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  1. SteQu

    Thread [GUIDE][HOW TO FIX] 28 (ErrorCode::kDownloadOperationExecutionError) | 5 (ErrorCode::kPostInstallRunnerError)

    In this short guide, I will explain to you how to easily fix the recovery error, the name of which can be found in the title. This guide is only a collection of information found on the Internet and a simple explanation of the problem. It was created so that you can easily find it on the...
  2. SteQu

    Thread A way to run GSI on Google Pixel XL?

    Would anyone present be kind enough to help me install and run GSI on a Google Pixel XL? It would be a dream come true! I will be very grateful for every tip and willingness to help.
  3. N

    Thread [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Google Pixel XL

    Google Pixel XL - Your warranty is now void. - You have been warned. - Use at your own risk. Introduction: This is the Official Lineage OS 18.1 thread for the Google Pixel XL. Downloads: Please follow the install instructions in your device's Wiki page linked below exactly, and make sure...
  4. B

    Thread Google Pixel XL is being shown as a Pixel 3 in Google Photos

    Google Photos falsely identifies my Google Pixel XL as a Google Pixel 3. Why is this? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? This is kind a big deal because the Google Pixel XL is supposed to have unlimited original quality photo uploads for the lifetime of the device whereas the Pixel...
  5. B

    Thread Automatically upload photos to Google Photos from OneDrive on your original Google Pixel XL (unlimited original quality photo uploads!)

    The original Google Pixel XL was sold with a unique perk, it has unlimited original-quality photo and video uploads to Google Photos for the lifetime of the device. I recently upgraded from my Pixel XL to a OnePlus 9 Pro. If I wanted to keep uploading for free, I somehow would have to transfer...
  6. Z

    Thread (GSI) MIUI, ONE UI, OOS, And more Booting on Pixel XL (MIUI confirmed booting)

    I was doing research regarding UBPorts on the Pixel XL and had stumbled across another forum and found multiple GSI images created for A/AB devices and can confirm that MIUI does boot with the proper prerequsites (sorry it is currently 3am at the time of posting this) and i wanted to share this...
  7. H

    Thread Possible fix for Pixel XL Bootloop Issue

    I bought a Pixel XL yesterday from the local marketplace. It was being sold for cheap and mentioned that after an update the device doesn't start. I bought it for experimentation. When I brought it home it was completely discharged so I hooked it up to a wall charger and tried to turn it on. It...
  8. G

    Thread Pixel XL stuck in bootloop.

    There are similar threads but I think my problem is different from the others. In the morning everything was fine for about an hour but once I left the house my phone froze out of nowhere. In the beginning It was still able to reboot into Android but always crashed shortly after and right now...
  9. SteQu

    Thread System partition is too small to install Google GSI system

    Hi There! I come to you with a request for help. Well, I wanted to install the GSI system straight from the Google website, but during the installation it turns out that my system partition is definitely too small. Is there any way to properly install the IMG image straight from the Google...
  10. sosodemi

    Thread Google Maps problem /compass/ location

    I have problems with Google maps it is inaccurate, it jumps to different streets, unknowing which direction I am heading. I tried to calibrate, I deleted cache, updated, the only solution I found to uninstall all updates and going with the stock apk. Is it just me? (Maybe I have a defective...
  11. blckbear

    Thread [Substratum] Always On Display Enabler for Stock Android 10

    Always On Display Enabler Here's a Substratum overlay I made that enables AOD on Stock Android 10, along with Burn-In protection and AOD Wallpapers. I created this as I wasn't happy with the one available in the PlayStore as it also modifies system theme colors and that wasn't a desired...
  12. paco8

    Thread Google Stadia on Pixel XL

    Hi y'all! Just received my code for Stadia! (29 hours after launch... :confused: I'm finally in. Didn't get any of my desired user names since they we're all already taken but whatever...) Now I was wondering if there's any way to play on my Pixel XL or maybe make the app think that I'm using...
  13. J

