1. Patoilo

    Thread Question Bought two 256gb units - Got different cameras and sensors

    Hi folks. I bought two devices of the new 256/8 version - both with exact same firmware and model codes. After unpacking them and running HW Info on both, I realized that: - One came with s5khm2_i_samsung (f1.9) - The other came with s5khm2_ii_samsung f(1.89) - higher angle of view. Also, I...
  2. malikin

    Thread How To Guide Contact Photo Call Background

    1) Download and install an APK 2) run app and find CALL 3) click on LABS 4) click on TRY 5) activate full screen bg image 6) reboot and check Somehow it doesnot work for everyones, but try.
  3. R

    Thread Camera Issue

    Hello, My camera (main) have blurred image all the time. i tried to change app, install firmware again, but nothing is working. I think something is wrong with the camera but dont know if it is software issue ou hardware. When i put phone near an object (less than 10cm) the picture is clear...
  4. gmikhail

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Glitch Lab

    Glitch Lab Apply various effects to image from camera or gallery Simple and clean interface in Material Design style. Apply effects with just a few taps. Variety of effects. Different effects from simple filters to complex distortions. Ability to apply multiple effects at the same time...
  5. Abaddon

    Thread General Photography - Post your awesome shot captured by your S22 ultra!

    Lets appreciate how great the camera is! share your shots! post them here or upload raw if you want to another site so XDA's server wont get overloaded lol Post if from exynos or snapdragon
  6. G

    Thread Best rom and camera app for photography

    Hello i want to convert my Mi Note 10 lite to a excellent camera cellphone because I need to take photos that capture the lighting and the details of the products that I am going to sell very well, the videos do not shake and I have autofocus when I shoot, sometimes I move the product away and...
  7. X

    Thread forgotten pin and i need my images

    special hi to every members and other grades of xda i have a question and i will be happy if any one could help some one came to ma and asked me to bypass his pin ( that he forgotted) and he has his Deceased mothers photo only in his phone i said him not to wipe data and let me ask some one as...
  8. Q

    Thread Question Issue with focus on camera 1.0x

    Hello ! This weekend , i find an issue on my S21 ultra.. With the 1.0x camera , the back of the photo is always blurry... With 3.0x or 0.6x no problem ! I try to touch my screen for the focus but same problem... my mother have the same phone and she don't have the issue :( someone have this...
  9. P

    Thread Question Best photo/video quality: Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC or Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro?

    Between the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro which has the best final camera, the measurements show the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC. But in the many times I have seen on the internet sometimes it looks like the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is good and other times the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro. What is the...
  10. N

    Thread Device with Android OS on which I can open my favorite Camera app straight from Lock Screen, without PIN

    I keep losing Photo/Video opportunities on great moments, for two reasons: My device doesn't let me choose which Camera app to open from Lock Screen's shortcut. (only the native Camera app, which sucks) I must type my PIN to be able to even open the native Camera app. I keep telling myself...
  11. A

    Thread What is the best Camera APK for Geotagged Photosphere?

    I just got a new Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB/128GB running MIUI 12 - However I really want to take 360 Degree Geotagged Photosphere Photos to upload to Google Maps - What is the best Software /APK to do that with this phone?
  12. S

    Thread S10 series uses is really 3MP with bin technology

    i shoot RAW (DNG) photo File with the camera, open with irfanview saw the picture is 3MP! but looks even better then the 12MP one, beside the noise that you can remove ,i prefer the noise, the "regular mode" photos look like oil paint when 100% i guess because lots of "soft" and pixel binding i...
  13. D

    Thread Would it be possible to port the starry mode of the x3 superzoom?

    I see that the X3 superzoom has a method for photographing the milky way. Do you think it would be possible to carry that camera to others realme? Or at least that photography mode?
  14. J

    Thread Is there a way to use both custom and recommended in Wallpaper Carousel

    Is there a way to use my own personal photos along with the photos you are subscribed to in Wallpaper Carousel. I have some photos I like to look at in my lock screen but I also want to see new stuff. If this isn't possible in Wallpaper Carousel, is there an alternative? Thanks in advance. :p
  15. N

    Thread 48Mp Unlocker for Mi A3

    I have tried to bring files from android 9 to android 10 without success, to crdroid rom, it causes bootloop, and in some cases it does nothing because of the 48Mpx issue, I have used files from other phones with similar sensor and still cannot unlock them, Xiaomi Apart from having removed the...
  16. J

    Thread Phone takes only portrait photos?

