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  1. C

    Thread Question [SOLVED][Help needed] Pixel 6 stuck in fastboot mode

    Okay, so it's been a while and the saga is finally over. I'll try to summarize the whole story but if anyone is reading this with the same issue, the TLDR is that I had it replaced/serviced under warranty by Comspot Repair Germany. I'll leave the OP for archival purposes. ---- original post...
  2. T

    Thread Question How to un-brick Pixel 6?

    I'm experimenting with a CalyxOS (13) fork, and suddenly broke booting (on a quite late stage — getting an NPE caused by my change in UserManagerService creation). Other partitions, including boot should be fine, as I did no changes to their contents. Device was stuck in a bootloop for ~3...
  3. ther3y3s

    Thread Question OnePlus gestures on Pixel

    Hi, i have already tried LSPosed and AOSP Mods but i didn't find the same gestures of oneplus. Expecially the possibility to lock device by double tapping on a blank portion of the screen or "write" some letters when the screen is off ( for example: V to turn on flashlight or <, > to control...
  4. B

    Thread Question SERIOUS ISSUE on PIXEL 6 [No network/ NO IMEI]

    Call/network works fine in welcome screen but it goes to activating network infinite loop occurs..(Unless I remove physical SIM) But after setup also there is no signal or no network ... seems like issue while activating network. Issues: - Unknown IMEI. - No network services. - Couldn't...
  5. S

    Thread Question Bricked Pixel 6

    Hey, So yesterday I got the stupid idea to try out Android 13 QRP Beta 1. I heard praise of Pixel-Flasher which helps out in Updating & maintaining root. Around 2 weeks ago I updated from Android 12 Stable to Android 13 Stable using ADB sideload & lost root, booting with magisk-patched img...
  6. M

    Thread Question Currently own a Pixel 4a I'm leaning towards an S21 Fe over a Pixel 6 but concerned about smoothness.

    Hi all, Both the Pixel 6 and the S21 FE seem like great devices with pros and cons. I can get both for about the same price. I'm leaning towards the S21 FE mostly because the Pixel has many bugs, and Android 13 seems to have made things worse. People are complaining of battery drain and the...
  7. D

    Thread Question Pixel 6 and Android 13

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I've been a Pixel user since Pixel 2, but recently got the Pixel 6, and my frustrations begun. Since day 1 I am getting no more than 5 hours of screen time, no matter what I do. Battery drainage of this piece of cr*p phone is the worst I ever experienced. Got...
  8. M

    Thread Question Tragic Internet connection

    Anyone have similar problem like me? Noticed that only few days ago as usual I have WiFi most of the time available. Doesn't matter if I have 5 or 4g as default but speed it like shown on photos. Sometimes it full 5g and minute after it's barely going. All photos taken in exactly same place...
  9. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Understanding Google's special warning instructions to avoid bricking a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro & Pixel 6a when updating from Android 12 to Android 13

    Google posts additional instructions for Pixel 6 owners that flashed Android 13 Can someone explain what the problem is BEFORE people fall prey to it? Google issued a warning today saying the following: My question is simply to ask someone who understands this A/B stuff to explain WHERE the...
  10. C

    Thread Question OTA update with different device fingerprint via magisk

    I have seen videos on how to update via OTA for the Pixel 6 (I have Pixel 6 Pro, but with device fingerprint and several other settings like BASIC eval changed to Pixel 5a). The 5a is the model shown in the 'about phone'. Will OTA updates work properly in this case when I try to 'restore...
  11. A

    Thread Question Pixel 6 constantly freezes and slows down. Who faced similar?

    Hi all! I am writing this text through a translator since I myself am in Russia. There is no information in my region on my problem, so I decided to turn to all the participants in this forum with a request for help. My Pixel 6 has been constantly glitching and freezing since the first day I...
  12. M

    Thread [Bug][Resolved] MX Player Pro unexpectedly going into PiP mode and starting playback when put in background

    For the last couple days, whenever I do any action that would put MX Player in the background, the video has suddenly gone into Picture-in-Picture mode and started playing. This happens whenever I have a video up in the player, regardless of whether it's playing or paused, and whether background...
  13. M

    Thread [Bug] Aspect ratio changing unexpectedly in Background Play [update: seems to be fixed]

    Sometimes, when background play is on, and the screen is turned off and on while the video is playing, MX Player will change the selected aspect ratio to Stretch. Steps to reproduce: - Set aspect ratio to "Fit to Screen" - Set Background Play on - Start playing video - With video still playing...
  14. Katywillium

    Thread Question [CLOSED] How to buy Pixel 6, is there any source?

