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  1. R

    Thread Question Would a pixel 4a to this be an upgrade?

    Just curious as to how the camera stacks up against the mainly. Had a note 10 pro a while back which made me really like Xiaomi and miui and finding the pixel a little dull after a few years of use. One thing I'm worried about though is losing photo quality. Super heavy phones don't really suit...
  2. Supreeth_Sharma

    Thread Pixel 4a rear camera not working

    The device I have : Pixel 4a (Sunfish, Indian model) This happened, After the announcement of the Android 13 beta program at IO 2022, I opted in for the beta program for my Pixel 4a. While using the Android 13 beta I observed that the rear camera was not working. Immediately, I un-enrolled my...
  3. Maave

    Thread Product Cuttlephone - phone case generator with Joycon and Junglecat rails

    Cuttlephone is a phone case generator for 3D printing. It's designed for playing games with your existing phones. It currently supports the Pixel 3, 3XL, 3A, 4A, and Galaxy S9+. The project is open source and I plan to add support for more phones with help from the community. Do you have a 3D...
  4. C

    Thread Looking for an affordable pixel 4a (4G) replacement display

    So, I have recently bought a used (and abused looks like) Pixel 4a and the display on that phone is pretty much dead, but the rest of the phone is okay. Ideally, I'd like to repair and use it, so I need a replacement display. In the past I've had good luck with Ali-express displays that have...
  5. Jplayz

    Thread LTE Not Working On Resurrection Remix OS (Pixel 4a Sunfish)

    I am running a pixel 4a and recently installed resurrection remix OS to the device. After a couple of hours I noticed that I was only connected to T-Mobile EDGE mobile data, which allows calls and messages, but is too slow to load webpages. Does anyone know how to get LTE working properly?
  6. I

    Thread [LineageOS] [18.1] Network Problem ( Verizon & US Mobile )

    Hey guys I built LineageOS for Moto e 2020. I followed the step mentioned in their official documentation. After flashing I am facing an issue with cellular networks. I thought maybe my device tree or kernel that I am using has issues so I compiled the lineage for pixel 4a and got the same...
  7. A

    Thread [SOLVED] Unable to flash boot image - Pixel 4a

    I have been using this method to flash new stock update every month to my rooted pixel 4a. Steps I follow: - Download the factory image of the last month - Extract the boot.img. And patch it using magisk canary build - Move the boot.img to the computer and flash it in fastboot mode - flash the...
  8. M

    Thread Android 12, VoLTE and WiFiCalling

    Has anyone managed to run VoLTE and WiFiCalling in unsupported regions? I am from Poland and the above services do not work :(
  9. dumbass5344

    Thread Recovering data Pixel 4a (black screen)

    Long story short, i got water damage on phone and screen is completely black. The phone still seems to turn on and off and work besides that. My dillema is that I am sending this phone back to the company I got it from, but I really need data on the device. The phone is rooted with Magisk, and...
  10. T

    Thread Is there no ROM development for this device?

    Hello all I'm just surprised to see no new ROMs for this device. It would be so nice to sport custom ROMs on this very handy phone. Also, if anyone knows about how to contribute to a ROM or maybe a beginner's guide to porting a ROM to this device, any resources would be greatly appreciated! Rgdz
  11. moonlightpenguin

    Thread Pixel 4a bricked after interrupting flashing process (Android 12 -> Android 11)

    After upgrading my Pixel 4a to Android 12, I didn't like it so I wanted to go back to Android 11. I tried following this guide: https://9to5google.com/2021/10/21/how-to-downgrade-from-android-12-to-android-11-on-google-pixel/. After typing "flash-all" it said after some time "<waiting for...
  12. T

    Thread Boot Pixel 4a into EDL

    I've bought one of those locked Pixel 4As running on ArcaneOS and it's got a locked bootloader but the issue is that like everybody else, I can't do much with the phone. So I'm wondering if there's a way to get a phone into the EDL and then flash the stock firmware through QPST?
  13. HornetMaX

    Thread Pixel 4a Android 11 - stop killing/pausing background app ?