    I just took about 60 photos in landscape. That is, I held the phone wide-ways and took the picture. Now I look at the photos and they are all portrait (small landscape photo at the top) and have to be rotated to see them properly. This seems to happen every time I take a picture. What am I...
  17. spyrou007

    Thread Good camera and up-to-date ROM

    Dear S8 / S8+ lovers:laugh: You may know Samsung's policy about firmware updates: it is not going to last forever, unfortunately. BUT, Samsung provides the best camera drivers and software for our S8/S8+. So: Could you point me to the direction of a ROM that will be updated (AOSP or Lineage...
  18. Osushi

    Thread Proportion of photos, what to choose?

    Hello in what proportions do good quality photos be taken? 3:4, 9:16, 1:1, full. someone will help, and what the individual proportions mean?
  19. M

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Fancy camera with filters

    Fancy camera Link download: The best and colorful of Camera app A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone Features: - Beauty design - Multiple beautiful filters: Epic...
  20. Romanpower

    Thread The Messages "bug" is still here in Android 10

    When you get text messages and reply from the notification shade, it still shows a blank profile image after you send you message. This happened in Android 9 and was something many people online and myself have reported. Somehow Android 10 doesn't deal with it. Does anyone know who to change...
  21. Romanpower

    Thread The Messages "bug" is still here in Android 10

    When you get text messages and reply from the notification shade, it still shows a blank profile image after you send you message. This happened in Android 9 and was something many people online and myself have reported. Somehow Android 10 doesn't deal with it. Does anyone know who to change...
  22. Romanpower

    Thread The Messages "bug" is still here in Android 10

    When you get text messages and reply from the notification shade, it still shows a blank profile image after you send you message. This happened in Android 9 and was something many people online and myself have reported. Somehow Android 10 doesn't deal with it. Does anyone know who to change...
  23. B

    Thread Which one GCam is the best for now for One Plus 6?

    I'm not happy with stock camera so i think about install GCam but i don't know which version is the best for OP6. I have OOS v.9.0.5 if it's important.
  24. SertaGE

    Thread [Q] Full screen caller photo

    Hi all, I want to see caller photo as full screen for incoming calls. But device shows only small circle. How to set full screen caller photo without 3rd part app? Thanks for answers
  25. M

    Thread Photo's not saved when phone is locked while taking picture

    I have set the AI button to open the camera after 2 clicks, which it does, also of course when the phone is locked. In this state when you make a picture, you get the result with a No/Yes selection under the picture once you took it. Whatever you select there however, the picture is not saved...
  26. Y

    Thread Camera focus in Gcam (Android Pie)

    Someone is facing focus problems un Gcam after Update to Android pie? i cant solve this, using hass32 versión 5 of the cam, any better camera working perfect in PIE? Thx
  27. cubano2031

    Thread Gcamera pixel 3xl mod for the Moto z3 play!

    Hello Guys i was looking over the internet and i found this new version of the Gcam port mod from pixel 3xl amd works perfectly fine on the Moto z3 play with the exception of slow motion mode, besides that the pictures looks awesome over the stock camera and the portrait mode works in both...
  28. Spardantex

    Thread [Quest] Best camera settings?

    Hello, today is my first day with xz1c. I noticed that photos are really bads. My settings are on 19 mpx. Maybe I have to set other? And what about best manual settings? P.s.: album app take lot of time on loading completely pictures, why? Thanks in advice :)
  29. I

    Thread no flash in raw pictures

    Hello, I have a problem with my p20 pro, when i shoot in raw mode with flash on the picture doesn't show the flash, it's like the flash and the moment the phone captures the photo are not matched. i tested this in a dark room, pro mode/raw/flash on , the flash activates when i take the photo...
  30. E

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to improve Snap Camera in LineageOS 15.1

    Hello guys, I'think I found a nice configuration for the settings of Snap Camera app (stock camera in LineageOS 15.1). You'll get a lot more sharpness and details for your photos, even if some noise may occour (but in good light conditions the results are very good and crisp). The main...
  31. S

    Thread S8 camera shows all pictures instead of the last one taken by camera

    Hi, When I launch the camera app, on the thumbnail is showed the last picture taken with the phone, this include each pics in the gallery (from download, whatsapp etc.). I've never seen this behavior on any other phone. This is very annoyng and senseless!:silly: There is some fix for this...
  32. gogodu5sU

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Photography] Image Warp - Grid Modifier 4.49.35

    [APP][5.0+][Photography] Image Warp - Grid Modifier 4.49.35 Image Warp - Grid Modifier Transform pictures with manually adjustable grids. A small photo editing tool to to skew, scale, distort, rotate and change the perspective of individual parts or whole images. Grid points can be set...
  33. R

    Thread Cannot scan documents for some time now

    I have a few applications, one of them i usually use CamScanner. Of course, there is Office Lens, Google drive Scan, but something happened recently: i can no longer scan documents. The app openes with the camera, but when i press the photo button to take a picture, the app freezes for a few...
  34. D

    Thread Photo disappear - auto delete

    I have Mi6 - 9.5 stable.This is the second time my photos dissappear, auto deleted, cannot be found in any place. 1st time: around 50 pics, lost when the phone was in my pocket - locked. 2nd time: today, all of the picture taken yesterday and today. I am sending my photo in FB messenger, and...
  35. G

    Thread How to switch default gallery?

