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  1. H

    Thread Redmi note 8 randomly restarts

    I am running pixel experience (Android 10) on my redmi note 8 (ginkgo). The problem started recently. I think it has to do something with the audio because I noticed that the restart is triggered when there is a sudden audio spike like a call ringtone or something. Is it a bug?. What can I do...
  2. Paramveer Singh17


    HI!, i am a ROM tester and a power user . i have tested around a 150 rooms for my grand prime [ fortuna3g] . THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROM I FOUND WAS PIXEL EXPERIENCE ROM AND SAMSUNG PORT ROM . but there is an issue . the PIXEL EXPERIENCE ROM FOR GRAND PRIME IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID 9.0 IF...
  3. AtpTech

    Thread After flashing Pixel Experience I am not able to see the oem unlock option in developer option.

    After flashing Pixel Experience I am not able to see the OEM unlock option in developer option. Even after going to fastboot mode and connecting the usb cable and in command prompt after entering adb devices there is no devices showing at all. So please kindly give some suggestions to solve this...
  4. Golv

    Thread [ROM][10.0]&[11.0] Pixel Experience PLUS (ocn) [Unofficial][AOSP] (11.0 - upd 2021-12-26; 10.0 - upd 2020-12-18)

    Thread restored after forum upgrade. You can continue the discussion again. (y)
  5. Verevka

    Thread [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    Welcome to the goodness of Oreo-Pie. This topic will be dedicated to our bring up of Oreo-Pie for Xiaomi Mi6. While the feature list will be constantly updated, remember the ROM is in beta stage and would expect logs if you want to report issue. An AOSP based ROM, with gapps included, and all...