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  1. D

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro stuck in fastboot, not from downgrading.

    Hi All, Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere but I've been scouring the internet for most of the day and come up with nothing. tldr: My Pixel 6 Pro has been running absolutely fine for 9 months, no issues what so ever through all the automatic updates, I powered it off this...
  2. P

    Thread Question Issues signing custom ROM for Pixel 6 Pro / raven

    I'm following the instructions here for creating a signed build. The goal is to re-lock the device using a self signed key. Yes I've read all the reasons this isn't worth the trouble, just assume I have a good reason to do so. Zero issues creating and running my custom ROM. However, when I run...
  3. MathewCNichols

    Thread Question P6P Raven Recovery Error: "system/bin/tune2fs is missing"

    Is "tune2fs is missing" normal on the Pixel 6 Pro in recovery? The error is persistent when I try to wipe data or mount system in recovery mode. I have tried reflashing stock OTA, full image, betas, and Lineage. It doesn't seem to cause problems, but it's worrisome. The same error doesn't...
  4. ennheng

    Thread Question Pixel carrier unlock

    Can someone tell me if the pixel carrier unlock on ebay works? I live in China,i bought one pixel 6pro,but its OEM can't unlock,like attached picture. I want to unlock i,so i can use the China telecom.and other interesting things.thank you much.
  5. FireRattus

    Thread Development [ROM][13][UNOFFICIAL][Raven/Oriole] Magisk Patched GrapheneOS + Lockable Bootloader (06-02-23)

    Magisk Patched Unofficial GrapheneOS for the Pixel 6 / 6 Pro (oriole/raven) This ROM will allow you to lock the boot loader. Do not ever disable the OEM unlocking checkbox when using a locked bootloader with root. This is critically important. With root access, it is possible to corrupt the...
  6. M

    Thread How To Guide How to restore and unbrick Pixel 6 Oriele or Pixel 6 Pro "Raven" ? plz help me

    After I updated pixel 6 to android 13, phone doesn't work became bricked and I can't fix it because when I plug it into my computer and see the device manager in windows, but it is not detected by `adb devices` or `fastboot devices`. I see it detected in seconds and disappear by watching device...
  7. jericho246

    Thread General [experimental, probably useless?] Guide: how to spoof P6P (Raven) to P7P (Cheetah) and get new camera feature

    First of all I'm not sure if this method is common knowledge around here or not, but I didn't see any posts about this, so I thought I'd share my findings. I realize most people don't care about this stuff but it's a little experiment I did on my P6P, mostly for fun, and also because well...
  8. M

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro Reboots after enabling SIM or eSim

    Hi all, I have a very strange issue with my Pixel 6 Pro. Not rooted and original Android 13 firmware. The phone reboots whenever I enable the physical SIM or eSim. Then it shows me a screen to reboot or do a factory reset. If I select the reboot option and keep the SIM enabled, it reboots...
  9. Flyview

    Thread General Not entering deep sleep when Bluetooth connected to Alpine stereo

    Hi everyone, I recently got my Pixel 6 Pro and am loving it. Setup: Pixel 6 Pro 128GB Android 13 Sept update Rooted with Magisk Kirisakura kernel Issue: I discovered an issue when looking through Accubattery. I noticed I had a very low "deep sleep" percentage, aka when the CPU goes to sleep...
  10. C

    Thread [Pixel 6 Pro]Google Drive can't upload multiple files at once?

    Pixel 6 Pro; A13 At some point, Google Drive on my P6P just completely lost the ability to upload multiple files in one go. Now it's only one at a time. I've deleted cache; unintalled and reinstalled the app. Results are the same. My Galaxy Tab S5E running A11, on the other hand, can upload...
  11. SkexxGo

    Thread Question Feature that we all want, you just don't know you want it yet (lockscreen notifications)

    Hey there fellow XDAers, I came across a bug (attached screenshots) where my notifications on my normal lockscreen were the notifications of the always on display (the AOD was not activated, I dont use it), and now I want this more than anything. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
  12. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Understanding Google's special warning instructions to avoid bricking a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro & Pixel 6a when updating from Android 12 to Android 13

    Google posts additional instructions for Pixel 6 owners that flashed Android 13 Can someone explain what the problem is BEFORE people fall prey to it? Google issued a warning today saying the following: My question is simply to ask someone who understands this A/B stuff to explain WHERE the...
  13. F

    Thread Question Band override?

