1. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][SHIZUKU][30/06] Ambient Music Mod - Pixel Now Playing port

    Ambient Music Mod is a Shizuku or root app that ports Now Playing from Pixels to other Android devices. Requirements Android device running Android 9.0 or above (11+ recommended). Shizuku (Android 12+) or root access (Android 9+). Shizuku does not require root, instead needing an ADB command...
  2. Y

    Thread Video and YouTube?

    Hi, is there a way that this phone used the entire screen for playing videos? (I don't mean YouTube zoom), I mean that use the both sides of the notch like iPhone X phones or the One+ 6, thx for answer it will be great to get this doubt resolved. In the pics you can see how it cuts to 18:9 size...
  3. T

    Thread Music continues playing after disconnecting Bluetooth

    Hey Guys, a friend of mine recently bought the s7 edge, his first android since 5 years. But it does have a strange behaviour, which i can't figure out. After he disconnects bluetooth, the music (spotify) often coninues playing or even restart playing after a minute. If i disconnect my S6...
  4. F

    Thread [Q] Music randomly stops playing

    Sometimes when the network connection changes from H<>3G PowerAmp stops playing my music. The same happens to the stock audio player. I can reproduce this by just turning mobile data on/off but not always. Sometimes it looks like i can not reproduce it anymore until a few minutes later after...
  5. N

    Thread [Q] Trouble Playing Games on my xperai neo v

    hi i am using Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V running on ICS 4.0.4 (.587) and kernel version - . - lupus The problem is that i am unable to play games on it.. most of the games crashes after they reach the Play. i want to play games like FF6, Bus Driver Simulator, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, but...
  6. A

    Thread [SHARE][APPS] Now Playing Beta - Holo Music Player

    I just found out this great music player with Google Now like UI Original Thread link: download and install as normal apk Hit Thanks button if I help you Just Sharing :)
  7. TotallydubbedHD

    Thread SGS3 on Silent, still playing a sound?

    This might seem like a silly question... However: On my S1, when I hit silent or vibration only, when an email arrives, the S1 doesn't make a noise (or vibrates) ie. the notification (like Haze) doesn't play. yet on the S3, no matter what I do, be it on silent, vibration or what not, the sound...
  8. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread playing bootanimation with script in android

    playing bootanimation with script in androianimation while the phone is running it will need root this script is mainly for those who want show their boot animation to others without rebooting their devices. No way to stop boot animation in middle unless you have enabled kill app via long press...
  9. M

    Thread [Q] CM7 Notification sound looping / playing over and over

    I flash CM7 nightlies a couple of times per week. Every now and then this random issue pops up and I'm not sure why. I was initially turned off by CM7, MIUI & Salvage Mod because of this. It happened last night while I was asleep and charging my phone. It goes off at midnight when the battery...
  10. davebugyi

    Thread [Q] Why AOSP ROMs do not play .avi files?

    Hi people! Any ideas on why AOSP ROMs do not play .avi files? I tried MIUI, Gingervillain and I'm now on Oxygen and can't play the above mentioned format with any player. So far tried Rock player, MX video player, Mobo Player. The Files I've tried was one movie file and one I have recorded some...
  11. Adolf1994

    Thread [FUN] i'm SO scared to go out… at night @[email protected]

    loSzpvq73FY here's a guy playing Amnesia: Dark Descent. I laughed my ass off and I hope so you will ;)
  12. WolfFX

    Thread [Q] Alarm on speaker while music plays on headphones?

    (I did use google and the search function for this, without sucess) I've been using android (CM7 RC0) for one and a half week for now, so far so good, but I'm having a problem with the alarm clock. Lost class one day, the alarm didn't go off on speakers, because I left my headphones plugged in...
  13. B

    Thread [Q] How can I view iplayer video downloads?

    Hi. I recently upgraded from a hero to a desire, android 2.2, htc sense, and am having some issues with video playback. I'm trying to play bbc iplayer tv programmes on the desire. This has so far been completely unsuccessful. I've downloaded both windows media player and portable device...
  14. A

    Thread [Q] Avatar.dcf won't play.

    I need help making Avatar.dcf play on my phone. It just keeps saying it is locked no matter how many times I've clicked it. I've tried the DCM thing on another ROM, I can try it again, but it didn't work on that either. Currently I am running USA T-Mobile Vibrant (rooted) ROM: Juiced Extreme...
  15. Q

    Thread Problem with playing H.264 format

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my HD2. I used BsB tweaks tool to enable some new features. Among other I’ve enabled additional recording formats in camcorder. Unfortunately when i record a move in H.264 I am not able to play it. The phone freezes on "Loading..." screen :confused: I was trying...
  16. K

    Thread can't press two buttons at same time on hardware keyboard

    hello all, i'm having trouble on playing games pressing two buttons won't work i mean, i jump and shoot at same time and only one button will work, why's this happening? how can i fix this?? hope you can answer thanks in advance