    When in Camera App and i wan't to see the image taken. I'm clicking the small preview square and then the Huawei gallery app opens. I want to change this app to Google Photos app. How to do it?
  36. M

    Thread Better to take photos in 40 or 10mpx?

    Sorry if someone already explained but I've not found an answer. I would like to understand when is better to take pictures with 40mpx sensor and when is better with 10 mpx option. Sorry but this huawei is new for me and I would like to understand how to make the best photos Thank you for help
  37. K

    Thread [APP][4.1+] MediaGrub v1.0 | Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr photo downloader

    MediaGrub is a completely redesigned continuation of PhotoGram. Added a convenient background download manager, names and sizes of photos, Vk authorization, user search, fixed many bugs and much more. The application is under testing and is available for download in Google Play. The...
  38. S

    Thread Deleting Photo Permanently

    I am using Stock OS. If I delete a photo, is it deleted for good? I just want to know because I've took some sensitive screenshots (e.g. account numbers, financial transactions, etc.) in the past. Can they be recovered? If yes, how can I delete them for good?
  39. W

    Thread How to Use "Scene" with HTC Photo?

    HTC's Photo application is supposed to support "scenes". Here's what the PDF documentation says: Note that the documentation uses graphic icons for [A], [moon & stars}, and so forth, which I can't reproduce in the quote. See the screen-shot attached. Also see the screen shot for what my...
  40. P

    Thread Pull individual frames from video

    Is it possible to pull individual frames from a video shot with the XZ1C, (i.e. doing this on the phone rather than on a computer)? Thanks
  41. S

    Thread Noisy results from main camera sensor

    I am not happy about the noise level coming out of the main camera sensor on the note 8. Comparing it to the telephoto sensor on the note 8, which gives crisp and low noise images, the main sensor have lots of visible noise even in good sunny light conditions. Comparing it to my old s7 edge the...
  42. Y

    Thread Poll: Do you see distortion issue with your Xperia XZ Premium?

    I've seen a few threads discussing this issue and even xperiablog picked it up today. But in the end, I think what's most important is how general users see and feel about it. So I'd like to hear your voice. Note: No need to prove anything. You can be completely subjective Added: XZs has the...
  43. A

    Thread motion photo

    from a long while I am not getting an option to play the motion photo , I am not even sure if its motion photo or camera is not caputring it. I have tried installing many custom roms, earlier it used to work fine
  44. B

    Thread Poor jpeg compression in stock camera

    Guys, how to demand from LG to improve stock camera jpeg saving quality? I mean, I've had got G4 and was as most of you glad with G4's photos. And from improved V20 sensor I've been expecting even better photo quality. But, what V20 makes with photos is even for me irritating. Seems like LG...
  45. H

    Thread [Root]App to take photos using fngertouch

    Guys I have made an app to take photos using finger touch.Just install the app and give required permission and you will able to take photos using just your finger touch.Currently the app supports following camera application- 1. Google Camera 2. Snap Camera 3. Retrica 4. Whatsapp 5. Facebook...
  46. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Selfie Camera HD + Filters

    Selfie Camera HD + Filters This app allows you to take excellent high quality pictures remotely using whistles without touching your phone. Many effect filters are available with a live preview and the possibility to use 4 filters at once. A simple and faster way to capture selfies from a...
  47. 200mpx

    Thread Why Moto Z photos are low in Saturation and Sharpness in EXIF data

    Hi, just was told that the shots made with stock Moto Z camera are always have in EXIF data the following strings: Saturation - Low Sharpness - Low The photos made with other applications, Google Camera for example, have in this strings the word Normal and it seems to look much better in...
  48. Neil_Armstrong_

    Thread Does [UB]ootloader affects photos ??

    Hello, I reopen a similar thread to this locked-bootloader-photos-vs-unlocked 'cause I own a brand new Z5 Premium and this one is not UB yet For those that didn't see the previous thread or interested I will post some comparison between the two :) It's midnight now so I'll shot my garden...
  49. A

    Thread spots in photos

    Either I have dust in my camera sensor or the sensor is developing bad pixels. I purchased my still stock Nexus 6 in Aug 2015. Any ideas what I can do? I've contacted Google store and they escalated but I haven't heard back from them since they escalated. Don't know if it is worth getting the...
  50. S

    Thread There is any photo improvment since the launching ?

    Hi, There is any photo improvment since the launching ? Thanks !