    Thread Lineage Updater breaks all Google Apps/Services with A/B Partitions

    I couldn't find a thread addressing this via Thread Search, so if one exists, please simply reply with a link Device: Pixel XL OS: LOS 16.0 Recovery: LOS Replicatable: Yes Upon rebooting after updating via Settings - Updater, device is crippled and unusable, as every single Google app and...
  14. AntiBillOS

    Thread Treble GSI celluar fix question

    Hello guys! Is there any fix for celluar on Pixel XL running GSI roms? Maybe some baseband or etc
  15. K

    Thread [ROM][Pie][UNOFFICIAL] COSP [9.0.0] [Pixel XL (marlin)]

    COSP **** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! **** Welcome to COSP, your new future Android Operating System. Our goal is to have an Pixel-like android ROM that isn't spying on you and uses as few system space as possible. Also, we provide the...
  16. firesword14

    Thread [Q] How to fix Play Store certification?

    I am currently on the the Pixel Dust EOM rooted with Magisk. Until now I have not had any difficulty with any app because of the certification but recently a bunch of banking apps were updated to block uncertified devices and I can only seem to find fixes to this issue from early last year...
  17. K

    Thread [KERNEL][CLANG 8.0][3.18.x] KingKernel

    This is the home of KingKernel development for sailfish/marlin Created by: kingbri and Sweetie Our philosophy: The idea is to create a kernel that is packed with features, but doesn't compromise stability or battery life. This kernel is compiled with the latest, bleeding edge Clang 9.x...
  18. G

    Thread Propper Way to Create a ROM?

    I want to create a custom ROM for my Pixel XL that is based off of AOSP. I have tried to make this work, but it has never been stable enough to run as a daily driver, it has always been unstable and unusable for my day-to-day tasks. Does anyone have any information on what I should do to create...
  19. S

    Thread Hello, new Pixel XL owner, previous Nexus 6 owner! Got Qs

    I've tried flashing the phone to TWRP, and it sticks... but when I flash LineageOS 16, it says no space... so I erase the system partition... flash again and add Opengapps for pie 64bit version... and it just boots to a lineage recovery page... I haven't tried other roms, because I just...
  20. AyamDobhal

    Thread [ABANDONED][PORTED][semi-GSI][PPR2.181005.003][UNOFFICIAL]P sGSI PR2[A-ONLY]

    #include<disclaimer.h> Your warranty is now void. I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Thermonuclear wars, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please note that this is an unofficial ported sGSI and do some research before flashing it. If you point your finger at...
  21. K

    Thread [REFERENCE/TEMPLATE] Marlin Kernel clang template

    Clang Kernel template for Marlin/Sailfish What is this? This is a marlin clang template that can be used to create kernels that compile using clang toolchains. It has all the commits by nathanchance that optimize clang for the Pixel and XL models What Does this Mean for me? The 4.x kernels...
  22. H

    Thread TWRP-3.2.2-0 Pixel XL

    twrp-3.2.2-0 on Android 8.1.0 Oreo or Android Development Preview DP4. Is it better than twrp 3.2.1-2?
  23. S

    Thread How to transfer file between phone connected with different router on same lan?

    Hi I have a 5 wifi router at my place. One internet connection (broad band) all the router are connected with one switch through lan cable. But the routes different ip address example one has and other has and so on. Routers cannot have same ip address coz of ip...
  24. Phalanx7621

    Thread Noob Friendly Tips, Tricks, General Information + Great Information_Pixel_XL_Marlin

    I'm creating this thread to aggregate information in to one location and help anyone out who isn't sure what to do next. I'll be adding to this if and when I can and of course anyone who has anything to add, plz do. This may seem late in the game for some folks, but I'm new to this phone and...
  25. K

    Thread Snapchat not working on P

    Hi, I was using snapchat on P and it booted me out and forced me to login. When I tried to login, it says "couldn't connect to the server, please try again" I cannot get on and I use snap a lot, please help? Anyone else having this issue?
  26. N