    Hi, I've been cruising around here and various other places and still have yet to find it. However I been looking for something more in regards of managing what bands my pixel 6 pro uses. Historically I am a Sprint customer so I got put on Tmobile recently. Where I live I get stuck on...
  14. alvin14

    Thread Development [ROM] AICP 17.1 [UNOFFICIAL] [12.1.0] [raven]

    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!! Until Android Lollipop, the ROM has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately...
  15. alvin14

    Thread Development [ROM] ArrowOS 12.1 [UNOFFICIAL] [raven]

    ArrowOS /* * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  16. alvin14

    Thread Development [ROM] LineageOS 19.1 [UNOFFICIAL] [12.1.0] [raven]

    LineageOS for Google Pixel 6 Pro[raven] What is this? We all know what LIneageOS is, The backbone to most custom android development with a tremendous list of supported devices Whats working? Everything I believe Known issues Not sure, none so far DON'T FLASH GAPPS, IT IS ALREADY INCLUDED...
  17. alvin14

    Thread Development [NOT BOOTING] [ROM] BlissRom 15.7 [UNOFFICIAL] [12.1.0] [raven]

    Sorry, i need to rebuild this. It is not booting when i test it. BlissRom for the Google Pixel 6 Pro[raven] What is this? BlissRoms is an open-source operating system based on Android with customization's, options and added security features. Our prime aim is to provide a blissful experience...
  18. Paul Radulescu

    Thread Question device managed by admin automatically resetting soon

    I have a pixel 6 pro, which, when I firstly configuraye him online , after a reset, continue to show me this notification "device managed by admin automatically resetting soon" When I deactivate google play services, this dissapear and the phone cand be used, but without any of his google...
  19. A

    Thread Question Is Face unlock coming or not?

    Title says it all, have seen lots of rumours that it might be enabled but nothing concrete.
  20. B

    Thread Question Google Pixel 6 Pro

    I was wondering if all unlocked Google Pixel 6 Pro's come bootloader unlocked? If so Would it have to come straight from Google or would I be able to go to a BestBuy (or any store that sells an unlocked Google Pixel 6 Pro?
  21. M

    Thread General June feature drop is actually pretty amazing

    So here is the XDA article about the feature drop https://www.xda-developers.com/pixel-feature-drop-june-2022/ And it really does look kind of..... underwhelming? like nothing there is very useful or important at large. But the update actually brought nice stuff. Check this article for the main...
  22. legend221

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][No Root Required] Modified Google Camera 8.4.300 v1 beta3 by MWP

    Credits to the developers of the modified GCam project. Please donate to them if possible to keep the development going. After using it daily on my Pixel 2 XL it is now confirmed working on the Pixel 6. There are alot of custom options to take that perfect shot available for this modified...
  23. Hurt Copain

    Thread Development [CLOSED][ROM][12.1_r5][unOFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.3.1 [05/14/2022]

    Unofficial thread will be closed.
  24. Z

    Thread Question Rooted Pixel 6 Pro - no longer receiving updates

    Hi all, I have rooted my pixel 6 pro since day 1 and always used the magisk way of patching and restoring images for updates, since the February update Google tells me updates are no longer supported on my device per screenshots, anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it?
  25. Juuuuune

    Thread Question How to get more than 20x zoom level?

