1. G

    Thread [Solved] Control App (

    Hi, I'm still using CD Receiver XC-HM82. There is a dedicated, quite old, application Control App which Pioneer released some time ago. After installing the app, when a CD receiver is discovered the app unfortunately downloads some data needed for managing this particular model. Recently I...
  2. iffiscb

    Thread Note 8 pie update not compatible Bluetooth with pioneer radio AVH-A205BT

    With oreo note was working very much Fine with this radio Bluetooth, calls were appearing on lcd and could be answered and responded right fron radio lcd, but after pie update call sound is coming but display doesn't show caller id and call details with options, I'm unable to understand would...
  3. axxx007xxxz

    Thread ROM: Sony AOSP 8.1 (H3113) (unofficial)

    Sony AOSP project Disclaimer I'm not liable for anything YOU do to YOUR device, YOU are doing it and it's YOUR device. What is it? It's a project developed and maintained by Sony Xperia Developers team. You can get more informations here...
  4. A

    Thread Pioneer AVICSync app not working on V20?

    I have a Pioneer in-dash navigation unit installed in my truck, which uses the AVICSync app from the play store to get traffic and POI from the web. I have used this app on other phones (Note 7 and OP3) with no problems. When it comes to the V20, I get an error every time I install it, which...
  5. J

    Thread RockScout App and MirrorLink

    I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 5 (unrooted of course) and a Pioneer AVH-4100NEX car stereo that I run Android Auto on. Just downloaded an app called RockScout to try it out with MirrorLink since the Pioneer supports that as well. Noticed that when you start the app if you hit the back button it...
  6. D

    Thread Aftermarket Head Units - What's Coming?

    I would assume that the Pioneer NEX units will be receiving Android Auto, but those are really bloated, expensive systems that do way more than I want, and almost all of them have resistive screens. There is currently an Alpine CarPlay head unit that seems very nice, and has exactly what I...
  7. D

    Thread can be deleted

    Can be deleted, Bluetooth magically started working again
  8. N

    Thread [Q] Pioneer HUD (SPX-HUD01)

    Does anyone tried to hack the Pioneer HUD (spx-hud01)? It runs android-2.3.4_r1. Here is a manual how to build custom kernel for it (google for "spx-hud01" But I don't know how to boot from custom kernel or flash it on device. Attached are PCB board images. Here is the...
  9. T

    Thread [Q] Pioneer Car stereo android app?

    Ok, I don't exactly know where to post this, so General seemed the most likely spot. I just installed a Pioneer DEH 9400bh receiver in my car. It installed fine and bluetooth streaming and hands-free work just fine and all that. My question is, is there an app that allows a user to navigate...
  10. W

    Thread [Q] send multiple contacts to pioneer car radio via bluetooth

    Hi, I have a HTC HD2 and a car audio system Pioneer DEH-P70BT. With my old HTC TYTN WM6.1 I was able to send multiple contacts to the phonebook of the car audio via bluetooth. Now with my new HD2 I was not yet able to send one contact to my radio so that I see the name and all phone numbers of...
  11. M

    Thread Bluetooth connection issues

    [/B]Hi, just received my TD2 last week and is enjoying it. I have one major issue though. In my car I have a Pioneer AVIC X3 system including GPS, AV and BT. Its the one with the motorized monitor. Unfortunately it seems that HTC has chosen a different type of BT that is NOT compatible with my...
  12. L

    Thread Extracting files from BIN

    Hello all, i have a Pioneer F500BT unit that runs Windows CE 5.0. on its internal 2gb flash disk it has a file called WINCEIMG.Bin. i need to extract the contents of that BIN file but don't know how. in a Hex editor i can see that it has an NB and an NB0 file in there. i am in the process of...
  13. D

    Thread Problem with Pioneer bluetooth microphone

    Hello, First of all, please apologize for my poor english. I have just purchased a Pioneer radio-cd with bluetooth. Everything looks fine (i can receive the incoming calls, and i can listen the sound through my car's speakers), but the problem is the microphone seems not to work. I have...