    Thread Pixel XL 1 not getting OTA Updates

    Hi, am using a Pixel XL 1 on Android 8.1, bootloader unlocked, patch level of February. Now I have the problem that since about December no OTA updates are shown/offered at all. Therefor I always had to manually update. Even the manual triggering of searching for updates, which has recently...
  27. K

    Thread Android P in depth review (ongoing)

    Android P in depth review (updating...) Hi XDA, this is my opinion on the freshest dev preview of android P Appearance The appearance looks smoother and polished. The notifications have rounded corners and the Heads Up notifications appear like they are actually coming from the status bar...
  28. K

    Thread How to extract your boot.img from any rom (adb)

    If there is any trouble, leave it in the comments, i'll respond I am not responsible if this crashes, bricks, causes nuclear warfare, or anything else that may happen, I'll try to fix it if you put your problem in the comments Extract boot.img using a few simple adb commands Hi XDA, I want to...
  29. A

    Thread Pixel XL : unable to hear incoming calls ringtone

    I've bought my mom a Pixel XL, and every now and then I've noticed her phone doesn't make ringtone sound during incoming calls. I have no idea about the reason for it, but restarting the OS seems to fix it for a few hours. Ringtone volume is maxed, with vibration and with custom ringtone...
  30. K

    Thread [MAGISK MODULE] Pixel Stereo speakers magisk module

    Hi XDA, I reversed engineered chdloc's dual stereo speaker mod into a magisk module for simple and easy installation, it is simply just flash the module in magisk and profit! I will be uploading to the official repo soon, but here is the zip for now. Have fun! The mod is NOT for loudness...
  31. A

    Thread Magisk 15.X Not Working

    So I just did a clean install of my own Lineage 14.1 build and Magisk 15.3 (and the latest beta) do not work. I flash it, it's successful, I reboot and there is no Magisk Manager, and if I install it myself, when I open it, it just hangs on the Magisk icon forever. I uninstalled Magisk 15 and...
  32. K

    Thread [Bootanimation] Can someone upload the pixel 8.1 bootanimation zip

    Can someone post the bootanimation.zip from /system/media on android 8.1, i'm currently on a rom and want the stock bootanimation
  33. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][PIXEL XL] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the Pixel's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock...
  34. K

    Thread [GUIDE] Ultimate audio and battery guide

    Comprehensive audio guide for android 8.1 and P DP1 (saves battery) Cyan means 8.1 ONLY For android P only, flash the magisk modules in TWRP, manager is broken with module flashing, just a temp patch from topjohnwu I am not responsible if you break, blow up, or destroy your device in any way...
  35. S

    Thread [ZIP Flashable via TWRP][True Black & White 1440P] Bootlogo Pixel XL & Pixel 2 XL

    [ZIP Flashable via TWRP][True Black & White 1440P] Bootlogo Pixel XL & Pixel 2 XL Hey Guys! Alrighty, I decided to create my own thread because I keep seeing a lot of people asking for it. I posted the zip files in another thread but it keeps being skipped... Even though I gave the right to...
  36. heardamir

    Thread Pixel XL - DND not working with Viber

    Hi there, I have a Pixel XL, stock on Android 8.0.0. The problem is that i still get calls and messages from Viber when DND is active. I've played around with the App and DND settings. Ensured that override DND is not active, ensured i'm not mistaken and are receiving calls from starred...
  37. J

    Thread Best Smartwatch software for Pixel

    Hi everyone, I know this question looks like a no-brainer one as Android Wear 2.0 = Stock Android. Currently I am using a 1st gen Huawei Watch which as you all probably already know, runs Android Wear 2.0 and thinking about upgarding to Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which runs Tizen. Anyone here can...
  38. K

    Thread [GUIDE] ARISE magnum OPUS on magisk android 8.0

    If you break, blow up, brick, or neutralize your device in any way, shape, or form, I am not responsible for the damage Install ARISE Magnum OPUS on android 8.0 with Magisk Hi XDA, I have recently put a thread online about installing ARISE deuternomy on magisk. I have installed magnum OPUS on...
  39. K

