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  1. Unknown_PL

    Thread I cant open system beacuse of twrp!

    Hello Everyone! i need help i flashed twrp on boot and installled it and now i cant get in my system :( can some one give me an a boot file please?
  2. Unknown_PL

    Thread I Cant install twrp on my moto g6 plus!

    Hello every one! i cant install my twrp and i need help C:\Users\admin\OneDrive\Desktop\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img (bootloader) slot-suffi: not found target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'recovery' (29252 KB)... FAILED (remote: unknown...
  3. S

    Thread Phone on bootloop - can only access fastboot&rescue mode

    Hi everyone! So, I have an Huawei Mate 10 lite that suddenly stopped working. It isn't rooted and its bootloader is locked. It was working fine up until that point and then it turned off starting a bootloop that is still going on after a long a time. Since going into fastboot&rescue is the only...
  4. S

    Thread Pls help!! I tried everythin but nothin works.. Bricked my phone!! Cant find solution

    Hey Guys...... Ive got a bad news...... Nd i need help..... ASAP.. Actually long story short- I Bricked my gt i9003 (Galaxy sL) :'( Long story- This new rom came out recently called Omnirom 14.1 for the gt-i9003 And so i got pretty excited nd tried to install it.... Previously i was on cm 10.1...
  5. C

    Thread [Q] HTC Wildfire keeps restarting

    hi guys i have had a rooted wildfire since january. yesterday i flashed a rom called devilbread-v1.0 and all was going well until i tried to use the torch, my phone froze and restarted ever since this if i put my sim card in it, it reboots as soon as it connects to vodacom pls help oh and it...