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  1. P

    Thread Upgrade Galaxy watch SM-R810 (42mm) OS/install 3rd party apps

    Hey, can someone please tell me how do I upgrade my Samsung galaxy watch SM-R810 to a better OS as they stopped after one UI 2.0 I want to have a play store to download more apps; this OS only has a Samsung Store. If there's no option to upgrade, can someone help me on installing apps outside of...
  2. T

    Thread [GUIDE] Google Play Store on rooted Fire TV (Systemless / microG)

    The instructions below reflect the process I followed to install the Google Play Store on my Fire TV Stick 3 (sheldonp) which I have been using for a month now. To be clear, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device as a result of following this guide. If you already have...
  3. X

    Thread Restore Stock google play store

    I have rooted my phone and was using greenify. I also greenified play services and so play store stopped working. So I uninstalled every google service/app. How can I restore the stock play store and google services that came with phone? They are stored somewhere inside the phone I guess.
  4. R

    Thread Mobile app developers, we want to chat about app stores.

    Hi All, My company is currently researching the global app store landscape. We are hoping to talk with developers who publish apps on The App Store and The Play Store and other alternatives. We would like a brief chat to understand the developers' perspective in this ecosystem and try and...
  5. R

    Thread Play Store Glitch

    Hi, my android headunit has the google play store on it because its basically a android tablet. Google maps is updating in the play store but it is just pending endlessly and makes it so i cant update or install any other app. When i try to cancel the update of google maps the play store...
  6. Gilsthemage

    Thread Website that tell us if apps need GMS for push notifications

    Hello, I come here after some check on the internet, I saw a website where you could enter the name of an application to know if the app need GMS to work and/or give push notification Since I use grapheneOS for a little time I would like to know if there is apps that I can use (like snapchat...
  7. L

    Thread Apps won't update probably because ROM is too old, looking for new one

    The Xperia Z2 is a great phone, though it is no longer my primary. I still would like to use a few apps on it. They no longer update and I'm assuming it's because the ROM is so old. It's running a Cyanogenmod build based on Android 5! Questions: How do you know which versions of Android an app...
  8. nathandrake

    Thread Unable to install apps and games from Google Play

    Hello everyone I have written this post because I have not found an answer or solution to my problem. I have a Mi 10t Pro with Android 12 (Xiaomi EU - MIUI 13) and a very serious problem, I have tried to download apps and games from the Google Play Store but I always get an error "A problem...
  9. TheConceptBoy

    Thread Twerp Creates partition too small leaving only 27mb of space for Gapps. How to add space to system partition?

    I've been trying to follow the tutorials on resizing the partition but it seems like even after I do advance wipe and resize, the amount of free space on the system partition does not change. I take it that there is no free space to give and some other portion of the partition (like the data...
  10. S

    Thread Question New phone not auto-installing all my apps from the Google Play Store

    I am used to having my phone auto-install all the apps that I am using whenever I add my account on a new device. Of course it has to be the same account, but it has worked seamlessly for more than 10 years. Today I got a shiny new S21 Ultra and added my Google account and unfortunately it is...
  11. PresFox

    Thread Why does this apk only work when installed from the play store?

    Hello, I am playing around with an .apk, an existing program where I have no control over. Planning to try my hand at reverse engineering for fun. However, I run into the following problem: When I download the app from the google play store, it works. No issues. When I download the app from...
  12. M

    Thread Since A12 update restarts and playstore errors

    Hey since I installed the official android 12 update on my phone I am getting restarts at around5am-6am as well as some strange playstore errors when installing applications. Does anyone knows why these errors occour? unfortunately at this time I can only attach the logs of the playstore error...
  13. A

    Thread new app for WearOs watches in Play Store Compass Navigatore

    hi mates found interested app for Wear OS powered watches called Compass Navigation from Play store Compass Navigation No internet, no maps. Tested on my GW4 and Fossil. Free but some functions needs unlock by upgrade to premium. Seems good app for outdoor activities without Internet data :)...
  14. A

    Thread I want to create a personal smartwatch app for my hobby project without uploading it to Google Play store

    Perhaps it is a stupid question but I don't own a smartwatch but I am planning to buy one soon. But right now I really don't know how the building process and uploading final release without the debug info works in new Wear OS smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy 4 Active I plan to buy. So, is it...
  15. D

    Thread How to continue using Google Play after September 2021?