    Thread ARISE Magnum OPUS

    Hi XDA, I have recently made a guide on how to install ARISE deuternomy with Magisk SU, but I want to install Magnum OPUS, so can you please reply to give a guide? Whenever I install Magnum OPUS, it installs, but no apps or files show up. This is because the Apk's will not install. I have found...
  40. N

    Thread Magisk Installing OTA on Pixel XL 1

    Hi, I own a Pixel XL 128GB, running 8.0.0 October FW. I have installed Magisk 14.3 beta 1437. Almost everything works, except for: 1. When installing Magisk using Magisk's internal installer it always downloads MAgisk 14.0 and tries to install this old, outdated version. Is this a bug? 2. I...
  41. K

    Thread [guide] important verizon bootloader unlock

    here is the link to the guide, I have an unlocked pixel, but this can solve the problem that depixel8 solved https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel/help/bootloader-unlock-verizon-pixels-t3616101
  42. K

    Thread [GUIDE/ZIP] All in one root tools for pixel xl project

    Hi XDA, this is a community project I would like to start. I have made a root tools zip file that you guys can use to re-root your phone and install mods just through one zip file. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2FpamnIn0F3VWs1Y01meHhqZms/view Feel free to re-upload this...
  43. I

    Thread WhatsApp notification as a field box with reply on Pixel XL with Oreo

    I recently moved to Google Pixel XL with Android Oreo. I am trying to fix the Notifications. Below is what happening. Steps -Enable Fingerprint unlocking -Phone is unlocked and screen is awake -Receive a Whatsapp message on the device -The message is displayed as a prompt on the center of the...
  44. Hacker101

    Thread What now? Themes, Apps, Mods.

    I have the Google Pixel XL rooted running Android Oreo with boot-loader unlocked. I used the modded TWRP with SU config and Chainfire's SU with SU Hide by the way to root. I know about theming and a few rooted apps like Greenify to name one. I do not want a custom ROM flashed. I guess is there...
  45. plisskenn

    Thread Getting Pixel XL Replacement from Google and will be using on Verizon. Root???

    I have a bad 6p that Google is replacing with a Pixel XL. Can I root this and keep it rooted on Verizon? Is there any problem with this? I saw that there are verizon root bounties and wanted to double check. Are there any steps I should take? Thanks for your help.
  46. J

    Thread Pixel XL 128G (2016 version) Vs OnePlus 5

    I got rid of my Google Pixel XL and replaced it with the OnePlus 5. In case anyone is considering doing the same I wanted to post my personal impressions/comparisons of the two phones. I'm not going to recommend one phone over the other because different people have different needs and...
  47. oneandroidnut

    Thread App running in background removal????

    Been trying to get the persistent app notification for apps running in background to go away and tried this tutorial https://www.xda-developers.com/hide-app-running-background-notification-android-oreo/ and still wont work! Any ideas? Completely stock unrooted, play store, pixel xl on verizon...
  48. C

    Thread Android O (8.0) issues with Instagram Stories

    I have a Pixel XL and ever since I loaded the final build of Android 8.0, I have been experiencing issues with Instagram Stories. When I record a new story, everything works fine but when it plays back the story, it is very choppy. Other people's stories play fine. Anyone else experiencing this...
  49. E

    Thread No location after Android Oreo update

    I've updated to Oreo a couple of days ago and I've noticed I can no longer get a GPS lock. AGPS data is downloaded and satellites are found and fixed, but resolving a location no longer happens. I've also performed a factory reset and reflashed Android Oreo but the problem persists. Searching...
  50. mintee

    Thread Pixel XL 8.0 Oreo Call Volume

    So last night I installed Oreo from the official google release. https://developer.android.com/about/versions/oreo/index.html Today I'm struggling to hear phone calls from the actual phone (as in the other person talking on the phone). I haven't tried earbuds or anything else yet. The...