17. Suskana

    Thread I need help I don't know what this error means on my phone.

    What does this mean? After I bricked my phone I used Chimera Tool to detect what error it had. And it gave me this. I got this after trying to flash a rom and hit "Firmware pgrade" when I flashed it with SP Flash Tool. Can this be repaired? How can I do it?
  18. samileo31

    Thread Doogee S61 Series: Info - midst level with transparent back cover

    Hello everyone I got the news of Doogee midst level new rugged series going to launch very soon. it will come with an all-new see-through edition (transparent back cover). The S61 series have 2 models - Doogee S61 and Doogee S61 Pro. And the launch date is expected to be set around the end of...
  19. T

    Thread Question Can't make or receive calls

    Just got an X60 Pro+ with Origin OS, using it in the US. Data works fine, (including 5G) texting works fine, but I can't connect to phone calls. If I try to call someone it automatically says call ended. I've tweaked some network settings and tried both SIM1 and SIM2 slots. Any ideas? TIA The...
  20. S

    Thread Only airtel sim card is working . Not a carrier locked phone...

    HELP... Please......... I have purchased a used Google pixel 3. But only airtel (an operator )sim card is working on the phone. Other operators sim card is showing signal but it is not fully functioning (can't make or receive calls,same in the case of text message)but Internet is working fine...
  21. ProPizzza

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 5G won't recognize rollback file.

    I have tried everything. I'm trying to go back to Android 11 after the recent upgrade from T-mobile to Android 12. Yes, I renamed the files to .apk and .zip. Yes, I moved it into my internal storage, yet my stupid phone just doesn't find it. I've done this like 10 times. No I'm not downloading...
  22. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post Your Wallpapers

    Here you can post your Wallpapers! Happy Posting ;)
  23. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][XPOSED] SIM Number Setter

    SIM Number Setter SIM Number Setter is a small Xposed module that invokes normally unused Android System code to set the "subscriber number" on the device's SIM card. This is the number displayed in the system settings, and used in apps such as Google Messages, as well as being available to...
  24. B

    Thread Galaxy J7 SM-J700F not turn on

    Hi . The Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F 4G Phone are It turned off suddenly . please help me about this problem .
  25. Betaloop

    Thread I need a second phone budget 200 bucks

    Dear XDA members, I am brand-new to android OS and whatever phone you recommend will be my first android device. Although, I will say I would like to experience pure android. Phone requirements it needs have good ROM and root support budget 200 bucks. Thank you!
  26. portugalas

    Thread Question Updater problem/bug

    Hello, I've been wondering, has anyone come across this problem? It's been stuck like this since I've updated my phone to MIUI 12.5. As far as I know and read, the latest stable version of MIUI on POCO F3 is Rebooting does absolutely nothing, neither does "Update tonight" The...
  27. Sasukeeee

    Thread Help in flashing custom recovery

    So i tried to flash TWRP in my Note 4. (Snapdragon) after i booted in twrp with fastboot reboot recovery <imagename.img> it asked for a password so i exited the twrp recovery. after normal rebooting, the phone wouldn't load the Mi Recovery 3 or smth. and i can't boot in fastboot coz the button...
  28. M

    Thread Why doesn't YouTube have Surround Sound in 2021?

    Hello there, guys! The question is not a new one. It has already been asked a couple times over the years. For some strange reason though, nothing changed. Surround Sound is glorious. You don't even need an expensive setup, nowadays even normal headphones or sound bars can utilize algorithms...
  29. FumeSaxon

    Thread Phone turns off while booting and then keeps on turning on and off.

    My phone is a Lenovo a536. I wasn't using it for a while but came across it yesterday. I found the battery swollen. I charged it a bit. After a while, the charging animation came but the phone turned off by itself. I thought it was because of the low battery. So I gave it some time and after an...
  30. Sajeevkaif

    Thread Connect to WIFI Phone Restart Automatically, HOW TO FIX

    When i connect to wifi my phone(Redmi k20 pro) Restarting!😌😌😌 how to fix
  31. MrAmos123

    Thread Question [HELP] Call Screening Setup Issues

    I'm having issues getting past the "Download a language update to finish setting up Call Screen", been trying for the last 48 hours. Clicking it returns "The update isn't ready yet, wait a few minutes and try again" Phone: Pixel 6 Pro Google Phone Version: 72.0.406921769-publicbeta-pixel2021...
  32. X

    Thread After Hard Reset LG-D520 stucks

    After doing "Hard Reset" LG-D520 boots up and then shows a message when pressing 'Next' "LG Setup Wizard has stopped". Please see the attached photos. This repeats every time. What to do? image 1 << After pressing 'Next' show this. image 2 << After press 'OK' it shows the TMobile logo. image 3...
  33. yesimxev

    Thread [ROM][Official] Kali NetHunter for the Nokia 6.1 LOS18.1

    I present to you: Kali NetHunter for the Nokia 6.1 LOS18.1 Kali NetHunter is an Android ROM overlay that turns an ordinary phone into the ultimate Mobile Penetration Testing Platform. The overlay includes a custom kernel, a Kali Linux chroot, an accompanying Android application, which allows...
  34. D

    Thread Useing phone as a Video Monitor

    I'm interested in using my phone as a OTG portable test monitor by allowing the USB-C Port to be an HDMI Input. I've found several videos online showing how to make this happen. HackADay Link Youtube Link In short the steps are - Have USB debugging on. Have A USB HDMI capture card. Use a USB...
  35. crisan.gabriel

    Thread I have an Asus zenfone 4 max x00id, and I don't find a Linux distro for it.

