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  1. T

    Thread Question App-Permissions lost daily

    Hi, on my new Pixel 7 (all updates installed) App permssion get lost every day. On Apps I already granted permissions (e.g. Notifications) after about one day I get prompt for to grand permissions again. Normally this should happen only after few month of not used apps. I guess on my phone the...
  2. S

    Thread Question [Resolved] Unable to install non-Google Play apps after turning on and then off Advanced Protection

    I turned on Advanced Protection for one of my Google accounts that was signed in in my Pixel 6 Pro (I have several other Google accounts signed in as well but no others have Advanced Protection turned on). I then had a nasty surprise when I tried to re-install Magisk after flashing the latest...
  3. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Solutions of Fixing "This device isn't Play Protect Certified" for Huawei devices (Harmony OS 3.0/2.0/EMUI) (tested Nov, 2022)

    Working on the details, please check back later. Preparation: 1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, please kindly leave comments and let me know) or...
  4. BeeThibz

    Thread SettingsEightTwo

    Anyone know what this is???
  5. M

    Thread Please help

    Hi guys I really need someone to help me, I have mi 9 on MIUI Global 12.0.5 I have rooted the phone but I have no play protect and I can't do some important stuff for me, like i can;t access my bank card apps ,netflix ,revolut and some others also I am in L3 because in the past I fked up and...
  6. shahz19

    Thread Help with Securitynet and play protect

    I am unable to download some apps, especially banking apps due to CTS profile and basic integrity failing securitynet...also, my device (oneplus 6) is showing the Google play protect certificate is invalid. I have never rooted my device or installed Magisk (or any other rooting software) ... the...
  7. L

    Thread Mediapad M5 and Play Protect

    Quick quesion - I saw an article this morning on The Verge - - where Google discuss Huawei devices and sideloading. There is mention in the article about Play Protect, and how to ensure...
  8. J

    Thread Device uncertified PLay Protect

    Hey guys, i've reseted my xt1802 and now when i try to download or execute Netflix i got the message that my device its uncertified by play protect. Before the reset i could normally open netflix and every other app but now i cant. My bootloader is unlocked but i dont think that is whats causing...
  9. KaiserSnorezay

    Thread Apps that require Play Protect to be turned on - is there a way to spoof this?

    Recently the HDFC Bank app got updated, and it now forces you to turn on Play Protect in order to function. Doing so immediately flagged Viper4AndroidFX (installed as a Magisk module) as malware, and now the HDFC app won't open unless you get rid of the malware alert by uninstalling...
  10. N

    Thread Partially Rooted...?

    Hi everyone :) I have rooted my phone like a week ago, using CF root on the latest stock rom, and it worked. However I've been noticing certain situations in which the root is there but doesn't seem to be working. I have problems using most of the root apps, and the zips I've flashed. For...
  11. A

    Thread Google Play Protect - Google Play Store

    I did a clean flash of the August 10 Official Nightlies for the Redmi Note 4 along with ARM64 pico GApps and Magisk 13.3 Stable version. The thing is though i can see the Play Protect is available on my device from Settings --> Google --> Security --> Google Play Protect however, its is not...