    I have an LG Optimus Elite running Android 2.3.7, and support for logging into a Google account has been removed. According to this XDA thread, it should be possible to preserve your login if you backup the data from your Google apps. If this is the case, is there any way to go around the...
  16. Chachoz007

    Thread [Q] Sony S Tablet. Google Play

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I apologize is it's not the correct place or if it is a complete waste of time. I have a couple of questions about the Sony S Tablet. For the past 5 days I have been trying to figure out why I keep getting a "no connection" error every time I tried to...
  17. X

    Thread Whatsapp Media Bug

    So basically, I have downloaded the latest supported device version (MIUI Global 12.0.2 Stable) and after that I noticed that I cannot use whatsapp the way I am supposed to. I don't know if it's the update or the fact that I had whatsapp beta and they did some mistakes. In the whatsapp beta...
  18. A

    Thread Samsung S20 with a few shady problems

    Hi, I bought a used Galaxy S20 from eBay and everything works fine except benchmarking apps wouldn’t install. Direct APKs don’t work either and the only suggestion I found is to clear Play Store which had no luck. The Galaxy Store works though but they’re mostly outdated or fringe benchmark...
  19. fyresg

    Thread Mi 6X issues after updating to MIUI 12.0.2

    After updating to latest official MIUI 12.0.2 (6X only has China ROM) I wiped all data to start afresh. I installed Google Installer 3.0.apk successfully. Play Store runs, but it cannot search for anything. It times out and throws an error message. If I just select apps from the top charts...
  20. IStoleUrPotatos

    Thread How do I install Google services on Huawei PSmart 2021 by means of Rooting it?

    I've tried a few other methods without root and they all failed because in the end Google play won't start.
  21. S

    Thread Magisk microG made play store and play services stop working

    Hi, I installed YT Vanced through their manager app via root (magisk) and then (for some reason) installed microG from magisk, thinking it is the same microG that vanced uses. Now that didn't work so I uninstalled the module and in doing so somehow play store and services were converted into...
  22. doessrc

    Thread Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Hi Everyone - Sorry in advance that I have ridiculous beginner questions, but I just moved to China AND I just bought my first OnePlus Friday. I'm coming from a Pixel 4a5G and couple pixels before that. I haven't rooted or tweaked in many years since my Galaxy Siii with CyanogenMod. As you're...
  23. D

    Thread [App Feedback] Doc Scanner : PDF Scanner For Android - Cam-Scanner Alternative?

    Hi Everyone, Hope you all are doing great! I finally managed to launch my first app - Doc Scanner : PDF Scanner. Obviously, as it is my first app, there are some things really improvable. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback so I can keep updating and improving it...
  24. C

    Thread How to revive a TF101G in 2021 (with Play Store)

    I'd like to share my experiences about bringing a good old TF101G back to life in 03/2021. My report is heavily based on the instructions of javidben (05/2020). Ingredients Required: A microSD card, SD card or USB drive TWRP by Team Win Recovery Project, @sidneyk, @josteink, @timduru...
  25. GuyInDogSuit

    Thread Any way to block games from opening the Play Store?

    I play certain games using BlueStacks because they won't run on my rooted device, no matter how well-hidden Magisk is. Epic Seven is one of said games. Problem is, because I can't use root AND play that game, I can't use a lot of mods. And while there's no-root ad-blocking methods, I don't want...
  26. Paylos95


    Hello guys, Is there any new method how to install Google Services on P40 Pro with EMUI 11 or 10? I currently downgraded to EMUI (C432E8R5P2).
  27. Paylos95

    Thread P40 Pro Google Service

    Is there any new method how to install Google Services on P40 Pro with EMUI 11 or 10?
  28. M

    Thread Problem with gallery and play store

    Hi everyone! I hope not to have the wrong section. I have some problem with my samsung note 10 plus Exynos, and I don't understand what it could be, maybe samsung updates? (I currently have the latest version of android 10) My problem is the following: for some time downloading applications...
  29. Vijay chandra

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Screenie - Home Screen Setups/Wallpapers

    Screenie: The best app to make your Home Screen Sexier. Screenie consists of various Home Screen Setup References along with Backup Files with which you can theme your Home Screen in a Creative, Innovative Way. 😍Are you in need of making your Home Screen Sexier? Then Screenie got you covered...
  30. P

    Thread Pixel C not compatible with Netflix (anymore) according to play store

    I don't even have on my Pixel C on lineageos. I don't have vendor/lib either, just lib64. Does that matter? I'm rooted with Magisk. Annoying because I'm trying to fix this video streaming playback issue with a bunch of apps.
  31. M

    Thread Downgrade the Google Play Store on a Rooted Pixel 3a - Systemlessly

    Is it possible to downgrade the Google Play Store on a rooted Pixel 3a? I noticed I can update it to anything newer, but it will not allow me to install a lower version. Fortunately, I was finally able to remove the Play Store entirely by using the Debloater by Veez21 in Magisk. It removed it...
  32. R

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] ContactMap: Find your friends' homes on a map

    LINK: At a place with some free time to kill? Wish to make a quick visit to a friend who lives close by to where you are now? This app will show you all your contacts that are in the vicinity based on your current location...
  33. furiousjay

    Thread Huawei P40 Lite 5G - Diskussion on how to install Google Play Store

    Hello, I am currently trying to install Google Playstore on the Huawei P40 Lite 5G but up to now with no success :confused:. Maybe somebody was successful or can share some ideas what to do. What did I try? I tried to use this guide as it is working with the Huawei P40 Pro flawlessly. I also...
  34. -PaRRoT-

    Thread [GMS][P40/Pro/Lite] How to install Google Play Store and Google Mobile Services

    I recently purchased a Huawei P40 in a super offer. Most likely without this "offer you can't refuse" I would never have bought a phone without pre-installed Google services. After days of research and guides that never worked I found this video guide created by Stefano Nikolov in his YouTube...
  35. B

    Thread Netflix unsupported fo S8+ ??