    I would love If you could provide me with a link or file of a Linux distro that works with this phone.
  36. S

    Thread Is there a way to replace the default Samsung phone app with a different version?

    I bought the Galaxy S21 in the US and was very disappointed to find out that it had limited functionality than variants sold elsewhere (like dual sim and built-in call recording). Is there a way to replace the US version of the phone app with the non-US version so that I can have call recording...
  37. PSogeki

    Thread Locked phone

    Hi, i'm new on this website so i'm sorry if i'm doing something wrong. I have a old phone (Samsung j5 2016) whose pin I can't remember to unlock it and i would like at least to recover photo and data in it. The phone has not a custom recovery and it is no rooted. I have tried everything...
  38. M

    Thread [CLOSED]phone forums on darknet

    {Mod edit}
  39. I

    Thread How to install OOS 11 Phone/Dialer app on OOS 10?

    I recently downgraded my OP 7 Pro from OOS to OOS 10.3.8 as I found the former to be causing a lot of stutters and hiccups. One of the things that I miss about OOS 11 is the Phone (com.oneplus.dialer) app. I tried simply installing the app, and despite it having different package name...
  40. C

    Thread How to use your device (PC/Tablet) with Android X86/ Bliss OS as a phone?

    How's a normal android phone handling mobile connections, phone calls, SMS sending? Does the phone manufacturer have to take care of this? Or is everything included in the Android X86 / Bliss OS builds? Can i use my tablet like a normal mobile phone? My Acer W701 tablet (Intel i5) has a build-in...
  41. MDThompson51686

    Thread Family member calls me but using a totally different number than my Verizon one? 🤔😕

    Hey guys I have a Google Pixel XL4 and my father has a Samsung Galaxy S5. I received a text of a Tik Tok link from what I thought was him at first but then realized it wasn't from him as my saved contact but a different number from Georgia. I also noticed at the beginning of the Text was "Dad"...
  42. chairman011

    Thread How To Guide New firmware "keep root" WW-18.0840.2103.26

    Okay so I went to the Asus website Got the latest firmware which is the most recent one for this month with the latest security patch. I remember doing this method with the OnePlus 8 pro same process worked for me...
  43. zargug

    Thread Voice reducing by itself.

    Hello, i've had redmi note 9 pro for almost a year, boguht it month after it released. Im not sure if its global or EU version tho it says miui 12.0.2 global i guess its global then. Recently my phone started acting strange. My volume started to decrease by itself even if i dont have my...
  44. 0

    Thread Boot custom ROM - Android

    Hello, How can i boot up custom ROM Android (LineageOS) ? Do i need to have change something inside boot.img / or something command? Note: Phone (Umidigi Power) Android 9 Unlocked bootloader, fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img What i want is: 1. I want a...
  45. J

    Thread What was the first phone you ever used?

    Hi guys! What was the first ever phone or device you ever used? Was it an Android, iOS or something else? Did it make you change your perception of the OS as more trustworthy? Are you still sticking to using that OS? What are your ideas?
  46. S

    Thread Orbit wonder

    I have the orbic wonder and i was looking for custom roms. Can any one please help.
  47. R

    Thread Dialer Codes Not Working

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988U) from Verizon Wireless. I am not from the US, I got the phone from a guy who bought in the US. I am currently in Romania using Vodafone SIM card (Idk if this is relevant but thought I should give as much info as possible). The thing...
  48. A

    Thread Screen does not turn on when phone rings

    When I get a phone call the screen does not turn on and I have to press the phone button to answer it. I tried installing the Google Dialer, then switched back to stock so not sure if that messed it up. Also, idk why but all my apps are asking for permissions again. I'm pretty sure the screen...
  49. Retch_100

    Thread Recommendation to a phone with small screen?

    Hello, there are so many android phones out there, and i just wanted to ask whether you have any recommendations to a model which fits my needs and can be bought used for cheap, should be no problem if it's a few years old. things it needs: small size (like iPhone 6 or 12 mini) nfc for Google...
  50. C

    Thread Day 2 of the Huawei UK Black Friday deals! its a killer deal

    Huaweis Black Friday deals: Best Deal Picks: Laptop: Huawei Matebook D15 2020 - Ryzen 5 8GB + 512GB +Huawei Bluetooth Mouse +Huawei Freebuds 3i +Huawei Sound X Bluetooth speaker £699 Phone: P30 Pro New Edition 256GB - still runs Google £699...