1. D

    Thread Lg G8x Switching camera modes is very slow

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem: opening the Camera is snappy, taking a picture is fast, but if i need to take a quick video of something you can just forget about it, because Switching from Picture to Video is extremely slow, more than 5 second. Is there any way to fix...
  2. F

    Thread Post your Oneplus 8 Pro Homescreens

    Title says it all, since there's a "post your homescreens" thread for nearly every device I decided to create one for our Oneplus 8 Pro too. This is mine:
  3. M

    Thread Camera quality stock ROM vs Xiaomi EU, Mi-Globe

    I've searched the forum but didn't find anything about the significant difference between stock camera app from stock MIUI ROM and the Xiaomi camera app from other custom ROMs. I saw this difference with my older phones too (running MIUI or other LOS based ROMS), but never really used Xiaomi...
  4. takoa

    Thread [WhatsApp] Where are the profile images stored?

    Root or no root ... Where ? :eek:
  5. S

    Thread What Camera App for Night sky Pictures / Long Exposure Pictures ?

    Hey Folks! I've seen many pictures of people who shot great night sky pictures with a looong exposure time with their S7! Since I moved to Lineage OS 14.1 I am missing this feature a lot. Is there a App that does a good job for long exposure pictures? I am using Google Camera with HDR+ but...
  6. J

    Thread Is it possible for my app to read folders other than its private data folder?

    As an app developer, I want to enable users to browse internal storage and SD card, and then to select a picture file to show after a 'select image' button is tapped. For example, users can select a pic from \Pictures folder, \Downloads folder, or any other folders in internal storage, as well...
  7. Geeks Empire

    Thread [Tutorial][APP] PinP Shortcuts | How to Implement Picture in Picture Mode [API 26+]

    Picture in Picture Mode (PinP) introduced on Android 8 (API 26) for All Android devices. Its most used functionality is to shoa w preview of some data like Video Players, Maps & etc. But there is also an option to add Custom Action & with this, you can do whatever you want to do. t_7fajxnGlo...
  8. Shandroid_94

    Thread Take picture by stratos

    Hi all my question is actually a BIG question: is it possible to shot a picture by the watch maybe while having camera app opened on phone? I've bottloader unlocked and the ROM StratOS in it! thanks to all
  9. fruity101079

    Thread Blurry contact pictures

    Hi Long time ago, I took time to use HD pictures for all my contacts. Everything is saved on my google account. There wasn't any problems until now. I don't know if it's because I was using only Nexus devices. Now i own a Galaxy S7, and all my contacts (except the favorites) got blurry pictures...
  10. N

    Thread Frame

    Does anyone know of a good wood or plastic frame that fits the TouchPad well? I am planning on turning it into a picture frame and was looking to make it look a bit more like a traditional picture frame. Thanks
  11. J

    Thread How to change default format of screenshot ?

    How to change default format of screenshot ? As we know, the default format of screenshot is .png. Is it possible to change the default format to .jpg without installing any 3rd party apps? :confused: Thanks in advance.
  12. N

    Thread how extract still frame from videos

    hi folks, i use to have an lg, and in the video player, there is a sort of snapshot icon that allow you to save a current frame as still picture. cant find how do that with my mate 9 any tips? thxx for your help
  13. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Selfie Camera HD + Filters

    Selfie Camera HD + Filters This app allows you to take excellent high quality pictures remotely using whistles without touching your phone. Many effect filters are available with a live preview and the possibility to use 4 filters at once. A simple and faster way to capture selfies from a...
  14. G

    Thread How to change the default pictures in Nook Simple Touch

    Hello, people, i have a few questions to you : 1. I want to change the picture, which appears when i shut down Nook using "Power Menu" and software button "Power Off". It was told to me, that this picture resides in folder /res/drawable-mdpi/(cold_boot_screen.png) in framework-res.apk, but i...
  15. ergsan

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Sketch Artist – Draw on Painting

    Get SketchArtist in the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ergsap.sketchartist Discover and learn by drawing on greatest artworks collections and your photos! SketchArtist is an innovative art drawing app for art-lovers. Learn drawing, sketching from...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Change Recent Apps Panel background

    Hi guys, like Stock Lollipop, the background of the Recent Panel is the same as the wallpaper, so, Is it possible to change the background of the panel with any custom image or solid color? This is how it looks:
  17. H

    Thread Hangouts Contact picture issues, tried everything i know...help?

    Ok this is infuriating. Some days ago i noticed the contact picture of my fiancee disappeared in the conversation with her on Hangouts. It just shows a green circle with a white head/body. But in the list of conversations, the contact picture shows up, as well as any notifications from messages...
  18. M

    Thread Kenzo build.prop edit

    Hello, maybe someone have played with Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) build.prop file? To change slow motion recording FPS etc. ? No bootloop after editing?
  19. M

    Thread Open Instagram Pictures in Full Size; How?

