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  1. M

    Thread How to make app to work in Full screen display?

    How to remove these side cutouts while watching videos in any browser? Even I have changed settings in developer options but nothing works.
  2. E

    Thread Wifi and Sim stopped working on Pixel 5

    Help needed with Pixel 5 (most likely) partition related issue: After I downgraded my Pixel 5 (redfin) from Android 13 to Android 12, the SIM and Wifi has stopped working, no matter whatever rom I try, stock, grapheneOS, Android version 11, 12, 13, 14 beta 3, the wifi and SIM does not work...
  3. slippermann

    Thread No SIM Card Error

    Ayup, TL;DR - The phone's network functionality is broken - no signal, data, says IMS isn't registered etc., even though the IMEI number is present. I've managed to fix the issue temporarily by following parts of 5G unlocking threads on XDA - the phone network went back to square one after a...
  4. Lunarixus

    Thread [ROM][13.0][OFFICIAL] Phoenix Android 13 for Google Pixel 5 (redfin)

    Phoenix Android 13 for Google Pixel 5 (redfin) What is Phoenix? Phoenix (or PhoenixAOSP) is a custom ROM aiming to bring the full Pixel Experience to everyone, we aim to provide the best mix of stability, performance and improvements. Credits - Lunarixus - Electimon - You guys :)...
  5. TheMystic

    Thread Do OEMs continue producing older phone models?

    If I go to Google Store website, I find that in pretty much every region, Google is only selling the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on their official stores, with the rare exception of Japan and India, where I see that even Pixel 6a is listed. This makes me think that Google is no longer having stock...
  6. T

    Thread How to check presence of fingerprint sensor in device tree

    Hello everyone! I've refurbished Google Pixel 5 and it seems there is hadware problem with the fingerprint. It can't detect a finger while initial phone setup after factory reset, then fingerprint becomes invisible to any apllication. So my question is, how can I check fingerprint sensor's...
  7. I

    Thread Pixel 5 multiple sensors and software issues

    Hello everyone, Since a few weeks I have several issues with my Pixel 5, mostly sensors issues (compass, gyroscope, proximity, etc.) but also some weird system software behaviors. It began mid November when I woke up and realized my phone restarted on its own during the night. Since then I...
  8. B

    Thread Why can't I remove bloatware apps on secondary users in Android?

    For context, I'm using stock Android 13 (rooted) on my Pixel 5, and I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to remove preinstalled bloatware apps from the secondary users. To clarify, I'm not talking about apps from the primary admin user (i.e. --user 0 in ADB) or work profiles; I'm talking...
  9. Fernandez_R

    Thread Need help changing system partition/directory to Read/Write to systemize apps

    I've rooted a Pixel 5 with Android 13 and Magisk 25.2, but the system partition/directory is not allowing any changes. Specifically, I'm training to systemize an app by having it moved to priv-apps, but I'm getting no space errors. Does anyone know how to allow read/write access to the system...
  10. S

    Thread Pixel 5 can't find Wi-Fi networks sometimes until reboot

    Hello, I have the strange problem that my Pixel 5 sometimes decides not to find any Wi-Fi networks anymore until I reboot my device. I cannot tell when this occurs, it's quite random. When updating to Android 13 I factory reset my phone and the issue persists. My current build-nr. is...
  11. S

    Thread Is it possible to hide the default bottom nav bar and use Fluid NG as intended on a stock Pixel 5?

    Haven't checked in for a while. I remember a year or two ago Google introduced a breaking change in an update that meant we could not use Fluid NG to replace the default nav bar at the bottom of the screen. Is this still the case? My phon is not rooted or anything, just stock and on the latest...
  12. rasseru16

    Thread Google Pixel 5 stuck in EDL/Qualcomm 9008 mode

    Hi, I have hunted around online to find a way to revive my Pixel 5 phone, I very accidently fastboot flashed Pixel 4a firmware onto a Pixel 5 which has triggered the Pixel 5 to lock up into EDL/Qualcomm 9008 mode, I am guessing this is a true hard brick and there are no means of fixing it?
  13. B

    Thread Google Pay not working with Magisk, despite trying everything

    I know this is not the only post in regards to the recent Google Pay and Wallet updates not working on rooted phones, and maybe I missed something, but I don't think I'm the only one who has seemingly tried everything, only for it to do the same thing. What I've tried: Installing Displax's...
  14. M

    Thread NFC-F / FeliCa support on rooted pixel 5?

    Can anyone confirm whether Japan's FeliCa or Osaifu Keitai (NFC-F) work on rooted Pixel 5s bought in America (ie without a Japanese SKU)? I read that the pixel 3 and possibly 4a have the hardware and just need to be rooted, but I was stupid and didn't unlock my my pixel 5's bootloader when I...
  15. 4773

    Thread Problems building android msm kernel for pixel 5

    Trying to compile the kernel for a pixel 5 with Linux version 4.19.110-g11b713bebad5-ab6952221 (android-build@abfarm-01161) (Android (6443078 based on r383902) clang version 11.0.1 (https://android.googlesource.com/toolchain/llvm-project b397f81060ce6d701042b782172ed13bee898b79)) #2 SMP PREEMPT...
  16. badabing2003

    Thread 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 5 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 5 devices, generic issues that are device...
  17. P

    Thread Is there any issue on buying Pixel from other countries to India...

    is there any issue on buying Pixel from other countries to India. Since Pixel 5 is not officially released in India, the only was Indians can get Pixel 5 is getting one from other countries. Is there any issue in doing so ? Carrier lock, OTA updates, any legal issues (like Pixel 4 and it's...
  18. C

    Thread Possible to dual boot with different sim cards, or virtual OS?

