1. ZG089

    Thread Guys , Let's play a game

    This is the game A person should say how to drink water with ONLY one step!, The second person will say 2 steps to drink water , the third one will say 3 steps to drink water, and so on ! Come on, LET'S GO! @Anonymous V u can play with us when u have a break time 😀
  2. gravitycodegravity

    Thread City Runner - Pixel Running Games

    Do you like adventure games? Play city running games and step into pixel city where running never stops! Run as far and as fast as you can, avoid all obstacles, collect and upgrade all the help and special powers to stay in the game as long as possible. Play fun rush games and test how fast you...
  3. MotoBoater

    Thread Question Google-less Linux based Rom for this phone

    Hello, Anybody know of any good resources that can help me compile the kernel from my phone with a Linux base ROM/IMG like LineageOS or KaliNethunter? I can do the leg work, If I can find some solid documentation. The phone is rooted, bootloader unlocked, and carrier unlocked. I imagine you can...
  4. |||||

    Thread Question How to Remap Hardware Keys to something more useful (all Android Phones)! (Pause/Play / Flashlight / Apps & much more!!)

    Hi Guys, Since I came from a S10, where I had an extra Bixby Button, wich I remapped then to pause/play - wich was also really useful: to take or end calls fast or quickly stop the audiobook or music, when someone talks to me etc. Or to quickly activate the flashlight. So after looking for a...
  5. A

    Thread Background playing browser for Youtube

    Which browsers support background play for Youtube when it is in the background? Except: Bromite, Uc, X, Brave.
  6. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Google Play Store UI test sees ‘last updated’ section removed from app listings
  7. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] (Some) Google Play Apps will not download over WiFi but fine on Mobile data

    Details: Motorola One Vision (unrooted) Android 10 Android Security patch level: 1 July 2021 Google Play system Update: 2021-06-01 Play Store Version: 26.3.16-21 [0] [PR] 385196941 Device is Verified Firstly, before anyone say 'Search' I already have - & none of the posts I've found have the...
  8. nach0x

    Thread [KERNEL] C20 Kernel for Motorola Z3 Play (beckham) [OC]

    C20 Kernel Hi all! Here is my custom kernel for the beckham, it is based in the LineageOS SDM660 Kernel, with the fixes from Jleeblanch The aim of this project is to have a kernel with overclock capabilities in order to get the Snapdragon 636 more closer to the Snapdragon 660. The rest of the...
  9. Wattsensi

    Thread Play Store - Missing apps when using a non-OpenKirin GSI

    Solved Hi everyone. I installed AndyYan's LineageOS and flashed OpenGapps on top to experiment on it, the problem is that when I am done configuring the device, the Play Store hides some apps from me. Some of these apps are WhatsApp, Soundcloud, banking apps, Discord and some local apps. They...
  10. Nick_101d

    Thread Possible to Flash Q Rom made for Moto G5S Plus (sanders) on Moto z2 play (Albus)?

    After scattering through a tonne of content on the internet and flashing multiple ROMs on my moto z2 play, I found AOSP extended GSI of android PIE and I am using it right now as my daily driver. It works 9/10 Anyone can daily drive it as long as you are not concerned about passing SafetyNet...
  11. Cold-Tea

    Thread Problems with Google Play

    Hi all Honor 20 Pro users! Lately I've been having problems with using Google Play to search apps. It displays that it doesn't find anything on Play store. I've been using the phone for a month now and everything worked pretty well until a weak or so ago. Now, when I try searching for a app to...
  12. E

    Thread PS4 remote play + root help

    Has anybody been able to get the PS4 remote play app to work while rooted? I've tried adding it to the magisk hide list and even installed the PS4 remote play framework module and it still won't work. But if I uninstall magisk, it works perfectly.
  13. rock-2

    Thread Honor Play Emui 9.1

    Just Got the notification about 9.1 Just downloading and will upload some screen shots
  14. pja1985430

    Thread HarmonyOS(Huawei/Honor developed operating system)

    What do you think about Huawei developing a new operating system for contingency plan? Are we going to see Honor Play running it in the future?
  15. takoa

    Thread Can play the M.A.M.E emulator on 49LJ594V SW 05.80.25 webOS ? HOW ?

    SW (Version 05.80.25) :fingers-crossed: thanks
  16. heavy_metal_man

    Thread 5GHZ wifi none usa play devices?

    Has anyone else looked into why we don't have 5ghz? I have been looking around and our chipset supports 5GHZ and the AC band (source S I am wondering if its not supported due to lack of antennae or has it just been patched out of...
  17. C

    Thread Can't play Fate/Go

    Hi people. I'm trying to play Fate/Go but i always got "Error 1". I have the latest update form android Pie, no root, no USB debugging, no developers options. I'm from Europe so i have to download it from external stores like qooapp or apkpure, but it works good normally. Also, i have Pokemon...
  18. T

    Thread [xt1920-15] [pettyl] stock firmware rooted latest ota updates fixed + 'badkey' fix

    Just for the record, Motorola phones and normally quick and easy to ROOT however this is been a right pain in the ass. No guide on here has worked properly for the UK version anyway so soon after I found a working way i thought i would do this to help anyone else.... Requirements: unlocked...
  19. H

    Thread Fullscreen apps losing focus when play store apps are finishing updating.