    Hi all, I have a Pixel 4a with stock Android 11 (up to date, no root, with Nova Launcher). I have a rowing machine that comes with an app (ErgData, by concept2) that can connect to the machine via bluetooth or via usb cable: while rowing the app logs the workout data (like pace, heart rate etc)...
  14. Felixxxxx

    Thread Pixel 4a No SIM card detected

    So, every since I have updated my pixel 4a to the August security patch, it starts giving me an issue with my SIM, it seems to not detect my SIM at random points of the day and I sometimes have to restart it multiple times to get it to detect again. After it gets detected, it will work fine for...
  15. E

    Thread Pixel 4a in EDL mode. Is there any help?

    Hi there, as the title says my Pixel 4a is in EDL mode and I really could use some help. As far as I know right now, I could recover it by using something like Qfil and flash the bootloader back on it. The thing is, I do not have the programmer files nor do I know what I'm doing. Halp, plox.
  16. D

    Thread Google Recorder stopped responding, is crashing, I need to recover my files, help appreciated

    Hello guys, can you please try something for me? Preferrably on Pixel 4a, yet others should work too. Can you update the Google Recorder to the last version, record something, go to App Info, Disable the app, restart phone, enable the app again and see if your recording is still there or whether...
  17. C

    Thread [Help Needed] Camera problems in official LineageOS 18.1

    Moving away from main thread to avoid spam Original Question: Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for your effort bringing lineage to the pixel 4a. I've got a problem with the main (front 12.2 MP) camera (please see attached logcat). When opening the default camera app (as well as with my test with...
  18. Technowhiteboi

    Thread Pixel 4a w/ May 2021 Security Update - Passing SafetyNet check

    Hey everyone, I just got back into rooting and well I would like to share some useful information that helped me pass the saftynet check within Magisk in 2021 with the latest security update (May 2021). First off, I followed this guide to unlock my bootloader and gain root...
  19. N

    Thread Live Captioning feature not working on stock Pixel 4a?

    I was wondering if anyone else could test if this is a problem for them. I'm hard-of-hearing and rely on this feature quite a bit, but obviously most people don't so it is hard to find information when there are issues with it. I would say sometime in the last couple weeks to 1 month, the Live...
  20. shub11

    Thread Native Video Calling pixel 4a Indian unit

    Guys I am planning to exchange my pixel 2 for pixel 4a, although Pixel 2 didn't have native Video calling but using some mods I was able to work around, so just curious whether any custom mods or Rom available for 4a also with native video calling over Jio or Airtel ??
  21. P

    Thread "No signal" after applying official security update

    Bought new Pixel 4a (model G025J) a few months ago. It worked well for a few weeks until I installed March security update. After reboot the phone stopped detecting SIM card and lost cell signal. Even emergency numbers like 911 doesn't work. I already tried: Change SIM card to eSIM and back to...
  22. A

    Thread Flashed Pixel 4a with Pixel 5 image by mistake

    Hello, I'm desperate and i hope to find here any kind of help to get my phone works again. By mistake i flashed my Phone pixel 4a with a pixel 5 image, now my phone pixel 4a is stuck in QDL mode, and not responding to any of recovery/fastboot key combination "power+volume up or down or both"...
  23. momojuro

    Thread [KERNEL][03/13/2022] fsociety tribute for Google Pixel 4a [A11-A12/L]

    Hello, friend. Inspired by @wrongway213's original custom kernel for Pixel 4/XL, I decided to make my own project once I grab my hand on a Google device myself. The naming is a tribute to both his ideas and Mr. Robot. fsociety tribute's goal is to give the device a set of useful features while...
  24. Ghosty031

    Thread Disable Updates?