    Hello guys, My scenario: I have to carry around a work phone on top of my normal phone, and I like having next to nothing in my pockets. I'm wondering if there's a way to dual boot or virtual OS my work phone onto my normal Pixel 5. I figure it must be possible since it has dual sim features...
  19. A

    Thread [Question] Completely and permanently turning off the Pixel 5 cell radio

    Greetings! Does anyone have a method to completely and permanently turn off the Pixel 5 cell radio, while leaving WiFi and Bluetooth intact? Physical modification/destruction of the chip is also an option, provided that rest of the system is intact. Thank you.
  20. daleGfoo

    Thread Any way to unlock OEM without sim?

    I have a pixel 5 I acquired without a sim card. OEM unlocking is grayed out in dev options. I've been trying for a few days using various methods to attempt to unlock the OEM. The message under OEM unlocking is 'Connect to the internet or contact your carrier.' (when is connected to wifi) What...
  21. A

    Thread [HELP] TWRP does not start after lineageos update

    Hi all, I encrypted the official lineageos on my Pixel 5 with a pattern and then installed a new version via TWRP. Unfortunately, that does not seem to work with encryption, so now LOS no longer start and TWRP freezes at the logo and no longer asks for the pattern. Is there a way to decrypt the...
  22. M

    Thread How to send Google Live Transcribe to Background on Rooted Pixel 5?

    When I'm at home by myself I need to use my bluetooth earphones/their built in mic together with live transcribe/speech-to-text a lot (now found under the accessibility menu, because for some reason giving it a home screen icon wasn't acceptable? Ugh), but I also often need to use my phone for...
  23. D

    Thread Discovered "Bloom" live wallpaper on my Pixel 5?

    Today I set up a guest user profile on my P5 as I hadn't done that before. While browsing around I discovered to my surprise that the supposedly Pixel 6 exclusice live wallpaper "Bloom" is installed. Now I'm wondering why it is installed there in the first place, since I definitely never...
  24. A

    Thread How to find a rootable Pixel 5 (non-verizon or non-company network)

    I am going to buy a used Pixel 5 tomorrow. I want to quickly confirm if I can root the Pixel 5 given that its already updated to Android 12? And also how do I know if it isnt from Verizon or some network phone as I think I wont be able to root that as well. If any one could please confirm this...
  25. Spacebar_21

    Thread Album Art on Lockscreen Mod?

    Anyone know of an album art on lockscreen mod? I've been trying to get @Typhus_ mod set up on my Pixel 5 so I can use it but am having issues so was hoping someone could recommend an alternative for album art on the lockscreen.
  26. Tommyelela

    Thread Can I use other careers' SIM CARD after unlocked my pixel 5 (LOCKED BY SPECTRUM)?

    Hello,I got scammed by ebay...bought a pixel 5 from them showed locked by spectrum.Then I just used adb to unlock it.I wonder can I use att/verizon after this kind of unlock?And did my esim unlock as well? Third question,can att detect that my phone is locked?since I cant find it locked on imei...
  27. steejo

    Thread No E2EE Lock Icon on Android Messages RCS

    Anyone know why there's no lock appearing? I clearly am sending messages with RCS and have chat features enabled. Curious as to why there is no lock. I'm on a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12 Beta 3, and the other person is on a Google Pixel 5 on Android 11.
  28. T

    Thread Upon incoming call, phone is ringing but notification with "answer" button appears after few seconds

    Hi, I can't tell since when it happened. The phone rings for incoming call, the notification with the "answer" button just appear few seconds afterwards. it is frustrating as sometimes people thinks I'm not going to answer and hangup before I see the answer. My phone was rooted and I decided...
  29. RBEmerson

    Thread International Pixel 5 (GTT9Q) and Unlocking the Bootloader?

    I gave up on rooting a GD1YQ (close to that), the US version of the Pixel 5. I can get an International Pixel 5 (GTT9Q). There are two "gotchas" 1) Is this bootloader unlockable? I tried to get the seller to try the "check OEM Unlock" test. The seller won't touch creating Developer Mode. Feh...
  30. RBEmerson

    Thread How find 5 with unlockable BL

    Unlocked P5 doesn't equal rootable P5. Got that. Don't ask how I know... :( Sooooooo... How do I find a P5 with an unlockable BL? And is functional with VZW, ATT, and the other nasties?
  31. E

    Thread Volte & 5G Activated on Android 12 Beta

    Hello guys, Finally the good news (at least for us in Saudi Arabia) Google has activated Volte & 5G on the latest Android 12 beta (May.2021) But i am still waiting for the Vowifi activation If anyone living in different countries can confirm as well Thanks. Update: in Android 12 beta 2 it...
  32. K

    Thread Pixel 5 Android 12 Developer Preview 3 OTA Sideload failed at 94% and now it says "Can't find valid operating system. The device will not start."