    I've noticed every time when an app finishes updating and shows in the notification area, it would make a current fullscreen app (e.g. youtube, games) lose focus (youtube would exit fullscreen). I don't want to disable play store notifications or stop the updates, are there any fixes to this...
  20. S

    Thread Chinese v International Version

    ok - I will only have access to the Chinese version. Is my concern valid, considering the recent changes to locked bootloader permissions and so forth, that it will not be easy to put Google on the phone. Will it be a nightmare for me to be able to use as a Westerner without Mandarin who lives...
  21. R

    Thread Difference between COR-AL00 and COR-AL10

    I bought Honor Play directly from Indian website within a week of it's release. Today when i checked the model number accidentally, it's mentioned COR-AL00 instead of COR-AL10 which is Indian Spec model. Their Indian specification page too mentioned COR-AL10 instead of COR-AL00 which they sent...
  22. petraru1

    Thread [Android 4.1+]Atom for Twitter (smallest Twitter client on Play Store) 500 codes

    The fastest, smallest, data-friendly Twitter client on the Play Store! Get breaking news, sports scores, and entertainment updates. Interact with brands and your government, easily market your business, quickly provide or receive customer service — all while using less of your data plan. And now...
  23. MXPlayer

    Thread [Announcement] Workaround for Background Playback Issues on Xiaomi & Huawei Devices

    [Announcement] Workaround for Background Playback Issues on Xiaomi & Huawei Devices Dear MX Player Users, We are frequently receiving the reports about background playback issues (especially from the Huawei & Xiaomi users). Unfortunately, these issues are caused by the very aggressive resource...
  24. S

    Thread Boost Mobile g6 play on Sprint

    It looks like the boost Mobile varient may be able to be activated on Sprint. Does anyone have confirmation?
  25. takertx

    Thread apkmirror downloaded google play services messed up my Pixel 2 XL - Help!

    Well, I guess TIFU by wanting to get the march update sooner and trying to install the Beta google play services off the APKMirror website to make it happen quicker. I downloaded this and installed it and now my phone has gone nuts! now the phone keeps vibrating and telling me that the google...
  26. T

    Thread [GUIDE] How to use Android Auto without Google Play Music (use existing music app)

    I've been searching for a way to use Android Auto without Google Play Music ever since I got my new car which supports Android Auto. I mostly want to use AA for the map functionality, and to use my phone's default music player (Samsung Music, since I'm on an S8) because I absolutely hate Google...
  27. citBabY

    Thread Problem with Firebase based apps

    After spending some time developing applications, I made an application that makes use of O's notification channels. I used Firebase's job dispatcher to schedule the notification firing service. The first time I deploy the application on my smartphone (I believe I had a mistake there), I...
  28. D

    Thread Google play store problem

    Does anyone have problems downloading with google play?? The problem happened around 3 days ago. I was trying to download something when it said "connection timed out, please try again after some time". After a few hours still I cannot load google play nor download anything I have tried all the...
  29. facuarmo

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.0.0_r4] AOSP Oreo

    I've been working from yesterday till today to get Oreo building. Fifteen minutes ago, I got it building. Haven't tested yet if booting. For now, it's on you. This is pure Google Android. This ROM hasn't been tested yet. What's working? Untested. What's not working? Untested. Known...
  30. O

    Thread Play store app doesn't update nor install apps! (B163 update)

    Play store app doesn't update nor install apps! (B163 update), It is just keep showing "downloading" word without installing anything ... I tried google solving steps with no change Can you help please !
  31. Van Hentai

    Thread Bluetooth A2DP mono earphone do not recognized as music controller

    I have Plantronics Explorer 50 A2DP BT mono headset. It have a button which can receive calls on one click, or redial on double click. And it works fine. But it can't control music. I've tried million apps on play store, which allow to re-assign music controls like single, double, triple click...
  32. H

    Thread Oxygen Os for MXP

    Is there any way that developers can port OxygenOS on to MXP. Even though many other custom roms has all the features and even more that Oxygen. Flyme Os is another Rom i am waiting for a long time, but the developer stopped working on that. It would be great to have one of these to have on...
  33. timbremer

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Screener

    Hey everyone! Screener is a device frame app. You can insert your screenshot into our hand-crafted mockups to make them way more beautiful and unique. People use Screener to share their homescreen setups for example or use our graphics for their app screenshots in the Google Play Store. It’s...
  34. facuarmo

    Thread [MOD] Final temperature fix: tweaking thermal control

    Hi guys! It's me, facuarmo and... yes, again :). I've been playing a bit with my smartphone's files after testing hp420's and noticing that there were many files I'd be able to tweak to get the most of this almost perfect device. At /system/etc/thermal-engine.conf replace: sampling...
  35. facuarmo

    Thread INVERTED! Some new custom logos (requested by people in several posts)

    Hey guys, it's me. Facuarmo, again! I know you almost see me even in the soup :D. But I'm here to bring you something nice that I've just made (and tested) for our devices. I've made a custom bootlogo in black background and a totally inverted one (manually made: inverted 'Moto' logo first...
  36. ironbesterer

    Thread Nougat is here for Verizon devices!

