1. R

    Thread google play store not working

    hello i have xiaomi redmi note 8 pro miui12.5.6 stable china version . have tried with google installer v.2 and v.3 but doest work. how to install to have working google play store functional thank you
  2. S

    Thread (Playstore) Wrong password error but the password is correct in Tablet MID900SC

    I have a tablet which a can not log into the playstore. The Exact error is: Couldn't sign in Your Username and password don't match. Try Again. I tried: -Changing password to a easier one (same error when validating) -Adding an account in Settings>Accounts (same error when validating)...
  3. jurgenek28

    Thread Question Material You colors don't show in google apps (search, news, playstore)

    Where is material design colors on pixel? Google search, play store, news have blu color? do you feel the same way?
  4. xmaxrayx

    Thread Why most developers don't support 3rd party apps store?

    it's crazy when you don't want Google on your phone for privacy, like some devs have "google play DRM" with their app, so even if you do "APK" backup, it won't work unless you have google services and google play store. heck, some of these apps require you to be "OnLiNe" for 24h wtf is this...
  5. M

    Thread Help me please (Car android) GOOGLE Uncertified

    Please is there anyhelp ? i have my car, she has android 11, and the model is unknown i wanna try to certify the google play because i cannot install NETFLIX I have tried to install all NETFLIX BUILDS and she still telling me 'APP NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR VERSION/ANDROID' Please is there anyway...
  6. 典LUCIFER典

    Thread Question Cannot Install Apps More than 2 GB on IQOO 7

    Hey Guys. In my IQOO 7 i cant install games more than 2GB. In playstore after the download is complete it shows cannot be installed. I tried to install from outside playstore still the same issue. I tried several times. Anyone is facing this issue. Is there any workaround? I am attaching the...
  7. A.Priori

    Thread Question No updates in playstore

    Anyone else having issues with apps not updating in the play store? If so, any fixes? I'm on P6P and latest update.
  8. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (Test Feb 2023)

    You can find the video instructions in the following: Video of successfully installed Google apps: *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however...
  9. KIBS2173

    Thread Google Play Gift Card

    It has only been a few days, I think Google has caught on. Now Google Play Gift Card Redeem is now geolocked. So here's the story my google account is set up as India as the country of origin. Bought a giftcard, I tried to redeem it but unfortunately it showed me an error. Saying it is only...
  10. oF2pks

    Thread [AOSP 11.0_r40][all-in-one] microG ufOfficial (cve August, 2021) arm32/64 vndkLite

    [11.0_r40/v312] download : All-in-one: "Regular" #phhusson Roar AOSP 11.0 build with microG patches, embedded #su /system (+abVndkLite), and multiple foss apps: official microG: GmsCore(mapbox) GoogleServicesFramework DroidGuard addons...
  11. shafi1885

    Thread MIUI 12.5 Chinese ROM Google PlayStore Stopped Working

    Hello friends, I am new here, getting familiar with XDA environment. The reason I am here is for I faced this problem after MIUI update 12.5 chinese rom. Now, google is no longer working. What can I do to use play store again? Please help me SOLVED, READ THIS COMMENT, CONTAINS ALL OF THEM My...
  12. M


    Just a couple days ago I needed to downgrade my firmware on huawei p40 pro plus to allow for GMS installation. First time it was through firmware finder and hisuite and worked with no issues. But for some reason it seems like every firmware link on firmware finder was removed. And it comes up...
  13. K

    Thread Change PlayStore County on Sony Android TV?

    Could anybody give me a tutorial how to change the country on Android TV PlayStore? (Sony KD49XH8096PBAEP, NordVPN is installed with destination county setup). Thanks
  14. Aneel

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Amaze Walls - HD Wallpapers & 4K Amoled Backdrops [Available on Google Play]

    Amaze Walls - HD Wallpapers & 4K Amoled Backdrops Amaze Walls is an upcoming Wallpapers & Backdrops app where we post Beautiful 4K HD Wallpapers Daily. Our wallpapers are sourced mostly from our Google Photos communities. Our Backgrounds are also sourced from Reddit, Unsplash, Pexels, and...
  15. L

    Thread Any Good rom for 2021?

    Hello, guys. I just got a side kick 4g. I always wanted this phone since my early teens but I got it ! Anyways, I have a very outdated version of Android; can't seem to login to the old Android Market to update apps. I'm looking for a decent rom that do at least what's app and wechat. I already...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] Not able to install big apps e.g. games

    Since moving from Android 10 to the open bèta's I have problems installing big apps, games and such. Did a factory reset and installed android 11 stable, but still the same. I saw that there were 2 internal storages and parallel storage (999). I'm using dualsim. Anyone an idea or solution?
  17. oF2pks

    Thread [AOSP 10.0_r40][all-in-one] microG ufOfficial (cve Aug, 2020) arm32/64

    [10.0_r40/v222] download : All-in-one: "Regular" #phhusson Quack AOSP 10.0 vanilla build with microG patches, embedded #su /system, and multiple foss apps: (/system partition requires: [arm64:>1.9Gb] [arm32:>1.3Gb] minimum) official...
  18. Ramme

    Thread ... on Android 10

    Hello everyone, is any of you still using the current ...? I have had a problem since the update to Android 10. {Mod edit} Who can help me, I would be very grateful !
  19. oF2pks

    Thread [10][microG] Los17.1 ufOFFICIAL with WakelockBlocker (cve January 2023)

    [17.1 cve 202301] download : All-in-one: "Regular" #derf elot Los17.1 build with microG patches, extended 2x permissions, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: microG: GmsCore(mapbox) GoogleServicesFramework DroidGuard addons...
  20. Zulqarnain_Khan

    Thread Where is the way gone, to manage all of my written reviews on Google Play store.!

