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    Thread [APP][A11+]Pixel Wallpapers Unlocked with Pixel 5a Wallpapers

    Slightly modified Google Wallpaper app. Unlocked Pixel Wallpapers from Pixel 2 to Pixel 5a Tested with: Pixel 4 (Android 12 DP) Galaxy S21 (Android 11) One Plus 9 (Android 11) Notice: 2 x For Fun category is not a bug. First one is for Pixel 5a which has different front camera location.
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    Thread [Guide] Root Pixel 4a (5G) with Magisk Android 12.1

    [Guide] Root Pixel 4a (5G) with Magisk Android 12.1 Android Security Bulletin—May 2022 Pixel Update Bulletin—May 2022 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 4a 5(G) owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it. The Guide is divided into three parts: Information...