    Hello, I apologize now for my bad english but I have a Problem. Many People tried already to find a way to open the Profile Pictures on Instagram on a Smartphone. But I only found bad ways to get it. But now, my friend showed me this (Screenshot). He has an iPhone 5s and not Jailbreaked or...
  20. Smilex93

    Thread [ Unofficial CM13 Wallpaper ] - Google Version + CM Version

    UNOFFICIAL CM13 WALLPAPER ive designed on my own youre welcome to give me Rating for this wallpaper have fun :)
  21. A

    Thread My LG G4 pictures!

    I'm a big fan of Mobile photography and I've captured some great shots with the camera on this phone that I'd like to share with everyone. Check them out on my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/foxfoxfoxfoxfoxfoxfoxfox What's everyone's favorite camera app to use? I mostly use the stock...
  22. B

    Thread Found something you guys might like... CAMERA ADVICE!!

    When I just received the phone, I was really bummed that there wasn't a hardware button to snap pictures, because of the stupid ways I have to hold it and stuff :/ BUT!!!!! I was just playing around, and found out that, when in camera-mode, you can make a picture (or selfie) with pressing THE...
  23. I

    Thread Getting back contact picture

    I reverted to a backup and now I don't have a contact picture. Is there anyway I can get it back? I'm using Cyanogenmod 12.1
  24. tamasu

    Thread [Free][Game]Toscana, Paris, Thailand themes - Find the Difference

    Find picture differences in amazing scenes on your Android device! ITALY, TOSCANA: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mangata.find.difference.italy THAILAND: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mangata.find.difference.thailand PARIS, FRANCE...
  25. JoeyWhite

    Thread [Q] Can't Send Picture Messages

    As the title says, I can't send picture messages. I can receive them fine but once I try to send one it seems like my network locks up because I can't even send a simple text message for the 5-10 minutes the device is trying to send the picture and then inevitably gives up. Called T-Mobile the...
  26. mehdikamar

    Thread [APP][4.0+] ProSaver v5.1.2 - Download Instagram Pictures, Videos and IGTV Videos.

    ProSaver for Instagram & IGTV ProSaver for Instagram is a tool that lets you download any Instagram video or picture or IGTV video directly from the Instagram/IGTV feed to your gallery. Select 'Copy Share Link' on any public picture or video and save it or share it easily. or Select 'Copy Link'...
  27. schaggo

    Thread [Q] Camera quality on non-stock

    Hi guys I have a OnePlus inbound and asked myself this: Users of about every single device from every single manufacturer have to make due with a worsened camera quality experience when moving away from stock ROMs to AOSP-based or vanilla Android builds. This is usually due to closed-source...
  28. M

    Thread Google profile image in locks screen/notification bar

    so i have a profile image set in google that shows up in hangouts etc. the way its supposed to now on android lollipop, i'm on 5.0.1, in the lock screen and the notification drop down menu you have a profile image on the top right corner. how do you get this one to show the actual google...
  29. I

    Thread [Q] Is anyone else unable to send pictures in their text messages?

    Whenever I send a picture in a mms it spends a long time "queued for sending" then it fails. I've verified my APN settings. Are other people able to send pictures with no problem?
  30. K

    Thread [Q] Lollipop: Custom picture for IMAP/Exchange accounts in Gmail?

    Hello, I have a Nexus 5 that was recently updated to Lollipop. With this update, all of my non-Gmail accounts were imported to Gmail. As the title states, I am trying to figure out how to set a custom picture for my additional accounts that have now been imported into Gmail. The accounts start...
  31. imfloflo

    Thread [Q] Picture for multi user account with Android Lollipop

    Hi guys, I just flashed from 0 the new Lollipop on my Nexus 5 (with full wipe) At first startup I entered my google account data and everything is in sync correctly but I do not see my photo appear in the top menu circle. But it worked well with the previous version. I tried to remove my...
  32. Burlingtonrox

    Thread Camera samples

    Now that we have gotten past the rooted camera issue, let see what people can do with 20.7 megapixels of sony goodness. So I'll start. Taken using the Google camera App photosphere mode
  33. fieskmask

    Thread [Q] Post pics taken with Xperia Z3 Compact

    For every phone, this thread is a requirement. Bring the pictures ladies and gentlemen and share the creativity :laugh:
  34. P

    Thread [Q] When I get a call the phone shows a picture in a picture for the caller?