    I look at my system updates, and I see this! I couldn't believe it! Nougat is finally here! :D
  37. D

    Thread G App install walkthrough

    Hello all, I see people keep asking how to get G Apps on MIUI, and most answers I find lacking so here is (I Hope) an easy walkthrough: First go to the additional settings: Second click on privacy: Third click the unknown sources: Fourth go to the default tools folder and click on...
  38. Mr.WoW

    Thread Play don't starve on GS3 ?

    I saw recently that the don't starve game is available on android, so i tried to download it from google play but it doest show up because its not compatible, then i just went and downloaded it from a website but it seems to force close everytime i try to open it. Is there any way to make it...
  39. errikosd

    Thread Cannot update HTC Apps [Error 941]

    Hello again. I have my HTC 10 for 2 days now and I am very happy with it. Yesterday the Google Play Store prompted me that there are several updates for the HTC Apps. However, every time I tap "Update" I get Error 941. This happens only with HTC Apps (for example Photos updated fine today). I...
  40. D

    Thread Install Google Play on Survey GPS?

    We have a survey GPS at work that runs android on the data collector handheld. Android has been customized by the manufacturer and none of the google apps or much else are on there except their software. I tried copying apk files for google play and some other programs and installing them...
  41. Arun Av

    Thread Tampered Glass causing any problem for stylus/sketching?

    Hello there, I have read all the issues and negative reviews but yet happily ordered my Tegra Note 7 (too old I guess, but a really better option than chinese recent ones for the price range). I am willing to look for/apply screen guard or tampered glass protector to the screen since it isn't...
  42. M

    Thread iTubeRecord - Video downloader

    With iTubeRecord You can easily and free to play videos from the Internet and take a private copy and download. The app finds all royalty free and legal videos on the Internet. iTubeRecord is the best Downloader app for video in the Play Store. Never before downloading videos as easy. And how...
  43. M

    Thread [App][V 2.0][2.3+] playanddownloadmp3 - Free Play and download free mp3 music

    Description With playanddownloadmp3 You can easily and for free play mp3 music from the Internet and download a private copy. The app finds all royalty free and legal songs on the Internet. playanddownloadmp3 is the best Downloader app for mp3 songs in the Play Store. Never before downloading...
  44. manan001

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL SOON ][CyanogenMod 13 | Nightlies for MOTO X PLAY XT1562 DUAL SIM

    hello guys the day has come with great announcement with deep drilling efforts by great developers and contributors who have made [CyanogenMod 13 | Nightlies for MOTO X PLAY XT1562 DUAL SIM possible. thank to all the great developers. squid2, scritch007, Alberto97, vache, Shreps, invisiblek...
  45. C

    Thread Google play store wont launch, crash on launch with error message

    Hi! When i try to launch Google play store it first says that it has updated from google market to google play store, i then press continue and after a while it crashes with the error message: "The process has stopped working." I did an update through Samsung kies but it's...
  46. Cryptrix

    Thread Can't log into sideloaded Google Play on unrooted 5th gen Fire (5.1.1)

    I know we are still waiting on a potential root update for the 5.1.1 firmware, which is how my black friday fire was shipped, unfortunately. However, I have sideloaded google play and google frameworks successfully (I think) via rootjunky's zip. The problem is, I cannot update google play...
  47. W

    Thread Fire TV stick Youtube App not playing some videos

    Hello everyone, on my pc I've created a youtube playlist of videos. I've then gone to the amazon youtube app and logged in. Now most videos play fine, but the youtube app on Amazon fire stick won't play some, yet they play fine on the pc. Does anyone know why this is happening and if there...
  48. R

    Thread [APP][2.3+][Official] Google Play Store v6.0.0

    Google is Rolling the New Play Store with a Fresh New Design Download From Attachment :- Install it normally Source :-
  49. G

    Thread Google Play Services Battery drain?

    Lately Google Play Services is draining more Battery than usual, with my same SOT and setting. Wiped caché, and same behaviour OS Stock ZE551ML G.Play Services 8.3.01 (2385995-270)
  50. M

    Thread [Q] How to fix overly aggressive task manager? Important apps don't remain open!

    I just got this phone and like it. But it has a huge, huge problem that I've not experienced with any other phone fresh out of the box: The task manager is extremely aggressive! My widgets all freeze about 2 minutes after booting. And important apps I've set to remain in memory -- such as my...