    I would like to buy a Pixel 6 cell phone, if you are interested to sell your used phone, kindly contact me. I also want to buy a new cell phone, if you are selling products online, kindly text me. Thank you so much
  15. M

    Thread General June feature drop is actually pretty amazing

    So here is the XDA article about the feature drop https://www.xda-developers.com/pixel-feature-drop-june-2022/ And it really does look kind of..... underwhelming? like nothing there is very useful or important at large. But the update actually brought nice stuff. Check this article for the main...
  16. M

    Thread Question VOLTE and WifiCalling in unsupported countries

    hey folks, I know that 5G isn't available at all (unfortunately 😢) But did any one mange to get VOLTE and Wifi calling in other then the supported countries? any way to do this? custom rom? somehow?
  17. P

    Thread Question [Custom AOSP] Installing Pixel 6

    Hello all, Im newbie in the site and also in Android AOSP. I would like to know if is possible: I have a AOSP X86 Emulator and I made some changes in HAL . So I desire to test in a Pixel 6 . i believe that I need to install the custom ROM. Some Steps that I identified. 1- Convert my X86_64...
  18. legend221

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][No Root Required] Modified Google Camera 8.4.300 v1 beta3 by MWP

    Credits to the developers of the modified GCam project. Please donate to them if possible to keep the development going. After using it daily on my Pixel 2 XL it is now confirmed working on the Pixel 6. There are alot of custom options to take that perfect shot available for this modified...
  19. E

    Thread How To Guide Creating audio tracks for Haptic on Pixel

    Hi guys! I think all the owners of Pixel 6, Pixel 4 noticed that most of their ringtones have haptic feedback. I was wondering if it's possible to overlay your track and your haptic feedback on the audio. After searching for an answer, I found an article on the Android site, and I decided to...
  20. Hurt Copain

    Thread Development [CLOSED][ROM][12.1_r5][unOFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.3.1 [05/14/2022]

    Unofficial thread will be closed.
  21. reas0n

    Thread General {CLOSED} [BOUNTY][repost] Activating 5G for unofficial countries on Pixel 6 (Pro)

    Hello! I don't know how many people from Pixel 6 are checking P6 Pro section as well, so I decided to repost it here as well. In short, I opened the bounty campaign for anyone who will able to unlock 5G support for unofficial countries. For details take a look on the main XDA thread here...
  22. reas0n

    Thread General {CLOSED} [BOUNTY] Activating 5G for unofficial countries on Pixel 6 (Pro)

    As we discussed xxxx I decided to prepare the bounty for anyone who will unlock 5G support for most/all countries. Feel free to support it (because Google doesn't want to...). You can find it there: xxxxxx Introduction and details are either in link or below in citation. MOD EDIT: Links removed.
  23. M

    Thread General Google announces partnership with iFixit - all Pixel smartphones will soon be easier to repair

    Google's Blog entry https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/sustainability/pixel-phone-repairs/ IFixit announcement https://www.ifixit.com/News/58542/working-with-google --- This means that Google joined the growing list of companies that - at least officially - care for the Right to...
  24. Dabombakilla449

    Thread Question Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro with CalyxOS?

    Hello, I am currently a privacy novice trying to learn about different avenues of where I can get help to better protect myself. I see apple devices and I like the fact that they have a closed ecosystem per device, but I don’t like the fact that they are all interconnected with each other; it...
  25. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/updating with extra features. Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are: Simple UI interface, click...
  26. badabing2003

    Thread 📳🔥 PixelFlasher, a GUI tool for flashing / updating / rooting / managing Pixel phones.

    DESCRIPTION As the name suggests this is an application to flash (update) Pixel™ phones (possibly all Google™ made phones/tablets, YMMV.) PixelFlasher at its core is a UI layer (with bells and whistles) on top of adb / fastboot commands, hence many of its features can be used on non Pixel...
  27. L

    Thread Question Lost Universal Search On Pixel Launcher Pixel 6

    Did any of you lost Universal Search on the Pixel Launcher with Android 12L beta? I realized when I went to look up a contact by swiping up from the search bar on the home screen and when I typed a letter none of my contacts were popping up. I used to swipe up and start typing the first letter...
  28. M

    Thread Question "Google has no excuses left for limiting the Pixel 6 to just three Android updates"

    After Samsung announced yesterday that the entire S21 (last year!) and S22 lineup will receive 4 (!) major OS updates, this article popped up on 9to5. (just for recapitulation and to bring you up to speed in case you are not aware: The "new" Pixel 6 will only receive 3 major OS updates) What...
  29. H

    Thread How To Guide [Guide] Root Pixel 6 with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More

    [Guide] Root Pixel 6 with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More Android Security Bulletin—January 2023 Pixel Update Bulletin—January 2023 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 6 owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it. The Guide is divided into...
  30. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [GUIDE] Advanced swipe gesture shortcuts using Tasker, for running any task or automations.