    I discover the way to manage all of my written reviews on Google Play store app since couple weeks ago, but unfortunately now I haven't find any screen like that.! Why it always happens with Google's app.
  21. renzetti.s

    Thread Verge app watchface NEWS! wfz can be installed with Notify & Fitness too!!

    I'm glad to introduce you new borned wface app. UNIQUE App that have watchface apk for Verge.... VergeIt group create that.... video edit. wfz now compatible with notify and fitness too...
  22. 3mel

    Thread PlayStore link Ps3 Emulator Project

    just curious if anyone has tried this and whether it sounds plausible. I remember a Ps2 emulator that was entirely bogus... this seems to be supported by google as a pre release app that's free of charge... I don't have any files to...
  23. I

    Thread [GUIDE]Access ENTIRE GOOGLE PLAY Store on Nvidia Shield

    Hey guys, Found a great open source alternative to access the Google play store and get the complete library of content (i.e Not just the content for AndroidTV) To do this, follow the steps: * Enable install from unknown sources * Install the Aurora APK from...
  24. oF2pks

    Thread [AOSP 9.0.0_r50][v121] microG ufOfficial (cve Nov ?, 2019) arm32/64

    [9.0.0_r50/v121] download : "Regular" #phhusson AOSP 9.0 vanilla build with microG patches, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: (/system partition requires: [arm64:>1.6Gb] [arm32:>1Gb] minimum) microG: GmsCore19.9.99.mapbox*²...
  25. B

    Thread Help needed for crash-bootloop, logcat included

    While updating/installing apps from the google playstore, the phone will crash and bootloop, and requires a full reinstall to get it working normally. I've attached 2 logcat files for both roms which give the same problem - Mokee5.1, CM13 on a clean installation with pico gapps and manually...
  26. S

    Thread App that split file and save to SD card

    Hi. I am searching for app that can split a large file or folder (that is in internal memory) into small files and save directly to SD card. I tried a bunch of file manager and file splitter apps from playstore but none of them can do this. There were some apps that have target/Destination...
  27. S

    Thread Downloaded games from Play Store, found data/progresses from other accounts

    I don't know how is this possible. I've downloaded Gardenscapes and SpogeBob Moves In. It was my very first time downloading/playing this games, but once I've opened them, I've already found data/saves in them referring to different accounts. I tried to disable auto-backup and such, but no luck...
  28. S

    Thread Google sync error, app update and download failure

    Hey guys, After the latest update, I have been getting Google sync error, and then there's the play store error where I cannot download apps. Sync and app downloads happen at their own time and have tried from clearing playstore services cache to resetting the phone to factory settings. Hard...
  29. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL] Nokia 6 Utility (Playstore, Language and more)

    With the July update, Nokia 6 fully supports Google Apps. But how to proceed? What do I need to install? Do not mind, with this simple and useful tool you will install the play store and you will be able to change system language in a few easy steps. I want to thank Mastmen Shop to give me the...
  30. E

    Thread [APP][3.0+]Word Pronunciation App 6.1

    HI, i would like to get your feedback on my app, it's a text-to-speech app that uses the android language packages to help people to get the correct pronunciation of the words, it features different languages, it's really simple, i know the design is really simplistic but i'd really appreciate...
  31. S

    Thread G Tab 4 messed up host cannot connect to Play Store

    Hello guys Well the problem is the next one hope u can give me some solutions, because I've tried everything I'm at the border of install a new ROM Well I have a tablet which was messed up from the usage of hack apps with root usage like the freedom, kingroot, etc... and it stops connecting to...
  32. D

    Thread X96 chinese rom and the GAPPS problem, is it possible to make it work?

    I am still a green beginner when it comes to making a custom firmware but I basically only do it for my personal needs and offer the result for everyone. However, there is one thing really nagging me ith the X96 and that is to get updated GAPPS to work properly and with all Google apps. The...
  33. N

    Thread What is going to happen with Root and Google Playstore?