    Yep, shocking title, but thats what the Google Play Store said to me when i tried to update the Netflix App ( pic attached ). I know that the app isnt available for rooted devices, old devices, old android versions... but why our S8 Plus ??? My Device is no rooted, no OEM unlocked, Global...
  36. rsngfrce

    Thread Antivirus scanning non-updated apps

    I am having a strange issue on my Galaxy S10e that I have never seen before. I have found that the antivirus app on my phone will, usually in the morning, perform a real-time scan on a few random Google Play apps on my phone that were not updated. I do not have an SD card , so nothing is...
  37. Martiz

    Thread [Q] Google Play Store and Youtube very slow on WiFi

    Hi everyone, I've got a Samsung M30s a month ago, and I never had issues until now. Google Play Store and Youtube started working very very slowly maybe a week ago, and now they literally do not load anything whenever I am connected to the Wifi. Both the apps work fine on mobile data, and...
  38. Y

    Thread Why can't we just download and sideload Play Services, etc from APKMirror

    I apologize in advance for asking what's probably a stupid question. I searched the Mate 30 forums and could not find an answer. Like the Mate 30, Amazon Fire Tablets run an Android fork without Play Services, Play Store, Google Services Framework and Google Account Manager. For years, Fire...
  39. T

    Thread I need some help installing an app within VMOS 1.0.49 that is not in play store

    I want to be very clear that I have no problem paying for apps, supporting developers and that sort of thing. I recently installs VMOS to spoof my location in an app.. a dating app that is free, and also for free the app allows you to browse users in other parts of the world. However I wondered...
  40. D

    Thread Netflix Error Code 1001 - Unable to Open Netflix App on Xperia 1 Help

    Hi Guys, recently bought a brand new Sony Xperia 1 from O2 UK, and have been using without problems and other than the Fingerprint scanner being absolutely horse crap I absolutely love it! BUT, recently within the last week or two there was an update to the Official Netflix App via Google Play...
  41. Toothless_NEO

    Thread How to install Gapps on Fire TV 2

    Can someone tell me how to successfully install Google play on the Amazon fire TV 2, I am well aware that this guy requires root and my fire TV is rooted I would like to install Google play so that I can sign into my Google account as well as download paid apps I have purchased on Google play...
  42. W

    Thread Allow Play Store to auto-update Apps, or not? (rooted OP7 w/Magisk)

    I'm thinking of turning off auto-update of Apps from Play Store for several reasons: - it's often happened that I've installed something that worked great, and an update removed features or added junk - for apps that rely on root, chance of crashing the system - YouTube Vance requires...
  43. S

    Thread Netflix not showing in playstore.

    Dear Devs, My device is Asus Zenfone max pro m1. I don't think it is a bootloader issue Recently I notice that Netflix is not showing in the play store, but working fine after manually installing apk. Condition 1 Bootloader locked ( play store certified safety net pass) stock Rom -----Netflix...
  44. K3V1991

    Thread [APK] Google Play Store v19.5.15 (Android TV) | 2020-04-14

    Enjoy millions of the latest Android Apps, Games, Music, Movies, TV, Books, Magazines & More. Anytime, anywhere, across your Devices NFO: Version: 19.5.15-xhdpi Architecture: universal Package: Min: Android 5.0 DPI: nodpiDownload: AFH
  45. nichobrooks

    Thread Play Store downloads stuck at 99 or 100% or SMS (stock app) stuck on sending?

    If you are having these issues (see title), what worked for me was to disable, uninstall or freeze (if rooted) the google app. This means you'll lose "ok google", google lens, etc. everything related with the assistant, but, for me is worth it because sending sms messages to have them show...
  46. firesword14

    Thread [Q] How to fix Play Store certification?

    I am currently on the the Pixel Dust EOM rooted with Magisk. Until now I have not had any difficulty with any app because of the certification but recently a bunch of banking apps were updated to block uncertified devices and I can only seem to find fixes to this issue from early last year...
  47. Zumbuh

    Thread .

  48. Oomahey

    Thread [SOLVED] Play Store issue

    Hey, Installed the stable Pie update and since then, I am unable to properly install/update apps in Play Store. Stuck on 'Downloading...' for long time. I just left the phone at it and got busy with work. About an hour later, I could see that it had downloaded 8.64MB of the 8.66MB app update...
  49. S

    Thread [Guide] How to fix any broken Play store

    Hello everyone reading this! I found out that no one really has a solution how to fix a broken play store. Many people are saying "reinstall it" or "factory reset your phone" but this wasn't really a solution for me. Reinstalling only did it worse because then i kept getting a "Play store...
  50. KrishuFC

    Thread Device is not certified Error

    from miui global stable I downgraded to 9.6.4 global stable by fastboot method and unlocking the bootloader but its showing device is not certified on play store hence I cant install netflix and use other banking related apps PS: I'm not rooted and on stock recovery too just...