    Like title.I want to buy p6p but the tele lens just have 20x zoom level,can I change it? I have heard that the imx 586 tele lens is great.
  26. M

    Thread General Pixel 6 Pro was supposed to launch with face unlock, according to Google internal sources

    "9to5Google can report today that Google’s original plan was to launch the Pixel 6 Pro with face unlock, but the feature was pulled relatively close to launch." Source: https://9to5google.com/2022/04/22/pixel-6-pro-face-unlock/
  27. reas0n

    Thread General {CLOSED} [BOUNTY][repost] Activating 5G for unofficial countries on Pixel 6 (Pro)

    Hello! I don't know how many people from Pixel 6 are checking P6 Pro section as well, so I decided to repost it here as well. In short, I opened the bounty campaign for anyone who will able to unlock 5G support for unofficial countries. For details take a look on the main XDA thread here...
  28. reas0n

    Thread General {CLOSED} [BOUNTY] Activating 5G for unofficial countries on Pixel 6 (Pro)

    As we discussed xxxx I decided to prepare the bounty for anyone who will unlock 5G support for most/all countries. Feel free to support it (because Google doesn't want to...). You can find it there: xxxxxx Introduction and details are either in link or below in citation. MOD EDIT: Links removed.
  29. Dabombakilla449

    Thread Question Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro with CalyxOS?

    Hello, I am currently a privacy novice trying to learn about different avenues of where I can get help to better protect myself. I see apple devices and I like the fact that they have a closed ecosystem per device, but I don’t like the fact that they are all interconnected with each other; it...
  30. J

    Thread Question Question about photo image size

    Hi guys, I have a problem regarding Pixel 6Pro photo image size. not sure if any of you might have already noticed. Image size of my previous Pixel 4XL is generally around 3-4MB. However the image size of Pixel 6 Pro is generally around 2-3MB. Photos taken from both phones are in 4:3 with full...
  31. M

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro won't stop playing notification tone during calls

    My Pixel 6 Pro has a similar problem ever since the Mar 5 update has been installed. Since then, every phone call I made comes with the non-stop notification tone literally every second. For now, I managed to get around it by enabling the "DND Mode", but it isn't a long-term solution. Is...
  32. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/updating with extra features. Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are: Simple UI interface...
  33. C

    Thread Question Screen dim and flicker while on

    This is different than the known issue of screen flickering while off. Today (3/20/2022) my 6pro screen started flickering, and half the side was almost too dim to read. The odd thing - the top left notification area over to the camera notch was not affected. Given that this one stretch is...
  34. M

    Thread Question "Pixel Camera services" automatically appeared on my P6 Pro

    There's a new app that installed itself automatically on my p6 pro. It's probably linked to the upcoming March Feature Drop (night sight available in certain third party apps). It seems like Google has made a new framework, to give devs the ability to implement gcam with more ease. Playstore...
  35. badabing2003

    Thread 📳🔥 PixelFlasher, a GUI tool for flashing / updating / rooting / managing Pixel phones.

    DESCRIPTION As the name suggests this is an application to flash (update) Pixel™ phones (possibly all Google™ made phones/tablets, YMMV.) PixelFlasher at its core is a UI layer (with bells and whistles) on top of adb / fastboot commands, hence many of its features can be used on non Pixel...
  36. M

    Thread Geekbench just banned the last four years of Samsung flagships over throttling debacle

    This should be an interesting topic to all Pixel users. For many years now, Pixels were often shunned because of their bad benchmark performance. Especially here on XDA; even in this Pixel 6 Pro sub. And Samsung phones were often praised. Well, many of these results seemed to be "fake" and...
  37. A

    Thread Development [ROM] crDroid v8.2 | Android 12 [UNOFFICIAL] [March 3]

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  38. M

    Thread General "Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — these photos show how far Samsung is behind Google"

    There has been some talk about Sammi versus Pixels on XDA. If you care for camera performance, this review might aid your decision. Excerpt from the article: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Pixel 6 Pro...
  39. M

    Thread Question Google releases new build of February’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro update

    https://9to5google.com/2022/02/17/google-releases-new-build-of-februarys-pixel-6-and-6-pro-update/ Well, that's odd. Maybe some fixes from the A12L version? But why the rush?
  40. G

    Thread Question Touch Screen Glitches after drop

    I've recently dropped my pixel 6 pro and broke the screen. The screen was glitching a bit when I started typing faster which i found normal as I broke it. I've had it replaced at a Google Authorized repair center for 500 CAD however I still find glitchy input where it skips or puts in a...
  41. G

    Thread Question [GCAM] Grey or partially desaturated faces, color bleeding with GCam Mod?