    So now Netflix is out of Google Playstore, any clue how magisk going to work around this issue? Thanks!
  34. mauronofrio

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][X720][EUI][23S] MAURO V2.2 by Mauronofrio

    Today i present my MAURO ROM. This is not the perfect rom or the most stable rom, but this is the rom i'll use all days. I must say THANKS to iaureeel for some tips about Launcher and THANKS to tassos and CrisBalGreece for led feature. This rom is only for X720 version, i have not tested it for...
  35. chalkycroissant

    Thread [APP][1.0] Is it Wednesday? (my dudes)

    Your new favorite app has arrived! Based off of the popular vines and videos by JimmyHere Google Play Store link!! It is Wednesday my dudes! Or so you thought.... Avoid possible confusion and always be 100% sure that you are getting excited on the correct day. Is It Wednesday has many useful...
  36. chalkycroissant

    Thread [APP][1.0] Is it Wednesday? (my dudes)

    Your new favorite app has arrived! Based off of the popular vines and videos by JimmyHere Google Play Store link!! It is Wednesday my dudes! Or so you thought.... Avoid possible confusion and always be 100% sure that you are getting excited on the correct day. Is It Wednesday has many useful...
  37. V

    Thread Google PlayStore problem on MXQ Pro+ 4k

    I have got a Android Box i.e. MXQ Pro+ 4K from China, which is working fine except one problem of Google PlayStore updating itself to an incompatible version again and again. It came with PlayStore 5.1.x version which was automatically updated to the "7.5.08.M-xhdpi [8] [PR] 146162341" (latest)...
  38. geekmax

    Thread Any Fix for Play Store download issues on roaming connection after Nougat update?

    PlayStore doesn't download anything while roaming on mobile data since the Nougat update. It is a known issue but I would like to know if there is any tweaks or custom ROMs available for Nexus 5x to fix this issue. Edit : It is fixed now. Update playstore to the version 7.6.08.N-all or newer...
  39. StrangerWeather

    Thread [Game] Indie Rabbit Run #1 - Original

    Indie Rabbit Run #1 - Original Try and move Indie Rabbit quickly enough so that he can collect all the gold coins and take them to the melting barrel in the space of a few seconds. You have to avoid the obstacles because if you hit them you go back to your starting point. This is a game of...
  40. S

    Thread VPN Install question (android & chrome os)

    Can anyone advise on a good product and installation method that would protect me system wide using both android apps/chrome apps? For example, if I installed a vpn product through the play store, would it only provide security only in that "sandboxed" android app environment? Or installed to...
  41. I

    Thread Extract gapps and apps from the android wear 2.0 technical preview 3

    A friend of me is using a android 5.1 based smartwatch with a circular display and an own gsm-modul. I read a lot about the new android wear 2.0 technical preview 3 for one huawei and lg device with circular/round display too... How it is possible to extract the gapps, the playstore, the apps...
  42. G

    Thread [Completed] Bypass Google Playstore Ban

    Ok so recently i have been refunding purchases from a game that i am playing. After a while google decided to block all my purchases from a specific gmail account. The problem now , it seems that google has blocked my device as a whole instead of only blocking my account from making a purchase...
  43. C

    Thread ZTE V5 Rom without ANY browsing capability - is it possible?

    Hi. I have an old ZTE V5 (I think the official name is "Red Bull", can't remember now) lying around. I want to give it to my relative, but she wants a phone with only WhatsApp and Waze pre-installed, and no browsing capability at all. Which means - no chrome on the phone, nor stock browser (and...
  44. hinxnz

    Thread [MODULE] Detach3 - Detach Market Links

    Detach3 Introduction This Magisk module is for detaching apps from the Google Play Store. It removes your defined packages from the 'Manage apps and device" section and disables them from auto-updates. Installation Flash module in Magisk Manager only. Not necessary to reboot after flashing...
  45. hafiz_binshah

    Thread Installing google playstore in lyf flame 6

    I have been searching a method to install playstore in my LYF Flame 6. I really love this phone and the only one demerit I found was the absence of Google play services hence we can't use playstore or any google related products such as Gmail, youtube, map and many more google apps. Finally, I...
  46. K

    Thread error while retrieving information from server [RH-01]

    Galaxy s4 GT-I9500 Please Help Me Experts !! Play Store > error while retrieving information from server [RH-01]
  47. oneshotaz

    Thread Playstore Download Issues

    I have been facing this issue on the HTC 10 since the day I got it. I try to download/update an app in the Playstore using either Wifi or mobile connection and it doesn't download at all, it is just stuck at "downloading" status and remains like that all the time, no matter how many times I try...
  48. nick9090

    Thread [APP][4.4+] uReadr 1.0 - Feed Reader

    uReadr Link: Features: - Follow your Newssites - Webservice for RSS-Feed Images (Work in Progress) -> Search for a RSS-Feed to add it - Add Websites to follow and use them as Webapps - Order Feeds in Categorys - Saving...
  49. CodeVanya

    Thread Google Play Developer - Get live app download count

    I have googled this but I couldn't find an answer. I don't know how he did it but one of my coworkers - a PHP developer, once built a live counter for an app we released in Playstore. We just have to enter a URL and we can see the download count of the app increasing in big bold letters. Like...
  50. TheRoyalSeeker

    Thread [MOD][4.0/6.0+]Install Sony Apps directly from Play Store FOR ALL

    TheRoyalSeeker Presents Sony Apps Directly installable from Play Store FOR ALL PHONES Working exclusively on android lollipop and marshmallow cm based roms .... How to install: Take nandroid backup. Download [Download links are in second Post] Transfer it to phone...