    Table of Contents Preface Requirements Difficulty How it works! Uses Autorun Demo, screenshots, TaskerNet & project backup Tips Why not those easy to use apps from PlayStore? End note. 1. Preface Before getting my hands on Pixel 6, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running on an Android 10...
  31. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [CLOSED]Mod edit

    Content of post removed on request of OP @ShebeerPrince
  32. K

    Thread Question Is the pixel 6's dotted animation normal?

    As the title said is this normal, I'm really not familiar with how pixel handles animation but refer to the video attached, this is also happening inside the settings when I tap something from there. Thanks! this is my 2nd Pixel Device and I don't know if it's really made like that or just an...
  33. B

    Thread Question Time difference and/or persistent alarm?!

    Hi, I have noticed an alarm that is constantly 10 mins ahead of the actual time. I have no alarms in the stock clock app and I have uninstalled the only 3rd party alarm app, yet it still shows and just constantly rolls remaining 10 mins ahead of the current time. No alarm ever goes off. I'm...
  34. M

    Thread Question Pixel 6 December update OTA available

    https://developers.google.com/android/ota Here a list of country/version since we have several firmware versions running around now
  35. D

    Thread Discovered "Bloom" live wallpaper on my Pixel 5?

    Today I set up a guest user profile on my P5 as I hadn't done that before. While browsing around I discovered to my surprise that the supposedly Pixel 6 exclusice live wallpaper "Bloom" is installed. Now I'm wondering why it is installed there in the first place, since I definitely never...
  36. M

    Thread General Android 12 December security patch rolling out to Google Pixel, factory images & OTAs live

    https://9to5google.com/2021/12/06/pixel-decembe-21-security-patch/ Official Google post https://support.google.com/pixelphone/thread/139017133/google-pixel-update-december-2021?hl=en There is also a giant Bugfix list
  37. Gonik

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Contacts Bug

    Hi good people of XDA, Iam facing a serious issue in the Contacts app of my new Google Pixel 6. When I call somebody and they answer their phone, the call shows as "Private number" in the Recents tab. If they do not answer, then the contact name is shown normally, as it should. Take a look at...
  38. J

    Thread Question Adaptive Charging conditions

    AFAIK, adaptive charging only happens if these conditions are fullfilled: An alarm is set before 10 AM You plug in your phone for charging after 9 PM So far I have managed to adaptive charge my Pixel the few days I've had it, but yesterday I noticed the adaptive charge wasn't triggered. I...
  39. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question Replace a Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro?

    Hey everybody! Quick question: would you replace your Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro? I'm asking it because I'm a S21 owner but I've never been completely in love with the Samsung design (those squircle icons...) nor all the Samsung apps I don't use and can't remove. I'm into Google apps...
  40. M

    Thread General Mrwhosetheboss calls Pixel 6 The BEST Smartphone of 2021

    It seems that our Pixel line-up has finally gained mainstream traction. Spoilers:
  41. M

    Thread General Mrwhosetheboss calls Pixel 6 The BEST Smartphone of 2021

    It seems that our Pixel line-up has finally gained mainstream traction. Spoilers:
  42. V

    Thread Question Google Pixel 6 Top New Features!

    Those are the Pixel 6 best features the way I ve seen it, anything important missing? Mod edit: YT link removed
  43. M

    Thread General Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Display Review: Questionable value OLED tech

    Summary https://www.xda-developers.com/google-pixel-6-pro-display-review/ As a personal note: Jea, the auto brightness system is definitely broken right now. Hopefully XDA is wrong and Google can fix it by software.
  44. M

    Thread General Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Display Review: Questionable value OLED tech

    Summary https://www.xda-developers.com/google-pixel-6-pro-display-review/ As a personal note: Jea, the auto brightness system is definitely broken right now. Hopefully XDA is wrong and Google can fix it by software.
  45. I

    Thread General Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro - Comparison using 70 specifications

    Hello, everyone! I make video comparison Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro. Сheck it out!
  46. M

    Thread Question [EU] Pixel 6 / Pro promotion: Google no longer has Bose Headphones 700 - pre-orderers now receive Bose QuietComfort 45 + 75 € store credit

    It seems that Google has run out of Bose Headphones. As mentioned on Reddit by a german user, he was contacted by Google and will receive another bundle. It is highly likely that this will affect other people aswell. Google (in German, I'll share a translation): Screenshot Translation of...
  47. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Starting November 21st: Google Pixel 6 Unlocked - $549 @ Target

  48. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Google Forms survey: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint history

    Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint history survey The raw answers are here, just to show I'm not collecting email addresses: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint history survey (Responses). Once there are enough responses, I will aggregate them and make some meaningful statistics out of them...
  49. Kimbaroth

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Post your setup/screenshot thread! =D

    I'm currently rocking this setup, the whole description can be found on my deviantart: I'm in love with this device!!! =D <3