1. AlphaBravo

    Thread All Firmwares and Updates (Official and Beta) for PLK-L01 C185 (Middle East Version)

    I have Honor7 PLK-L01 C185 running on B130. I tried to update to B140-B170-B180 via dload method but came to know that OTA files for C432 (European version devices) don't work on C185 (Middle Eastern devices). I just could find one complete ROM link of B321 for C185...
  2. DigiGoon


    DigiROM FEATURES Based on r4.1 - MoDaCo Custom ROM thanks to paulobrien. Spectrum Pure is now default theme, again thanks to paulobrien. ViPER4Android Audio Effects, thanks to ViPER520. Xperia Z5 Premium Image Enhancer! | X-Reality™ Super-Vivd™ Bravia™, thanks to androidexpert35. New Xperia...
  3. S

    Thread SuperSU working but not how it normally does?!?

    SuperSU doesn't seem to be working the way it always has on my other devices in the past. After successfully flashing TWRP [6.0] EN (by Sminki *xda* repack) on my Honor 7 with multi-tool and then installing SuperSU via TWRP and gaining root access, I rebooted my phone and immediately...
  4. kenshiwara

    Thread Android Kernel Source Codes Of Honor 7 - PLK-L01

    Android Kernel Source Codes Huawei Honor 7 - PLK-L01 Android Kernel Source Codes For Honor 7 - PLK-L01: [Extra Resources] Full ROM Packages & OTA Updates...
  5. S

    Thread [PLK-L01] Honor 7 OTA or Manual Update B150

    Any news or ETA on this?
  6. kenshiwara

    Thread Is There Any Gorilla Glass With Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01)?

    Hello! Please, do you know if there is a Gorilla Glass with Honor 7 (PLK-L01) or not? Thank you for your help!