    I tried to install Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on my Pixel 5 via OTA Sideload but it failed at 94% with the message 'adb: failed to read command: No error' on cmd and 'Install from ADB completed with status 0' on phone. After this when I try to boot, I get the following message: 'Can't...
  33. leveleyed

    Thread Google just FORCIBLY pushed an OTA update and unrooted my phone!

    A few days ago, I was trying to launch an app from my phone's home screen when it suddenly rebooted itself and downloaded/installed an OTA update, removing root in the process. So it looks like Google just force-restarted it and updated it without my consent! Or, if not that, then I truly must...
  34. warnerbatol

    Thread Google Pixel 5

    if you look at the first Google Pixels promo (the ones that showed both pixels profile shots) the 5 has the slight gap. Seems like its just the way it was designed maybe?
  35. RBEmerson

    Thread Can the Google Store Pixel 5 bootloader be unlocked?

    I've posted the question: "Can the Google Store Pixel 5 bootloader be unlocked?" in rooting threads and gotten no reply. The model number is the GD1YQ
  36. M

    Thread [Guide] Flash Magisk on Android 12

    Trying to root the Pixel 5 running Android 12 by flashing a magisk-patched boot image results in the phone only booting to fastboot mode ("failed to load/verify boot images") Some users have reported that booting (instead of flashing) the patched boot image works and makes root temporarily...
  37. RBEmerson

    Thread Need to buy Pixel 5 to root

    I need a Pixel 5 to support a hearing aid (support BT5.0 and ASHA protocol). Android 10 or better required. Personally, I need root for Titanium, FX, and GSam Battery Monitor. I assume it's best to buy a brand agnostic phone - source with sane price? I tried searching here for the Pixel 5...
  38. RBEmerson

    Thread Buy then root

    Unfortunately, hearing aid manufacturers often demand at least 10, BT 5.0, and a protocol(?), ASHHA (misspelled I'm sure), related to streaming to hearing aids (alternative is a dongle that far too much beyond managing streaming - Grrr.... All of that means leaving my rooted Samsung S7 with...
  39. IlyaKol

    Thread Pixel 5 w/ Jan Update - Flash of patched boot.img = loop

    Hi all, I seem to be struggling with my usual process of getting root on my Pixel 5. I installed the latest Canary build of the Magisk Manager and patched my base boot.img and then flashed it and the phones goes into an infinite loop. Only way to get out of it is to flash-all.bat (w/out the...
  40. I

    Thread How to Pixel phones OTA without Install to A/B option

    Since the option to install to inactive slot was removed due to a modification by Google, is the only way to install monthly OTA updates to normally install the OTA then re-root with patched boot image?
  41. V

    Thread Vibration & Haptics

    I currently have the Vibration & Haptics setting "Never Vibrate for Phone Calls" set. The phone does not vibrate when I have regular sound mode on. This is great. When I turn the phone onto Vibrate Mode I still do not get vibration for phone calls. I assume this is because I have "never" vibrate...
  42. harry.c.mcintyre

    Thread Is my 5G actually 5G?

    Am on Vodafone Ireland. Phone purchased direct from carrier. VF Ireland released this in early November, I think. It wasn't up until the December Pixel update that 5G actually started working and, until this point, Google had 5G support for the network down as pending on their support page...
  43. K

    Thread Google Pixel 5 and Pixel Buds 2

    Has anyone else has issues with their Pixel Bud 2's stay connected to your phone when the buds are in the case and in your pocket/bag. I've had several issues with the Pixel Buds staying connected and dying in my pocket. Anyone else?
  44. S

    Thread Is it possible to backup an app and its data without root?

    I got a new phone and there is an app on my old phone that I've lost the login info to. I'd like to try backing up the app and it's data from the old phone and moving it to the new phone but at least in the app I was trying (Swift Backup) this feature requires root. Is there any way to...
  45. S

    Thread Is it possible to backup an app and its data without root?

    While answering to another question I came to think that it might work to this situation too. So, the adb works? No use to write anything more if it doesn't... Also that app must be signed with testkeys or some other known keys...
  46. D

    Thread Pixel 5 + official case + pixel standcradle = sad panda

    Looks like they had amateur hour at google when designing the case for the Pixel 5, and I'm not just talking about the choice to have a fabric case as the only option... As you can see in the picture, the pixel 5 with the official google case doesn't sit properly on the cradle, the opening at...
  47. A

    Thread Unlock 5g with root?

  48. Lunarixus

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0_r15] hentaiOS 11 for Pixel 2 / 2 XL

    Removed by XDA Staff

    Thread Pixel 5 Not Making Calls/SMS

    So I was going to go ahead and order a Pixel 5 but I'm reading on Reddit where several folks are reporting issues where they cannot make calls/texts using known working sim cards. Functionality resumes after reboot and then drops out either quickly after the reboot or at some unknown time. This...