    When I receive a call the phone display shows a small picture inside a larger blurred picture. I can't figure out how to just get one large in focus picture. Anyone know how to fix this? Example attached.
  35. se1988

    Thread Strange picture i didnt take is in my dropbox

    Today I discovered a picture in my dropbox camera upload that I did not take. Viewing the file on my computer it is just a png file with a statusbar without clock. Now on my S3 there has always been a clock, so it's not a screenshot I have taken. On my S3 the image is quite different...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Can anyone help me with MMS?

    Hello! Can anyone help me out? Everything seems flawless on my OPO except... I cannot send MMS messages! I keep getting "Message not sent. Touch to retry." I'm currently on AT&T and on my previous phone, which was an old Samsung Captivate, I was able to send MMS messages no problem. If anyone...
  37. Giancarlo

    Thread [GAME] Post an Image With a Following Number in it as User above Posted

    This is a game where you have to find and post an Image that contains a following number in it. For example, I will start first, I'll go on the internet and search for image that has a number 1 in it. Then the following user will have to post an Image with the number 2 in it, and the going on...
  38. P

    Thread Camera App Comparison

    hey guys just wanna show you the camera result from 3 camera apps in my XSP (4.3, 201, LB, rooted, odex) default camera (Xperia M, camera 360 and lenovo SNAPit. the first are normal shots default camera (using auto scene) [/URL][/IMG] camera 360 (using easy mode) lenovo SNAPit...
  39. schoolsux

    Thread M8 camera problem, pictures gets small pink/purple areas!

    Hello, Only me having problems with small areas in some photos getting over-saturated in pink/purple? I'm using stock settings or whatever but it still doesn't help. If I try the Google Camera this is gone, so it seems to be something with the image processing? :S Just look at these photos I...
  40. G

    Thread [APP][FREE][3.0+] Instant Photo Shot

    I leave to you the last application that I've done. It's an application that makes pictures really fast, without having to open the camera application (it takes time to open). You simply touch the icon and make a photo with focus and flash in automatic mode. It's up to 3 times faster than the...
  41. C

    Thread [Q] Updated 4.3, loosing contact pic in text messages

    I just updated my HTC One to 4.3 today, things seem to work fine except that when I get a new text message, the contact picture for that user or sometimes all users of current texts disappears for a while than magically comes back. If I go into contacts, the person's picture is always there...
  42. mizifih

    Thread [help] Smartphone Camera Controlled Comparison

    Hi there! I did some googling and searched XDA Forums, but I couldn't found what I was looking for. I need a website that controlled compare smartphone cameras by taking the same picture with'em. Like they capture the same thing with all phones on their database. I actually found sites that do...
  43. R

    Thread I can recieve Pictures, but can't send them

    I have a Galaxy S4 on At&T SGH-I337 I'm currently rooted, running the stock Touchwiz UI on android 4.2.2. As the title suggests, I can receive pictures, but I can't SEND them. I have gotten a picture of my girlfriend's cat,and my step-dad's car, but can't send anything to either, even if I'm...
  44. F

    Thread ProCapture Camera app takes better Pictures

    Reading all the reviews the one thing most of them take issue with is the camera on the Moto X. There is something very common between them, the inconsistency from picture to picture. Most say the Moto X is capable of taking good pictures but you need to put up with several bad ones as well. If...
  45. Zawadaki

    Thread [APP][WIDGET][4.1+]Spy Image

    If you want to do picture quickly and quietly so that no one knew about it, this program is for you Have fun, I'm not God so I could made a mistake, please let me know If you think the program lacks important features let me know, program is in development stage so I'm open for suggestions...
  46. S

    Thread [Q] Problem with MMS pictures very low quality

    Hi everyone, I have an xperia SP (5302) bought in hongkong, and using it in France with Orange operator. I'm facing an issue with MMS pictures (before in FW.257 and also now flashed in FW.284) When I receive an MMS with a photo, the little picture preview inside the MMS thread is fine. But...
  47. S

    Thread [Q] Can't download picture in 3G/H+ with Gmail 4.3.1

    Hello, I have an issue with Gmail. When I receive an email with a picture in Gmail (4.3.1), I can't download it if I'm using 3G/H+, but with Wifi it's OK.I try to uninstall Gmail update, with the "stock gmail" (4.2.1) I can load picture in 3G/H+, but I lost the new features of 4.3.1. Do you...
  48. B

    Thread Voice plays when selecting a photo

    So basically when I tap and hold a picture to select a picture I always get annoying voice that says "the picture is currently checked" and "the picture is currently unchecked" I checked in settings but I cant find a way to disable this. Anyone have any ideas?
  49. G

    Thread [REQ] Split Pic for Android?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find an app like Split Pic on the iPod/iPhone, but none of the ones I find seem to be close at all to the quality of this app... Is there one out there I'm missing, or if not is there anyone else besides who would like to see a better android version? Thanks