    Sorry for potentially asking a dumb question, but im at my wits end here. Is there any way to completely disable OTA updates, with the stock ROM on the Pixel 4a? Asking because i have turned automatic updates off in settings and it STILL checks and STILL force updates the phone after a week or...
  25. Sidharth S

    Thread Adaptive Charging

    So I tried the adaptive charging feature on Pixel 4a. I set an alarm for 9am on my phone, plugged it in to charge at around 11.30 pm and went to sleep. The lock screen displayed adaptive charging on and that the charging would be complete by 9 am. However, I woke up early at around 6, checked my...
  26. S

    Thread High overnight battery drain

    Losing more than 15% overnight despite having WiFI, BT, AOD turned off. It's been happening since first week of December. I ignored it at first as it wasn't that frequent and most of the time I didn't lose more than 5% overnight but these days it's just frequent although I tried factory reset...
  27. jericho246

    Thread Auto Night Sight & Night Sight Portrait Mode [PARTIALLY] working on Pixel 4a 4G with latest BSG GCam port

    Out of curiosity I installed the latest BSG GCam port on my Pixel 4a, just to see if the auto night sight and night sight portrait mode features (currently exclusive to the Pixel 5 & 4a 5G) would work. Link here: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/changelog1495/ If you...
  28. T

    Thread USB-c to HDMI Out

    I was under the impression that any phone using Snapdragon that has a USB 3.1 port should be able to support HDMI/DisplayPort. That's why I bought the 4a. Imagine my chagrin when I found out it doesn't work. After doing some digging around... it seems that this might be disabled at the Kernel...
  29. S

    Thread Pixel 4a - Headphone Jack Max Volume Inconsistent

    Has anyone noticed the max volume out of their headphone jack is typically very quiet, but at times will top out at a normal max volume? I use an aux cable to hook into my car stereo and always have my phone set to 100% volume. My Note4 and Note8 both play at identical volumes with the same MP3...
  30. Zackptg5

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlock/Root/Safetynet for Pixel 4a

    With the pixel 4a finally arriving for some (like me), figured I'd make a quick guide Note that unlocking your bootloader breaks safetynet. There's a workaround in this guide but no guarantee that it won't get patched out in the future. Also note that this only works with the unlocked carrier...
  31. mzsquared

    Thread No Luck with Native Screen Recorder

    I was trying to enable it as per this article: https://9to5google.com/2020/01/14/google-pixel-screen-recorder-enable/ , that option shows up on the screen momentarily but the UI crashes soon after. "Finally, you’ll need to enter a single command to get the built-in screen recorder working...
  32. mzsquared

    Thread Post your Pixel 4a homescreen

    I copied pretty much my N10+ walls, kinda used to 'em:
  33. W

    Thread 2 Button Nav, what are my options?

    So by now I've opened and set up my Pixel 4a. Quickly got annoyed by the new and half baked gesture navigation. So I went to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation to enable 2 button and... its not there. Ok, annoying they'd hide it like that, but nothing an ABD command cant fix, so I...
  34. Jaxidian

    Thread Pixel 4a Screen Protectors

    Got a Pixel 4a in yesterday and a couple screen protectors. Here are my thoughts on them, in case this is useful for somebody. [3 Pack]OMOTON Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a, Easy-Install/Bubble Free/Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Pixel 4a (3 Pack) Orzero Compatible for Google Pixel...
  35. sidnoit22

    Thread [Request] Pixel 4a Eclipse Wallpaper Port

    I have seen Pixel 4a comes with an different live wallpaper which is animated based on your battery and called Eclipse. Can we expect port for Pixel 4 and other devices?
  36. Uh60m Pilot

    Thread Preorder Live

    Pre-order just went live on Amazon US. To select the phone only, you need to purchase the bundle and go back into your previous orders and delete the case. 128gb at $349 shipping on the 20th. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CFSZLQ4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Has...
  37. N

    Thread Would you buy the ZenFone 6 in 2020 over the upcoming Pixel 4a?

    I am waiting for the Pixel 4a but the ZenFone 6 has been tempting me with its battery, cpu and the camera setup. The only thing that the pixel will have over the 6 is the software updates. If you were in my situation, which phone would you pick and why?