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  1. hoanvu1100

    Thread Question Buying Pixel 6 Pro

    I'm about to buy a new device, but still wondering is the Pixel 6 Pro worth the money in 2023, my friends and some ppl say the Pixel 6 is more worthy, or try Pixel 7 as the Pixel 6 series doesn't have many ROM yet. What do you guys think?
  2. J

    Thread Question How to force Live Caption to work with Netflix?

    I want to use the Live Caption feature with Netflix, but when I open Netflix it shows "this app has disable Live Caption". Is it possible to force Live Caption to work with Netflix? I imagine this would be possible with Root access, which I have. If anyone knows how do this, please show me...
  3. zahrd024

    Thread Question QR Code Scanning Shortcut on Pixel 7 shows as unavailable

    Hi all, New member of XDA here. I've got a Pixel 7 running Android 13 on the December Patch (TQ1A.221205.011) without Android System Intelligence (mentioning just in case) and the QR Code in the quick settings panel is greyed out. I'm able to scan codes from the camera app but I want to do it...
  4. N

    Thread Question Asking about the quality of the Pixel 7 pro camera

    hi GPpro7 users, I would love to have your answers as users about this : I have had two old Samsungs (A5 and S8), and they have "old" 12mp cameras...and I have been thinking that nowadays, that's 5 years later, cameras had gotten amazing and I would buy myself one of those, reading about...
  5. F

    Thread Question Is the Camera hardcoded to only work with Google Photos?

    Hey all, So I've decided I want to use a different gallery app instead of the Google Photos. However, after disabling Photos and expecting to get the choice of how to open it from the camera app, it specifically tells me to install Google Photos. Am I correct to assume it's a hardcoded link...
  6. meirjean

    Thread Question Incoming calls not showing names

    Hi, I've recently moved from a Galaxy S21 to the Pixel 7. Ever since, on my new Pixel, incoming calls (it might be for specific callers, still unsure) will not show their names, only the numbers! Later on, on the recent calls list, their names will appear perfectly. When the incoming call is...
  7. Namelesswonder

    Thread General [Tutorial] [Magisk] Enabling 32-bit Support For Apps

    The 32-bit apps are back! https://streamable.com/hb1dqp Synopsis The Pixel 7 line is Google's first "64-bit only" phones, along with being the highest profile release of a 64-bit only device so far. The device uses the Tensor G2 (GS201), which is a close descendant of the Tensor (GS101) from the...
  8. X

    Thread Question Pixel 7/6a vs. Galaxy S22/S21 FE: which gets warmer/hotter?

    Which of the following phones gets warmer or hotter then it should? - Pixel 7 - Pixel 6a - Galaxy S22 - Galaxy S21 FE
  9. T

    Thread Question App-Permissions lost daily

    Hi, on my new Pixel 7 (all updates installed) App permssion get lost every day. On Apps I already granted permissions (e.g. Notifications) after about one day I get prompt for to grand permissions again. Normally this should happen only after few month of not used apps. I guess on my phone the...
  10. tbalden

    Thread Development [KERNEL] CleanSlate T1.4.4 |S2S|AdBlock|VIB|BatterySvr [Jan 10]

    tbalden's CleanSlate kernel for Google Pixel 7 Pro/7 The User Experience Kernel leaning towards Stock Stability plus UX features. Rock stable stock approach, performance smooth and issue free "No-Root is a State of Mind" As always tbalden is here to bring you authentic new features first...
  11. thesm4rt1

    Thread Question What Magisk modules are you using?

    Curious what my fellow rooted folk are using. Here is my list: Pixel Launcher Mods Overlay More launcher options. Pixelify Google Photos backup. Note: Pixel 7 exclusive options (unblur, magic erase) seem to have disappeared for me after installing this. Systemless Hosts For AdAway ad...
  12. H

    Thread How To Guide [Guide] Root Pixel 7 Pro with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More

    [Guide] Root Pixel 7 Pro with Magisk + Unlock Bootloader + Pass SafetyNet + More Android Security Bulletin—March 2023 Pixel Update Bulletin—March 2023 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 7 Pro owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it. The Guide is divided...
  13. Namelesswonder

    Thread General 32-bit ARM Application Checker

    With the news that the Pixel 7 is now restricting applications to 64-bit only, I have created a shell script that can be ran on your old phone to check for any armeabi-v7a only applications that will not run on the Pixel 7. Obviously this script does not make much sense to run on a Pixel 7, but...
  14. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread How To Guide March 13, 2023 TQ2A.230305.008.C1 Global | .A3 WINDTRE/Canada - Unlock bootloader / Root Pixel 7 Pro [Cheetah] / SafetyNet

    Pixel 7 Pro [Cheetah] Note that more than three users have said that 34.0.1 did not work correctly for them. I recommend sticking with 33.0.3 (just below these quotes) Someone reported it to Google (added a comment about 34.0.1 to the existing 34.0.0 report). The download links for 33.0.3...
  15. t-ryder

    Thread General Pixel 7 display size rumors

    Rumors say that the Google Pixel 7 (non-pro) will have a 6.2" display. The Pixel 6 has a 6.4" display. What do you prefer, and do you think the rumors are true? I would prefer 6.5" for the non-pro version, and I had a Pixel 6 with 6.4 which was OKish for me (sold the Pixel 6 after 2x RMA and...