    Is anyone else having problems with faces turning grey with the GCam mod on the Pixel 6 Pro? Sometimes the whole face is desaturated; sometimes just parts of it. Whole faces turning grey is mostly an issue in the background. When the face is central in the foreground, the problem is more often...
  42. M

    Thread Question "Google has no excuses left for limiting the Pixel 6 to just three Android updates"

    After Samsung announced yesterday that the entire S21 (last year!) and S22 lineup will receive 4 (!) major OS updates, this article popped up on 9to5. (just for recapitulation and to bring you up to speed in case you are not aware: The "new" Pixel 6 will only receive 3 major OS updates) What...
  43. Lycidias

    Thread General [FEB] Stock/Magisk Patched Boot Images

    Hello 😊 I would like to start a thread with all the stock and magisk patched Boot Images for the Pixel 6 Pro and it's updates. I'll try to keep this up to date and always use the latest Magisk Stable for patching new images. Download Google Drive: Stable: 13.0.0 (TQ1A.230205.002, Feb 2023)...
  44. T

    Thread General [CLOSED][Pre-Alpha] Unofficial crDroid 8.2 by albinoman887

    Update : Now moved to Pre-Alpha crdroid_raven crDroid 8.2 (2-18-22) for Pixel 6 Pro(raven) Release #2: Changelog: * Updated to blobs to SQ1D.220205.003-8069835 * Add back the missing display color modes from stock (Saturated,Boosted,Adaptive) * High Touch Sensitivity Option Enabled * SELinux...
  45. Waibashi

    Thread Question Critical Bug found affecting Google Pay purchases on Pixel Phones

    I have found a nasty bug with my Pixel 6 Pro and Google Play. The bug currently makes it, so any purchases done through Google Play (including in-app purchases) don’t require authentication or biometric prompt even though both options to ask for biometric and ask to authorize every purchase...
  46. M

    Thread Question Pixel 6 and 6 Pro officially go on sale in Italy and Spain at the Google Store

    Good news for people living in Italy and Spain that do not like using forwarding services. https://9to5google.com/2022/02/03/pixel-6-and-6-pro-officially-go-on-sale-in-italy-and-spain-at-the-google-store/
  47. C

    Thread Question how to disable that mini wakeup screen on pixel6 pro when touching the phone having fingerprint unlock ?

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/BinpgKL3U8sFzcy38 there's the screen im talking about, when you even touch the phone that screen seems to happen for you not to even touch the screen to input the fingerprint. i've walked the whole config and found nothing. it's deffinitely NOT the raise to wake...
  48. M

    Thread Accessories Dbrand Grip Case Pixel 6 Pro Feedback?

    For those of you who have the DBrand grip case, what has your experience been like and if you've had it for a few weeks/months, how has it held up?
  49. M

    Thread General Runner-up award for the most repairable phone of 2022 goes to the Pixel 6 Pro

    Damn, I did not expect that. It seems that Google has come a long way. Jerry says that the Pixel 6 Pro is the second most repairable smartphone of the year 2022, the only phone being more repairable is the Fairphone, which is literally designed to be repairable. The biggest argument in favor...
  50. G

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro and Android Auto issues

    I tried to see if anyone posted a similar question but haven't found anything. Is anyone else having issues with their Pixel 6 Pro while connected to Android Auto? I have 3 issues that are bugging the crap out of me. 1. Every time I connect my phone to the car, it always pops up asking...